AliDropship Hosting: 10 Checklists For Hosting Your Website

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It’s no secret that web hosting plays a vital role in the success of your e-commerce website.

Unfortunately, the majority do not even know how to spot the good from the bad ones.

These days, buyers have so many alternatives and if a website is underperforming, your potential customers immediately bounce back.

Trust me, this is bad for business.

What can we then say is the reason for the underperformance?

One of the major factors affecting the performance of your e-commerce website is the web hosting provider you choose to host your website.

I believe this is one of the reasons why many are looking for the best hosting for dropshipping. I’ve equally received several questions like;

  • What is the best dropshipping hosting? 
  • What is the best dropshipping platform?

Some even ask if it’s safe to use a different hosting provider for the AliDropship plugin.

Well, for this, I can recommend BlueHost web hosting as an alternative.

At the same time, I’ve decided to highlight 10 recommended checklists that make AliDropship hosting fit for hosting your dropshipping website.

If not the best hosting for dropshipping stores with the AliDropship plugin.

10 AliDropship Hosting Checklists For Hosting Your Website

Below are the top 10 checklists that make AliDropship hosting a perfect web hosting provider for your dropshipping business.

#1. Speed & Uptime

This plays a major role in any web hosting.

The AliDropship Uptime is at 100% and this guarantees your website is not going down.

About the hosting speed, in my review, I specified how AliDropship’s hosting speed was above average using one of the biggest dropshipping stores using the AliDropship hosting service as an example.

With this, your website is safe to host on AliDropship if you’re considering using their web hosting service.

#2. Security

The alidropship hosting solution is equally security checked.

They provide a cPanel to manage your website with no back-door entry prone to hacking.

It also provides FTP access for easier connection to your website and they use advanced security systems to keep your website safe.

This keeps your website from being vulnerable to hackers and keeping your customer details safe.

Interestingly, they also offer anti-DDoS protections that protect your website from attackers who aim at making your server unavailable to your users.

All these are meant to KEEP YOUR WEBSITE SAFE while your website visitors enjoy a QUALITY USER EXPERIENCE on our website.

#3. SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is a must for any e-commerce website.

Guess what?

It’s even now considered by Google as a ranking factor for websites on the Google search engine.  It’s the green padlock on the top left corner side of a website URL you’re visiting.

ssl certificate sample

Why is it necessary?

It enables your website to look reliable for customers trying to purchase by keeping their credit card details safe from hackers.

While choosing a web hosting provider, it’s important to check if they provide an SSL certificate for securing your website.

In the case of AliDropship, they not only provide it they’re also offering it for FREE. This means you’ll be getting additional security with less payment made for it.

#4. Bandwidth

Bandwidth determines the amount of data users can download from a website.

Every website needs enough bandwidth for a better user experience.

This is even more important for eCommerce websites because they will be dealing with tons of images and videos for their products.

Before choosing a web hosting, here is what you should do:

Try as much as possible to know if the web-hosting providers you’re trying to use offer a limited bandwidth or not before choosing such web hosting.

For AliDropship it’s a check because they offer UNLIMITED BANDWITH on all their hosting packages.

#5. Affordability

This is very important as some web hosting providers out there are unreasonably high in price.

AliDropship is equally affordable plus they offer unlimited bandwidth for all their packages and also a free SSL certificate.

Their lowest plan costs $48/per year with the ability to host up to five websites and a free SSL certificate for each.

Alidropship hosting pricing

Using AliDropship hosting will not just save you costs but give you a real value return on your money spent.

#6. 24/7 Support

You should be able to reach your web hosting provider should any emergency arise.

It’s going to be a disaster if you can’t get across to your hosting provider when you need them the most.

So, always go for hosting providers with 24/7 support for their hosting services.

For this, AliDropship equally provides 24/7 support for all their customers and also a free website setup in case you need to set up your website with their hosting solution.

#7. PHP 7 Support

The AliDropship plugin works with the latest version of PHP.

Automatically, their web hosting should support PHP 7.

PHP plays a vital role in WordPress performance. So, using the latest one is also going to increase the performance of your WordPress site.

AliDropship hosting service supports PHP 7.2 which is optimized to work with WordPress and the default AliDropship plugin for dropshipping.

#8. E-commerce platform

WordPress and WooCommerce are the most used e-commerce platforms and are also used for dropshipping.

Although most web hosting provider supports WordPress and WooCommerce. AliDropship hosting also does that.

But what makes Alidropship hosting better?

It doesn’t just support WordPress. It is COMPLETELY OPTIMIZED to work with it and its default dropshipping plugin.

The most commonly used platform is WooCommerce and as such you shouldn’t be worried about the performance of your website under the AliDropship hosting service.

#9. Storage Limit

As an e-commerce store owner, you should know your website is going to be heavier than other normal websites because of the multiple products available on it.

The more your products, the more storage you’ll need to keep your website running.

For this, your web hosting provider should be able to provide enough space for your entire product.

In this aspect, AliDropship also has enough to spare.

However, this might have to do with the package you choose to go with. But they are mostly affordable.

#10. Email Accounts

One of the criteria of a good hosting provider is the ability to be able to set up email accounts that include your domain name.

Being able to do this will make your business look professional.

However, the number of email addresses you will need will depend on your BUSINESS SIZE and your HOSTING PACKAGE.

The email account is also checked on the AliDropship hosting service. You can have as much as you need depending on your package.


Any web hosting provider that offers the above is safe and good enough to host your website.

In this case, AliDropship meets the above requirement and it’s also completely optimized for using their default plugin for drop shipping business.

Are you ready to check out the AliDropship hosting plans?

Or you probably have a question or contribution? Please drop them in the comment box.

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