A complete guide on how to start making money with Dropshipping in Nigeria

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Hey! Let’s face the fact, you want a business that will make you serious money right?

Because if not, you won’t be here learning how to dropship in Nigeria.

The good part is you can make serious money from this business model. But this is however possible only if you use the right template.
how to dropship in nigeria
In this guide am going to explain the complete process of learning how to dropship in Nigeria. Then also starting a dropshipping business from choosing the right product to your market strategy. Likewise setting up your store for online presence and ready to start selling almost immediately.

Below are the step by step guide on how to dropship in Nigeria:

  1. Step 1:  Finding your niche
  2. Step 2:  Creating your website
  3. Step 3:  Setting up your dropshipping plugin
  4. Step 4:  filling your store with products
  5. Step 5:  promoting your business
  6. Step 6:  Start making money with your business

And there you have it just like that! Now am going to break it down as easy as possible for us to get the nitty-gritty of the business. So sit tight and enjoy the ride.

How to Dropship in Nigeria:

Step 1: Finding your niche

In this step am going to describe the process of choosing the right niche for your dropshipping store or website.

Product research
The first thing you need to do here is to carry out an initial research on the product you want to start dropshipping.

Visit many popular stores online and check the ones selling the kind of products you want to dropship. If the product is loose online. That is, it’s available on several stores which means high competition. Then you might want to leave it and find another product to dropship.

Another thing here is to check the bestselling products. Trust me you don’t want to dropship products that are not on the market trend and the best way to find that is through Google Trend.

Market trend

While choosing your dropshipping product. Make sure you look for bestselling products that are on the market trend and if not popular, at least the demand for it should be stable.

Visit Google Trend to get a better idea about your product niche. For instance, let’s use the example below as a case study.

how to dropship in nigeriaFrom the above image it’s show that the market trend for Phone Accessories is falling – Looking at the arrow.

Thus, Drop shipping Phone accessories might not be a good idea.

how to dropship in nigeriaIn the case of this example, drop shipping mobile phone may sound like a good idea because the indicator is increasing.


It’s almost going to be impossible to find a popular product niche but without a competition. The best thing to do here is that before you launch your dropshipping website.

Try and do a research on the product you choose by checking other popular and authoritative stores if they are selling the product. Then also check their price, and if the price is unbeatable. Then it’s probably not a good idea to launch such products. Unless you have better marketing strategy. If not, then go narrow by finding products that are generally hard to find.

It’s better to start with few products, probably one or two than varieties of products. The idea of starting broad may sound good. But it’s often difficult to generate traffic to such, compared to  niche stores.

Here are some good reasons why you should narrow your niche:

  • When your niche is narrow you going to have a better understanding of the product you selling.
  • Due to your specialty in your niche people will come back to you and patronize you again. Because you will be the one they have in mind. Then also see you as a specialist in that aspect.
  • It will be easier to rank high in Google search engine result for particular search terms
  • It’s easier to be a big fish in a small water. And its also a good way to build your business and reputation
  • It will be easier to plan your market strategies and focus on a particular set of audience.


In my previous post on dropshipping, I wrote on how to locate suppliers for you drop shipping business through Google search engine. For the sake of this post I will recommend AliExpress.

80% of all drop shippers make use of this China company because their products are relatively cheap and they encourage dropshipping. Other good websites you can probably drop ship on include Amazonebay and few others. But you will be required to pay a premium fee.

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Before choosing your products from your supplier a price research too will be good. Once you’ve seen the product you want to drop ship, check the product price from other stores selling the same product and among suppliers selling the same product on AliExpress. Then compare the price.

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       Step 2: Creating your website

Now that you’ve decided on the product to dropship. The next thing to do here is to create your website. There are few ways to do that:


You can create your website with Shopify in a matter of few minutes. You don’t have to do any coding stuff, or even hire anybody to do for you. it’s a thing you can set up yourself. Using Shopify will give you more time to focus on marketing your business and branding your store. Although it’s not free.

The basic plan is $29 per month and the good thing is they offer a 14days trial period with no credit card involved all you have to do is just register and set up your store. Very soon I will write an article on how to setup your store with Shopify, so stay tuned. In the meantime you can use the 14days trial as a window opportunity to set up your account.

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Alidropship unlike Shopify is a different package entirely.

With Alidropship, you can order for your store which is properly set-up to start selling immediately, and also plugin that can scale up your dropshipping business. You can learn more here.

Creating an e-commerce website-

Here you have to create an e-commerce website for your store. To do this you going to need a Domain name and a hosting plan.

dropshipping with aliexpress shipping time

  • Domain name- like I said this is going to be the name you want to name your store. You can visit NameCheap to get one. They offer cheaper domain names registration and a good customer care services.
  •  Hosting plan- this is going to be where your website files are kept online. When choosing a hosting plan, find one that make  WordPress installation easier, this will allow you to install the e-commerce software through WordPress. You can also get one from NameCheap and speak with one of their customer care representatives to help you with the installation. if you can’t do it yourself you can visit a Fiverr agent to create one for you. Or betterstill reach out to me.

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    Step 3: Setting up your Drop Shipping Plugin

In this step I’m going to talk on the two popular drop shipping plugins:

  • Oberlo plugin and
  • AliDropship plugin

Oberlo- is a Shopify plugin or App that makes it so convenient to easily add more and more products to your Shopify store. It works in a way that allows you to move product with just a single click from AliExpress to your store.

The only Cons is that Oberlo only works with Shopify. While one of the Pro’s is that they offer a free 30days trial that you can cancel at any time if you don’t want it.

Alidropship plugin- Alidropship Plugin works perfectly fine, just like oberlo.

Although it doesn’t works on Shopify but works on every other WordPress site.

Alidropship plugin

The plugin allows you to import products directly from AliExpress to your store. Another interesting part is that, whenever a product is bought on your store. The plugin automatically send your customer details to your supplier.

The different between AliDropship plugin and Oberlo is that Oberlo requires a $29 monthly fee after the initial 30days free trial while alidropship plugin can be bought finally for $89 with no other charges.

Step 4: filling your store with products

The next thing after installing your plugin is to start filling your store with products through your plugin or manually if you dont have.

This is very important. Add product with free shipping. This is because the products are going to be shipped from china and this cannot be delivered within 3 – 5 days. Its mostly within 3-4 weeks.

As a result of this, ePacket product are the best products for dropshippers. Since the products are freely shipped most customers will be willing to purchase them.

Download Ali chrome extension on your browser to be able to locate ePacket products on AliExpress.


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Step 5:  promoting your business

Now that everything is set-up and your store ready to start selling; you can now start marketing your products.

This is the only part where much is required of you. You have to showcase your product to the world by being creative and through other popular means.

Below are some of the channels you can use:

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 Facebook Advertising-

Facebook is proud of over 1.4 billion people using Facebook to connect with what matters to them.  The interesting part is that more than 900 million people visit the network every day. You can engage some of the opportunities Facebook provides.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex series of activities that aim at making a website more visible in ‘natural’ (organic) search engine results. Which of course everybody knows that the higher the traffic from search engines the more money for your store.

One of the best way to optimize your website is by acquiring links to your store or website. Share your store link on other sites.

Video marketing- 

This is another good way to market your product. Create a Youtube channel related to your store and create videos about the products you are selling.

 Email Marketing- 

Most customers approaching your site for the first time may not be buying anything. But getting them to subscribe to your store is a proven way to market your products to them through email marketing.

Step 6:  Start making money with your business

This is the best part, Once you start having conversion on your store, all you need to do is head over to AliExpress and order the products from your supplier, who then have it shipped directly to your customers.

You can either do this through your plugin if you have one or do it manually.

PS: Are you ready to get started you can either start with Shopify 14 days free trail.

 Or you want a ready store then order your Custom dropshipping store from AliDropship.

If you have any questions, suggestions or contribution please lets hear it in the commentbox below. If you are not subscribe to this Blog please do so now and also share this article if you find it helpful. Stay posted.

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  1. Hello. Thanks a lot for this information. What do we use for the payment gateway and do we need to pay tax? Let’s say we are drop shipping from Ali express to USA? Do we pay tax in USA, open a current account there?

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