RECAD MEDIA; How to make N1200 daily with your Facebook account

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How to earn up to N2000 daily with Recad Media

Would like to get straight to the point without wasting your time, so here is the question! Would you like to make money with your Facebook account by just sharing one or two sponsored post daily? If yes then you are in the right place and if not, then there’s no point in wasting our time.

What I am about to share in this post is how you can make at least, from N400 – N2000 daily by just sharing one or two adverts on your Facebook page and get paid.

Recad media who are they?

Recad media is a digital marketing agency that promotes adverts for their client through the means of social media and shares the revenue with her members. So in the actual sense, they generate revenue from the paid advert they run on behalf of their client through members Facebook accounts. I hope this clear?  Ok let me break it down a little further; what this means is that Recad media is a company that collects money from clients that want to advertise their products on the platform and this product are what members are sharing on their Facebook pages on a daily basis to get paid.

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How it works

As a publisher with Recad Media, you get to make money in two ways;

  • The first one being the easiest part is that you make money for every ad you share on your page you earn N400 per share, and in a day you can share a minimum of one post and maximum of five posts, let’s say you are sharing five posts on a daily basis that 400 multiply by 5 which is N2000 daily, multiply this with 30day that’s N60,000 just in one month

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Note- you have to log in daily to share the post on your dashboard to your social media account i.e. Facebook and receive N400 per single post. 

  • The second part is optional because most people don’t like referring or networking biz that involves you inviting others before you make money, but at the same time if you can refer people you earn N1000 immediately on each member you refer to the company. Imagine you can invite 30 people in a month that’s N30,000 plus N60,000 of daily post on your Facebook page gives you N90,000 Sound too easy right? That what I thought before I started

Here are some payments proof
how to make money with recad mediahow to make money with recad mediahow to make money with recad media

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Becoming a partner

You probably must have been thinking about what it takes to become a partner with them, well it’s not free, to become a partner you will pay a one-time registration fee of N3000 and after becoming a member, for the subsequent months you need to pay a monthly subscription fee of N3000 at the end of the each month if you which to continue. This is done to avoid multiple accounts; well no one can blame them. It can be a tough thing doing business with Nigerians, but how much is this when you can at least earn N400 per day think about. Another good thing is that; they have a 5days refund policy should in case you change your mind about the business, but this is usually within the first 5days of registration. This can be done by filling the refund form on your dashboard and your registration fee will be refunded.

Payment process

  All payment is transferred into your bank account. You can withdraw your earnings, especially your referral earning immediately you refer someone, and this can be cash out on a daily basis so far you keep referring people. But you can only withdraw from ‘Post Sharing Earnings’ when you have at least N6000 in post earnings. But in the case where you have below N6000 in your Post Sharing Earnings and have a referral bonus, both can be cash out at the same time.

Also, you should know all withdrawal attracts a withdrawal fee of N400 per every withdrawal

Interested in being a partner then follow these simple steps:

  • Follow this link to the main site
  • Click on the menu icon/button, (a small three lines at the right top corner of the page) click on register
  • On top of the form at the registration page, you will see a small box requesting for a registration voucher, make payment (via Vogue Pay it’s an online safe payment channel, RECOMMENDED) fill the form and make payment.
  • Once payment is made the voucher will be delivered to your email.  You can then input the voucher and create your account. But one rare case when you couldn’t make payment through vogue Pay you can call some of their agents to purchase your voucher.

NOTE-  am sharing this post because I did it myself and not because I am affiliated with them, so I do not make any warranty or guarantees for them, am merely sharing my experience with them. 

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