20 easy ways to make money as a student in west Africa

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It is undeniable that the economy crisis of most West Africa countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Guinea etc. has brought about the unequal distribution of wealth and money in various strata of the society, Which as a result, has made many youths live a hand to mouth only kind of lifestyle.

ways to make money as a student

However, these problems should not keep students and youths generally, from thinking Constructively and idealistically on how to improve their standard of living while in school and after graduation. This is because the youths remains the back bone of every society. It takes viable and strong-willed entrepreneurs for the economy of any developing countries to thrive. This has over time been the secret of the capitalist countries like US, UK etc.
I will like to say congratulations to you because you are a step closer to becoming self independent when it comes to your personal finance.
It’s important to know that in business, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. You need to be able to have sideline business ventures going on in motion for you.
The good thing about starting side jobs or business in school is that it makes you an expert in that field over time as a result of the experience gathered.  The famous business tycoon in Nigeria “Aliko Dangote” said he started trading sweets in school while he was still in primary school. No, wonder he is very skilled and experienced in his field.
This Post is particularly Shaped from my past experience dated back to when I was an undergraduate, I remember I had my pocket money from some of the side jobs I ventured into. Which at the tail end, didn’t affect my academic performances. The good thing is that most of them requires little time and efforts or money to set up, so you don’t have to worry about the startup capital.
Below are 20 business ideas any students of any higher institution can do as a side income to meet their needs while in school.
I remember a friend of mine back in the days we were in the university. This girl is gifted in writing, she can write all most anything, just name it, however, I feel she didn’t know then that she could make money out of it. Her type of gift as a writer basically needed an online platform where she can projects her articles.
Kudos to the technological evolution, with the internet, everything is easily done now, many bloggers are willing to pay a good amount of money for any one that can write for them, all that is needed is to get a connection, and contact them. Speaking of which, as a matter of fact, they are the ones that will contact you after you’ve done what am about to tell you.
 This online Platform allows you to write for many clients as possible. Once you’ve set up your profile you will be contacted.(FIVERR, FREELANCER) You get to earn at least $5 per write ups. Meanwhile you also get to bargain higher if your write ups are irresistible. So my dear talented writer or poet. Writing is just one of the things you can do as a freelancer.
Also if you are gifted in graphic designs, you get to design and create arts for prospective clients and you get your pays. As a web developer if you are also good at it, You can be a mobile App developer, a translator, depending on your potentials which you must continually improve and maintain.
Selling of past question papers is a reliable way of making extra money in school with no stress. Although the income is not much but this can still get you through some hunger seasons in school. During my own days when an exam is getting near what I do is, i rush to the school library make photocopies of the entire past question I can lay hold of, and sell to my departmental mates and colleagues at the campus.
If you are going to do this I will suggest you get past questions that are recent and not totally archaic. Trending and updated questions that are in sync with the syllabuses of the students. If the questions don’t correspond with their scheme of work, students will apparently not buy them from you, Well, this is just a business idea for you, am sure you will use your discretion. Nobody understands your school systems more than you do.
Tutors nowadays get to charge some money for the knowledge they have that other students and colleagues want. I definitely paid for some tutorial lessons when I was in school. I remember when I was in my second year as a political science student in the university,  there was a popular course know as FSS for all Social Sciences student.
Each time we are to prepare and go for the exam, most students usually at that period get fevers, I mean it was a big deal for most of us as mathematics was a very tedious and scary subject for us especially I for a person, so here comes the opportunity for the mathematics lovers to make money.
They have the solutions and this give them the edge to make money off our predicament by offering us a tutorials and we were more than willing to pay for it. It doesn’t have to be math. You can offer tutorials in the area you know you are good at, and charge your fee. Your profits increases base on the population you get to tutor.
All you need to do is create flyers and post them in popular strategic places where students can see them,  to create awareness which will also direct the interested students to the lecture rooms you would be occupying for the tutorials.
Laundry and cleaning services can fetch you a lot of money as a student because university environment offers lots of potential for laundry business. Almost all the student love looking good and there are many lazy or too busy students that don’t have time to do their laundry. You can approach them or set up a banner for awareness.
You can also go verbal by telling students directly to patronise you. You can approach your lecturers and do their laundry for them and get paid. After some time when your laundry business has grown and it’s well patronize, It is advisable you hire a local resident to assist you when the work loads tends to be high, that way, you can also have time for your academics.
5. MONETIZE YOUR TALENT: The best success anyone can achieve ever is when they work with passion. Only you can truly know what you have the passion for, what triggers you from within, things you have a flair for, just think of something you love doing and make money from it.
If you know your talent already; good for you and why not start making money from it now. It could be fashion, singing, comedy, teaching etc. I remember when I was in school, I use to decorate. I just love doing it, I decorated halls, classes and even fellowship programs. I made money from some and did some as a complimentary service.
This is another cool way to make side income as a student in higher institutions. The requirement for these includes your laptop, internet access, and a printer if you can get one. Printer is actually not that necessary but if you can get one it’s a plus for you. When I did this business was my third year in school when the new student, the “Freshers” came for their post admission exam.
In my country it’s called Post UTME they were many and I figured this is a good chance to make money. All I did was set up a table in front of my hostel with my laptop and modem connected to the internet and I printed posters which I pasted in front of my hostel with the sign “do your online registration here”  before I knew it people were turning up and as a result of the queue, I asked them to drop their detail and come back for it in few hours.
I use that opportunity to register as much as I can, then go out to print it all at once before they come back. I paid some few changes on the printouts but I still make my money on the registrations. Trust me the business was good.
I didn’t do this because I didn’t know how to paint but I have a good friend named Peters who was a great painter back then in school. The work was easy for him because he was really good and ‘verbal recommendation’ was there already, so he was easily recommended by most of us for anybody that wants to paint his/her room in school most especially the “Freshers”.
But in your case, if you are a great painter too, and you want to start the business like my friends Peters I will suggest you create posters and flyers with your ‘contact Line’ on it so as to be able to reach you, or you can easily use your friends to recommend you through verbal awareness and once people like your work your phone will start ringing and you will start pocketing some money
Even though you can make serious money from this; I must confess this is reserved for the talented. I can’t imagine myself trying to make multitude laugh in a ceremony. One thing is certain it’s either they cry for me because of the shame, or they kick me off the stage.
Like I said it’s exclusively for those talented in that area. That said, if you know you’ve got what it takes, why not give it a try? All you have to do is tell a friend to tell a friend for you to anchor his / her birthday party. You can as well do the first one as a complimentary service, and once you are convinced you can and people know you can, then you don’t have to worry about marketing yourself.
There are some part time jobs on campuses offered by the school management, depending on the school. It’s worth a shot, do your research and finds out if your school management is offering any part time jobs for students on campus and apply once there is, so far you meet the requirement.
The female are the most skilled in this aspect, however, if you are a guy and you know how to do it. Then what’s stopping you? For example, I have a brother in school, who’s into confectionaries making cakes he’s now popular because he’s good at what he does. Most of his works are for birthday celebrations and in a while, he makes some snacks and sell. Your hostel should be your starting point, and later you can take to your department and make some good money from your sales, and before you know it people start recommending you once you’re good at what you do.
This is another good business you can do on campus. Students love competition when it comes to fashion they want to be updated in the fashion world. You can start by selling clothes, foot wears, handbags, wristwatches, necklaces etc. The females too can sell lingeries to their friends or any potential customers.
Try and locate a big supplier and get your goods at a reduced price so as to make good money from it. My advice? avoid selling for credit if at all you must sell for credit it must be someone you really trust and know he/she will definitely pay back because doing business with a student can be very funny. Less I forget your non-teaching staff even lectures pose a great market for your goods approach them and make money from them.
If you are good with graphic design, you can also make serious money from this. You can create party fliers, seminar fliers, design logos, business cards and lots more. You can also create an online presence for your business by joining FIVERR and sell your gigs.
Alright this might sound funny because in the actual sense it is.  But who knows, just do it for the fun. There are times you may forget money inside your used cloth even abandoned ones. Searching them in that particular time you are very hungry can put a smile to your face…lol
You can clean houses especially new apartment for new students or lecturer and make your money. Most of the time we have lectures that travels a lot and while traveling their house is empty leaving it exposed to dust. You can grab this opportunity when they  get back and have it cleaned for them.
15. JOIN A CATERING SERVICE: You can as well join a catering service company and work mostly on weekends, most of the times they don’t really work during the week days but need more workers mostly at weekends and this work perfectly fine for students. You can probably go and come back before Monday and made some extra money with your services.
If you are good with tools or know how to repairs things then this is another means for you to make extra money  by working for people. If you can repair phones, laptops, TV, Radio. Name it or even cable installations like DSTV, GOTV etc. This will definitely earn you a good side income. If you can, you can set up a small shop in front of your hostel or any good location you can find and use as your work place, and encourage your friends and customer to recommend you to their friends through verbal awareness.
Car wash business is one of those great businesses any student can start while on campus because you definitely going to make money. These days average student cruise on campus and most of them are willing to pay for cleaning and washing of their car, even your lecturers are potentials customers. If you think you’ve got the energy you can give it a trial.
18. START A DECORATION  BUSINESS: You definitely going to make money from this so far you know you can really decorate. I made a handful of money from this business when I was still a student. Most of the time I liaise with my departmental president, faculty president, friends in other department and faculty to get contracts; you definitely going to tip them, that’s just how it works. You can also decorate any engagement party around your school vicinity or anywhere so far you’ve got the recommendation. Don’t worry if you don’t have decorating materials you can always rent
You can start thrift saving among your trusted friends by choosing a tally or number for the collection of the money. For example, let’s say 10 of you have agreed to contribute $10 every month for Ten months. The first person on the collection list is going to receive a sum of $90 from the remaining 9 people while the second on the list will collect the same amount from the remaining 9 people till the 10th month which is the last month. You can set up a side business or investment with this kind of money.
20. APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS: Being a student you can get funded by applying for a scholarship so far you are one of the upper-class students and you know what you are doing. All you have to is constantly be on the look for scholarship program and apply immediately when you see one.  You can check the school magazine or ask the library attendance to keep you in mind once anything of such came up.
Note: for you to be successful in any business especially a business you see a future in. You have to be passionate about it. You have to be focused, discipline because definitely there is going to be a lot of distraction but that shouldn’t stop you once you know what you doing. You have to tolerate so many different personalities in the cause of running your business. I wish you success.
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