EcomHunt Vs Pexda [Review] – Best Winning Product Tool?

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ecomhunt vs pexda review

In today’s post, I’ll do a comparison between Pexda review and Ecomhunt to help you choose the right tool with little investment for maximum values and returns.

So, just in case you’re looking for Pexda alternative or Ecomhunt, both tools pretty much do the same work.

The mental picture most people have about dropshipping is that drop shipping is business that requires little or no investment from your part.

The truth is, you don’t have to carry inventory and this has drastically lowered the barrier entrance to e-commerce business.

Because, these days, it possible to start a global business with a few hundred bucks and generate thousands of income.

Thanks to dropshipping!

However, is it always that easy?  You might be thinking all I have to do is promote products, receive orders and forward orders to the supplier.

But, seriously, there’s more to drop shipping than forwarding and receiving orders. A beautiful website isn’t going to generate sales for you, having thousands of products on your website doesn’t guarantee success for your business either.

Your number #1 secret is the product you choose to sell. Hence the word “winning Products”!

But how do you know these products?

Trying to do these yourself is going to take a lot of time, and even after finding them you still need to market them to the right audience.

EcomHunt Vs Pexda [Review], the Winning Products Tools

Now, this is where the winning product’s tools come in, and for these purposes, there are countless tools popping up every day. Amongst these is Dropship.me for WordPress users, it comes with access to 50 winning products ready to start selling immediately.

But amongst the tools, Pexda and EcomHunt have gained tremendous popularity leaving users confusion of choosing between both tools.

Pexda or Ecomhunt!

Hopefully, when you’re through with this article you should be able to make the right decision for your business.

This will be after understanding what both tools offer and how you can utilize it to your own advantage.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Everything About EcomHunt & What it brings To the Table

EcomHunt is a platform that provides its users with hot and fast selling products. In their own word, they describe EcomHunt as “a curation of best-selling products every day”.

In other words, EcomHunt saves you the stress of searching AliExpress and spying on other stores all in the name of searching for winning and top selling products.

With EcomHunt, you can leave them with the product hunt and focus on what matters to your business, which is making money.

The EcomHunt version 2.0 even comes with a better promise. In the first two months of testing it features, users were able to generate $320,000 in total sales. Leaving almost every user with more advantage to make money with their library of winning products.

Some of the new features include:

  • Sorting and Filtering system for thorough search on the platform
  • Various categories for generic and niche products
  • Product type… i.e, products with free shipping, retail price, funnels etc.
  • Easily save a product for later use
  • A real review of products from AliExpress etc.

The best part is, it comes with a free plan.

Ease of Use

The platform dashboard comes with a quite intuitive interface and it’s user-friendly. All users have access to the winning products being curated every day from their dashboard.

However, free members are limited to delays and limited product data. Products curated ‘today’ are available to all pro members while free members will be delayed until the third day before they gain access to the products.

Once you see products relevant to your store niche, all you need to do is click on “show me the money” and it will bring out all related data for the promotion of the product. Data like:

  • Product profit
  • Analytics
  • Facebook ads report
  • Product video
  • Ads targeting
  • Social media engagement
  • Links to suppliers and other store selling the products

Most of what you need to do while using the platform are pretty straight and completely newbie friendly.

Membership Plan/Pricing

The amazing part about EcomHunt is the value they offer at the cheapest price. However, there’s no guarantee the price won’t go up anytime soon when you look at the kind of value they offer for that lowest price.

Basically, EcomHunt has only two plans which is the Free Plan and the Pro Plan. The free plan is obviously limited but still comes with his own pecks. With the free plan, you’re licensed to two products per day and with limited data.

ecomhunt pricing

The pro plan, on the other hand, gives you access to everything EcomHunt has to offer. It’s the full package which is going to cost you $29/month. But presently you can still get it at a discounted price of $20 per month, which is limited.

I think Pexda plan is greater than this which we’re going to look into subsequently.

EcomHunt Tutorial & Webinars

It one thing to do it for you and it’s another thing to teach you how to do it yourself. This is why Ecomhunt is quite different from Pexda and other hunting tools.

They took the time to educate their users on how to go about the whole process by providing blogs articles, tutorials, and webinars.

The webinars and tutorial can be very helpful since some of the users trying to use the platform are a complete newbie to the business model. So, having access to this kind of webinar is going to be a plus advantage.

The only downside to this is that most of the webinars are only available for pro members. To partake from this users has to upgrade to the Pro Plan.

AdHunter Chrome Extension

This Google Chrome extension is another interesting tool by EcomHunt called the AdHunter. It’s available for both free members and pro members.


AdHunter extension allows you to find your competition ads on Facebook, then use the ads as a template to run a better ad for your products.

Once you activate the extension it will begin to show you advert on Facebook that you can replicate to re-run a better one for your products.

The AdHunter provides you with details of current ads running on Facebook. Details like the targeted country of that ads, traffic amount, engagement etc.

However, to use the extension you have to be an active member of EcomHunt, either pro or free. You can download the extension here.

Product Analytics by EcomHunt

The product analytics virtually shows you everything you need to know about the product. From profit margin to the actual price you’ll be getting the products from AliExpress.

It shows you stats for social media, is it a trending product or outdated? These are what you get with the product analytics.

ecomhunt product analytic

With this, you’ll know how much you’ll be making on each product even before you promote them. Which will then be a guide to direct your plan as regarding promoting your business.

Finally, you’ll be provided with the reviews and votes of the product, this will let you know if it’s a defective product or not.

What actually made their service complete is the other resources the provided. Like means to promote the products, some of the examples include:

  • Facebook report and targeting done for you
  • Video copies you can use to promote the products
  • Other store’s report etc.

If you think about it, all you need to do is run the ads according to the template provided.

Cons of EcomHunt

Let’s take a look at some its setbacks. You should know, not all is sunshine and roses when it comes to EcomHunt.

Free Membership: There’s nothing the free membership has to offer, to benefit from the actual package users as to upgrade to the paid plan (Pro).

I’ll suggest you do a bit Facebook insight before you promote these products on Facebook because their targeting is not always accurate.

That’s all for EcomHunt, next we’re going to be looking into Pexda and what it has to bring to the table.

Still with me?

Everything About Pexda Review & What it has to Offers


Pexda like every other hunt tool is a curator of winning products. What they do is, they provide their members with access to their winning products alongside the data needed to promote the product. Or products with winning potential.

Pexda has done well in updating their members regularly, they have several categories and sub-categories to supplement niche stores. Some of their categories range from:

  • Toys
  • Beauty & Health
  • Family
  • Pet
  • Passion animal etc.

While having access to these products they also provide every related data for promoting the product. Data like profit margin, supplier price, votes, stores already selling the product. e.g eBay, Amazon.

Ease of Use

Pexda just like Ecomhunt has an interesting interface, user-friendly and easy to navigate dashboard. They try as much as possible to make it easy for their users to easily find what they are looking for.

With each categories subcategories, users can easily search for products related to their store. Even better is the ability to sort for products. You can either sort by Newest or orders etc.

The way these tools work is quite similar to each other. By clicking on a product you’ll like to promote, you’ll be giving access to all data needed to promote the products.

Pexda Pricing & Membership Plan

Pexda pricing is actually different from EcomHunt. With Pexda there’s no free membership plan. They only have a paid trial of 14 days with an initial payment of $1.95 then $14 for the sequent month.

Even at that, the plan is still limited, the standard plan members are delayed by three days before they can have access to the winning products. To really have full access to Pexda service users’ needs to upgrade to the higher plans.

Let’s take a look at the plans, it includes three which are:

  • Standard Plan ($1.95/14 days)
  • Premium Plan ($24.95/month)
  • Ultimate Plan ($99.95/month)

pexda pricing

Pexda Chrome Extension

The chrome extension work in similar ways with the AdHunter extension by EcomHunt.

The Pexda extension also allows you to see current or trending ads on Facebook and use it as a template to run a better one for your products.


The extension is free to download. You can decide to search for ads based on comments engagement or shares depending on how you want it.

All you need to do is download and add the extension to your chrome browser once it’s activated click the “Auto Hunt” and watch it do its work.

Product Data

The product data provided by Pexda is actually what makes the product a winning product. The hard parts are mostly done by them already.

All you need to do is choose your product and promote. Some of the data provided by them include:

  • Amazon report
  • Facebook targeting suggestion
  • AliExpress report
  • Ad insight for products etc.

Pretty much everything you need to be successful with the products is provided alongside the product and how you can promote them.

So, as you can see, it’s a done for you tool!

Pexda Shortcomings

Let’s take a look at some of their shortcomings compared to the other tool.

  • The Standard Plan is Very limited: This plan should be a free plan since the value provided is equally limited.
  • High Subscription Fee: the cost of subscribing is a bit high, most especially for the ultimate plan.

Do keep in mind that the suggested ads targeting are not always accurate, it’s important you do a little of Facebook insight on the products you want to promote before promoting them.

This will complement what you have available already and makes it easy to work with

shopify banner

Summary of Pexda Vs EcomHunt

Basically, both of the tools offer the same solution but one is more affordable than the other.

Ecomhunt is quite affordable when you take a closer look. Meanwhile, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deliver. Most of it features just like Pexda are top-notch.

And virtually everything available in the Pexda ultimate plan can be seen with EcomHunt Pro. So, why pay much when you can get it for less.

One of the other features that made it stand out is their webinars, tutorials and their blog article that they provide makes it even worthwhile.

I believe being meticulous is very important while running any business, so it quite important you plan your budget accurately in other to have better results.

So, which one is it going to be Ecomhunt or Pexda?

That’s it on Pexda review and Ecomhunt, let me know what you think in the comment box.

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  1. I believe I will go with Ecom Hunt reason there is not much between finding all sources to find about all the products.

    I think the courses will help me as I am new to dropshipping

  2. Both App are good, but i do not know whether i need Ecomhunt or Pexda if i want i want to use shopify for my dropshipping business, or Ecomhunt or Pexda is strictly made for Aliexpress dropshipping?. i need clarity please.

    1. Hey Fabian, I’m also new to dropshipping. But just to answer your question EccomHunt and Pexda helps you find a good product to sell. When you find this product you can add it to your store by searching it on aliexpress.

  3. Thanks, so the two apps is strictly made for best products selection. How do I know whether it is best products or not?. Or does it mean that any products the apps pick will be tagged best products?. Does it select by niche or generally?

  4. Hello.

    So (for example) i found a potential product using these tools and placed it in my shopify store and people start ordering from my store.

    So what do i do now? Where do i get the product for shipping to those customers who bought from my store? I mean the suppliers? How to do engagements with these suppliers? Do i have to enter into contract or something for this dropshipping kind of business model? Does this engagement with suppliers involve fees too like dropshipping fees or something?

    1. It’s very simple…

      What you have to do is … go buy the exact product on AliExpress and add the customers address and info on AliExpress or wherever your supplier base is!

      After paying for the supplier/Seller will send it to them.. and when they receive it.. they will think it came from you.

      It’s no rocket science!

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