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The popular WEMA bank plc, known as the oldest or longest surviving indigenous commercial bank in Nigeria is paving their way back into the top market by introducing ‘ALAT’ digital bank, a revolutionary banking system and first of its kind in the history of Nigeria.

In this post am just going to tell you the basics you need to know, and how you can make money or start a career with them, (ALAT) if you wish to apply for their limited recruitment. Presently WEMA Bank ALAT provide the best returns rate on savings account compared to any bank in Nigeria and a lot more better services. So sit tight and enjoy the ride.

ALAT as it called; is a digital banking model, different from the popular mobile apps and online banking platforms in Nigeria. If you know the likes of Payoneer, PayPal etc. Then you should have an idea of how ‘ALAT’ works. It provides all the services you can expect while everything needed is done from the comfort of your mobile phone or PC. Bye-bye to queuing in banking hall for the opening of account or filing of complaints. You are now your banking manager thanks to ALAT by WEMA bank plc.

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Just to clarify the air, digital banking as it may sound is different from the popular online banking we are all accustomed to. Digital banking is the digitization of all the traditional banking activities available to the customer when physically inside the banking hall. These include the normal routine done inside the bank.

Online banking on the other hand primarily focuses on basic online management of account. This may include remote deposits, money transfers, bill payment etc. The point is, for you to start using the online banking you still have to go to the bank to request for your token or pin before you can start using the mobile banking app or online banking itself, but digital banking does not. So what am saying in essence is that, digital banking encompasses all of these activities.


wema bank alat digital banking
In the actual sense, setting up an ALAT account shouldn’t take more than 5minute and everything will be up and rolling.


  • Mobile Phone (iOS / Android devices) or Laptop.
  •  Your bank verification number (BVN)
  •  A picture of your face and signature (signed on a white piece of paper)
  •  Functional email address and reachable line.
  •  Government approved ID card (standard account) e.g. international passport, driver’s license, national ID card or voter’s card.

Basically, once your account is step up it can be funded in the four following ways:

1.     From a WEMA account directly to your ALAT account; this can either be done directly in WEMA bank or inside your ALAT app. All you have to do is login click on fund my account – from WEMA account – Input the amount – enter the code verification sent to your number – finally, click fund account to complete the action.

2.     From ATM card of any Nigeria bank; this is done with your ATM details. Inside the app click fund my account from other bank cards, enter the atm details i.e. card number, expiry date, and CVV, enter the amount you want to fund and authenticate with the code sent to your mobile line.   

3.     From a foreign bank card; this is also done by clicking fund my account, then click from foreign bank card, after that enters the card detail and authenticate with the code sent to your mobile line.

4.     By simply transferring money from any bank.


 Benefits of ALAT

It saves you the time and stress of opening a new account going through the paper and walking around the banking hall plus it also helps to save your money on automation and your bills paid on schedule. You also have access to a free debit card that can be lock and unlock on your phone whenever you feel like.

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Presently ALAT is opening doors of opportunity to make money with them, not alone are they offering 10% interest rate on all savings annually they are also running a referral program that allows you to make money from every member you invited to bank with them.

Follow this step to start making money from ALAT referral program:

  •        First thing you’ve got to do is sign up. You can do that by downloading their app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Sign up with your phone number and bank verification number and upload your credentials to activate your account.
  •     Once your account is confirmed and activated. You can then log in to get your referral code. Click on refer a friend on your dashboard to get your code and start sharing with your friends and family even your enemy…lol!
  •     For every friend you referred, ALAT will pay N500 on each and once they’ve reached a total of ten with their account activated AlAT will add a total of N5000 to the total you’ve made before making it whooping N10,000  free of charge. This is definitely cool.



All application are expected to be submitted before the 4th of September 2017



  •    Vibrant and energetic graduate
  •    Below or 30 years old with a keen interest in marketing.


  •   To meet specific targets
  •   Travelling to different locations within Nigeria for activation campaign
  •  Working as a team.

 Note: All application are expected to be submitted before the 4th of September 2017




  •   Students of tertiary institution
  •  Good conversationalist and all interested in marketing.


  •   Meet opening account targets
  • Convincing other students to join.
  •  Finding ways to reach more students.

Note: All application are expected to be submitted before the 4th of September 2017



Prosumer is someone who good with the social media, so the requirements include:

  • Reasonable amount of followers on social media


  • Help resolve ALAT customer complaints online
  •  Acquire more ALAT customers
  •   Propose ways to improve ALAT users and the brand.

Note: All application are expected to be submitted before the 4th of September 2017

All further info can be gotten at and please don’t forget to share, if you find this article helpful. Thanks

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