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How would you feel? If you have the ability to know the next, Aliko Dangote (The richest black in the world)  of this generation or the next bill gate(The richest man in the world) or even Warren Buffet now, before the next few decades?  Interesting isn’t it?

How are you going to feel?  If I tell you that you can, and not only can you know who’s going to be successful but you can as well know the other way round and apply changes immediately.

The truth is the great mentors and CEOs are all very good at having a certain intuition where they know which player, talent, or future leader to put their stake on. There’s something about them. Somehow they know who’s going to be successful. They get credit for choosing and putting their money on the right people.

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Anyway, that’s what am here to tell you, that there are five (5) signs you possess that show you’re going to be successful in life.

On top of the list of this 5 signs include the first which is:

1.   COMPETITION:  Are you the kind of person that loves competition among your peers?  You can’t help it; you just love to be the best at anything you do. There’s a high chance probability that you have a Success trait in you.

Mind you, we are in a capitalist world and in the world of capitalism, it’s all about competition. Competition is what makes capitalism work. It’s what makes sports work. Politicians that go to the top are typically the ones that are most competitive. They want to figure out a way to do things better.

People that are going to be successful are highly competitive. It doesn’t matter what it is. They just have to do it faster, better, bigger than everyone else. Their number one desire is, “I’m going to do it better than you.” They are configured not to give the second place a thought in their mind and no wonder why they are always a winner.

2.   HIGHER FRIENDS:  People that are to be successful in life have the habit of keeping friends that are not at the same level or league with them. They love moving with people that are wiser, richer, powerful than they are because that’s what they want to become themselves, so whenever they see you’ve got what they want, or you can help them be what they want to become, so they make you as friends. Do you love moving with older friends? or you love relating with the set of people older than you are (knowledge wise).  It has been said that the local champions love to move with the few they are actually better than, just to prove their superiority, and on the other hand these highly successful dudes make it a hobby to move with friends outside of their leagues because they know there’s something they can always learn from them. The people that are going to be successful are highly competitive.

3.   AFFIRMATION:  Affirmation is another sign for people that are going to be successful. The few successful ones receive this a lot, whether from their Parent, their Pastors, their lecturers, or mentors, or even their friends. People just love telling they are going to make it because they actually see the traits in them. Let me explain it with this example. Let’s say I came to meet Tara for the first time or she’s my new friend and Tara’s lecturer, pastor, athlete coach, uncle, and boss all say, “This babe going places. She’s going places.” If those guys gave authentic, real answers, that Tara’s going places. Why? Because those people have spent endless hours with her. They know her flaws and habits. They know whether or not she finishes things if she spends time with people that are ahead of her, and how competitive she is. So if a lot of credible people say that someone’s going places, that’s a sign he or she is going to be successful.

4.    FINISHERS: The fourth on this list is finishers. The people that are going to be successful love to finish things, anything they started they can’t just let go until they finish it.

Let me explain this. When these guys are working a puzzle, they can’t stop until they finish the puzzle. If they play a video game, they can’t help themselves; they have to finish the game. When reading a book, they have to finish it. When they start a project they must finish it.

Guys, this is a sign. When I see people that only read the first chapter or two of a book and then ask the question, “David, what do you think, man? I have 15 books that I’ve started that I haven’t finished.” Well, that’s a sign you don’t like to finish things. You like things to be given to you easy. The people that finish things always finish things. And that’s a sign they’re going to be successful.

As a matter of fact the people that are going to be successful are the ones that love engaging task that are bigger than they are, because they are always testing their limits, always trying to know what they can do and what they can’t do, and to find ways to conquer what they know they can’t do at the moment. And mind you, they always finish.

5.  :  The last on this list is an obsession. The people that are going to be successful are always the highly obsessed ones. They’re very good at getting what they want because they have to have it.  They’re obsessed with it. And anytime they’re obsessed about it, they start figuring out creative ways to get what they want. Whether it’s a girl, business, position, accolades, a certain place or lifestyle they want, they’ll figure out a way to get it because they’re obsessive. They’re just wired that way, and they have to have it.

So those are the five signs if you see you can tell someone is going to be successful.

By the way, there’s no 100% to any of this nor are they 100% accurate, but you can give it 80%. No one’s ever going to be 100%. But you want to be at least 70 or 80% in your game. Because if you do this right, the majority of the time you’ll be on top of your games.

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Love is sharing

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