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In this blog am going to write on how you can create a blog using blogger. In one of my post, I wrote on how to create a blog using and some of the advantage have that blogger does not, but for the sake of the newbies I recommend, blogger just to have the basics of blogging and change to if they want to make money blogging. You can make money blogging using blogger, but its functionalities do not enhance the way WordPress is.

Blogger also known as Blogspot is own and hosted by google so it totally free and easy to setup. setting up a Blogspot blog shouldn’t take more than 5minutes.

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When it comes to blogger there are some certain feature and benefits attached to it though still limited in some ways. One of the benefits is that google gives reference to blogger when it comes to Adsense, AdSense is a platform through which you can make money blogging by the ads google placed on your blog.

So in the actual sense, you can still make money from your free blog.

So let’s get started … On your browser  search engine enter ‘’

Once your page load finished it’s going to bring something like this image above, click on sign in if you have an account with google already and if you don’t register for one it’s free.

The next thing to do is to create your blog profile, this is the profile that your audience will see when they read your post. you can either choose a Google+ profile or you choose the blogger profile but it’s limited. The Google+ profile gives you an identity on google property and connects you with vast readers.

Once you’ve decided on your profile account you can proceed to create your blog account.

immediately your account is created you can choose your address or your domain name in the case of blogger it’s free you don’t have to pay. your address is the link that will direct your audience to your home page. for example

Then also, you are going to write your blog title, if for example, it’s a blog on fashion, entertainment, news etc.

Once you click create blog your blog is ready to starting blogging just tweak it for some while to get familiar with the system. You can either select a theme before you click on ‘create blog’ or after. The theme is located on the left down a section of the dashboard.

After you change the theme you can click on the settings icon below it, and change some of the settings in terms of language, your visibility on the search engine result, and whether you want to receive emails.

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Finally to start writing your post click on new post, after that click on compose besides the HTML on the left up corner of your dashboard. After writing your post, on the upper right side corner click on post setting and from the menu box it brings out you can click on allow, under the reader comments tag to allow comments from your audience.

Once you are done writing, you can click on the preview to see what your post looks like before you publish it. Once reviewed and you are satisfied with it, you can then publish it live to your audience.

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