How to create a blog for free in Nigeria and make serious money

You must have heard this before that you need money to create a blog and not just that, you may also be required to pay money to set up it up by hiring someone, but let me ask you something, what guarantees you of making money from your blog after you pay all that money? Well you might be confident in yourself and I don’t want to discourage you but you should know making money from blogging isn’t easy.

In this article, how to create a blog for free in Nigeria and make serious money from it is to let in on a secret most successful bloggers are not telling you and I will show you some few proves. If you have the passion for blogging or writing or you just want to make money online through blogging even if you don’t know how to write then you are in the right place.
how to create a blog for free in nigeria
The truth about blogging in Nigeria is that if you are starting a blog for the first time or as a newbie then you need to know how to create a blog for free in Nigeria because all the top successful bloggers in Nigeria started with a free blog without paying a dime, so tell me, why should you be so eager to create a paid blog buying domain name and hosting your blog every month.

In this article I’m going to teach how to create a blog for free in Nigeria and make serious money from it without paying a dime in the following ways:

But before we start, see the following proof of money made from blogs that started with a free blog in Nigeria…
how to create a blog for free in nigeria

That’s just to motivate you and for you to know it’s possible to make money blogging for free in Nigeria. So how can we achieve this? Then you need to stay with me and read through.

For us to achieve this we need to know how to do the following:

  • How to choose a nice topic
  • How to create a free blog
  • Edit your blog to suite  Google standard
  • Create article for your blog
  • Make money from your blog

If you can do the above list perfectly and you’re certain you can do it then I must congratulate you in advance for your success.

You might want to be extra focused now because here is the real deal.

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How to choose a Nice Topic-

Before you start anything about blogging even before you create your blog you must have chosen the topic you want to blog about. It’s called a niche, a blogging niche. It could be any of the following:

  • Agricultural business
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Sport
  • Celebrity and gossips
  • Music
  • Technology etc.

This is just a few examples of what you can start with there are numerous blogging niche out there, and while choosing your blogging niche you need to check this into consideration

  • Topics with lots of searches but less competitive
  • Topics you have or can grow a passion for.
  • Topics with conversions i.e topics you can offer a service for, or with products to sell etc.

If you can easily come up with these then we are good to go, hope you noticed there we haven’t mentioned anything related to money that because you aren’t paying a dime.

How to create a free blog-

Like I said my advice for you is not to be in haste of creating a WordPress host blog where you pay for domain name and hosting plan. Let me ask you this question is it reasonable to pay for a blog you need money to service while you still don’t know how to blog? The popular and few others like her started with what I’m sharing in this post.

To create a blog or free blog you should know there are various platforms you can create it with, but for the sake this post we need to create it on Blogger. Blogger is owned and monitored by the big Google itself and for us to make money from this; Google is going to play a bigger part in it.

So, how do you create a free blog on blogger?

To create your free blog you need to visit and login to your Gmail account or create one if you don’t have one already. Once you logged in you will see create a new blog>>> type your name, after this your blog URL, the address of your blog, for example,, after you’ve done this select your preferred theme and click on create Blog. You can check this article with picture guidance to help you through.

It wasn’t as hard as people think it is, and now that you have successfully created your free blog you need to edit it for Google standard before you start making money from it.

Edit your blog to suite Google standard

Don’t worry, we are almost done, all you need to do here is customize and do some certain changes on your blog.

Create the following pages in your blog:

  • About Us- this is what your blog is all about when people read this they should know what your blog is all about.
  • Contact Us- this also is very important, you need to create a contact form page on your blog where people can easily contact you or give you feedback about your blog.
  • Privacy Policy- am sure you must have seen this on other blogs it’s very important that why it’s there, so you need it on your blog too. You can look for one to copy then do some editing before posting it on your blog. Note it’s highly prohibited to do copy and paste of articles from other people blog because Google takes this seriously. The Privacy policy is more like the same thing so you can edit and place it on your blog
  • Disclaimer- this also is just like the privacy policy you can check any blog to know more about this.

Once this is all done your blog is already making sense.

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Create Article for your Blog-

If you are ever going to get tired of blogging it’s going to be from creating articles for your blog and that why I pointed it out earlier that you should blog on topics you know you have passion or can easily develop passion for because trust me if you are having troubles coming up with articles you will be tempted to do copy and paste from other blogs, this is called ‘Content theft’ and it a highly offence in the blogosphere that Google takes seriously. If you scroll down you will see a badge on this blog ‘DMCA’ it’s for protecting my article and they have their ways of doing it so don’t be tempted to do copy and paste on other blogs it’s only going to harm your blog.

One of the popular ways to make money with your blog is through Google AdSense and for you to get approve your blog must be clean of content theft and create a rich original article.

Make money from your blog-

Finally, we are here. I hope it’s all fun from the beginning? So now you’re going to know how you going to monetize your blog and make serious money from it.

But before we start I want you to know that blog is not a get rich quick game it’s a business, this is what most people don’t know about blogging they think you can just rush in and make money and go, No! You have to treat it like a business before its start making you money.  There are various ways to do that and I will list them below:

  • Google AdSense: this is the most popular way to make money from your blog for free; although on this blog I make money mostly through affiliate marketing I will explain it in the next point. With Google AdSense, it’s a process you can make like $1 a day or $100 or more on a daily basis. It all depends on how long and well you’ve been blogging.
  • Affiliate Marketing: this is based on the niche you are blogging about, I said earlier that while choosing your blogging niche, try and choose the one with service or physical products, if  you promote any product or services on your blog and people buy or register through your link then you’ve earn a commission. You can make up to $1000 on a monthly basis but your blog will need more traffic.

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  • Create your own product and sell: this might not be visible in your early days of blogging you need to be authoritative in your blogging niche or if you are deeply rooted in that niche before you can easily create your product and sell it to your audience. Your product could be eBooks physical product, assistant or anything you can sell so far people are ready to buy it.

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And finally that’s that about that, those are few of the way you can monetize your blog with there are various way but you need to be good in blogging to know the rest and of course am still going to talk on this in one of my next posts so you might want to subscribe to this blog and not miss out on anything.

Is this helpful or you have other ways you want to share with us? Please let’s know in the comment box, once again subscribe to get the latest article from us and do not forget to share this with your friends and family if you find it interesting.

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