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Starting a dropshipping business with Shopify App like Oberlo couldn’t be more easier compare to when your entire task are done manually.

It could even be frustrating most especially when you are just getting started and  you lack this tool or the alternative for WooCommerce which I’m about to talk about.

The advent of Oberlo has made dropshipping business more of enjoyable and relaxed experience. Using it allows you to easily source for reliable suppliers on AliExpress, import and edit products directly to your online store.

Not just that, you can also send orders in bulk to your supplier and automate your product pricing etc. life couldn’t be more easier.

The other side to all this is that Oberlo only works with Shopify. To use an alternative to Oberlo means you need to completely get down from Shopify, build your store with WordPress and try the WooCommerce version of it.

oberlo alternative for woocommerce

The WooCommerce alternative to Oberlo is no other than Alidropship Woo Plugin. If you’re familiar with both platform, Shopify & WooCommerce you will understand that in no way can they be used together.

Tools like Oberlo doesn’t work with WordPress neither is the Alidropship Woo plugin able to work with Shopify. They are more like a stand-alone tool for their platforms.

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Oberlo alternative for WooCommerce – Alidropship Woo

In this article, I’ll guide you through the comparison between the two tools and make most of their features to your dropshipping advantage.

The Alidropship Woo plugin is a dropshipping plugin specifically built for WooCommerce to seamlessly source and import product directly from AliExpress.

Need an Oberlo WooCommerce alternative? Then keep reading and have a look for yourself.

Overview of WooCommerce – Should you dropship using the Platform?

Sept 27, 2011. WooCommerce was launched as an open source WordPress eCommerce solution. What this means, is that you can easily create an eCommerce store on WordPress with the help of WooCommerce Plugin.

According to ‘BuiltWith’ report, as at February 2018, a total of 2,241,106 websites currently use WooCommerce.

Additionally, 28,864 of the top million websites are currently on WooCommerce platform. Personally, I think WooCommerce is home, and trust me; there is no place like home.

oberlo alternatives for woocommerce

This means WooCommerce powers over 30% of online stores on the internet. This is probably due to it convenience and flexibility. Using WooCommerce gives you access to various features you can’t find elsewhere even on Shopify.

After all is said and done, I think there’s no perfect match for Oberlo for WooCommerce platform other than Alidropship Woo.

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Oberlo App vs AliDropship Woo Plugin

You don’t have to take my word for it, why not take a look at it yourself? But before that, let’s take a quick dive into their functionality and features so you can have a clear understanding of want you to need to know.

Sourcing and Importing Product from AliExpress 

Dropshipping with Shopify couldn’t be more easier with the help of Oberlo. It allows its user the ability to source product directly from AliExpress and adds them to their online store. You simply browse the product’s image and move everything about the products to your own store.

This might actually sound easy, but try adding over 50 products manually from AliExpress then you’ll have an idea of what Oberlo is doing.

When it comes to dropshipping with WooCommerce, I’m sure you know using Oberlo is not possible. Oberlo is specifically built for Shopify, which makes it impossible to integrate with WooCommerce.

So this makes Alidropship Woo the best match for Oberlo. With the help of Alidropship Woo plugin, you can easily search for products you which to drop ship and automatically import them into your online store.

The plugin makes the whole process a lot easier, what could take you weeks can practically take you minutes with the help of the plugin.

Automated Order fulfillment

Order fulfillment could be a difficult task without the help of tools like Oberlo and Alidropship Woo. Having one of the two will make your dropshipping experience more of a pleasant one.

When you start making two or three sales on a daily basis, you can still handle them manually. But when your dropshipping business starts progressing and you’re getting more sales on a daily basis thing might go sides’ ways if you are not careful.

Here is how order automation works, once you receive an order from your online store, just locate the product on your store inventory through the help of the plugin Oberlo or Alidropship Woo and hit the order button.

You can forget about placing order manually on all your products. All you need to do is click the order button and confirm it on AliExpress.

When it comes to ordering automation Alidropship Woo beats Oberlo in the sense of pricing. This I will talk about later.

Auto Price and Inventory Updates

If you are new to dropshipping, then you probably might not know it’s possible to list a product on your webpage that is out of stock from your supplier.

This is the purpose of inventory management. You need to constantly check your products from your supplier to be assured it’s not out of stock. Imagine doing this all the time, you’ll probably get exhausted.

This is where tools like Oberlo and Alidropship Woo comes in. With the help of Oberlo you can easily manage your product inventory.

Whenever a product is out of stock, Oberlo notifies you immediately. The same also goes for product pricing, whenever the price of a product increase or decrease you’ll surely receive a notification.

It’s therefore left for you to take action. You can either decide to keep the change or do the same on your website.

With all the ease and beauty Oberlo brings into dropshipping too bad it’s limited to Shopify alone.

But when it comes to dropshipping with WooCommerce you don’t need to look any further because the features and Functionalities of Alidropship Woo are equally mesmerizing.

Just like Oberlo, you can also manage your product inventory in such that you will receive a notification whenever a product is out of stock from your supplier.

Auto-price update is equally synced with AliExpress using the Alidropship Woo. Thus, you won’t have to worry if a product price is going to increase or decrease without you knowing.

Additionally, Alidropship Woo allows you to use an auto markup price for all your products in such a way that profit is guaranteed. This means you won’t have to manually edit the entire product price in your store.

The plugin automatically set the product price through a simple math expression based on the actual price from the supplier.

Oberlo Price Vs Alidropship Woo Price

Both Oberlo and Alidropship Woo are both wonderful tools for dropshipping. But one beat the other in terms of pricing.

Oberlo Pricing

As a beginner with Oberlo you have a month free access to use the Oberlo app to have a taste of it. Within the free thirty days, you’ll have access to 500 products and 50 orders for thirty days.

This also includes price automation, sales report and a free Chrome extension.

If you need to access to more features then you need to upgrade to any of their two plans.

  • Basic Plan – this cost $29 for a month and here is what you get; Setup for 10,000 products, and 500 orders per month. This includes tracking and auto order fulfillment.
  • Pro Plan – this plan cost $79 per month. You get unlimited order per month and up to 30,000 products and this includes every other feature Oberlo has.

Whichever plan you choose will be added to the normal monthly fee of Shopify.

Let’s say you choose the basic plan for Shopify store and basic plan for Oberlo, that’s $29 + $29 = $58 every month. That’s much isn’t it?

Alidropship Woo Pricing

Actually, this is one of the reasons I like this plugin. It only requires a one-time fee of $89 and this includes a lifetime support. You get the features there is to get with no limitation.

  • Price automation
  • Product search and import
  • Order fulfillment
  • Auto edit of product image and description
  • Order tracking
  • Auto spotting ePacket products
  • Automatic updates etc.

As mention earlier, not alone does it beats oberlo in pricing but also in flexibility. All you need to is setup your WordPress website with WooCommerce and get the Alidropship Woo.

Who Can Use Alidropship Woo?

Anybody can use the Alidropship Woo plugin so far your online store is powered by WooCommerce.

If you have an already WordPress website and you want to convert it to an online store you can use the Alidropship default plugin. That’s if you don’t want to use WooCommerce to set up your store.

The Alidropship plugin is more like a store builder that creates an online store for you. The only difference is that the default plugin comes with its own inbuilt themes and few marketing features.

  • Abandoned Cart
  • Email list
  • Discounts and Cross-sell.

But all these are not limited to WooCommerce. Using WooCommerce platform allows you to get access to various themes and marketing plugins even more.

How easy to use is Alidropship Woo?

Very easy to use, if you are familiar with WordPress already then you can use it. Even if you are not it only takes a few tweakying around the admin dashboard to get used to it.

It has a clean and user friendly interface.

How to Install the Alidropship Woo Plugin

After you’ve purchased the plugin, you will receive an email with the download links and license key.

What you need to do now is go to your WordPress admin dashboard on the left sidebar and click …Plugin >> Add New >> Upload Plugin. After this choose the plugin file from your system and Click ‘Install Now

It’s going to take a few seconds to install but once it’s installed click the “Activate Plugin” After this, click the Alidropship Woo to enter your license key to finally activate it.


If you need an Oberlo WooCommerce alternative then Alidropship Woo is your best match. Not only is it cost-effective it will also make your drop shipping journey a more relaxed and enjoyable one.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask me by using the comment box.

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