ELECTRONEUM; How to invest with just $1 and makeup to $1000 ETN

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The good thing about Cryptocurrency is that you don’t have to understand or know how it works before you can make money off it. But I will try as much as possible to make it understandable for us. And also know how we can make money from it in Nigeria even Ghana, South Africa and various other parts of Africa.
The title of the post may sound absurd to you. And maybe you already thinking it’s just like every other blog post out there, just trying to get your attention. Well you may think so but I’ll rather you read this through and then make decision: whether it’s true or not because I’ve not started at all and when am done with you, you will be glad you came across this post.

Electroneum! This stuff is just all over the internet. People talking about it and many reviews are been carried out as to whether it’s safe for investment or not. But at the end of this post, I hope you get a better insight about it.

A quick recap of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. First of its kind or the most popular and market leading cryptocurrency out there. It’s a digital asset design to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to control its creation. And also it’s management rather than rely on central authorities like the central banks. Bitcoin was created by ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ in 2008. And before they gained the market value they have today actually goes a long way since it was launched in 2008. Below is the breakdown:

  • By 2009 USD- 1BTC was basically nothing(zero)
  • By 2010 USD- 1BTC was just $0.003
  • By 2011 USD- 1BTC was $2.00, although the price value rise significantly but later dropped to $2.00
  • By 2012 USD- 1BTC was $13.00 slowly rising for the whole of the year
  • By 2013 USD- 1BTC was $1000 it initially rose to $1242 while it later dropped to $1000 for the rest of the year
  • By 2014 USD- 1BTC was $630 the market value came down from $1000 to $630, this was when it started gaining prominence in countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and few other Africa countries.
  • By 2015 USD- 1BTC was $504.The value dropped
  • By 2016 USD- 1BTC was $780.
  • By 2017 USD- 1BTC is currently $5600, that’s a serious lot of money compared to the starting price.

Now imagine if you bought one BTC by 2011 which was just $2.00 per BTC compare to now. Do you think it’s a reasonable investment? I think you should be the judge of that. Now this time is Electroneum (ETN).

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Electroneum; what it is and can you invest in it?

Electroneum is a new and first British cryptocurrency launched on the 14th of September 2017. It is developed to be the most users – friendly cryptocurrency in the world with wallet management. And also with coin mining all in one app on your mobile phone. Electroneum was developed to be used in the mobile gaming and online gambling markets. The concept here is to use Electroneum as a means of value transfer between games. For example, you have 20(ETN) Electroneum in your MMORPG games. You could move it to play other games or withdraw it. While in the case of gambling. Instead of using your bank account in the casino platform or buying of bitcoin. Electroneum would make it relatively easy.

Electroneum as a new cryptocurrency is appealing to a great large number of people than we’ve seen with the existing cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum etc. The market for it is going wild and this is going to make a good investment for future purpose before it hits the market. The token sale started on the 14th of September and will end on the 31st of October, once it goes live on the 1st of November the price for it starts increasing.  Now should be the perfect time to buy yours. Presently 1USD is equivalent to 100 ETN, and the price can go up anytime.

Another good aspect of it is that people can mine the coin using their smartphone. Even without draining the battery, screwing up or heating the phone and with every mining drop a coin in your wallet.

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A breakdown of the investment

Here is the breakdown. Let say you acquired 100 ETN for just 1USD. 1, 2 or even 5USD should have no effect on you. So let’s say you bought 100 ETN for 1USD and the market price now goes up in the nearest future. While one Electroneum is 10USD, now multiply 10 by 100 ETN you have acquired before. That should be 1000USD worth of ETN with just an investment of 1USD.

Investment is all about risk, but calculated risk often pays off. Especially when greediness is out of the picture.

Updated: Electroneum is already on the Coinmarketcap and that’s a good thing.

Presently one ETN is still sold for less than a dollar as at the time of the post. You can always check the Coin market cap.

If you are interested in buying, you can easily buy Bitcoin on Luno. They accept credit card. Then Create a wallet account for Electroneum. After that, the next thing is to exchange your bitcoin for electroneum on Cryptopia.

Electroneum Promo: You can earn up to 5000 ETN just by inviting your friends to Download the Electroneum Coin app on Google playstore. If you are interested follow this simple procedures:

  • Download the App on Google Playstore. You can use this link
  • Sign up for an account
  • Go to settings
  • Once you are in the settings… “Click Earn free Coin” under “Promo”
  • Click “Enter a Code”
  • Finally, enter “BCBE42” and get your free coins.

P.s.  This is not an ad, nor a professional investment advice. I’m not affiliated to the coin I’m just excited about the project because of its bright potentials. If you want to make money from it, this could be the right moment for you.

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Thank you and stay posted.

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    1. Adebayo just create an account with them and you are set up.. But the bad news is that they stop stopped the ICO (token sale) earlier before the stipulated date. They’ve reached their cap market of $40m. The best way to acquire the ETN coin now is to wait for it when they go public on the 1st of November.

  1. great post. Thanks for sharing. so,what i have to do is signup and wait for the public sale of the ETB? also,wouldn’t the price of 1ETB increase once it goes live?

    1. Thanks Emitheo am really glad you liked it. As for the token sale it ended early before the stipulated date because of the many investors. The best thing to do now is to create a wallet and buy the ETN when it hit the market the market on the 1st of November. It’s still going to be cheap, but the earlier the better. You can create your wallet here https://my.electroneum.com

  2. Thank you, David.
    This blog is so informative. I came across one of your answer on Quora, searched you out and found you here. I must tell you I am hooked. I have bookmarked every post I read on this blog because I need to go back to them again and again.

    1. Hi…
      You can’t just transfer bitcoin from your blockchain wallet to your electroneum wallet. its either you buy new electroneun coin (ETN) or you exchange your BTC for electroneum coin. To do that you need to Visit Cryptopia and create a free account with them. After that, you can then transfer your btc to Cryptopia in other to get electroneum.

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