How To Use ClosersCopy To Create Content In 2024 [+ Video]

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ClosersCopy helps marketers create copy that sells. You can leverage the secrets of high converting copy for more sales and ROI!

This software allows marketers to rise above marketing mediocrity through AI copywriting. This article will explain how to use ClosersCopy with a detailed video tutorial on the software.

While I will endeavour to give a detailed account of using ClosersCopy, do understand that information on the software is a work in progress.

Therefore, always come back for updates as new features are added to the tool.

Irrespective of your chosen niche or type of business, Closerscopy attends to all needs so far you need content for your business, be it in blogging, marketing or any kind of copy.

With ClosersCopy, you’re sure to write what both Human beings will like and what search engine spiders will like to crawl for better ranking if you’re into SEO or content marketing.

Dashboard Overview of ClosersCopy

Closerscopy dashboard

After creating your account with ClosersCopy, the first thing you’ll come across is the dashboard.

Let me give you a brief overview of what to expect while trying to use ClosersCopy for your content business.

  • Dashboard. The dashboard contains essential items to create your project in ClosersCopy.
  • Project. This is where you see the total number of projects you have currently.
  • New project. This button takes you to a new project work page to create a new document.
  • Search. This feature allows you to search for a project by name. It’s faster to bring up an old project if you have more projects.

You can create a project from the dashboard and several documents that go with the project. E.g., a brand awareness project. Under the project, you can create different documents.

How to Create a New Project & Document in ClosersCopy

New Projects

The same way you create a project is also the same way you create a document inside your project. You can think of your documents as the actual content name inside your “Project”

To easily create them, please follow these steps below:

  • Click new project from the dashboard
  • Provide project name
  • Also, provide the description (Optional)
  • Save your project.

To create a new document, find the actual project and click open from your project list.

  • Just follow the same procedure as you create your project.

You can use the following as seen in the image below to edit your documents.

  • Move Your Document to another project folder
  • Archive Your Document
  • Delete Document
  • Edit Document Name and Description
  • Copy or Duplicate Document
  • Mark as a favourite document
  • Open Document to start writing
  • Show or Hide Archive Document

ClosersCopy’s Content Editing Tools

To bring out the features, highlight some words from your document and right-click. It’s going to bring out the following as seen in the image below.

Content editing Tool
  • Expand: ClosersCopy’s AI will expand the highlighted text
  • Improve: AI improves the writing variation while keeping original text and structure
  • Rewrite: It will paraphrase the highlighted text uniquely
  • Summarize: It will extract key information from the highlighted text
  • Expand with GPT-3: It uses the GPT-3 AI model to expand selected text by creating a new paragraph.
  • Plagiarism
  • Thesaurus
  • Save: It saves your work as a TEMPLATE
  • Translate: It helps output to your preferred language

The Document Editing Page Left Menu

Closerscopy features

This page will open when you click open on your document. This will bring out all the features on ClosersCopy.

  • SEO: Ensure your copy ranks and boosts conversion
  • Longform: content editor built on top of GPT-3. It uses AI to create a blog post
  • Frameworks: Allows built-in templates or custom to get work done faster
  • Workflow: a structured way of accomplishing tasks with ease
  • Wizard: It helps to improve the areas of your sales copy using templates
  • Downloads: Get a copy of your work in your preferred format (DOC or PDF)
  • Language: Get output on your preferred language
  • Dark Mode: Toggle between DARK and LIGHT MODE
  • Full Screen: GO FULL SCREEN
  • Save: Manually save your document
  • Copywriting 101
  • Go To Documents

How to Use ClosersCopy Longform?

Writing Longform copy in ClosersCopy has new updates. Before the updates, the software had Sales AI, and the content it produced was sleazy. Here comes new addition – Blog AI and Story AI.

These new Longform features allow you to write better content without annoying selling.

Here is a Longform tutorial video for beginners. It demonstrates how “open-ended sentences” can be used to steer AI in ANY direction (with commentary):

Longform (Open-Ended Sentences)

You can get AI to write Longform articles using open-ended sentences. What you do is to form a sentence open-ended and allow AI to complete the sentence.

This feature can help AI quickly create content with the technique.

See the video for more:

Longform (Multiple Outputs)

The Longform helps create full-blown long content. A Longform article or blog length is anywhere from 700 to 1500 words. With this feature, AI picks your highlighted text and creates more content with it.

How it works:

  • It can provide two alternatives to selected text at a reasonable speed.
  • It’s presently available in the English language only.
  • It works with Framework to automate content creation for you.
  • You can now trigger “Frameworks” via Control+ENTER, too!

See the video for more:

Longform Shortcuts

Shortcuts are simply words that you can select to have AI begin the next generation of actions. Since AI can decide what direction to follow when creating an article, shortcuts give it the words to start the next writing.

E.g., Words like “In conclusion,” “Additionally,” “In the light of the previous,” etc.

See the video for more:

How To Use ClosersCopy Draft Feature

The ClosersCopy draft features work just like long-form but are more effective and it generates content a lot faster than the long-form feature.

Using this functionality, you’ll have to create an outline first with the proper headings.

Take, for example, the content title should be written in H1 while subheadings should be written in H2 and H3 respectively.

Once you have your outline, the draft feature will use to generate long-form content for you while putting into account the content title and the outline headings provided for the draft.

By watching the video above, you’ll be able to see how you can generate content fast within 2 minutes.

However, you might need to add two or three words under each heading provided for the AI to have more data to work it.

If the topic you want to write about is not popular you might want to feed the AI with enough data for it to understand exactly what you want it to write.

The more accurate your text, the more accurate the content that will be provided.

How To Setup ClosersCopy Workflow?

Workflows allow for a structured way to use multiple Frameworks in a sequence. With this feature, you can set up repetitive tasks and create the sequence in frameworks.

A blog workflow task could be

  • Create an Idea framework
  • Design Title framework
  • Outline framework
  • Create an Introduction framework
  • Conclusion framework

See the video on workflows for more info:

How To Use ClosersCopy Language Feature?

In ClosersCopy, you can write in another language even if you do not speak the language. The language feature allows you to switch up to 24 languages, with more to come.

This excellent function will enable you to write your copy in any language.

The process is in two steps:

  • Change the language in the left toolbar
  • Create copy for AI using the language

If you change to Spanish, AI will write for you in that language. With this function, you can edit your article and check grammar and plagiarism in the language chosen.

To have AI write for you in the desired language, select the language in the left toolbar. Then write your copy and send it to AI to complete it for you.

See this video for more:

ClosersCopy Team Member Options

After you register for ClosersCopy, you can add up to three mates. While each member requires a CC Account, they don’t need to have a license to use ClosersCopy.

It is easy to add members in ClosersCopy go to your profile and click Teams. Proceed to add your mates.

Team Members Rules

  • Your team members will use your license inside the projects you allocate to them.
  • Each assigned team will use their license inside their projects. A member without a license will be on the “free plan” within their projects.

These rules allow you to manage how your team uses your license.

How To Write Blog Outlines

Creating a blog post involves a blog idea, headline, intro, outline, paragraph, conclusion, and call-to-action. One of these essential tasks is the outline.

When using AI to create a blog, make sure it can perfectly write your outlines. But before AI can successfully deliver a great outline, you must teach it to do what you want.

If you want ClosersCopy AI to create cool social media captions for you, it’s pretty straightforward as AI follows patterns. It will require you to follow these simple steps:

  • Find sample social media caption data to model
  • Provide at least five captions to give AI enough samples
  • Create a pattern for AI to follow
  • Create your caption flow (pattern)
  • Between each caption, add the stop sequence (#) to allow AI to stop between captions
  • Once you have created the sequence, select the sequence and send it to AI to test your sequence
  • Use a framework to automate the instruction once you need a caption written

ClosersCopy FAQ

Let’s have a quick look at some of the 

What is ClosersCopy?

Closerscopy is an Artificial Intelligence driven software that allows writers and marketers to create content automatically with the help of GPT-3 AI.

Is ClosersCopy worth it?

Yes, ClosersCopy is worth your time and money. It’s an AI copywriting tool that is sure to generate good and well-written AI content for your website.

Is ClosersCopy free?

No, Closerscopy is not free and it doesn’t have a free trial. Its entry price starts from $49 a month with a 14-day money-back guarantee.


A quick and straightforward approach to writing excellent blog articles, online copy, and landing pages is with ClosersCopy.

It’s a perfect tool for any business that engages in online marketing, which requires regular copywriting.

Try your best to understand how to use ClosersCopy, and you will be glad you did!

What’s even interesting about ClosersCopy is its affordability in the pricing plan as compared to its competition.

It offers a very affordable price and most especially a lifetime you can use to get the software for life.

This way, you won’t have to bother yourself with monthly recurring fees, plus you’ll always get a new update whenever it’s been rolled out.

Check out the Lifetime for ClosersCopy here… 

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