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You shouldn’t be an expert in a drop shipping business to know the importance of social media automation tool. The uniqueness of social media to any E-commerce business is as unique a gas is to a car.

Wait! Let me ask you this question. Wouldn’t you want a business that requires little or none of your time but makes you steady and passive income? I know right, who wouldn’t want that? 😊 Trust me, you need to see this plugin.

We all know you can’t just sit around and expect customers to visit your store. You have to push your products to them, even though your website is seriously optimized for SEO. The role of Social Media Marketing (SMM) is totally irreplaceable.


Regarding the new Facebook policy Updates, the service of auto-posting on Facebook are limited or not available for apps created after April 24, 2018. However, apps created before April 24, will act until … August 1, 2018.

What is the Social Rabbit Plugin?

The Social Rabbit is a new plugin Uniquely created for WordPress projects and their effective promotions through social media accounts.

The plugin gracefully works by auto-promoting and additionaly run your website through the most popular social networks. Which includes: Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Trust me, if you want a stable organic traffic from the social media network, the social rabbit plugin is your best guess.

Imagine running a four social media accounts for your business that needed to be updated everyday! 😨 The plugin can drastically increase your leisure time and mind you, your social followers will be massively increased. Just with the help of plugin.

The social Rabbit plugin cost $19 dollar per month. But you can buy it with a one time fee of $79 at Alidropship. This includes a life-long support and free update. Here you can read a success story a dropshipper that makes $813 in the first Month of using the Rabbit plugin.

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How Does the Social Rabbit Plugin Works

The plugin allows you to enjoy human-like posting of your content on social media. It gives you a hassle-free promotion of your social media accounts on a 24/7 basis. The rabbit bounce around your niche communities and draws attention to your accounts by following and liking user’s posts and account.

The rabbit plugin offers two ‘Promoter tools’ for Facebook (Facebook liker Robot) and Instagram account (Instagram follower Robot). In other to make them work, you need to find a lot of niche-related accounts on both social networks.

Not just that, you need to copy their links then add it to the plugin. This will allows the plugin to work with their content and subscribers.

Additionally, The tool also allows you to create a template for the kind of comment you want the rabbit to give or change the existing comments in the plugin.

Other key features of the Social Rabbit Plugin:

  • Works on autopilot
  • Saves your time and money
  • It ensures stable organic traffic and conversions increase
  • Post image directly from prepared photo base
  • Takes a little while to install ( within few minutes)
  • Integrated with the most popular social networks
  • Adds descriptions, hashtags and links
  • Runs non-stop 24/7
  • Full assistance by dedicated support manager
  • Free life-long plugin updates

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How to use the Social rabbit plugin

In other to effectively use the plugin, you need to set up accounts with the four popular social networks. Which are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Furthermore, as soon as  your account is set up, you can start publishing your product post with the help of the plugin on the social networks: including the product price, URLs, titles, descriptions, and hashtags.

Finally, this is very important! You need to set the product posting to be repeated every few hours – and also randomized the posting time among the different networks to avoid spam and being blocked.

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Pros and Cons of Social Rabbit Plugin

Pros of Social Rabbit Plugin:

  • Convenience-  with the help of the Social Rabbit Plugin you can create content and schedule it to appear at a specific time on multiple social media accounts.
  • Reaching more followers- the plugin allows you to schedule your post for the most valuable time throughout the day. it helps you post when your follower is most active and engaged; thereby leading traffic to your site.
  • Consistent content delivery- the Rabbit Plugin ensures that your followers are constantly updated even when you are not available. The consistency helps to build a loyal follower of your business.
  • More Conversion- the plugin generate more conversion for products by engaging your followers

Pros of Social Rabbit Plugin:

  • Bad timing- it could lead to posting a comment at a very sensitive time. Thereby causing insensitivity to your brand
  • It could lead to spammy if not properly schedule

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Complete Guide on How to Set-Up the Social Rabbit Plugin

How to install the social Rabbit Plugin

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Dashboard. But take note that your WordPress PHP version Should be at least 5.6

social media automated tool

Step 2: Locate “Plugins” on the left sidebar of your dashboard and click “Add New”.

social media automated tool

Step 3: After adding the plugin, its package and License key will be sent to you via email. Once you receive the email select the file and click on the “Install now” button. The next thing is to upload it and activate the plugin on your dashboard.

Step 4: Head over to your dashboard and locate the ‘Social Rabbit’ in the left sidebar and click it. After that, you will need to enter the License key that was emailed to you earlier.

social media automated tool

Step 5: have it configured to your own needs.

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Regarding the new Facebook policy Updates, the service of auto-posting on Facebook are limited or not available for apps created after April 24, 2018. However, apps created before April 24, will act until … August 1, 2018.

How to set up the Rabbit “Main Settings” on Facebook Poster

First thing first, click the social Rabbit Plugin and go the “Main Settings” on the left sidebar of the dashboard.

social media automated tool

Once you are in, enter your Facebook URL, App ID and your secret key in the required location on the “Main Settings”

Now, you need to click the Submit button and Authorize Facebook account and then accept your app to post and manage page publicly.

social media automated tool


How to Set Your “Posting Setting” on Facebook Poster

click the “Posting Setting” below the “Main Setting” under Facebook Poster. Choose posting time, post – sorting type, enter your hashtags or enter them directly in the template form and check the boxes.

social rabbit plugin review

Meanwhile, click the recommended settings to get a fixed settings and once its correct you can then enable “Auto posting”.

Finally, click “Submit” and “Test post”.

How to Set Up Your “Posting Setting” on Twitter Poster  

Similarly, go to Twitter poster >> then “Posting Setting” check the boxes and fill all the appropriate areas.

social rabbit plugin review


Furthermore, click the “Set Recommended Settings” in other to get a fixed settings and if they are correct you then enable the “Auto Posting”

Submit and “Test Tweet”

Note: Same Procedure goes for Pinterest and Instagram

How to Set Up the Blog Poster

The Blog poster publishes posts from WordPress custom menu directly on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and your Instagram account.

To begin with, click the “Blog Poster” in the Rabbit dashboard. As soon as you’ve done that, fill the  ‘Template’ form with special message formatting tags. Also include harsh tags if necessary. Then choose your desired posting time and post-sorting type.

social rabbit plugin review

Finally, enable auto posting if the settings are correct. Then click submit.

How to Set Up Post Grabber

The Post Grabber will hops around Facebook pages and finds most popular posts selected for relevant keywords. And post them on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest account.

In the same way, check the boxes and fill all the required field then hit the ‘Submit’ or ‘Set Recommended settings’ for fixed settings.

social rabbit plugin review

Then finally, as usual click “Submit”.

Additionally, as shown above, you need to select pages from which the Rabbit will take popular posts from. You can find the pages by using keywords.

How to Set Up Your Gallery Poster

Your gallery poster contains different images related to your niche. You need to add them by uploading your selected pictures in the gallery. Afterwards, the poster will publish them in your social network accounts at the same time adding links to your website.

social rabbit plugin review

At the same time, check the boxes and fill in the required fields. Choose the right posting time and enter the text you need.

social rabbit plugin review

Regarding the new Facebook policy Updates, the service of auto-posting on Facebook are limited or not available for apps created after April 24, 2018. However, apps created before April 24, will act until … August 1, 2018.

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To round it up, The Social Rabbit Plugin is a great investment for your e-commerce business, most especially if you are into dropshipping. It will give you plenty of time to use on what matters the most for your business and also save you the cost of hiring an SMM specialist.

Additionally, Alidropship makes the price worth it. You can either buy it for $19 and $228 per year or just a one-time fee with Alidropship for $79with a special coupon code to get a discount. Comment below to get own coupon code and i will send it directly to your inbox.

Finally, if you are already a user of the social rabbit plugin lets hear your experience with the plugin by commenting below.

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  1. “Regarding the new Facebook policy Updates, the service of auto-posting on Facebook are limited or not available for apps created after April 24, 2018. However, apps created before April 24, will act until … August 1, 2018.”

    What does this mean exactly? So if I would buy the plugin now, it’s useless for use?!

    1. It means the auto posting and commenting feature for Facebook is no longer available for new users after April.

      However, the other social media accounts features work perfectly fine.

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