Clickcease vs Clixtell: [Best ClickGuard Protection Tool?]

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Clickcease vs Clixtell

We’ll be comparing Clickcease vs Clixtell in this article. Both tools are anti-click fraud tools.

Click fraud occurs when someone artificially inflates the number of clicks on an advertisement. This is usually to increase the costs to the advertiser.

This can happen through various methods, such as automated bots, paid click farms, or even competitors clicking on each other’s ads.

Click fraud can significantly impact the performance and cost-effectiveness of pay-per-click advertising campaigns and can cause businesses to lose a lot of money.

That is where Anti-click fraud tools like ClickCease and Clixtell come in. They help businesses protect their advertising campaigns from click fraud.

They do this by using various techniques to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

Both tools provide detailed reports and analytics to help businesses understand the performance of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

These tools also offer IP blocking, click analysis, and automatic bid adjustments to help businesses optimize their campaigns and reduce costs.

Businesses should compare anti-click fraud tools and evaluate cost, features, and customer reviews before deciding.

That is why in this article, we’ll compare Clickcease vs. Clixtell

Clickcease overview


ClickCease helps businesses protect their advertising campaigns from click fraud.

It is the leading click fraud prevention service with over 10,000 customers.

With ClickCease, businesses can stop paying for fraudulent clicks on Google Ads or fake impressions on their Facebook Ads campaigns

It uses various techniques, such as IP blocking and clicks analysis, to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

It also provides detailed reports and real-time notifications to help businesses stay on top of their campaigns.

By using ClickCease, businesses can have the peace of mind that their campaigns are protected.

They can also focus on growing their business.

Pros of ClickCease:

Compatible with any Platform: Whether you want to prevent click fraud on your own unique site, it can be quickly and easily installed on any website or platform.

Comprehensive monitoring and analysis: Clickcease offers comprehensive monitoring and analysis of the clicks your business is receiving.

With its AI-based algorithm, Clickcease takes a deep dive into every click your business receives. With that, it identifies any potential signs of fraud.

Automated bid adjustment: ClickCease can automatically adjust bids for keywords and placements that are not performing well. This can help businesses reduce costs and optimize their campaigns.

Customizable settings: Clickcease offers a great level of control and flexibility to its users.

By allowing users to customize and set their parameters, Clickcease puts the power back into the hand of the advertiser.

This enables them to decide exactly how they want the platform to work for them.

Cloud-based: Another benefit of using Clickcease is that it is a cloud-based platform. This means that it can be accessed from any device and from anywhere in the world.

It makes it extremely convenient for advertisers who are constantly on the go and need to keep an eye on their campaigns.

Cons of ClickCease:

Cost: One of the drawbacks of Clickcease is that the cost of the service may be a bit too high for businesses with limited budgets.

Even though Clickcease provides great protection and peace of mind, it may not be financially feasible for some advertisers.

Another downside of Clickcease is that it is AI-based and so it can still be fooled by sophisticated and well-crafted click fraud schemes.

However, Clickcease is continually working on improving its algorithm in order to stay ahead of fraudulent activities.

 Clickcease does not offer the same level of scalability as some other click fraud prevention solutions.

This can be a problem for those advertisers who want to expand their campaigns and need a platform that can handle a larger volume of clicks.

What is Clixtell?

Clixtell is a fraud detection and prevention solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and prevent click fraud.

It is designed to detect click fraud attempts in online advertising in real-time and block them before they become costly clicks.

Clixtell monitors traffic patterns, sources, and other signals to detect suspicious activity.

It then applies a variety of mitigation techniques to prevent those clicks from being counted by the advertising platform.

 Clixtell also provides detailed analytics to track your campaigns and monitor ROI.  It is a great option for businesses seeking a comprehensive anti-click fraud tool.

Clixtell features

  • Automated Click fraud detection:  Automated Click fraud detection uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect click fraud in real-time by monitoring ad clicks and tracking the user’s behavior. This helps to identify any suspicious patterns and prevent fraudulent clicks from happening.

  • 24-hour Ad Monitoring: Just like Automated detection, Clixtell’s 24-hour Ad Monitoring continuously monitors ad campaigns to identify any suspicious behavior and deal with it in real-time.

This helps quickly detect fraudulent clicks and gives businesses time to respond accordingly.

  • Call Tracking:  The call tracking feature helps businesses track the calls that originate from ads. This is useful for measuring the success of campaigns, as well as getting an insight into who is calling and why they are calling.

  • Website session recorder: Clixtell’s website session recorder helps businesses to keep track of what users are doing on their site, including mouse clicks, keyboard inputs, and page scrolling.

This helps to detect any suspicious activity, as well as identify any areas of the website which may need to be improved.

Pros of Clixtell

Simplicity: Clixtell is a very intuitive platform that is easy to use. The user interface is clean and straightforward, making it easy to set up and use.

Additionally, Clixtell can be customized to suit individual needs, allowing users to tailor the solution to their particular requirements.

Automated policy setup: Clixtell offers an automated policy setup feature that allows users to set up their detection and prevention rules quickly and efficiently. This saves users time, effort, and money in the long run.

Advanced reporting: Clixtell offers advanced reporting features which allow users to track suspicious clicks and understand what is happening on their campaigns. This helps them to better identify trends and take corrective action where necessary.

Scalable and flexible: Clixtell is a highly scalable solution that can be adjusted to meet the needs of individual campaigns, from small scale to large.

Additionally, Clixtell is very flexible, allowing users to customize settings and policies according to their specific needs.

Cons of Clixtell

Limited integrations: Clixtell only integrates with a few popular platforms like Google Ads and Bing, which can be limiting for businesses using other advertising networks.

Lack of transparency: Clixtell doesn’t provide users with detailed information about how exactly their fraud detection and prevention system works.

This can be frustrating for users who want to know exactly what is happening in their campaigns.

Limited resources: Clixtell doesn’t provide users with access to all of the features and resources that are available with other click fraud prevention solutions.

This can be an issue for businesses that require a more robust solution.

Clickcease vs. Clixtell: Pricing

Let’s compare Clickcease vs Clixtell based on their pricing.

Clickcease Pricing

Clickcease Pricing

ClickCease offers three pricing plans: Standard, Pro, and Advanced.

The standard plan is $59/month and covers 5k monthly protected visits.

It includes protection for 1 platform (Google Ads or Facebook Ads), protection for 1 website, and competitor ad analysis for up to 3 words.

The Pro plan is $79/month and covers up to 10k monthly protected visits.

It includes everything in the standard plan and more, such as protection for 2 platforms (Google Ads and Facebook Ads), protection for up to 5 websites, and competitor ad analysis for up to 10 words.

The Advanced plan is $109/month and covers over 10k monthly protected visits, pro.

It includes everything in the Pro plan, such as protection for up to 30 websites, competitor ad analysis for up to 100 keywords, and Whitelabel exportable reports.

Clixtell Pricing

Clixtell Pricing

Clixtell offers three pricing plans: Basic, Standard Protection, and Advanced.

The Basic plan is $15/month.

It includes 24/7 website click monitoring, a live dashboard, Google Ads integration, and up to 5000 ad clicks.

The Standard plan is $50/month and includes automated click fraud protection, immediate PPC invalid activity blocker, click fraud machine learning and a custom security profile for up to 10,000 ad clicks.

The Advanced plan is $60/month and includes everything in the standard plan, such as local phone numbers, click-to-call/call extension tracking, live call dashboard, and real-time call statistics.

Both companies offer different features, pricing plans, and target markets; it’s recommended to research and compare their features and pricing plans and read reviews from other businesses that already use them to determine the best fit for a specific business.

Clickcease vs Clixtell: Similarities and Differences

Let’s explore the similarities and differences between Clickcease vs. clixtell


Clixtell and Clickcease are both anti-fraud solutions. They are designed to help businesses detect and prevent click fraud attempts in online advertising.

Both tools use a combination of advanced machine learning algorithms and human intelligence to identify suspicious activity.

They also apply various mitigation techniques to prevent fraudulent clicks from being counted by the advertising platform.

Both solutions provide detailed analytics and reporting tools that allow businesses to track the performance of their campaigns.

They also help to monitor their return on investment and make data-driven decisions to optimize their ad spending.

In addition, both Clixtell and Clickcease offer real-time alerts and notifications to help businesses stay on top of any potential fraud attempts.

They also offer customizable settings and filters to tailor the solution to their specific needs.

Clixtell and Clickcease are powerful tools that help businesses protect their ad spending. They also ensure the integrity of their online advertising campaigns.


Clickcease specifically focuses on Google Ads click fraud protection software and claims that 1 in every 4 Pay-Per-Click is fraudulent.

Its main aim is to exclude invalid IPs and block fake clicks. That will help boost campaigns and acquire more customers by providing a google ads fraud protection service.

It offers a user-friendly interface for businesses to monitor their Google Ads campaigns and detect any suspicious activity.

On the other hand, Clixtell is a more comprehensive solution. It provides businesses and digital marketing agencies with a complete marketing picture.

This includes data analytics, Pay-Per-Click fraud detection, call tracking, prevention, and protection services.

It focuses on helping businesses track calls and conversions, optimize and protect advertising campaigns. Then, it ultimately increases sales, profit, and ROI.

The solution encompasses multiple marketing channels and advertising platforms, not only Google Ads.

Final Thoughts on Clickcease vs Clixtell

When deciding between Clixtell and Clickcease, it depends on the size and complexity of your online campaigns.

For larger campaigns, Clixtell is likely the better choice. This is due to its focus on machine learning and its ability to detect and block click fraud in real-time.

For smaller campaigns, however, Clickcease is likely to be the better choice.

This is because of its focus on manual oversight and its ability to provide detailed insights into your click activity.

Both Clixtell and Clickcease are reliable solutions that can help you protect your campaigns from click fraud. However, they do differ in the way they detect and prevent fraud.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which solution is right for your business.

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