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Over the years past, Nigerians have been faced with greater challenge on how to earn a decent income online, most have been faced with the restriction of PayPal or many other online problems affiliated with Nigerians making money online, or even worst most have been a victim of scam, lure to the sweet romantic sound of many HYPE programs out there. Average Nigerians are victims of this scams and HYPE programs, all because they come with compelling marketing and who doesn’t like the sound of making money without stress? Another thing out there is the bloggers taking advantage of vulnerable Nigerians exploring the internet to find a legit way to earn income online, by not coming straight to them. These are the instance you will be asked to pay some certain fee before they let in on the Secret, which of course is no secret. Been a victim of all this myself have led me to make a deep research and have come up with the basic there is to know about all this. And at the end of this blog, I hope I will be a source of motivation for you and rather a discouragement because I derive a great pleasure in making people a success.



According to ‘Jerome Chapman’ the CEO of said “Affiliate programs (also known as an associate, referral, partner, or revenue sharing programs) are one of the fastest growing segments of e-commerce because they create mutually beneficial relationships for the original seller and for the partner or affiliate.

An affiliate program is simply a way for a company to sell its products or services using contract workers without the expense of full or part-time employees. An affiliate is essentially a commissioned sales representative. You sell the products and/or services for a particular company and you earn a commission on all sales”.

The interesting thing about Affiliate programs is that they are available to you all across the Internet. You won’t have a boss breathing down your neck or monitoring your coffee breaks. You don’t have to make cold calls on rude people who don’t know you and don’t care to. You don’t have to suffer endless hours of telephoning prospects. But the truth be said, to succeed in any affiliate programs there are a number of crucial steps you must take before you earn that first affiliate profits. And these steps are, well … not too easy or difficult. But the good news is that if you’re determined to make this work and are willing to put in the time and effort, you’re already on your way to affiliate marketing success.


Now that we know all there is to know about affiliate marketing, what do you need to get started? Well, I thought you might ask that, and that’s why I have come up with this seven step to make money as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria especially for beginners. Follow these easy steps and you will be on your way to making your first sale. These steps include:

  1. FIND A NICHE:  Even before you start anything your first decision should be what niche is going to be your target. Niche is your area of specialization on blogging. what you know you are good at or you can easily blog about. Choosing a niche can be so confusing or undoubtedly one of the most difficult and overwhelming steps in starting a blog.  However, if you’ve already figured out what your niche is going to be, that’s great and if not, here as some determinant key questions in discovering your niche:
  • What topics arouse my passion?  Trust me it’s easier to work on something you know you are very passionate about compared to what you’re not, because if truly you are passionate about something then you should have a pretty understanding of how it works right? Good! Now for example, if you are passionate about health care or sport then your niche should come from one of the two.
  • Is this niche profitable?  Another thing you should ask yourself is; can you rake in a lot of money from this niche? Trust me you don’t want to blog on something there is no audience for because you just going to be wasting your time and effort. But if there’s a profitable niche out there, who says you can’t learn it right?  So far it’s going to fetch you lots of incomes.
  • Do I see myself writing 25-50-100 blog post on this?   The topic you must choose must have depth enough to write about because if your content is shallow you’re not going to be considered an authority on such topic. For you to rank high in SEO you need more content so as to make the first page of Google Search engine.
  • Is there enough demand for my product? It’s one thing to have traffic to your blog and it’s another thing for them to take action on your product. So without consumer interest on your niche, it’s not going to make you enough money.
  • Are there affiliate products around this niche? I think this is one of the most important questions you must first ask before anything, are there enough affiliate products around this niche? If there isn’t then you should keep looking.


  1. AFFILIATE RESEARCH:  Now that you’ve decided on what your niche is going to be. It’s time to research the affiliate program you going to join. You have to take your time and do a proper research on this because your income is going to depend on it.  Keep the following in look out while researching on the network you want to join:
  • Do you believe in the product?  You must believe in the product you want to promote to have significant amounts of sale. There should be a bound Trust between you and your audience. If you know a product is harmful or inferior would you want to promote it?  So these are the things you should be on the lookout for before you join any network or program.
  • Does the commission pay well?  You just going to have to consider this before you join any network if the commission is not good enough, does it worth your time and effort?
  • Is their Support active?  Whatever affiliate program you going to join you are likely to need their support at one time or the other. The support should be active.


  1. BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITE: After your research on niche and the network you want to join and you are convinced enough on your result then it’s time to start taking action, and at this time what you need is your site. If you are a newbie to this I guess you probably thinking of how you going to build one, but don’t worry, gone are the days when the building of a site or blog whatever you call it used to take a guru to set up.  Like I said if you are a newbie to building sites, the easiest way to set up a site is by using WordPress. The WordPress CMS is very easy to use and while coding skills can come in handy, for the most part, you will not require any tech knowledge to set up your site.

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You need to follow a few steps to have your site up and running:

  • Get a domain name: your domain name is the address to your website, if you want to refer people to your site it’s this address they will follow for example Considering the amount of website we now have on the internet you might consider taking a time to choose your domain in case it has not been already taken. In getting your domain I recommend these platform; DrutsNamecheap. They are one of the best out there with good customer relation.
  • Buy and set up your Hosting: while the domain is like an address to your site hosting is like the house its self. Your own share of the internet space, your host is where your internet files are kept. Hosting is very affordable these days it’s just going to cost you a few dollars and a few monthly charges.
  • WordPress installation: Once your hosting is set up, you need to install a content management system (CMS) for your site. I recommend WordPress because it is easy to use and a beginner (like you!) can quite quickly figure out how it works. Most good hosting providers will have a one-click install option for WordPress, which means it will only take you a couple of minutes and you will have WordPress installed on your site.
  • Install your Theme: WordPress theme provides all the styling of a site that you (and your audience) see on the front end. There are thousands of themes available, so choosing one might seem daunting at the start. My advice: go with something simple and easy to customize. You can always change at will later.
  • Create your Content: congratulation your site is up, what you need now is a rich content that will engage your reader and keep them coming back and you start pocketing your money as simple as that.


  1. PRODUCE RICH CONTENT: After your site is live all you need is the content to engage your audience and for you to be considered a king in your niche then you need a really nice informative and educative niche. Your content could be any of the following
  • Product Review. You can take the time to do reviews of products and advise your audience on how to use them. You get your commission after any of the products you review are purchased so far you add your affiliate link to it.
  • Informational product. Give out an informational product such as e-books or free crash course to your audience. An informational product can generate interest in the actual product you’re trying to sell. If your product is popular enough and brings enough traffic to your site, you could also monetize the traffic in other ways, such as AdSense.


  1. GROW YOUR AUDIENCE: Growing audience for your site will, in some ways, follow naturally once you start producing nice content for your blog. An interested audience will not only bring you consistent traffic but also result in consistent sales for you. Here are some tips for growing audience for a new site:
  • Promote your content via the social media
  • Invest in paid advertisement
  • Use SEO basic techniques
  • Build an email list


  1. PROMOTE YOUR AFFILIATE OFFER: At last what we have been waiting for is finally here. Most newbies immediately jumped to this part ignoring step 1- 5 and before they know it, they got frustrated and give up on affiliate marketing because they go by it the wrong way.  It’s very simple once you’ve set up from step 1-5 and you know you are ready to offer something of values to your audience then you are ready to promote your offers. There are many ways to promote your offers but check out this few below:
  • Banner ads: Most affiliates setup up banners of their products on their website for the visitor coming through, and banner placed in the right position can be very effective. The more they click through your banner to your affiliate website and made a conversion the more commission you get and please make sure the banner contain your tracking Id although most of the banner contain your affiliate ID If it’s from your affiliate company.
  • In-test link: this is another common way to promote your product by placing your affiliate link inside text within your blog post.  You get your commission once they click through and made a conversion.
  • Product Reviews: Write honest reviews about products. Build up trust with your audience, and remember that they rely on your opinion. Don’t just point out all the positives of a product and gloss over the negatives. An honest opinion will be valued. Your product review can then link to the page (with your affiliate ID attached), where your audience can make a purchase if they’re interested.
  • Email Promotion: This is another cool way to promote your offers if you have built up an email list. But make sure you have a standing relationship with your audience first before going for the sale straight away. Also, your emails must contain your affiliate links to the products so that when your audience clicks through the sale is attributed to you.


  1. START OVER: Congrats now that you are done with all these steps all you need to do is to start over and keep doing it consistently. It’s not that difficult as you might have thought. Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is just coming up, so do what you can do while the competition is still low.  All you need to do here is follow step 1-6 again and again and keep doing it all over.

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A quick recap of everything 

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria for beginners can be overwhelming to do at first with all the restrictions but trust me there have been proven ways and more affiliate programs are receiving more application from Nigerians so this is a good opportunity for you.  The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you are not investing in the product. You do not need to create or buy any product, you simply sell someone’s product and earn up to 50% commission per sale. All you need to do is get up and take up the initiation of starting and trust me, once you’ve made that first sale, all the hard work will be worth it!

To sum it all up, making your first affiliate commission requires a bit of work but if you break it all down and follow it step by step, it won’t seem so overwhelming at all. Here’s a quick recap of what you need to do:


  • Find a Niche
  • Affiliate Research
  • Build Your Own Website
  • Produce Rich Content
  • Grow your Audience
  • Promote your Affiliate Offers
  • Start Over

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