5 Habit of Highly Successful People you should cultivate

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According to ‘Aristotle’, one of the greatest philosophers the world has ever seen said: “we are what we repeatedly do.”  Over time I’ve seen people dream of becoming successful even admired the successful ones, because who doesn’t like the spotlight of success? But when it comes to achieving this success ourselves it’s often not palatable as we think, because behind every success story is the untold hardship, turmoil’s that had to be won before the success story. The biggest enemy you have to deal with is yourself, your negative habits. There is an old African proverb that says “if there’s no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm. Our negative habit is our greatest threat to success.

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I believe your habits is who you are or better still what you repeatedly do constitute a bigger part as to how successful you can be on earth, as a result of this I took the liberty of sourcing out five (5) of the greatest habit of the highly successful ones and examine them to your habit and see if you need to do some modifications or adjustment.

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Habits of the Highly Successful People

1. Goal Setting

First on the list is Goal, setting a goal is the number one habit of every successful people and hardly will you see a successful man without a specified goals. Goal setting is the bedrock of success they serve as blueprint or maps as to how you’re going to walk your success journey. Life can be miserable without a goal because living a life without spelled out goals and objective is simply walking blind.

How do you set Goals?

Setting a goal can be pretty simple once you are disciplined and being realistic with yourself. I’ve seen people even myself set unrealistic goals, unrealistic goals are unachievable goals and trying to achieve it can even cause more harm than the good it intends to do.

To set realistic goals you have to set your long-term goals and short-term goals and set objectives too, your long-term goals are what you stand to achieve in matters of years while your short-term should be what you stand to achieve in matters of months. Your objectives should be your plans and action on how to achieve these goals and set a time limit to it to make it realistic.

2. Continuous Learning

No one truly graduates from the school of life except at his or her own demise, learning is a continuous process and until you embraced it, success may be a bit far from you. It is said that the popular “Warren Buffet” read at least 600 pages of a book per day and you must have heard that readers are leaders so no wonder he’s a leader in his field. The popular Neurosurgeon “Ben Carson” said he read two books on a weekly basis and the total of eight books in a month. That’s a lot of investment don’t you think? Personally, I believe if you are not different, by different I mean doing things above average, you won’t have a different result from the average people. The habit of learning is a vital key to success. You should embrace it.

3. Persistency

The popular scientist ‘Edison’ made over ten thousand experiments before he succeeded in creating is talking machine persistency was his key factor towards his success. Persistence is a continuous action in spite of difficulty or opposition, sometimes in life things just get tough and overwhelming, but being persistence is when you understand that the hardship are just exams you must pass and many other successful people have gone through the same process and overcame it.

Brian Tracy said, “The more you persist, the more you believe in yourself and the more you believe in yourself the more you persist.”

The highly successful ones believe that success is guaranteed and no obstacle will stand in their way. Billionaires like Bill Gates of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Apples, and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook are all college dropout, yet that doesn’t stop their success.

4. Deep Thinking

If there is another thing you can’t exclude from the habit list of the highly successful people it’s their thinking pattern. One of my mentors loves saying, “if you don’t think you’re going to stink.” Deep thinking is a vital tool for generating ideas. Most successful people often create a separate time for thinking and brainstorming issues they need answers to. Thinking has a way of shaping the mind, that’s why it’s often said that positive thinking creates a positive result, you often get what you think about. Even the Holy book said “As a man thinks in his heart so is he” your success is always the result of your thinking pattern. The successful ones know the importance of thinking and they are making good use of it. 30min -1hour positive thinking a day can create a vital result in your life, so you might want to add this to your habit list too.

5. Self-Control

The highly successful people know how to control their emotion, they don’t allow previous disappointment get to them or crush their spirit, they know failure and critiques is just another way to do things the right way, and they never allow critiques to shape the course of their actions. Another self-controlled habit exceptional successful people have is that they have total control of their self over their previous success not letting it lead to their cockiness and also that impulsive decision can destroy years of worth work.

Changing of habit can be highly overwhelming if you see you are less of all these habits and thinking of applying change right away may not be the right decision, however choosing one at a time can very helpful. You can choose a habit and master it for 3-5month then move over to another habit and complete the process, success is no luck it’s what you make happened.

Lest I forget another great habit of successful people is sharing, they do share a lot, so let’s see if you’ve got that by sharing this articles to your friends and families😉 and do not forget to join our subscribers to get more of this.

Go and succeed.

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