Available GoHighLevel Lifetime Deal in 2024 (Try This!)

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GoHighLevel Lifetime Deal
Is GoHighLevel Lifetime Deal Available?

Unfortunately, there’s no GoHighLevel Lifetime deal available. But I can still get you a massive Gohighlevel discount if you’d like to stick around with the software.

Other than Lifetime deals GoHighLevel still occasionally runs promotions for massive discounts. Popular among them include Black Friday deals and more.

However, in this post I’ll show you how you can get massive discounts on any GoHighLevel plans you’ll be picking.

Key Takeaways
  • Unfortunately, there’s no GoHighLevel Lifetime deal available. But I can still get you a massive discount.
  • Lifetime deals like GoHighLevel promise cost savings by offering permanent access for a one-time payment.
  • GoHighLevel Special promotions and discounts may provide affordable alternatives to lifetime deals.

GoHighLevel Lifetime Deal or Annual Discount?

As said earlier, Go high level lifetime deal is currently not available but you can get the annual discount if you want to.

However, the white label features in the Go high level software Agency pro plan allows users to resell high level as recurring or as a lifetime deal to your customers.

This mean, If you run an agency plan and you have clients that you want to offer Go high level as a SaaS, you can choose to charge them lifetime deal or on recurring basis.

If the go high level lifetime deal is available this would have a been a great means to save big on the pricing plan.

But now, the best alternative you can currently get is the annual price discount. And I’ll work you through it step by step.

Below is the pricing list of Go high level.

  • Agency Starter: $97/Month
  • Agency Freelancer: $297/Month
  • Agency Pro: $497/Month

So instead of paying per month, the annual plan is going to save you around a 17% price discount.

How To Get GoHighLevel Massive Discount

PlansMonthly PriceSavings Discount PriceDiscounted Link
Starter Plan$97/Month$192/Year$81/MonthGet Discount
Freelancer$297/Month$588/year$248/MonthGet Discount
Agency Pro$497/Month$996/year$414/MonthGet Discount

For example, if you purchase the GoHighLevel yearly plan, you would have successfully saved $192/year on the Agency Starter Account, $588/year on Agency Unlimited Plan, and $996/year on Agency Pro

How then do you get this huge discount?

Follow these simple steps to get started on assessing the Go High Level massive discounts on GoHighLevel Yearly Plans.

STEP 1: Start Your Free Trial

Click here to create your free trial account. After that, you’ll be prompted to pick a plan and go on with the 14Days free trial.

Choose your preferred plan and create your free trial account.

GoHighLevel Lifetime Free Trial

Step 2: Log In

Now, login and click on “Upgrade” at the middle-end of your High Level dashboard.

After clicking upgrade the pricing page will pop up and you will be able to toggle between the monthly price and the annual price.

For the monthly tab, this is the price you’ll have to pay if you decide to pay on a monthly basis…

see the image below!

monthly highlevel plan

If you’ll like the see how much you’ll be saving annually, all you simply need to do is click on the “Pay Annually” Tab to toggle around the pricing plan.

From this, you’ll be getting a 16.49% discount on any of the plans you decide to go with annually.

Below is how much you’ll be saving on the annual plan.

Go High Level Lifetime deal

GoHighLevel Unlimited/Freelancer Account and Agency Pro

The Unlimited and Agency Pro are the best-recommended plans if you want to leverage the benefits of GoHighLevel.

Let’s explore the similarities and differences between the two plans and see how they compare against each other.


  • Unlimited accounts and users
  • They have the customized white label desktop
  • Both of them have live chat support
  • They also both have all the features in Agency Starter


  • The freelancer plan has Basic API access while Agency Pro has the API advanced access
  • With Agency Pro, you can conduct an A/B or split testing; while in Freelancer you cannot.
  • There is no Artificial Intelligence feature in the freelancer plan but it is present in the Agency Pro

Therefore, depending on the size of your business and how many campaigns you run at a time, the Agency pro would do justice more for a bigger company.

For example, the split testing feature in Agency Pro helps you determine which of the pages convert better.

This will help you narrow down your focus. It saves time and money.

One advantage that the freelancer plan has over Agency Pro is the pricing. it’s more affordable for some than Agency Pro.

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GoHighLevel Lifetime Conclusion

Although, Gohighlevel lifetime deal is not available at the moment, the pricing discount is what any aspiring users can currently get.

They offer over 16% discount on any of the plan you’ll like to go for, which isn’t bad depending on how much you’d be saving.

The Go High Level Lifetime deal might not be available now, it can be in anytime soon. And been a subscriber already won’t stop you from getting one when it’s finally available.

If you’re not sure of what you’ll be getting with High Level, I’ll suggest you try it out with the 14 days free trial.

The Go High Level 14 days free trial gives you access to everything there is about the software.

This way, you’ll be able to know what you’ll be paying for before you’re fully committed to it. And at the end if you’ll like to cancel your account you can easily do that.

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