How to Make Money with Clickfunnels 2023 [Step by Step]

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In today’s post, I’ll be going through how to make money with Clickfunnels in many ways that can earn you fast income as quickly as possible.

I know one of the popular ways to this is by learning how to make money as a Clickfunnels affiliate or becoming a Clickfunnels affiliate.

However, It’s not limited to that. There’s quite a massive way to make money online these days and it’s really straight forward.

The internet marketing space is exploding with various online opportunities and luckily for us, we’re right in the middle of it.

This means there’s no stopping you to making as much as you can online because income opportunities online are really limitless.

You can make as much as you can imagine only if you know the right way to go and how to implement it. These opportunities can be so much at times that you get confused as to where and how to start.

However, today we’re going to be starting with Clickfunnels, you’ll learn every possible way on how to make money using Clickfunnels.

How To Make Money with Clickfunnels

For more knowledge on how to make money with Clickfunnels, sales funnels marketing and every other stuff…

Russell Brunson and his team have put together a powerful free training on how to do that. This training is tagged the AFFILIATE BOOTCAMP.

It not limited to making money as an affiliate or promoting Clickfunnels as an affiliate.

It includes various methods taught by 15 super internet gurus and how you can replicate their method to make money with Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels Overview

In case you don’t really understand the nitty-gritty of the software Clickfunnels, here’s a quick breakdown of what it does.

Clickfunnels is basically a tool for every business owner in any niche. It worked by collecting leads for your business, turn them into customers and finally automate the entire sales for you.

So, you can call it a sales funnel software that helps a business owner build a funnel of any kind and for any business niche.

With Clickfunnels you can easily create the following:

  • Sales Pages
  • Squeeze pages
  • Landing pages
  • Checkout Pages
  • Automation Sequences
  • Auto-responder
  • Affiliate Program for your business
  • Membership sites
  • Webinars
  • Web Hosting
  • Split Testing
  • And many others…

Basically, Clickfunnels is an automated tool that can skyrocket any business to a whole new level using the power of sales funnel.

Now, what are sales funnel, and how does it work?


There are practically sales funnel for any kind of business you could think of, from make-up artist to a dentist. I mean literally any business.

This, however, gave Clickfunnels a wide market to transform businesses and equally an opportunity for you to make money with Clickfunnels in the process.

How sales funnel Works step by step:

Step 1. Awareness or Adverts

This is you creating awareness or advert to promote your business.

It could be free or paid advert. The point is putting your business in front of people that are likely going to take actions.

Step 2. Interaction with Your Ads

This is the process where people begin to interact with your business. There must have been an attractive offer on the advert.

It could be free plus shipping offers, free training or free products. The point is, it should be something that’s almost irresistible. This will allow you to easily capture attention and get leads for follow up.

Step 3. Follow-Ups

At this stage, you can now begin to send follow up emails to the leads you’ve captured early. You’ll need to educate them about your business and how your business can transform their lives.

You’ll be warming them up by putting them in the right frame of mind to fall in love with your offer and develop a disposition to buy from you.

Step 4.  Action

This is when they begin to take action on your offers. That is, buying your products. At this stage, you can even upsell them to buy another product from you.

Once you’ve been able to educate and filter out those that are interested in your offer via funnel sequence, you can then begin to upsell and down-sell.

And remember, the entire steps are automated. You don’t have to lift a finger to do anything except for the set up.

Sales funnel is a powerful tool that allows you to offer free value to potential customers. Lure them into your actual offer and even upsell and down-sell with other products.

Thus, making you as much as possible with just a simple trick.

Making Money with Clickfunnels

Now, let’s go over the ways at which you can make money with Clickfunnels.

As I said earlier, there’s also an intense free training on how to make money using Clickfunnels and turning yourself to a marketing guru via the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp.

I’ve written a review on the BootCamp and as well spelt out everything you’re going to get there. It absolutely free and yet powerful. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it.

Below are the ways you can actually make money with Clickfunnels:

  • Make Money with Clickfunnels selling Your Personal Products & Services
  • Clickfunnels Affiliate Program
  • Finally, as a Clickfunnels Certified Partner

#1: Selling Products and Services

This is basically what Clickfunnels was created for, a sales machine that does the selling for you. You can use it to promote any business or even give an existing business an online awareness.

The best part? There’s a funnel for any business you want to market using Clickfunnels. So, technically, you’re just a funnel away from selling your products and services.

Let’s go over what you can sell using Clickfunnels:

  • Physical Products

You can make money using Clickfunnels to sell your products. You can have the product inventory yourself or do Fulfilment by Amazon.

Amazon FBA makes this easy because you won’t have to worry about logistics, warehouses, and packaging of your products.

With this, you can easily build your own brand and website without having to lift a finger pushing products to customers.

One of the best ways to do this is by promoting huge discounted products or simply use the free plus shipping offer. After that, you can then upsell them to even make more money.

You could by an inventory of really cheap products on AliExpress and try it out with the Clickfunnels 14Days free trial.

  • Dropshipping with Clickfunnels

This is also the same as selling a physical product. But this time around you don’t have to pay for warehousing your products like Amazon FBA.

Everything is handled by the seller, yours is just to promote products and push orders to the supplier. He or she then fulfills the order as though it was you.

clickfunnels dropshipping

There’s a massive opportunity for this using AliExpres dropshipping Sales Funnel. Because there are plenty of products on AliExpress that cost less than a dollar that can be offered as free plus shipping.

You can then upsell and down-sell through your funnel sequence while making as much as you can without having to buy the product.

Interesting, isn’t it?

The good about this is that you can always introduce a new product to the list you’re having already and make passive income. You don’t have to lift a finger.

All you need do is introduce the new products to your existing list and those that find it interesting pays for the products and the supplier fulfil their orders.

  • Info Marketing

Selling informational products is also one of the best ways to make money with Clickfunnels. There are several templates on this you can use on their marketplace.

I’ve made quite an income with informational products and one of its benefits unlike physical e-commerce products is the fact that you can easily get it across to your customers.

Info products are pay and download. You don’t have to worry about inventory and how to get the products across to your customers.

Equally interesting about this, is the fact that you don’t have to create your products yourself before selling. You can leverage on so many PLR (Private Label Rights) products that can make you fast income.

A quick place to get this is JVzoo and WarriorPlus. They offer private label rights products you can buy to resell as your product.

You can also test this using the Clickfunnels free trial and see if it’s a business you can do or not.

  • Membership Sites

Just like the gym membership that require a monthly fee, so also are membership websites. These are websites people can join to get whatever it is you offer.

Your membership site could be on:

  • reports,
  • articles,
  • video tutorials,
  • curated contents,
  • webinars
  • templates
  • software
  • and many more…

However, any membership site you’re going to be creating with Clickfunnels should offer a great value to your members.

This is a great way to make passive income as you’ll make money from recurring customers. Using Clickfunnels, you can automate this and even upsell exiting members to make more money.

  • Webinar Pitching

You can also make money using Clickfunnels through webinars. This is perfect for those that have either, a list or products or services they want to pitch.

Using Clickfunnels, you’ll gain access to several templates on their marketplace. Perfect templates for webinars and to optimize your sales conversion.

The good thing about a webinar is that you don’t have to a large list, or large following before you start making money.

You don’t even need to have products or services ready before you kick start your webinar, it’s a perfect way to validate your service or product.

So with webinars, Clickfunnels is also checked.

#2: Making Money with Clickfunnels Affiliate

Clickfunnels affiliate program is a unique program that pays it’s affiliate well, and this is one of the reasons they are very popular.

Their subscription comes in two plans, $97 and $297 and you’ll earn 40% recurring commish on every of your referral. This is as long as they are a member of Clickfunnels.

The good thing about the Clickfunnels affiliate program is that they make use of sticky cookies. Let’s say you refer someone to the platform and this person chooses to buy another product on Clickfunnels after a long time.

You still going to get an affiliate commission on what he or she bought as a result of your sticky cookie. This is why Clickfunnels affiliate program makes the dream of passive income come true.

Interestingly, you don’t even have to be a paying member of the platform before you can start promoting Clickfunnels as an affiliate.

You can just SIGN UP HERE to start promoting them.

And if you really want to make a fast income with this, I’ll suggest you sign up for the next one funnel away challenge to step up your game.

Now, let’s talk about how you can make money with Clickfunnels as an affiliate.

  • Providing Solution to Potential Users

This is one of the easiest ways you can get started promoting Clickfunnels and earn your quick buck as a Clickfunnels affiliate.

What you need to do is look for potential Clickfunnels user, and offer a solution to their problem that involves using Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels might actually be needed for them to scale their business to the next level and they have no idea. But thanks to you they might just do that.

After providing valuable information for scaling their business with Clickfunnels you can then introduce your affiliate link.

Once they sign up with your affiliate link, your cookie will become coded to their account.

How can you find potential users?

You’ll find plenty of them on Q&A (Question and Answer) website. Popular among this is Quora. All you need to do is look for questions relating to Clickfunnels and provide the perfect answer.

Just make sure you include your landing page link that includes your affiliate links.

  • Free Video Training

youtube channel

If you are game on creating videos you could set up a YouTube Channel and offer reviews about Clickfunnels.

Once you SIGN UP, you’ll have access to all Clickfunnels affiliate offers available on the platform. A good example is the DotCom Secret, Expert Secret and a few others you can easily promote.

Here, you could create videos on how to set up a sales funnel or how to use Clickfunnels in general and offer them for free.

It could even be another business, let say, making money with real estate via sales funnels.

After going through your training they will need to sign up with Clickfunnels and this is where your affiliate link comes into play.

The reason you’re offering such a valuable course for free is that it makes perfect sense to earn 40% recurring commission on $297 for months or years than selling the course for a one-time fee of $297.

Make perfect sense?

  • Promoting Clickfunnels on Facebook Groups

how to make money as a clickfunnels affiliate

Facebook groups is another free method on how to make money as a Clickfunnels affiliate. This method involves creating your personal group and positioning yourself as an expert in a particular field.

After that, you can begin to share valuable resources for free and add your affiliate links to Clickfunnels offer. This way, you’ll earn more comish as your Facebook group increase.

However, you’ll need to win their trust first by creating unlimited and unbiased valuable information for your group members. Which involved keeping the group highly engaged most of the time.

Once everything is in place you can begin to grow your group and affiliate income.

  • Promoting Clickfunnels as an Affiliate via Share funnels

This is also one of the best ways on how to make money as a Clickfunnels affiliate. This method allows you to share your funnels to potential Clickfunnels users.

Every funnel you build from your account on Clickfunnels has a unique URL that can be copied and share with others.

When you share these funnels with potential users, they will need to sign up with Clickfunnels for just $19/month to start using the funnel. Which of course is going to earn you a comish.

However, when they want another funnel, they will have to upgrade their account and once they do, that’s another commission is running down your account.

And not to forgot, you’ll get to earn another commission on everything they buy as far as their Clickfunnels account is still active.

To be successful at this, you’ll need to start creating epic funnels and start sharing them to potential users. You could even outsource this to a web designer if you don’t have the time and experience.

#3. As a Certified Partners

Building funnels has a Clickfunnels Certified Partners is another way to make money with Clickfunnels. Many funnel consultants are charging about $5000 per clients after going through the Clickfunnels certified partner program.

To become a certified partner with Clickfunnels, you have to undertake the certified partner program training. It’s a 12Week online training consisting of 12 different modules.

Once you’ve become a Clickfunnels certified partner, you’ll be placed at the CF consultant page for marketing your skills and credibility.

This, however, will get you clients with little effort from your side and Clickfunnels will also give you clients.

Imagine closing a deal with 5 – 10 clients per month and charging them nothing less than $5000? Well, I believe you know the math.

You should know that the Certify Partner Training isn’t free, it cost a lot I must say, but the returns is usually worth it.

If your skill on funnel building is quite impressive then I’ll suggest you check out the certified partner program.


Making money online with Clickfunnels is quite promising as they offer several interesting features to get you started.

However, going through this post is not enough. I’ll recommend you go through the free training (CF Affiliate BootCamp) and as well as the One Funnel Away Challenge.

These are stuff that can help you make money really quick with Clickfunnels because they’ll be holding you by hand throughout the whole training.

If you prefer selling your personal products on Clickfunnels (Physical & Digital) you can as well get Started with the 14Days Free Trial.

That’s it on how to make money as a Clickfunnels affiliate and selling your personal products. So, what’s your thought on this let me know what you think about this using the comment box.

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