Paystack; Shopify Payment Gateway for Nigeria

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I’ve received a lot of question as regards the Shopify payment gateway for Nigeria merchants.

As a result of this I’ve come up with this post as an answer to this question.
shopify payment gateway for nigeria

What is payment gateway and how does it work?

Payment gateway is a software or app that transmits transaction information to the receiving banks and also the response from the sending bank. (such as whether a transaction is approved or declined)

For example, when a buyer purchases a product. His or her issuing bank sends funds to the seller’s Payment processor. Which in turn disperse the funds to the merchant.

So basically what they do is they facilitate communication within banks.

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When it comes to Shopify payment gateway their popular payment processor is Shopify Payment and PayPal.  And this might not be the best option for merchants that are selling in Nigeria.

However, at that, an exception is made for Nigeria merchants and this is Paystack.

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As we all know Shopify is a hosting website that provides software tools for online retailers including storefronts, checkout apps, and payment processing.

Paystack’s payment processor makes it possible for Nigerian merchant using Shopify to receive payment from customers. Using local and international payment method.

Paystack is integrated with shopify and support stores that have Naira as their default currency. And it also allows your customers to make payments using any method of their choice either through MasterCard, Verve, Visa or direct bank deposit.

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Paystack who are they?

Paystack is a Nigeria based Fintech Company. And a revolutionary e-commerce payment system that allows businesses to accept payment from customers all around the world.

In addition to this, they make it easy for merchants to accept credit and debit card payments online from customers.
how to dropship in nigeria

Paystack was launched by Ezra and Shola Akinlade in January 2016. Their mission is to create a unique interaction between business and consumers.

Quickstep on how to integrate your Paystack with your Shopify account.

Step: 1

Create an account with Paystack. Mind you, while creating an account you will be required of either a corporate account with matching names or a certificate of incorporation.

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Step: 2

Integrate your account with Shopify. To do this you have to log in to your Shopify account and click on the payment section. You should see “Enable payment gateways to accept credit cards, PayPal and other payment methods during checkout”. Click on Paystack in the drop-down menu.

Step: 3

Here is the final step. You need to activate the Paystack on Shopify by copying your API keys from your Paystack account to your Shopify account.

You can see this on your Paystack dashboard. When you log in click “developer/API” copy the required key and paste it on Shopify to activate your payment gateway.

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In conclusion. I believe using Paystack means you want to sell in Nigeria because presently Paystack only support Nigeria currency.

If you want to sell abroad, that is receiving payment through dollar I’ll suggest you make use of a different payment gateway.

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  1. Good article. Setting up a shop in shopify and Presently stock as regards how to make monthly payment to shopify. Did input my naira debit card details but it was rejected. Can I set up paystack for this?

    1. Paystack is your own business payment gateway. That is how you are going to collect money from your customers after you sold your products. About the Credit card, make sure the MasterCard is active or you contact Shopify Support

  2. A great introduction for Nigerian merchants who wanted to make a successful online Ecommerce trading solution.
    This is a good write up for novice. Paystack should know from experience that shopify + paystack would not work for Nigerians.
    I am sorry to say this: the working system Shopify + Paystack would only work for Nigerians and Nigerians marketing, but never work for Nigerians in this global marketing because of the Dollar issues. Unless Paystack finds means for including payment solution in Naira, Dollar, and Pounds starling before success would be achieved.
    I have tried it for 3 months paying Shopify but could not make any money abroad because buyers from abroad especially Americans refused to input their credit cards for Nigeria Naira as shown on the Shopify Ecommerce website created few month ago. Even Facebook refused to accept the website with Naira domination. I have since cancelled the website in order to stop paying Shopify for nothing.
    Thank you. I just wanted to throw light to the Shopify + Paystack integration.

  3. As a dropshipper, When I import products from a supplier, Please how do I change the price tags from dollars to naira. Or will it change automatically if I am using paystack.

  4. how do i pay my suppliers on shopify from nigeria if i use paystack payment gateway without which doesn’t require corporate buisness details at first. This plan doesnt retain my money in my paystack account which automatically send my money to my bank account. Please how do I then pay my supplier on Shopify from Alibaba which I imported to my store through oberlo? Thanks

    1. I’m not sure you can use Paystack without a corporate account. And if you are using Paystack you’ll have access to your money within 24hours hours after receiving payment from your customer. About paying your supplier it’s very simple it could be through VisaCard, MasterCard, PayPal or Even Payoneer

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