How to choose a Product Niche for Your Dropshipping Store

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So you’ve decided to give the dropshipping model a trial, but you probably confused about what product to start with right? Well, you’re not the first person in that shoe and you won’t certainly be the last.

I remember the thought of choosing a product niche for my dropshipping store. There are just so many products I love and wanted to dropship but just because I like them is not enough reason to guarantee my success with the product.

There are certain processes, steps, and procedures that needed to be looked into before you can validate how successful a product can be. Some people considered this as the hardest part of starting an online store.

The truth? It could be the hardest part if you’re over thinking of making thousands the following week. Not that you won’t make enough cash if you go by it the right way, you will.

Drop shipping is just like every other business. You need to nurture it notwithstanding the circumstances to see an outstanding result. So choosing the right product niche plays a significant role.

However, if this part is executed correctly, you’re halfway to raking tons of cash from that single product niche. How then can you do this correctly? I hope you stick around to the end of this post to know exactly how.

Actually, choosing a product niche is a two-way process. The first is finding a product idea and the other is validating that product idea as a profitable one.

If you have a product idea already, you can use this free niche tool to validate its profitability. If not, let’s get you a profitable product niche.

What to Consider while Searching for Niche Products Ideas

This part is very important as you need to take time to think about the product niche that interest you. Meanwhile, interesting products are not enough.

I’ve heard this countless of time, that you need to build your store around products you love. Don’t get me wrong it’s important these products interest you or you love them. But at the same time, they must be a validated product to make you profits.

So you need to balance the two. Go for profitable product niche and at the same time products that at least interest you. You also could fall in love with some product as your bank account increases while selling them …lol. Either way, it shouldn’t be a boring product to you.

So let’s take a look at few of the factors to consider while choosing your product niche.

#1: Products without Brands

First thing first, you must understand you can’t drop ship any branded product. So while searching for products to dropship branded ones are out of the picture. If you are dropshipping branded products from Aliexpress which later turns out to be a counterfeit product, this could land you in serious trouble.

It will be best you stay away from branded products no matter how tempting they are. If you’ve noticed they mostly have high orders rate from their retailers. Here is a good example…

how to choose niche products for dropshipping

But this shouldn’t lure you into drop shipping it. Instead look for generic niche products without a brand.

With products like this you’ll be free of copyright issues and at the same time give your customer a new product to try.

#2: Product Weight

The product weight also plays a significant role in your product niche selection process. Product with lots of weight are overly expensive to ship and you been a dropshipper don’t need that kind of expenses for your customer. You’re most likely going to send them away.

Your target should be ePacket delivery. It’s a fast way of cutting off the long shipping time with AliExpress. For you to effectively use the ePacket shipping option try as much as possible to avoid products with heavy weights.

If you can successfully find a product niche that “check” the shipping weight you’re one step closer to finding your perfect product for your online store.

#3: Products Around Passion & Hobbies

While searching for your products, also keep in mind that products around passions and hobbies are also good for business. People tend to spend money on what they like and what they derive pleasure from.

A good example can be product around archery, soccer, fishing, fantasy creation etc. The good thing about hobby shoppers is that most of them always comes back to buy.

The best way to narrow this down is to browse this list of hobbies and choose one that’s interest you and focus or try to look for products that compliment that hobby niche.

If you can successfully find one, you might as well just land yourself a niche product already. The good part is once you’ve been able to successfully build a store around that niche, you’ll enjoy loyalty from your customer.

#4: Problem/Stress Reliever Products

Another factor you should consider while searching for your niche product is to always look for products that are solving problems. Most people won’t think twice to pay for a product that is proven to solve their problems or relive their stress.

Overall products providing values like these are mostly the best-selling products. Successfully having a store around this niche could land you in a huge success.

Here is an example, Google trend image showing result for relaxing toys for stress reliever.

how to choose niche products for dropshipping

Who doesn’t want to get rid of their problems?

#5: Product Pricing

The product price should also be one of the criteria you look into while searching for your niche. The product you’ll be selling should be considerably lower from the market competitive price.

Try and spy on other popular stores to check the current price of the product you’ll like to drop ship. The price should be considerably cheaper from the supplier compare to the market price.

This way, your customer will be okay with the purchase price and you yourself will be happy with the profits. I’d say you browse at least ten different popular stores to check the price of the product to determine the price.

Luckily for you, most products are extremely cheap on AliExpress. So finding a product with low cost from a supplier should be the least of your problem.

#6: Availability of Product offline

Another thing you should consider is the availability of your product niche offline. One of the success you’ll enjoy as an online seller is the ability to showcase products that people cannot easily come by offline.

If a product can be easily gotten by a customer in the nearest brick and mortar store around them, then what’s the point of buying it online?

Try as much as possible to search for products that are not easily available offline. The less availability of this product offline the higher your chance of being successful at it.

It wouldn’t make sense to set up a store filled with the popular electronics products that can be found everywhere. Would it?

#7: Quality of the Product Supplier

Lastly on the factors to consider while choosing your product niche is suppliers. The supplier can either make or break your business. So it’s always good to know who you dealing with.

If you’re using AliExpress to source for your products, then I’d say you check the feedback score of the supplier. Not just that, also check the ratings and reviews of their products. Meanwhile, also consider how long the supplier store has been in business.

Finally, how does the supplier communicate? Quick or slow! The better the supplier the easy for you to grow your business and handle more sales.

If you are using a supplier offline make sure they are up to date in terms of technology. Ordering products from AliExpress couldn’t be easier with the help of AliDropship Plugin. The plugin does all the work for you!

How to Search For Your Product Niche

Now that you’ve seen the necessary factors to consider while searching for products, in this section we’ll look at how to search for them using various platforms.

 #1: Wikipedia’s list of Hobbies

Wikipedia has a comprehensive list of hobbies that can keep you busy for a while. The list is almost updated every week and it’s comprises of every hobby you could possibly think of.

From indoor to outdoor hobbies, collection hobbies and even competitive hobbies. They’re all categorized. Going through will show you the entire list under any category you want.

Your work now is to browse through this list and check for hobbies that interest you and look for a product that can cater to that niche. Some hobbies are even big enough that you can build your entire store around it.

A good example includes:

  • Knitting
  • Pet
  • Yoga
  • Embroidery
  • Electronics
  • Fashion
  • Baking
  • Archery
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Gardening
  • Jogging
  • Shopping
  • Swimming
  • Vacation
  • Action figures etc.

#2: Amazon Niche Products

Amazon is one of the best places to look for hot and trendy niche products to build your store around. Been the world’s largest retailer, hardly will you not find a profitable products on Amazon to start your business.

One of the best ways to search is checking the “best sellers” tab to see what’s currently trending and selling best. Another way is to search for specific niche products.

To do this click on the categories bar and click on any category that interests you. You could also go further by checking subcategories to find even deeper niches products.

Even a random browsing on Amazon can show you a random product that might interest and be your winning product.

#3: Searching Products on AliExpress

AliExpress is also a perfect place to look for products to sell. Since almost everybody is dropshipping from Aliexpress makes it the perfect place to look for your products.

While searching on AliExpress, you can use a various method to look for your winning products. You can either go through the best-selling products and have a look at what interest you or check the newly arrived products.

My issue with the best-selling products is they’re mostly saturated and overly competitive already. But the newly arrived products could be the next big thing for your online.

But how sure are you that it’s going to hit the market? You could follow your gut or do some random search for the products or use Google trends. They mostly help.

For specific niches products, I’d say you go through the categories and click on any interesting subcategories you find. Make sure you check the order volume of this products, this will let you know if people are actually buying the products.

This was how I was able to find my own niche product.

#4: Getting Products Idea Through Facebook Ads

Facebook is also a perfect place to check and hunt your competitor’s products that are selling. EcomHunt offers a free Chrome extension that lets you see products ads on Facebook.

You can see the targeted country, the engagement and the likes. With this, you can find a niche product that is trending and add other related products to it and build your online store around them.

Other than this, you could also do a random search to see products that people are talking about. You can do a random search using various keywords like “Free shipping” or “Promo Promo!!!” etc.. You can then go through the products that pop up on the Facebook search engine.

Finally, one other tip is going through popular forums if you have the time. You can check what people are talking about and check if you can find products around that.

Validating Your Product Niche

After all the above process a product niche must have popped up or stand out that you think it worth looking into. If that’s the case you need to be sure this product is going to generate profits, so you won’t end up wasting your time and money.

So how do you do that?

Let’s take a look at the following:

Google trends

Google trend is a graph that shows the visual representation of public interest towards a particular topic.

Why Google trend is so unique is you can even track trends based on regions you’d like to target.

While using the trend to validate your product niche, you need to check if the product is ascending or descending. Products on a flat rate and ascending rate are usually good. Below are some examples of product doing based on Google trends:

Sport wears 

how to choose niche products for dropshipping

From the above trend you can easily deduce Sport wears is more on the flat rate than desending.

Another example is Art Materials 

how to choose niche products for dropshipping

Other things to consider includes:

  • Popularity on social media
  • How Promotable are the products
  • Availability of the product to dropship
  • Trusted suppliers around the products

For easy calculation of your niche product, I recommend you use this Free Niche tool

The tool automatically analyzes the potential of any product idea you have. With this you’ll be sure you’re on the right track.

Once you’ve decided on a niche for your dropshipping store you need to determine the platform to power your online store.

The two most popular platform for drop shipping are Shopify and AliDropship(WordPress).

But using WordPress gives you the total ownership over your online store and you won’t have to bother paying a monthly recurring fee.

Even the AliDropship plugin only comes with a one-time payment fee and everything is yours.

Meanwhile, using WordPress will give you access to countless design and customization for your online. The Skye is always your limit with WordPress.

If you don’t have much experience with building an online store you could order for a done for you dropshipping website here.

Just so you know, with this, you won’t have to go through the process of searching for a product niche. It’s all done for you.

It’s over to you now, if have you any question let me hear them in the comment box.

Happy Hunting!

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