GoHighLevel Black Friday Deals 2024: [50% Off 3 months]

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Are you looking for GohighLevel black Friday deals or Cyber Monday? You are in the right place.

There is an ongoing Gohighlevel black Friday deal that offers you a 50% discount on your GoHighlevel purchase.

You already know that GoHighlevel is one of the most reputable all-in-one digital marketing agencies.

It’s such a complete package that after purchasing GoHighlevel, you do not need to purchase or sign up for any other additional marketing tool.

In case you need more details, you can read more on GoHighlevel.

Therefore, if you have been planning to purchase the GoHighlevel tool, now is the best time to do that before the offer expires.

GoHighLevel Black Friday Sale Overview

GoHighLevel Black Friday Sale
GoHighLevel Black Friday Sale

In this year’s GoHighlevel black Friday deal, you get 50% off on any plan you sign up for for the next 3 months.

Below is a table explaining the Black Friday discount.

Normal PlanBlack Friday SaleBF Discount
$97/moBilled at $48.50 for the first 3 months. 50% Off
$297/moBilled at $148.50 for the first 3 months. 50% Off
$497/moBilled at $248.50 for the first 3 months. 50% Off

These offers might not likely come again. That is why seizing this moment to save 50% discount for the next 3 months is a great move.

How then do you gain access to this 50% discount?

How to Activate GoHighLevel Black Friday

If you are ready to get the GoHighlevel black Friday, then here is how to activate it. You start by clicking on the GoHighlevel black Friday deal (here)

Step 1: Enter your Business details

HighLevel Black Friday Sign up

You will be required to enter your company name, Full Name, Email address, and Phone number as seen in the picture below

Step 2: Choose Your GoHighlevel Black Friday Plan

GoHighLevel BFCM Onboarding

After entering your business details, it takes you to the next page where you can choose any of the Black Friday plans you wish to sign up for.

There, it will display the three pricing plans and how much they now cost after the 50% discount.

After selecting the plan you desire, you will need to enter your payment information and that is all.

The order is complete.

GoHighLevel Black Friday Deals For Existing Users

If you’re an existing user of GoHighLevel and you which to take advantage of the HighLevel 2023 black friday sale, you can.

There are different black friday offers for existing users depending on the existing plan you’re currently on.

$97/Month Existing Users

Upgrade OffersDiscountBlack Friday Pricing
$297/month50% off for 3 months $148.50/month
$2970/year25% total off (10% additional) $2,673.00/year
$497/month50% off for 3 months$248.50/month
$4970/year25% total off (10% additional) $4,473.00

Upgrade Your Existing Account

$970 Annual Existing Users

Upgrade OffersDiscountBlack Friday Pricing
297 /month50% off for 3 months$148.50/mo
497 /month50% off for 3 months$248.50/mo
2970 /year25% total off (10% additional)$2,673
4970 /year25% total off (10% additional)$4,473

Upgrade Your Existing Account

$297/Month Existing Users

Upgrade OffersDiscountBlack Friday Pricing
497 /monthAccess to $497 plan at $297 price for 3 months$297/mo
4970 /yearAccess to a $497 plan at $297 price for 3 months$4,473

Upgrade Your Existing Account

$2970 Annual Existing Customers

Upgrade OffersDiscounted Price
497 /monthAccess to a $497 plan at a $297 price for 3 months$297/month
4970 /year 25% total off (10% additional)$4,473

Upgrade Your Existing Account

$497/Month Existing Customers

Upgrade OffersDiscounted Price
12 Months for the price of 10$4,970.00

Upgrade Your Existing Account

$4970 Annual – Existing Customers

Upgrade OffersDiscounted Price
12 Months for the price of 10$4,970.00

Upgrade Your Existing Account

GoHighlevel Black Friday Pricing details vs Normal Pricing

Here, we will compare the Black Friday pricing deal and the Normal pricing to see if the Black Friday plan is worth it.

Normal Pricing

Normal pricing comes in three subscription plans.

Agency or Starter Account – $97/month

In this plan, you have access to Twilio, Campaign builder, Workflow builder, Pipeline Management, Mailgun, Email builder, landing page builder, and others.

Agency Unlimited – $297/month

In this plan, you are entitled to everything in the starter plan including a Customized White Label desktop, Unlimited accounts, and a membership + partnership program.

Agency Pro – $497/month

This plan includes everything in the Agency Unlimited account including a mobile app, Saas mode, Agent reporting, and Advanced API

Read more about Gohighlevel pricing

GoHighLevel Black Friday Pricing

GoHIghLevel Black Friday  pricing 2023

Is there any difference between what you enjoy in the normal pricing and Black Friday? Let’s find out

Agency or Starter account – $48.50

In this plan, you have access to all the features in the Normal starter account including;

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited users
  • 2 sub-accounts

Agency Unlimited – $148.50/month

This pricing plan includes everything in the Agency starter including;

  • Unlimited sub-accounts
  • Full white-label customization
  • Basic API access

Agency pro – $248.50/month

This plan includes everything in Agency Unlimited, including;

  • Unlimited Saas account
  • Saas configurator
  • Re-billing
  • Sub-account reporting
  • Split testing

Let’s look at a 3-month pricing difference for both Normal pricing and Blackfriday pricing

For 3 months in the Normal pricing, you will pay

  • Starter- $291
  • Agency Unlimited – $891
  • Agency Pro – $1491

While for black Friday pricing’s 3-month offer, you will pay;

  • Starter – $146
  • Agency unlimited – $446
  • Agency Pro – $746

This is a very good deal if you would ask me. This black Friday deal ends in just 6 days, and after that, you have missed out.

GoHighLevel Cyber Monday Promotion

Just like black Friday the GoHighLevel Cyber Monday promotion works the same way as black Friday.

The same price discount is what you’ll also get with the GoHighLevel Cyber Monday. So everything we’ve talked about on black Friday applies to the GoHighLevel Cyber Monday promotion.

Get GoHighLevel Cyber Monday Deal

FAQs About GoHighLevel Black Friday Deal

Here are some of the questions people ask about the Gohighlevel black Friday deal 2024.

Yes, Gohighlevel offers black Friday deals and it is currently running.

The GoHighLevel black Friday deal lasts for 7 days. It is usually in November.

That means if you miss out on this year’s deal, it might be till next year in November before you access any. And you cannot predict if the offer will be as favorable as this year.

GoHighlevel Black Friday begins on November 20- 27

Yes. Even if you are just signing up for Gohighlevel, you can still enjoy this deal?


If you have not been able to sign up for any of the Gohighlevel pricing plans as a result of its price, here is a good time to leverage the black Friday deal.

The offer lasts for 3 months and within this period, you can generate so much that renewing with the normal plan after 3 months will be a walk-over.

You can now improve your marketing activities and customer retention. With the marketing tactics in place, you will be able to generate more revenue.

Not forgetting that you have the white label accounts that you can resell as yours.

The black Friday deal goes off in a few days’ time. The more reason you should treat this information as urgent and sign up today!

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