List of BEST Dropshipping Suppliers In Texas

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Dropshipping suppliers

In this article, I will be sharing with you the best dropshipping suppliers in Texas. To start, let’s talk briefly about what dropshipping is.

Dropshipping is a business model that allows eCommerce entrepreneurs to market their products.

They can freely do this without carrying an inventory.

Dropshipping has a pattern that goes thus; whenever a store owner gets an order from a customer, they contact a dropshipping supplier.

This supplier will therefore ship the requested goods directly to the doorsteps of the customer’s doorstep.

It is a perfect business model for those that want to start an online business with little or no upfront investment.

It is one thing to know different dropshipping suppliers in Texas, another thing is to know the best dropshipping suppliers in Texas.

That is why in this article, I will not only show you the dropshipping suppliers in Texas but give you the best ones.

I will let you see authentic customers review on each of them.

Let’s go right in! 

Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Texas

Let’s examine in detail each of these best dropshipping suppliers;

 #1. The Immediate Resource 

The Immediate Resource dropshipping
the immediate resource

The immediate resource was founded in 1982. It is a B2B company that specializes in wholesale supplies of different clothing styles for women.

It also supplies plus-size and missy women’s apparel.

This company is a popular brand in the fashion world in and outside Texas Dallas.

The immediate resource is preferred more than others because of its affordable price range.

This company has been able to acquire different clothing styles for women from hundreds of well-known makers.

It provides quality cloth sellers with thousands of styles and boutiques that are not in the public.

The brands are high quality because they come directly from world-class manufacturers.

The immediate resource brand is 100% authentic. It is the largest brand that supplies wholesale quality plus size and women’s apparel.

Also, it contains thousands of quality styles that can be worn on special occasions. They have boutique apparel, church suits, and also hats.

Buyers are allowed to select their desired goods using our internet showroom in Dallas Texas.

Their orders are placed with a phone by their sales rep. There are different categories of dress that your sales rep will help you with.

They include wholesale prom dresses, wholesale bridal, wholesale church suits, wholesale church hats, and eclectic boutique wear, all at wholesale prices.

Immediate resource company is located on the northwest corner of Regal Row at I35E, about four miles north of the Dallas Market Center in Dallas TX. 800-344-6005


  • The immediate resource has a clear sense of purpose
  • They have a flexible opening period. 
  • They also offer location flexibility
  • Their work tasks are energizing.


  • Demanding need to work out of comfort zone

 Google reviews

On google, the immediate resource has an average rating of 4.6 stars from the 17 reviews.

If you are in search of one of the best dropshipping suppliers in Dallas Texas that specializes in the wholesale supply of women’s clothing.

Don’t look too far. The Immediate resource is a good choice.

 #2. FohFurniture  

Fohfurniture dropshipping
fohfurniture dropshipping

This is a branch office of the leading brand of furniture and furnishings of the FOH furniture group.

It is a brand that improves customers’ order experience with its service. They offer personalized customer service that provides a door-to-door solution 24/7. 

Fohfurniture has an office that is located in Plano Texas, serving the U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, and other neighbouring countries.

It has a goal to promote and advance the brand’s marketing status in the region.

Also, they want to support logistics and ensure that they set in place an after-sale service for all customers.

Fohfurniture has taken a giant step to be able to promote the one-stop solutions that provide furniture services.

It cuts across the whole North American market with the local time service.

The American market has always been the main target of Fohfurniture since its establishment in 2007.

Right from this period, Fohfurniture has been able to successfully complete several commercial furniture projects. 

This project has always been to the customers’ taste and satisfaction. FOH has gained control in both the American and Canadian markets.

It has helped a lot of owners, designers, and contractors to able to get their products and services across to customers that are willing and able to pay.

FOH’s philosophy is “The customer First”. Delivering container orders is not the only thing they do.

They also deliver orders from small-volume clients with a sense of humility. They are located at 1601 Summit Ave, Suite 120 Plano TX 75074 USA


  • They offer door-to-door service 24/7
  • FohFurniture has gained control in the American and Canadian market
  • They also deliver orders from small clients.

Google Review

FohFurniture on Google has an average rating of 5.0.

Customers keep reaffirming that they have the best prices, great quality, that they are very professional, and have good customer service.

It is safe to recommend this brand as the best dropshipping supplier in Texas in the area of furniture. their services are highly credible.

 #3. eWorldTrade 

eWorldtrade dropshipping
eworldtrade dropshipping

eWorldTrade is one of the most transparent global B2B marketplaces.

It has recorded over 10 years of expertise in web development as well as digital branding.

This amazing digital trading platform has been structured to respond to severe business competition.

It does this by making available an authentic, safe, and reliable platform for trading.

eWorldTrade is ranked among the fastest-growing online wholesale B2B marketplace.

Innovative features are developed for traders specifically to help them reach the global level and set new goals.

It became imperative for eWorldTrade to enter the market and deal with the B2B market challenges.

This has led to the satisfaction of traders and also provided a platform for transparent, reliable, and fast trading.

eWorldTrade is not just an ordinary B2B website that helps to carry out safe trading.

It works with an effective principle that can help you develop your businesses. Furthermore, you can achieve maximum profitability and unstoppable growth in your business.

With the years of experience, they have gathered, they have developed smart ways to connect buyers and sellers all over the world.

They do this with the help of their comprehensive digital trading platform.

eWorldTrade has successfully integrated amazing features and functionalities that you cannot get from the B2B portal.

It is the only B2B portal that is assisting millions of traders in expressing their global presence.

eWorldTrade allows you to market your product to a large audience by connecting authentic buyers with the right suppliers.

It is located at Pacific Avenue 1910 75201 Dallas United States


  • It offers numerous digital branding and lead acquisition services 
  • It has integrated good features and functionalities.
  • eWorldTrade helps you to market your product to the world.
  • It is structured to respond to serious business competition


On Trustpilot, eWorldTrade has a rating of 4.1.

eWorldTrade has singled itself out as one of the best dropshipping suppliers in Dallas texas in the area of web development and digital branding.

They satisfy customers with their service due to their quality service as well as an overall painless experience.

 #4. Katydid Wholesale  

Katydid dropshipping
katydid dropshipping

This is a wholesale and dropshipping platform that supplies women’s clothing. They also sell boutique clothing with zero order minimum value. 

You can get exactly what you need whenever you need them after you have gone through their wholesale clothing website.

When it comes to sales of clothing and apparels Katydid wholesale is a go-to.

They can help you to reach your customers and also help you stock your boutiques with trending items of clothing.

They have a simple shopping with cool prices you can easily afford. 

Katydid Wholesale has a very easy return and they have a super fast shipping system.

They are located at 2315 Farrington St, Dallas, TX 75207, United States.


  • Their shopping process is fast 
  • There is an easy  
  • They offer prices as low as $50 
  • Katydid’s specialty is for leisure and everyday items of clothing for women. They are one of the best in this area.


Their shipping is a little slower than usual

Google Review

Katydid has a rating of 4.9 out of 5. This is a clear indication that it’s an amazing platform with good customer satisfaction.

 #5. YK Trading 

yktrading dropshipping

Yktrading is a trading platform that offers the latest trends.

They are into the sale of the best-selling styles of wholesale handbags, Fashion Jewelry, luggage, Costume Jewelry, and purse.

The minimum worth of products you can buy from them is $50.

Yktrading is 1decade and 9 years old. It has successfully recorded a global traffic rank of #1,199,023 in the world.

This website is estimated to be $960 and has a daily income of around $4. 

They are majorly into the importation and wholesale of Ladies’ Handbag, Costume Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Sunglasses, Hair Acc, Backpack, Luggage, Tote & Garment Bag, Perfume, Novelty Items, and many other things.

They are located at 2560 Glenda Ln, Dallas, TX 75229.


  • Creative and grassroots marketing is a plus
  • It offers trendy and latest products
  • They are fast in shipping products down to customers
  • They have great prices


  • Very small company so your business will be shared with everyone and not kept in confidence.

Google Review

YK Trading has an average customer rating of 4.8 stars.

This has made it a reliable and trusted dropshipping supplier of wholesale handbags, jewelry, luggage, etc.

Customers are commenting on how fast and reliable their services are.

 #6. Bosuk Jewelry


Bosuk Jewelry is owned by the family and also operates in the wholesale of fashion jewelry, accessories, etc.

They specialize in the sale of quality fashion merchandise at competitive prices. 

They only sell in wholesale and the minimum worth of products you can purchase is $100. To buy from them, you need to have a recognized Tax ID.

With ease, they provide exceptional customer service. They are 1 decade and 6 years old. It has a global traffic rank of #,305,147 in the world.

The website is estimated at $240.00 and they have a daily income of around $1.00

Bosuk Jewellery is located at 11526 Harry Hines Blvd. #102 Dallas, Texas 75229


  • Bosuk jewelry has a very fast shipping system
  • Their orders and billing are always accurate.
  • Good customer service is available.

Google Review 

Bosuk jewelry has an average rating of 4.7. This is an indication that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

Customers that are satisfied have reiterated how helpful, fast and nice their workers are.

 #7. Suzie Q USA

Suzie q dropshipping

This is a company that has recorded a great deal of success in the fashion world.

Suzie q USA is known for the sales of human hair, sanitisers, kimono, make-up and cosmetics, hats and different form of accessories.

They saddle themselves with the responsibility of delivering the latest fashion and trendy merchandise to customers.

Their utmost goal is to ensure that there is customer satisfaction.

With their high level of innovation, they have been able to establish their design trade.

They have improved their current products so that they can deliver quality products to authentic customers.

A lot of other fashion dropshippers buy their wholesale products from them considering their wide range of different fashion products.


  • They have a high level of innovation
  • They offer the latest fashion and merchandise to customers.


  • Customer service is not good enough 

Google Review

Suzie Q has a star rating of 3 out of 5 according to a Google review. This is largely because a larger number of customers complained about their customer service.


There you have it – my pick of the best dropshipping suppliers in Texas to find and secure your verified supplier.

Some of them are specifically for a product category while others cover a wider range.

These dropshipping platforms will allow efficiency, time-saving, and convenience while sending your products to your final consumers.

While some of the platforms are free and some are paid, I advise you seek the best.

If you are still finding it hard to make a decision, then I will recommend Suzie Q USA for your fashion dropshipping and eWorld Trade for your bigger marketplace.

Other than that, Sellvia dropshipping suppliers house any kind of product and can ship to any state in the US.

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