One Funnel Away Challenge Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

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one funnel away challenge
one funnel away challenge review

Today, we’ll be looking at one funnel away challenge review by stating what it’s really about and if it offers any value or not or simply just a waste of money.

Personally, I was skeptical about Clickfunnels not to talk about the “One Funnel Away Challenge” that usually referred to as “30Days Virtual Summit”.

So, it’s only fair enough you do some research on what to expect before getting involved in the OFA challenge.

The truth is, starting a new online business is not all sunshine and rainbows. There’s always a need for learning, consistency, and working hard.

Your biggest challenge could be making your first product sale or affiliate sale. Or setting up your first sales funnel or launching that first course or business brand.

All these are limitless…

But, how would you feel gaining access to mentors who have gone through exactly what it is you’re struggling with?

I’m not just talking about anyone. I’m talking about serial entrepreneurs, 7 figures marketers, and authors of several best-selling online books.

It’s going to be worthwhile, isn’t it? Hence the One funnel away challenge review.

The idea behind all these is that, there’s always a funnel out there for your business. And this is exactly what Russell is preaching via the Clickfunnels platform.

Before we proceed, I understand that some of us are yet to grab the fundamentals behind the “Sales Funnel” Concept.

If you haven’t, then you need to get your free copy of the DotCom Secret by the famous Russell Brunson himself. The DotCom Secret is an eye-opener on sales funnels and how you can practically use a funnel to market any business.

I mean, literally any business! It could be your e-commerce store or even a plumbing business to real estate. The list is just endless!

One Funnel Away Challenge Overview

It all started initially as the 30 Days Virtual Summit which was inspired by the co-founder of Clickfunnels Russel Brunson.

Russel asked 100 millionaires what they would do if they had no money? No list, no product to sell, and most importantly no reputation.

But all they have is a Clickfunnels account (Sales funnel) for just 30 days! How would they make it work? 30 of these 100 millionaires were only able a give him a step-by-step detailed plan on how they would escape the broke state.

This, however, gave birth to the 30-day video coaching and book on how to accomplish such a task. And how other people can replicate the plans for their success. Irrespective of their business niche!

So, the OFA Challenge is more like a platform to set you up for profit within 30 Days! Now, let’s get back to the actual review.

Accept The Challenge!

What is One Funnel Away Challenge?

The OFA challenge is an intense virtual coaching that’s held for 30 Days. This is a step-by-step guide that walks you through how you can successfully build your first income-generating funnel.

The virtual training is pioneered by Russell who of course is a co-founder of Clickfunnels (Etison LLC) and two of his top coaches Julie and Stephen Larsen.

According to him, the One Funnel Away is somewhat individualistic! He said…

For everyone it’s different…

And for some of you, you’re in a Job that you hate, and you’re trying to get out.

For others, you’re an entrepreneur with your own company… but you’re stuck and not sure why.

And for others of you, you’re looking for that one funnel that will help you have more impact on the world!

The 30-day coaching provides each participant with tools and training as well as other participants to relate with and live support as you build your business live for the next 30 days.

The OFA Challenge is particularly good for beginners as it provides a shortcut to the learning process. It’s also good for successful individuals that want to take their business to the next level.

Each participant will be tapping into the mind of the successful “2Comma Club” award winners and also gain access to their practicable plans.

There are a total of 5 weeks in the One Funnel away challenge. First Week 1 focuses more on pre-training which is for preparing the mindset of each participant for the rest of the week.

The remaining 4 weeks are spread with a daily lesson that is built upon the previous lesson. So, it more like a continual learning process.

Plus, there is also homework to make it practicable and be sure you’re doing what you’re learning via the challenge.

One Funnel Away Challenge 2.0

Note that the program, as of 11th January 2021, was updated to a new version (OFA Challenge 2.0). This updated version gives users fresh video training content, where they do assignments, and suits the marketing trends.

The pre-recorded videos in the older versions have been replaced in this updated model, which makes it better than the previous version.

Some of the skills you’ll learn from this challenge include product selling, lead generation, sales funnel building, traffic generation, money mindset, etc.

The program was designed by individuals who’ve helped establish highly profitable sales funnels available today. Within thirty days, you’ll have an effective sales funnel that can generate leads, sales, and more profits.

Even those without anything to sell can still use this program to create their sales funnel. Individuals are taken through a step-by-step process of setting up sales funnels, using an easy-to-understand teaching method and direction.

Now, starting on this challenge isn’t as easy as it sounds. But, following the steps we’ve written in this One Funnel Away Challenge review and doing some independent research can make the program worth it at the end of the day.

However, we should also mention that the program is not suitable for everyone. Note that it demands your attention and time to learn how to set up your sales funnel within 30 days.

The challenge can suit you if you;

  • Want help selling your product/service
  • Need help to grow your business online
  • Are an affiliate marketer who wants to make more sales
  • Want to start an online business that will give you long term revenue
  • Need help creating/launching a successful sales funnel

But for those too busy to complete the OFA daily tasks, or who don’t want to spend any money, the OFA challenge may not be right for them.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Breakdown

ofa challenge breakdown

OFA was created by Rusell Brunson (founder of click funnels) along with other mentors like Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen.

They designed this challenge to help individuals create and implement their sales funnel within 30 days of learning how to do it. Let’s look at the OFA challenge breakdown.

The Strategy

Russell and his team send to OFA users a new mission daily via the private Facebook group.

They’re 30 minutes long video content that gives individuals the strategy to use when creating a sales funnel. Note that you can network and interact with OFA coaches and other individuals who also use this program.

The Tactics

After learning the strategy, you’re then given a One Pager mission document. It contains tactics needed to complete different strategies of creating a sales funnel.

You’ll access videos guiding you on how a particular strategy is implemented and a digital workbook that keeps things clear for you. The missions usually need 1/2-1 hours to complete.


This involves implementing and launching your sales funnel. Note that you’ll get video training for 30 days and a live training session that occurs three days a week.

During the live sessions, participants ask OFA experts any questions they have concerning funnels, strategies, technology challenges, etc.

What’s Required of You in the Challenge?

If you choose to accept this challenge, you’ll be required to finish the tasks given to you every day for thirty days. This is where it gets hard for those who are too busy.

Learners will have to do some prep work, and you’ll also be given homework every day. Daily missions are posted on digital workbook for users to complete the task given.

They usually start with a video from Russell, followed by another video (although not always) and a pre-recorded live call from Stephen, Morgan, or Eli, coaching you on which strategy to take.

After, you’re given a mission that’s supported by Module Worksheets or Workbook, which you should complete for that day. If you want, you can download it in the members’ training area.

However, you must do that mission right away, which means taking action immediately.

If you’re too busy for that mission, don’t start working on it yet.

Pause the video, finish the tasks at hand, then come back to it later on. We should mention that some things may not seem important at first. But, do them anyway because while they can look irrelevant, they help build a profitable sales funnel.

Accept The Challenge!

One funnel Away Challenge Review: An Inside Look

The program is spread into four weeks, which are Offer, Story, Hooks, and Funnel for weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively.

However, before you get to the main challenges, there’s a pre-challenge week to prepare you for what’s ahead. Let’s elaborate on what happens each week.

Week 0: Pre-Training Week

Here, creators simply want to prepare you for the missions on the other weeks. It gets you ready for the rest of the challenge.

During this week, users will kick start the challenge with seven missions that will determine how they’ll perform in this coaching program. These missions are;

  • One must believe
  • What we learn from failure
  • Who now How
  • Not The How
  • 10X Secrets
  • Catch up Day
  • Review of the mission

Week 1: Creating Offers

The offer is where the main challenge begins. During this week, individuals are taught how they can hack into someone else’s offers, design, and implement theirs, which are unique from those of others with the same service or product.

This process is called funnel or offer hacking.

You’ll be needed to hack great sales funnels from your competitors within your industry and model them to be outstanding.

But, note that creating an offer isn’t the same as creating a product. Product creation simply involves creating a product that can be similar to that of your competitor.

But when it comes to offer creation, you build a different thing that hasn’t been offered by your competitors, which makes your business stand out from the infiltrated market.

During week 1, you’ll learn about;

  • Hacking Offers
  • Making Your Offers
  • Offer Sequencing
  • Greatest Showman
  • Creating Offer Assets and eCovers

Week 2: Telling Your Story and Creating Hooks

Here users tell their story very creatively and in an interesting way for their audience to like them and connect with them. You will also inform them of your product/service and how it will help them solve the problem they have.

Individuals are given various tips and resources to help them better their publishing and presentation skills. As such, this helps attract more customers.

You will publish and test your story using different formats to learn what works and what does not.

The missions you’ll complete during this week are;

  • Material Testing
  • Epiphany Bridge
  • Publishing Your Story
  • Testing Hooks/Stories

Week 3: The Funnel and Strategy of Creating It

Here, you’ll work on the content and belief that you want your sales funnel to have. During this week, you will use the strategies learned in the above weeks to start creating your funnel.

Russell and his team will share with you the core strategy of building a funnel to help you work on yours.

You’ll also learn how the ClickFunnels software works and the various funnel types available, including membership, one-time offers, squeeze page, and upsells funnels among others.

Week 4: Traffic (how to drive traffic to your funnel)

Traffic is an integral aspect of marketing. You might have a good product, write an excellent copy, and have a sales funnel with high converting rates, but without traffic, who will you be selling to?

The missions in the above weeks are important.

But, they don’t matter if you don’t get people to see your funnel. This is why Russel teaches you the different traffic types and how you can attract potential customers to visit your sales funnel.

The final missions you’ll have to complete during this week are;

  • The Three Traffic Types
  • Dream 100
  • Hooks Earned Your Way
  • Hooks Paid
  • What to Do When Your Funnel Fails

Is One Funnel Away Challenge Worth the Price ($100)?

Since a slot is going to cost $100, I think it’s only proper we do a review on the one funnel away challenge. And see if it’s worth the price.

However, you should know that there’s a money-back guarantee if for any reason you don’t like the content that’s been taught. You get your full money back and no questions asked!

So what are you getting with your $100 bill after you’ve must have enrolled for the challenge? Let’s take a look at them one at a time.

30 Days Intense Video Coaching from Russell Brunson

These are videos coaching from the CEO himself on how to make you a master of sales funnels for any kind of business.

He’s practically going to hold you by hand via the video live coaching till you become a better version of yourself business-wise. Who happens to be one of the best online marketers in the world.

30 Days Video Coaching from the Top 2 Other Coaches

Alongside Russell’s video, you’ll also get video coaching from the other top 2 coaches, Julie and Steve Larsen. You’ll learn via these coaches how you can:

  • Drive traffics
  • Create lead magnets
  • Master product creation
  • Create stories and offer to hack to sell your products
  • And many more…

The 2 coaches are multi-millionaires with vast experience online. Trust me, there’s no better lesson than receiving one from someone who has actually been through it all!

Customized Challenge Kit

The customized challenge kit is a bonus stack that’s made available for every participant after the challenge. This will be shipped to your location where ever you are in the world.

one funnel away challenge kit

You’ll just have to pay for the shipping fee which is just $19.95. This is if you’re in the US and $29.95 if you’re outside the US. Not so bad is it?

What’s included in the challenge kit? Let’s break it down one after the other:

#1. MP3 Player

This MP3 player contains all the recordings of the 30 day one funnel away challenge. This includes the actual recording of Russel Brunson and that of 2 other coaches.

one funnel away challenge mp3 kit

The MP3 player contains over 50 recordings and almost 48hours of training to keep you motivated at all times. The part best is you can re-listen to them at your own leisure time.

This could be while driving, jogging or even at the gym

#2. Hard Copy of the Challenge Workbook

The workbook contains an overview of the entire 30 days challenge. Which is going to be a compliment to the initial challenge.

It includes a checklist of tasks that needs to be completed every day and also a space to brainstorm new ideas. This is quite handy as it gives you the ability to re-visit what you’ve learned before.

The Challenge Workbook acts as your companion to the video training every day (week 1 to the end). It includes pages that correspond with every day of the Challenge

#3. 30 Days Hardcover Book

This amazing hard-cover book includes the actionable plan 30 millionaires gave on how to escape their broke state if they suddenly lose everything.

ofa 30 days work book

It’s a 550-page book with a detailed plan from the 2Comma Club members. I personally believed this only, is worth more than 100 bucks. Not to talk of the initial amazing bonuses we’ve covered.

#4. Unlimited Access to The 30Days Interview

Not only do you get to keep the 550-page book of the 30 “2Comma Club” member about their actionable plan to grow a 6figure business after they’ve lost everything.

ofa unlimited access

You’ll also get to keep your access for a lifetime. This means even after the 30Days challenge is over you get to re-listen to the interview over and over again.

In addition to this, the 30 “2 Comma Club” Member also share their funnels and strategy behind the scene. This includes what worked for them and how they did it.

Accept The Challenge!

Who Should Participate in the One Funnel Away Challenge?

You might think the one funnel away challenge is only meant for a certain group of people which is not. It’s perfect for a complete beginner and successful entrepreneur seeking to take their business to the next level irrespective of their business niche!

Your business niche is not a barrier; the main motive is to learn how to skyrocket your business income via sales funnel. So it doesn’t matter if you’re into:

  • Drop shipping
  • Selling Info products
  • Freelancing
  • digital marketing
  • B2B
  • funnel building
  • share funnel
  • Blogging
  • Consulting/Coaching
  • Real Estate
  • Dentist
  • Affiliate marketing
  • ECommerce
  • Or you simply want to make money online

The 30Days challenge is going to re-shape your mindset toward online marketing and how you can move your world via your business.

At the end of the challenge, you’ll be able to create irresistible offers to keep potential customers to keep patronizing you. You also know the benefits of competition and how you can take advantage of it to skyrocket your income.

And most importantly, how to automate your business and make money while you sleep at the comfort of your house using sales funnels.

Mind you, if you’re not a Clickfunnels active member yet, and you don’t want to, that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the one funnel away challenge.

You could even test out the platform with their 14Days trial and cancel if you don’t wish to continue. It’s as simple as that!

What You Need to Know About the Coaches

The One funnel away challenge is handled by 3 brilliant coaches who happen to be Clickfunnels co-founder Brunson and ClickFunnels VP Julie and finally, the funnel master Steve Larsen.

These are the 3 gurus that will be holding you by hands for the entire 30Days of the one funnel away challenge. All 3 coaches are multi-millionaire in the marketing industry with a great reputation online.

Let’s see a brief rundown about these 3 coaches:

#1. Russell B (First Coach)

russel brunson

Russell is the brain behind the Clickfunnels software and a multi-millionaire marketer. He’s also the author of the popular best-selling DotCom Secrets and Expert Secret books.

Brunson teaches the right mindset to start your marketing journey and also strategies for building a successful funnel. He will show you how to take advantage of the competition and dominate your business market.

This same guy charges well over $200,000 for a one on one class. Now imagine having access to such a mastermind for over 30Days!

It’s going to transform your overall business for good!

#2. Julie Stoian (Second Coach)


julie stoia

Julie Stoian being the second coach is an award winner of the “2 Comma Club”, a multi-millionaire herself and creator of several masterminds.

Her teaching focus on how to be practicable with the teachings learned from the previous coach.

She’s currently one of the top figures in Clickfunnels helping several students on how to utilize sales funnels to transform their marketing.

Julie is an owner of multiple million generating business and an expert in what she does! This is someone you’ll definitely want to go-to in taking your business to the next level.

#3. Steve Larsen (Third Coach)



Steve Larsen is the founder of the popular sales funnels podcast known as Sale Funnel Radio. Just like Julie, Steve larsen is also an award winner of the “2 Comma Club” and one of the best Sale Funnel Expert out there.

His teaching is not to be taken lightly, because he’s actually the best of the best at what he does. And this is exactly what he brings to the One funnel away challenge.

Steve handles the LIVE group calls where you get to interact and ask any pressing questions you might have.

One funnel Away Challenge Review: Pros and Cons

Our one funnel away challenge review will be incomplete if we failed to talk about the good and bad sides of the program.

However, before getting to the pros and cons, it’s essential we explain the difference between sales funnels and websites. Websites have many menus and different links that take users to different parts of the site.

In most of them, there’s always a link that prevents users from buying a product/service. But in sales funnels, there aren’t too many pages, links, or menus that can block a customer from purchasing your product.

That said, let’s look at the advantages of using the OFA program;

  • Excellent training on building a sales funnel and attracting traffic to it.
  • Various bonuses like a physical workbook copy, a hardcover book, access to 30-day interviews, etc.
  • An Mp3 player that has all recording, meaning individuals can listen to the coaching and interviews anywhere at any time.
  • A large Facebook community where one can interact with other people who are using the program.
  • Helps users take immediate action as they can implement things while they are still learning.

However, OFA also has its drawbacks, including;

  • You can’t access the content after 30 days, meaning you can miss out on lessons if you love procrastinating.
  • Offers a lot of useful information to be processed within a short time, which may be disadvantageous to busy individuals or those who take time to learn.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

I think it’s proper you know that you can also make your $100 back from the One Funnel Away Challenge by promoting it through the Clickfunnels affiliate program.

This is after you’ve must have gone through the 30 Day challenge as it’s also part of what you’re going to learn. One affiliate sales earn you a total of 100% Commission.

There’s no special requirement to participate after you’ve gone through the ofa challenge. You don’t even need an active ClickFunnels account to join the affiliate program.

All you need do is get your affiliate link at to participate as an affiliate and earn 100% commission on every sale.

Accept The Challenge!

OFA Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s go over some of the most frequently asked questions about the one funnel away challenge

How much is the one funnel away challenge?

Users pay a one-time fee of $100. Paying this price gives one access to OFA coaching videos, 30-day eBook, live coaching, OnePager digital workbook, interviews, etc.

Orders feature two versions; digital and physical. If you purchase a digital order, you’ll pay $100. But those who want a physical order need to pay for the shipping costs.

Shipping charges are $19.95 and $29.95 in the USA and outside the USA, respectively.

But this price will give you unlimited access to the video coaching lessons for good. We should also mention that there’s a special offer called OFA Platinum that is given to those who buy OFA and ClickFunnels.

Also, note that you can get OFA for free. However, these will only be pre-recorded old videos. And this offer is only limited to those who have a Platinum ClickFunnels account.

How often is the OFA Challenge?

Previously, it happened every month. However, nowadays, it starts after two weeks for various batches.

We should also mention that anyone can participate in this challenge, whether or not they use ClickFunnels.

You’ll only need to sign up, then create an OFA challenge account using the same email you gave out when signing in, then purchase the order you want.

After, you’ll get access to all training and interview videos that are specific to your members’ area.

Is the OFA challenge worth it?

The OFA challenge is actually worth more than the $100 bill. It’s worth over $1000. But if you take action now, you’ll gain access to 30 days’ worth of $1000 training.

Is there a refund for the OFA Challenge?

Yes! Just like every other product and service that comes with a money-back guarantee. The one funnel away challenge with a 30days money-back guarantee.

Must I be a ClickFunnels user to participate in OFA?

No, you don’t! You don’t have to be a Clickunnels user to participate in the OFA challenge. Once you make your purchase, you’ll be provided a separate login area for the challenge.

How long is the one funnel away challenge?

30 day. The OFA Challenge is a 30-day challenge where you get hand-holding coaching to help you create and launch your sales funnel from scratch even if you don’t have any idea what you’re going to sell.


The OFA Challenge is totally worth it. This is exactly what you need to go through if you’ve been going through a hard time selling your products. Or probably you need more leads for your business!

It’s perfect for any kind of business. Be it affiliate marketing, e-commerce or consultation. You’ll master the art of using lead bait to turn a cold potential customer into a hot paying customer.

The benefit is just endless!

However, you do need to prepare your mind for the entire challenge as you’ll need to plan your day-to-day activities. This will allow you to get much of the challenge for the next 30Days!

Are you ready to give it a trial?

Go Secure your spot here for the next OFA challenge!

There you have it on our one funnel away challenge review. So, what’s your thought on this? Let me hear them using the comment box.

Accept The Challenge!

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