12 Best AliDropship Success Story to Motivate Your Dropshipping Journey

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At times, reading others dropshipping success stories could be the necessary boost you need to kick start your own dropshipping business. Or you’ve probably started but your results are not turning out well.

At times, the first few months are always the toughest. But once you’ve been able to make your first sale, you just need to focus on how to make more.

Looking at other successful business and learning from both their strength weakness could place your business on the right path.

In this article, I’ll talk about few of the drop shipping success stories shared by the users of AliDropship.

#1: $32,000+ Per Month Dropshipping Success Stories

dropshipping success stories


Meet Kate, one of the staff of AliDropship company share her success stories on how she grows her Hokage store to $32k per month.

Kate uses the default WordPress version of AliDropship to build her online store. While she automates the store completely through the help Social rabbit, Abandoned cart and live chat.

Kate runs a niche online store based on anime… a Japanese comics! She understands there’s a lot of interest around the comic and she decides to build her authority around that.

Kate also shared her tips on how she was able to choose the best item for her store. She said, don’t always look at the “Bestseller” tab. Instead look at the new arrivals as well, that they could turn out to be a hot item for your store.

In addition, while most people look for generics hot product to sell, she said: “analyze the current performance of your store by looking the items that are bought the most and add something similar to them”.

Finally, she said, it might seem like something complicated and not really understandable, but that shouldn’t scare you. You will learn everything in due time.

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#2: $80k – $150k per month Dropshipping from Uganda

dropshipping success stories

Daniel Mickoh runs his $80K – $150k/month dropshipping store from Kampala in Uganda. Although he said he has been in store niche business with Amazon for a while before he ventured into drop shipping business.

His skills with Facebook Marketing could be attributed to the success of his dropshipping business. And no wonder he chooses to promote his stores mainly on Facebook and Instagram.

However, Daniel did say he also invested in SEO by following “Brain Deans SEO that works” and a guy who started “10beasts”.

His total stores were 12 in numbers with several of them on Shopify while the rest are on WordPress. He said he has a team of virtual assistants who help him in managing his stores. They help by fulfilling orders and responding to customers queries.

Finally, he said most of his time was spent on spying on other competitive store and checking out their ads and best-selling products.

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#3: $28,000 in Sales in Just 30 days

dropshipping success stories

This guy by name Kingpin also shares an amazing success story of how he made over $28k in just 30 days. Kingpin store was quite different from the rest. He said he has 7 dropshipping stores and most of his customers are not final consumers.

Instead, he was targeting small business clients. He said he was combining several products into a single package and sell them in bulk.

His targeted country is USA and Australia and most of his customers are retail shopkeepers who run the physical brick and mortar stores. So his dropshipping store is simply a B2B business.

Kingpin said he promote his stores majorly on Facebook with a budget of $5 per day and 80 – 85% of his store traffic came from Facebook.

With this, his store was able to hit $28k in sales in the first month of running it. After sourcing charges and ads money he did make a profit of $14.5k

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#4: $13,087 in 30 Days

dropshipping success stories

Meet Otto from Baltics states. Otto quit his former job to be his own boss and was successful at it through the help of dropshipping. He shares his dropshipping success stories as he was able to run 4 successful online stores at a time with the help of AliDropship plugin.

Otto said he spent 2-5 hours per day of his daily routine running his 4 stores. He continues by saying he works almost every day to process orders, answer emails, create ads and add new products from AliExpress.

Most of his promotion was run through Facebook ads, Instagram and also on Twitter and Pinterest.

With all these, he spent 10-15% of his total revenue on adverts which later land him $13,087 in 30 days.

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#5: $12,000 in 5 Months with A Single AliDropship Store

Rahul Patil, an India drop shipper who quit his Job in 2014 to pursue his passion for blogging also share his success story. Rahul said he has over two years’ experience as a blogger before he starting focusing on e-commerce and dropshipping business.

He runs a seasonal niche store and most of the time he engages in Facebook ads and Google ads to promote his dropshipping store.

While choosing his niche, he said his focus was on products that are solving problems. If products are solving problems for the buyer chances are they will convert really well.

He went further by sharing that product that also excites people are mostly winning products. For examples, football fans will likely buy a jersey having autographs, quotes, and names of their favorite players.

Finally, he said his store hardly take an hour every day to finish his task and this has been able to generate $12k in just five months.

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#6: From 0 to $1,358 in 52 days while Dropshipping in France

dropshipping success stories

Yan, a France based medical student began his dropshipping journey when he bought the AliDropship plugin on the 16th of November 2017. Yan said ever since then his goal was to make his first sale.

At first, he said it wasn’t easy because he had to take time to get used to the business and learn how to set up the plugin properly. To be precise, it took two weeks to set everything up on his store.

At the end of December 2017, Yan made $442.55 in revenue from 29 sales from 3403 visitors on his store. He said he spent a total of $92 on promotion, while $88 was on IG shout-outs and $4.20 on Facebook ads.

By 21st if Jan 2018 Yan already made $1,358.41 in total from his dropshipping business. He said since he got the AliDroship plugin he has been able to add extra add-ons that help in boosting his total sales. They include; recent sales Pop-Up, Customer gallery, and Abandoned cart.

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#7: $52k Revenue Store with $2000+ monthly Dropshipping profit in India

dropshipping success stories

Asif Siddiqui is another successful entrepreneur in the dropshipping model who currently lives in India. Asif maintains a 4 dropshipping store that accounts for more than 60% of his income sources.

He got his first sale within 3days of launching his store, while he ran a $3 shoutout with a small Instagram account. This shoutout was able to get him just 22 visitors and $12.95 sale.

Asif said he runs most of his paid promotion on Instagram while his Pinterest account managed by the social rabbit as proven to be his free source of sale. He also said most of his time is spent on looking for new shoutout partners and other than that he spent around 2hour per day for his entire task.

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#8: 10k monthly Revenue with Zero Experience

dropshipping success stories

This dropshipping success story is quite interesting. This drop shipper from Estonia makes over $10,000 per month from his adult online store.

At first, he said, he runs his store manually after the install the WooCommerce plugin on his WordPress site. But things later became difficult after he starts making sales which led him to buy the AliDropship Woo. The WooCommerce version of the AliDropship plugin.

He said he promote his store on any adult website with reasonable rates and most time he spent $500 per month on ads. He also said he engaged email marketing very well and this has proven to be helpful to his business.

With little or no prior experience before, things have now been easy. Has he said, he spent about 2 hours per day and most times these are for filling orders and responding to customers.

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#9: 4,000+ EUR in 30 days Dropshipping Success Story from Netherlands

dropshipping success stories

This guy Martin from Netherland runs a couple of drop shipping websites that made him over 4000 euros in 30 days. Martin said he was using the Shopify platform initially to run his dropshipping store before he later switches to AliDropship.

He claims he had his first sale through social media with the help of the  Auto Commenting Plugin he was using. Other than that, he used Google Analytics and Facebook analyzer to check his audience before promoting his store products.

Like the rest, Martin also said he spent about 2 hours per day maintaining is websites and after that, another 30 minute to answer his emails and other issues with orders on AliExpress.

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#10: From Zero to $6,000 in Four Months

Alex is another successful dropshipper who share his success story of how he accumulated a total revenue of $6000 in his first four months of dropshipping. Alex `said he had no experience with trading before he started the dropshipping model.

His first store was a niche store selling imitation jewelry and accessories with an average margin of 700 – 800%. He source product around $1 from AliExpree then list them on his website around $12.

Alex said most of his traffic came from the social media through the help of the Social rabbit plugin. And after reading the Alidropship guide on Facebook promotion, he started promoting his store majorly on Facebook and Instagram.

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#11: $3,500 in 45 Days 20yr. Old Dropshipping Success Story

dropshipping success stories

This 20yr old guy ‘Mousslim’ from France runs a niche dropshipping store on Dragon Ball Z. Mousslim said he chose the niche because he has been a fan of DBZ since he was 7 years old.

In his success story interview, he said “ launch a niche store about something you love, because you’ll be more motivated and at the same time it will be difficult to give up easily”

He said these days, he now sees lots of competition in his chosen niche but he has always worked on their weakness to do better for his store.

His Dragon Ball Z niche was majorly promoted on Instagram, most especially Shoutouts. He chose this because it’s easy to build a reputation for his online store and most times the price of a Shoutout is mostly underpriced.

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#12: $25,000 in 6 months of Dropshipping in Dubai

Michael shared his powerful success story of how he was able to live a carefree lifestyle in the world richest city Dubai. Thanks to his successful dropshipping business.

While sharing his success story, he said he chose to run a niche store on beach accessories in Dubai because of the following reasons:

  • Summer is an always thing in Dubai, so the beach accessories came in handy
  • The demand for beach accessories in Dubai is astonishing
  • Michael loves beaches and he’s passionate about beach leisure, so this gave him an idea of products in demand for beachgoers

Michael then promotes his store by identifying and analyzing his audience. Once he understands then, he said he made a list of online Media relevant to his customers and did the following.

  • Creating threads and leaving comments on forums
  • Making an announcement in Facebook groups
  • Guest posting in various blogs
  • Running ads on classifieds sites.
  • Managing several social media accounts.

And besides all this, he claims he’s also getting 30% traffic through search engine optimization.

Following all the above steps, he said after ordering his Custom Dropshipping store from AliDropship in April. By September his turnover hit $25,000.

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There is only one side to this, you won’t hit your first $1k if you don’t start. At first, it might seem daunting. Most especially when you’re a complete newbie.

But after few days of setting up your store completely, you just need about 2 hours a day to run you drop shipping business. And meanwhile, you’ll also have time for other stuff that matters to you.

All thanks to the AliDropship Plugin!

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