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As at June 30, 2017, the internet world stats recorded 3,885,567,619 internet users worldwide, that’s close to 4billion internet users growing day by day. The question you should ask yourself now is how many of this internet users have access to my online/offline business and if not what are am I doing about it?
Five ways to effectively market your business online
The world is getting smaller every day because of the internet activities and as at just- 2014 compare to now (2017) the internet Retailer reveals that online sales totaled $304.91 billion in 2014 alone. If you are yet to start marketing your business online, all data and indications show that now is a good and perfect time to start.

Creating an online presence is merely enough for the success of your business, if you want to maximize your success, you need to learn how to successfully market your business online. That may be difficult for you, but if you go through the steps am about to show you will have success in your business in no time.

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These are some of the best ways to market your business online for a better result.

  1. Business website-  

    A business website is tantamount to the success of any business because you can’t just afford not to have one. A website can be very significant when running a business online because it helps in generating more clients or potential clients performing a broad internet search for businesses that can solve his/ her needs.

  • Or trying to find an inquiry about a certain business then finds your business.
  • Or just having fun on the internet and come across your business
  • Or trying to get your business contact information to reach out to you.

The benefits as to which a business website can provide is just endless. Let’s face the fact even you, use the internet to find out more information about a certain business right?

Gone are the days when building a websites use to take guru’s to create, with the help of WordPress everything can now be done with a few clicks.

To create your website you have to get a domain name, I recommend NameCheap. A domain name is the address of your website; this is the link people click that will direct them to your website. When getting a website domain name it is possible to get a name exactly as your business name and at the same time, it’s possible for it to have been taken. In this case, you have to choose a name that’s not chosen.  A good example of a domain name is the name of this website www.torchbankz.com. The cost of getting a domain name is around $10 to $12 and to renew it every year is around the same price.

After your domain name is set up you need to host your website with reliable and fast hosting server.

Also, make your website a mobile friendly website because average people searching the website are searching through their phone. And lastly, you have to create content for your website for people to have an idea of what it’s all about. You can contact a Fiverr freelancer in setting up your website if you can go through the stress. It’s just going to cost around $5.

  1. Local Business listing-        

    Listing your business online gives your business an online presence that allows customers within your local vicinity that couldn’t have access to your business before having access to it now. The listing engines play important roles in your marketing campaign by placing you right in front of people who are searching for the types of local services you provide.

Although we have various online listing directories that you can easily register with, we are going to focus on the big three:

  • Google My Business
  • Bing Places
  • Yahoo local

Google My Business- Google tops the list of the search engine by having 65.4% of the total search queries. The Google platform was formerly known as Google Places before it now popularly referred to Google My Business. It’s a free a platform for you to list your local business that can directly connect you with customers and potential customers doing a simple search, using Google maps or Google+

Google has also integrated their organic search result with that of Google My Business to enhance user experience and provide more interesting and relevant local results.

BING PLACES- Bing is second on the list of the search queries with 19.7% search queries result. Like Google My Business it’s also a business listing platform. Bing has grown their user base significantly in the recent years which is considered an authority when it comes to listing your business because more and more people are turning to Bing for local search results.

The good thing about Bing is that the market is much less cluttered than Google and they are growing and starting to take the market from Google. This could get you a better exposure if your competition has focused their time marketing on Google.

YAHOO LOCAL- Yahoo search engine holds 11.8% of the search queries and it’s also a similar platform to Google when it comes to listing of your business online. Although the Yahoo search engine rank has dropped in the recent years, but it still holds a significant authority and their impact cannot be over emphasized.

Yahoo local has a free basic listing and another option called Yahoo Localworks for $29.99/month that allows your business to be listed across 50plus sites with extra details of your business profile.

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  1. Start a blog-              

     A blog also plays a vital role in marketing your business. These days running your business with a blog isn’t optional. It’s one of the core foundation of an effective direct response to social media marketing strategy. In other to generate massive revenue through blog marketing; you have to engage the audience with content that’s useful before you start to sell. Blog content can be used to build trust, bring attention to a problem, evaluate the problem and sell them your solution.

These are some of the ways to market your business through a blog:

  • Publish an article about your product- one of the best ways to engage traffic through blog marketing is by publishing an article about a certain product you are selling. This will not alone create traffic to your product but also create an interaction between you and your customer letting you know the kind of product to sell next and also allows you to grow your customer base.
  • Create discounts and promos- this is one the great blog marketing strategy that will boost your marketing efforts. By creating a discount and promos on your product your customer will be attracted to the offer and thereby inviting more of their friends and lead to more traffic for you. It’s no doubt that customers will love to participate in contests where they get cool prizes or get surprised coupon codes for new existing products.
  • Optimize your blog posts- optimizing your blog post allows Google search engine to rank your post high making you visible to readers and easy engagement. Blog post optimizing can be done by using relevant and selected key words in writing your post and placing them in a specific area like the headings- title or sub-title and preferably your post conclusion.
  • Create attractive content- rich and compelling content is one the best way to attract the readership of your customer. If the post is not compelling enough there won’t be a conversion from the post traffic. Take time in writing your blog content in other to improve the readership and search engines ranking.
  • Writing blog guest post- another good way to market your business through a blog is by guest posting on other blogs. This will create a trust for your brand among your customers and also grow your customer based. Guest post on other blogs is a good marketing strategy, not alone is it going to affect your product, it’s also going to rank your blog high through links directed to your blog.

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  1. Video marketing- 

    promoting your business through video tutorials is a great way to showcase your product and services to your audience. This can be done through video power point or getting the CEO of the business in front of a camera doing an introduction and sharing the mission and vision of the business. After this, a short and compelling video will best for your business, instead of creating a highly promotional video on why people should buy your product I will suggest educating videos that add value and at the same time featuring your product.

Video tutorials are very important; a study found out that 46% of people say they’d be more likely to seek out information about a certain product or service after seeing it on a video online. The types of video your business can create include:

  • Tutorial – video tutorials are particularly common in the beauty sectors, I think Instagram and Pinterest host a lot of these. How this work is that it allows you to showcase your expertise through a video training. This doesn’t have to be hard it can be easily set-up with the help of phone camera and tripod and start filming the action.
  • Testimonial videos – video testimonials works best for business marketing because there’s nothing better than seeing and hearing words in support and satisfaction of your business delivered by actual customers themselves. To create a testimonials video you can approach your customers or create an offer to discount product prices if a testimonial video is created.
  • Product demonstrations– this can be done when launching a new product or services. This will allow your audience or customer know how a particular product or services work and how it can be best used to their maximum satisfaction.

The good thing about video marketing is that these days anyone can easily do it using their smart phones.

  1. Social Media marketing- 

    The cost of social media marketing is generally low compared to other means of marketing. Social media present a great marketing opportunity for businesses and allow you to promote the name of your brand, tell customers about your goods and services find out what customers think of your business, attract new customers and build stronger relationships with existing customers. While this strategy is certainly low in cost, it can be difficult to make a real conversion if not done the right way.

The benefits of social media marketing include:

  • Fast dissemination- using social media marketing allows you to disseminate or distribute information about your products and services as quickly as possible yet reaching large audience
  • Low Cost- most of the social media means of marketing offers free marketing system and if at all payment are made they are considerably low compared to other means.
  • Easy means- marketing your product content through social media is relatively easy. You don’t need high –level skills or special computer skills or gadget to market your product on social media. Any average person with a smartphone or computer can easily do this.
  • Large audience- Facebook can proud of over 3billion members of her platform and these can easily be means to promote your product to the world.

While social media marketing can be very effective it’s also good to know that different types of social media are good for different marketing activities depending on how you want to market your products and services.

  • Facebook – this allows conversation with customers through sharing of photos and videos
  • Twitter- this platform is micro- blogging service that allows you to send and receive short messages from customers and potential customers
  • YouTube- YouTube is an online video platform that allows people to share videos.
  • Instagram- you can promote your product through short videos and cute pictures.
  • Blogs – This website that contains series of post on various topics on different niche.

If you are not used to social media the terminology and ranges of different services can be daunting at first, but it’s worth learning. Most social media services are very easy to use while costing little or nothing and can put your business in touch with customers like never before.

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