How To Use Phonesites To Create Landing Pages

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how to use phonesites

Learning “how to use Phonesites to create landing pages” might be the only move your business needs to generate more leads and get more sales.

Landing pages are a very important marketing element that when utilized properly, your business will experience significant growth.

However, creating a landing page comes with several challenges, one of which is the use of complicated software.

These challenges make businesses engage freelance landing page designers and pay copywriters to develop marketing copy.

The good news is that, with Phonesites, you will be able to design full landing pages on your laptop or phone from scratch or using very high-quality pre-built templates.

You can also rest assured that you won’t only be able to design these pages with your phone but you will also be able to follow up with your prospective customers within your dashboard.

The possibilities with Phonesites are limitless, you’ll come to discover all of them when you enroll in the system.

The rest of this content will explain what Phonesites is in detail and how you can use it to build landing pages.

Let’s get started!

What is Phonesites?


Phonesites is an advanced AI powerful lead generation software and landing page builder for both small businesses and big organizations.

The software allows you to create high-converting landing pages that are mobile-optimized using your phone.

Phonesites is very easy to use software and you don’t need to have prior experience in designing landing pages before you can use it.

You can design full landing pages with your phone using Phonesites. It gets easier when you use one of the 70__+ available templates.

You can also automate your marketing campaign follow-up from the Phonesites dashboard, and it’s quite simple to set up.

By using Phonesites to build your landing pages, you will be able to do basic on-page SEO settings. Meaning your landing page will also tend to show up in SERPs.

With this, you aren’t just getting value for your money but getting high targeted free traffic from Google searches.

With the clean interface, easy-to-use dashboard, you can create full landing pages on your phone.

You can learn more about Phonesites from our review here… 

Phonesites Features

Below are the features of Phonesites or what you can expect from using the software.

  • Free Phonesites hosting account connected to your registered domain name.
  • Extremely mobile-friendly landing pages that you can design on your phone.
  • Design high-quality landing pages for your business to generate more leads and increase sales.
  • Access to over 70 custom-designed landing page templates library.
  • Very easy to use dashboard and clean interface.
  • It supports third-party integrations to make generating leads easier.
  • Inbuilt high-quality visuals like images, videos to attract prospective clients.
  • Email follow-up automation within Phonesites dashboard.
  • Track all your landing pages performance on a single dashboard.
  • It is very beginner-friendly and a pro favorite.

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Phonesites Pricing

As of the time of writing this article, Phonesites offers 3 pricing plans which are suitable for most businesses and big organizations.

phonesites pricing
How to use Phonesite to create pages: Phonesite pricing

Phonesites doesn’t have a free plan account but has a free 7 days trial that allows you to test all the system features for free depending on the plan that you go for.

It is worth mentioning that to apply for the free trial, you will need to input your credit card details.

What you are going to be billed at the end of the trial will depend on the plan you have selected.

Whichever plan you might have selected or gone for during the trial, you will always have complete access to all the features the plan offers.

With that, let us list and shed more light on the Phonesites pricing plans.

Essential Plan/$49Mth

The essential plan is the lowest plan on the list and offers the basic features most small businesses need to thrive online.

With this plan, you will have access to build up to 25 landing pages for your business.

Statistics show that businesses with 10-15 landing pages tend to see more conversion by 55% than the ones that have less than 10.

With this, you have the basic landing page your business needs to see a significant ROI.

You will also have access to create subdomain names which are great for creating targeted pages on your websites.

In addition, you will be allowed to create up to 5 sales funnels and you can generate unlimited leads and traffic as well to those funnels.

Group coaching and one (1) free custom domain name is also included in this plan.

If you are just starting and you are willing to test how the entire system works for a few months, you can start with this plan and upgrade later.

Unlimited Plan/$99Mth

The unlimited Phonesites plan is much more suitable for businesses that have been well established.

This plan carries all the features the first plan has and has more key features improvements which make it the best option if your business is already established.

Key improvements such as:

  • Creating unlimited sales pages
  • Unlimited custom domain name
  • Generating unlimited web traffic to the landing pages
  • Attach custom domain name
  • Unlimited follow-up emails, etc.

I recommend this plan if your business has grown or at least it is on its growing stage because it will enable you to have most of your important marketing elements in one place.

This will also help you to be more organized with your business and get more done within the shortest time possible.

In addition, having various high converting sales funnels pages with quality traffic from different channels will help you see a significant ROI on your marketing efforts.

It gets better when you don’t have to worry about bandwidth problems because the landing pages can sustain unlimited traffic.

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Unlimited + Unlimited AI Writer/$148/Mth

Here is an advanced plan that has nearly everything needed for you to survive online.

This plan has all the features of the two previous pricing plans and also has one more advanced feature which is the AI writer.

With this plan, you won’t only be able to create high converting landing pages but you will be able to generate good copy as well.

AI writers are great and they can help you write that marketing copy that you do spend days and nights to come up with in minutes.

This is made possible by typing a few keywords of what you want to write about into the AI writer and it will take it up from there.

With this, you don’t need to spend quality time and money to outsource landing pages copy that might not even convert well. The AI writer will take care of that…

Note: If for any reason, you discovered Phonesites is not for you or it is not serving you as expected, you can get a refund back after 21 days of subscribing to the software.

In addition, you can always upgrade or downgrade your current plan or even switch to an annual plan.

This encourages great flexibility because you are not stocked to one mode of operating within the software.

How To Use Phonesites

Now that you know how Phonesites works, it is time to learn about how to use Phonesites to create landing pages effectively.

Before we start, the first thing you need to know is that you don’t have to be a tech guru or have experience in web development to use the app.

The software is beginner-friendly and its dashboard is very easy to navigate around.

I must say that, when you are new to something, you will always be a beginner of it no matter what but using it consistently will help you become an expert in it as time goes on.

By playing around with the app within a few days, you can rest assured that every feature of the software will become very easy to use.

With that, let us take a look at how to use Phonesites to create landing pages.

#1. Creating a New Website

To use the app, the first thing you need to do is to sign up with the platform.

Signing up is straightforward but to make it easier, we have included step-by-step screenshots below to make this article worth referring to as “how to use Phonesites to create landing pages”

To sign up head over to ===>, you will be redirected to a page that looks like the one below.

creating an account with phonesites

Fill in your name, email address, and password as shown above and click on the “Add Payment Details” blue button. You will be redirected to the page to fill in your credit card details.

The next thing to do is to begin your free trial. To begin, input your email and password to sign in.

log in

Once you’ve logged in, you will see your dashboard that looks like the one below.

phonesites dashboard

Your Phonesites dashboard contains a quick overview of how your landing pages are performing, the views, unique views, and the total leads your landing pages have generated so far.

Here is a quick explanation of some of the things you need to know on your dashboard for easy access and navigating around it.

  • Websites: The website’s section contains all the lists of websites you have built so far.
  • Templates: The templates library is a place where you can find pre-built templates that you can quickly tap into and start building with.
  • AI Writer: The AI writer is a place where you can use an artificial intelligence machine to generate high-quality marketing copy for your landing pages.

Create Your First Website

To create your first website with Phonesites, log in to your account while on your dashboard. Locate “Create New Website” as shown above.

After clicking on the “Create New Website” you will have 2 options to select from, either a blank website or using a template.

phonesites website builder

You will have to go for one but I will explain the step-by-step for each process here and anything you need to know about using either option.

Using Blank Website Option

To use the blank website option, you will need to click on it and you will be shown a new tab that looks like the one below.

blank website template

Here you have to put your website name and a subdomain that will carry

Since this is a tutorial, I decided to use “Tutorial” as my website name and I typed in the tutorial as a subdomain name so at the end my website URL will be

When I hit the “Create Website” button, here is the error message that I got.

giving your landing page a domain name

It says that the subdomain ”tutorial” already exists, please try another one. What it means is that there is another website with this domain name or URL

Then I used and that goes through.

Although, that example above only applies to the subdomain name of and not to the custom domain name.

After my subdomain name, got accepted by the system, I was redirected to the page below.

blank page

The above picture is a blank page that lets you design the website from the beginning to suit your taste.

Here is a quick explanation of the whiteboard and an example of what you can do with each. I will be explaining based on the way I have numbered the whiteboard above.

The DESIGN is the default whiteboard option you are seeing above, you can easily add elements, texts, etc, and tweak around the existing website’s designs.

An example of what you can do or what to expect with the design option is the same board you see above.

Settings allow you to perform a series of tasks to make your landing page to be more optimized just like I was able to do basic on-page SEO settings from the settings option.

Page SEO settings

I was able to set my page URL, page title that can appear in SERPs, and also a metal description for my page.

You can also set your page to be redirected to a thank you page when an action is performed on your website.

In addition, you can make advanced settings like a notification that would be sent to you through email for every action performed on your landing page.

The Statistics section lets you see how your landing page is performing, the number of views, leads generated, and nearly all the activities that are performed on your website.

The image below shows a quick overview of what the statistics dashboard looks like.

your page statistics

With that, it is time to start designing your landing pages. For the sake of this tutorial, we will be designing a simple lead generation landing page.

While you are on the design interface, click on the four corner box with a plus sign in between as shown below.

editing your landing page Upon clicking, the below menu shows up at the left-hand side of the design interface.

page editing blocks

What you are looking at on the left-hand side are blocks that you can use to design your landing page from scratch.

The blocks contain text, heading, images, opt-in form, and the likes. By clicking on the heading section, something like this will pop up.

editing your landing page headlines

Where the arrow is pointing to is where you will write your heading. You will also be able to do some modifications to your headline like:

  • Changing the color
  • Changing the size
  • Making it centralized, etc.

You can also click on the plus button at the edge of the four corner box to add an opt-in form to your landing page.

adding form to your landing page

All you need to do is to click on the form, upon clicking on the form button a form will automatically be inserted and a settings page tab like the one below.

editing your optin form on phonesites

From the settings option above, you can tick the phone number, address, change your button write-up from “Let’s Go” to something like Optin, or anything you want.

In addition, you can also change the color of the button, the size of the text, and change the color of the text itself.

I must say that you should always save your changes to the design before clicking on a view so as not to lose your previous work.

If you click on the view button without saving the design first, you will lose the design permanently.

The save and view button is at the upper right corner of your design interface, you just have to click anyone you need to use and you are ready to go.

After tweaking around the designs for a while, I was able to make the landing page looks like the one below.

phonesites page designs

How I made the design above is using the same process that I have explained above, the only difference is that I was able to change the background color.

Changing the background color is straightforward. To do this, click on the 3 dots at the right-hand side of the design interface.

phonesites page designs

After that, click on edit background and the page that looks like the one below will show up.

phonesites background edit

Click on the set theme and you will get a warning message like “this theme will override your current color and background settings”, just click okay.

You can use the slide button to look for another background if you don’t like the default ones that pop up.

You can repeat the same process above to create more landing pages for your business.

Using Templates Option

If you don’t want to go through the stress of setting it up by yourself from scratch or you feel like you can’t just do this yourself.

Then using the templates option would have been the best for you because you can easily pick any form of a template, tweak around it in minutes and make it yours.

The beauty aspect of using templates is that Phonesites has nearly all form of marketing templates available that fits into any niche you might be into.

  • From the sales page,
  • survey funnel,
  • countdown opt-in page,
  • free book templates,
  • restaurant business proposal
  • real estate business page,
  • etc.

By exploring over 70 templates that Phonesites available, you will always find the one that will fit your marketing need.

To get started with the templates, head over to create a new website as explained above.

Select the templates option this time around and you will not be asked to create a custom domain name right away as we did above using the blank page option.

You will be directed to the templates library that looks like the one below.

landing page templates

From here, you can scroll down to explore all the available templates.

You can also search for the template you want by using the search button at the left-hand side of the templates library below the “Templates”.

When you find the templates that suit your need, click on the 3 dots at the edges of each template, you can either install directly or view the template first.


Upon clicking on the install now button, a page like the one below will pop.

landing page template installation


Pages to install

It means if the page has multiple sections, you will be asked to select the one you want to install. You can select more than a page to install.

If the pages are 2 or more, you can click on the 2 and it will appear like the one above.


This means either you want to make it as a new website or install it into the existing website that you have available, since this is a new website, just leave it like that.

New Website Subdomain is a place where you will need to customize your new website URL as we did above using the black page section.

You can easily edit it if you are not okay with the defaults domain name, hit the install 2 pages button after everything is set rightly to your need.

Upon successful installation, you will be redirected to the page that looks like this.

landing page installation

Those were two pages that were installed, if you need to edit or view this page you can click on the 3 dots on the right-hand side of each page.

You can also copy the page if you need to use it for different purposes, and you can also delete it, all are done by clicking on the 3 dots.

You can use the steps we used on the blank page to re-design the template to suit your personal needs.

In addition, you need to note that your pages are live immediately after installing them, you can copy the URL to use it to access the website on different devices to see how it is functioning.

Repeat the same process to design more landing pages using templates.

#2. Creating New Pages

You might need to create additional pages for your website. These pages can vary from thank you page to your offer page.

The pages can be subsequent pages your prospect customers will visit after you must have collected their email addresses.

I must say that these pages are to be linked together with an existing website that you have created.

For example,

If you have to redirect your prospect customers to your opt-in page, the next page they need to visit might be your presale or your sales pages.

To create additional pages for your website, log in to your account, go to “My Websites” and you will see your available websites like the way it was listed below.

phonesites websites website templates

Click on the title of the website you want to create additional pages from.

For example, I clicked on “Tutorial” as shown in the image above and I was redirected to this page.

Click on the “Create New Page” blue button as the arrow is pointing to it.

Upon clicking that, you will be asked to select from either a new page or library.

creating a new landing page with phonesites

If you choose the “Blank Page” option, use the steps that were explained in the “Blank Website Option” of this tutorial.

If you go for the “Template” option use the steps that were explained in the “Using Templates Option”.

The reason why I have said that is because the steps for creating the pages are the same process for creating new pages on Phonesites.

#3. Setting Up Email AutoResponder

Email marketing remains the most effective form of marketing in the market to date. Following up with your prospective customers with emails can help you make more sales and keep your community engaged.

When email marketing is being done effectively, it can help you see a significant increase in ROI. Not doing it at all means you are leaving money on the table.

Luckily, setting up an email autoresponder on Phonesites is straightforward. All you need to do is to follow what is shared here and run by it.

To set up an email autoresponder, go to “My Websites” and click on the name of the website you want to set the email autoresponder on.

Click on the name again, it will open to the design section as you want to edit the content on the landing pages.

Click on “Follow Up” as shown below.

phonesites email optin page

You will be redirected to the page below.

creating email follow ups on phonesites

Click on “Create Follow Up” and select email after clicking the follow-up, you will be redirected to the page below.

creating email follow ups on phonesites

Delay is how many minutes you want your email to get delayed before being sent, you can set it minutes, hours, or even days.

The subject is what is going to be the heading of your email. Write your heading to suit what you are sending.

The message is the body of your message or the content you are sending to your audience. You can also use this medium to introduce yourself more to your prospective audience.

You can use the tools above the message board to customize your email address.

Plus button can be used to create additional emails. You only need this if you are creating a series of emails or you are sending tutorials to your prospective clients.

Hit the save button and you can also view the email in the new tab to see how it looks.

Configuring Email Service Provider

You can also send your lead data to a third-party website. As of the time of writing this tutorial Phonesites only 7 email service providers.

And I must say that this option is only suitable for big brands or if you are doing big email campaigns.

To link your email service provider with Phonesites. Go to “My Websites” and click the page you want to link to.

phonesites email configuration

Click on “Config” and you will be redirected to the page below.

phonesites integration

Click on any of the available 3rd party Integrations, a page will pop up, all you need to do is to enter API keys or put your email and password to authorize the linking with Phonesites.

It is a very simple process, just follow the prompts and you will be done linking it in minutes.


Creating landing pages might seem difficult but it doesn’t have to be because of the simplicity of building landing pages on Phonesites.

Phonesites is a very beginner-friendly and clean interface software that is very easy to use for both beginners and the pro. You can build multiple landing pages in an hour while you can build landing pages in minutes when you use them consistently.

I must say that you will always be a beginner when you are new to a platform, this can occur in terms of pyramid features.

But be rest assured that, the more you use it, the easier it becomes.

With that, we have come to the end of “How to use Phonesites to create landing pages”. In addition, if you found this content useful, do share it on your social media accounts, someone might need to read this.

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