Alidropship Plugin Review 2018 – (With Recent Update)

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Drop shipping business as brought about a revolution in the e-Commerce realm whereby a total newbie can start making over $5000 under few months.

The dropshipping business model work so gracefully. In that, even while at your normal 9-5 daily job you could start the business and make additional incomes that will completely blow your mind.

But like every other business, there will always be some success stories and the bad ones.

The truth is, most people think you don’t need a dime to start a drop shipping business which of course is true.

I mean, it’s true you don’t need to buy any product. You simply collect money from your customer and pay the supplier while you keep the difference as your profit.

But like every other business, there has to be an initial Investment. This could be on marketing strategies, tools to fortify your business or even platform to launch your business. The likes of WordPress, WooCommerce Shopify etc.

What’s going to guarantee your success in this kind of business will be your plans, strategies, research and of course the right tools to optimize your dropshipping business and in this case Alidropship Plugin.


The AliDropship plugin Review

So, what’s Alidropship Plugin and is it worth your $89? Well at the end of this post you should be the judge of that.

Alidropship plugin is a premium WordPress plugin or a solution to the entire dropshipping business. The Plugin allows seamless importation of product from AliExpress to your own website automatically with just a single click.

This Plugin has a various features that makes dropshipping business a whole lot easier.

Stuff like checking products with an ePacket option, auto price updates, products import, price setup, etc.

If you’ve tried importing products from AliExpress manually without the use of any plugin then you should have an idea. The whole process can be tiring and boring at the same time.

You’ll have to go through each product one at a time. Then set price for each product and also search for products with Epacket option and so on and so forth.

Imagine having to add over 50 products to your online store! You’ll probably give up along the line. So, this is where the Alidropship plugin comes in that makes the whole process easier.

However, you should know that the plugin comes in two version. The first one (Alidropship) been the default plugin is a standalone WordPress plugin, while the other (Alidropship Woo) is a Woocommerce integrated plugin. Purchasing the Alidropship plugin gives you access to the two plugins. Learn more about the difference between the two plugins here.

Alidropship Plugin Overview

After you’ve created your dropshipping website with WordPress, you need to install the Alidropship plugin to optimize your business.

To do this, you will be redirected to the download page after a successful purchase of the plugin. And at the same time, you will also receive an email with the download link and your unique license key.

Once you’ve successfully installed and set up the plugin, you need to go to the plugin menu to activate the it by entering your unique license key.

alidropship plugin review

After that, you can visit your Dashboard to monitor your business.

The dashboard includes information about your recent order, traffic stats, and other website activities.

alidropship plugin review


To easily import products from AliExpress, specify the categories, keywords, purchase volume and other filtering option. This will allow you to narrow your search to the actual product you want.

You could also use the Alidropship Google Chrome extension that comes with the plugin to search for the products. Simply visit and import the product with just a single click.

Additionally, while searching for the products, the Google Chrome extension also shows you products with ePacket shipping option with AliExpress.

This will allow you to use them to your own business advantage.

After all, is done, the product will be automatically imported on your website with the entire product variations and description.

Get Alidropship Plugin


Syncing Product Update from AliExpress with your online store

Imagine having a sale on your website and getting to AliExpress you discover the product is out of stock. Or not just that, maybe it’s a price increase.

How do you manage this since your customer already paid for the product? This and more are some of the reasons the Alidropship Plugin has been bliss in the dropshipping business.

The plugin works by keeping your product info fresh with the latest data from AliExpress.

alidropship plugin review

Whenever the product is out of stock from your supplier on AliExpress you’ll get a notification with respect to that.

Also, whenever there is a price increase or decrease you will also be notified with respect to that. So, it will be left of you to keep the difference as an additional profit whenever the price reduces from your supplier

Alidropship Price Mark-Up System

The pricing set up is also one of the redundant aspects of every dropshipping business.

Whenever you import a new set of products you need to set up their prices in such a way that will guarantee your profit.

But imagine doing this manually for the entire products.

It’s going to take a lot of time and stress. But using the Alidropship plugin, you just a click away from setting the price for your entire products automatically.

The Plugin uses a simple math expression. This is done in a way that the price on your website is dependent on the actual cost on Aliexpress.

alidropship plugin review

This way, whenever there is a price increase on AliExpress, your product price will be updated automatically using the math expression.

Furthermore, if you so which to change the pricing formula maybe for more profit or for competition sake. All you need to do is adjust the pricing formula to the one that meets your needs.

In addition, you can show your prices in different currencies on your website and also activate rounding option to assigned cents.

Alidropship Marketing Tools

The dropshipping plugin also comes with its own marketing tools which include the following:

Email list- it’s a common experience to have a nice website with average or even more traffic but with no conversion.

This is when it usually dawns on most store owner that there’s more to building a website and adding products to it. The average conversion rate is usually 1-2% that’s even when are doing everything right.

Email marketing is one of the strongest strategies to increase your conversion rate and this happens to come with the Alidropship plugin.

The plugin helps in collecting emails from customers and not just that. It also helps to collect email from a potential customer that visited your online store without making a purchase.

Discount Coupons – its no secret that customers like to get a discount on their purchase, even me, and the coupon codes always gives that feeling.

While selling in a competitive niche, not using one is like giving your enemy the gun. The discount coupons can increase sales drastically on your website.

As a result, Alidropship allows you to run sales and promotion by offering your customers coupon codes to save their money.

Additionally, while setting the coupon codes Alidropship allows you to choose if the coupon will be set in a dollar off, percentage off, free shipping etc.

Abandoned Cart – this happens due to the variety of reasons. Sending follow up emails can be the best ways to recover cart abandonment.

You should be less worried about this using the Alidropship plugin. The plugin comes with the set of pre-loaded professional emails to do just that.

Even better, you could also re-write the emails to suit your needs while following up your customers.

Product Reviews – Nobody wants to be the first buyer especially when they don’t trust you. With this feature in the plugin, you can drastically boost your customers’ trust and confidence to buy on your website.

The plugin allows you to import reviews and comment directly from AliExpress to your own dropshipping website.

The best part is you can also edit this reviews and comment on your own website to meet your actual need.

Making More Money with Alidropship Plugin (AliExpress Cash-back System)    

This is a feature I really love with the Alidropsip plugin. This feature allows you to use a special affiliate link with AliExpress whenever you order a product and once the product is delivered to your customer to earn a certain commission (7-15% per product) from AliExpress.

Here is how to activate this feature:

First, you need to register with the AliExpress affiliate network. Once approved copy your unique affiliate URL and place it in its field in the plugin setting.

alidropship plugin review

Once this is set up correctly, whenever you place an order on AliExpress you will be redirected to AliExpress through your affiliate link.

As a result of this, you will get 7-15% commission on the product you order for your customers from AliExpress and the same time keep your profits.

Alidropship Plugin – Is It Worth The Price ($89)?

Personally, I believe the plugin is worth the price, because of the features it posses are just hard to come by. Not just that, using the plugin will also save you time and stress.

But why take my word for it when you can actually check it out.  Below are some of the key features in the Alidropship plugin.

WordPress Built-In-Themes: the plugin comes with its own WordPress theme. These are professionally designed themes that can be easily setup and at the same time easy to customize.

The best part is that they are completely optimized for the highest conversion rate and also mobile friendly.

Lifetime support and free Update: Once your purchase the plugin for the one-time fee of $89 you have access to life-long updates of the plugin and Alidropship support.

Order Automation: the plugin makes the ordering for product process a stress-free one. Instead of manually inputting your customer data whenever you have a sale, all you need to do is push the order button and everything will be sent to your customer.

Auto Search & Import: with the help of the plugin you can easily use a different integrated filter to find your desired product on AliExpress. Immediately you find them just import them directly to your website with just a single click.

All in One Solution: the functionality of the plugin allows you to manage all your products sales, pricing, traffic stats, profits and orders all in one single control panel.

WooCommerce Support: you also get to enjoy a variety of WooCommerce themes and extension and other WooCommerce add-ons by using the Woo version of the plugin.

ePacket shipping Filter: with features, you increase your customer experience by providing a fast delivery service through the help of the ePacket option.

Payment Gateways integration: Alidropship plugin also support also support most of the popular Payment Gateways like Paypal, Stripe, PayU and many others…

Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons I noticed with the plugin.


  • Seamless importation from AliExpress to your website.
  • Opportunity to make additional income with AliExpress
  • Optimize for high margin profits


  • The plugin only supports the built-In-themes.

Alidropship Review Conclusion

The plugin is a good deal for anyone thinking of starting a perfect dropshipping business. The investment price of $89 is way too low to the kind of ROI you’ll make using the Alidroship plugin.

The time you spent on adding product manually from AliExpress will be saved. Which can actually be channel to something that really matters.

Stuff like marketing your product and creating a social awareness for your business.

Ready to try the Alidropship plugin?

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