SaleSource vs Ecomhunt [Review] Best Winning Product Tool?

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In today’s post, I’ll do a SaleSource review while comparing it to EcomHunt as both winning product tools for your dropshipping business.

Chances are you’ve heard about the two tools [SaleSource and EcomHunt] and you decide to learn more.

Or perhaps you feel stuck as to which one to choose between the two of them. Trust me, I know how it feels.

The dropshipping industry is quite large with lots of competitors. And your ticket to success in this industry is just a winning product.

But, sadly, the winning product you find has a lot to do with the product hunting tool you use. And besides, there are a lot of options in the industry.

So it’s easier to get overwhelmed when making crucial decisions, most especially if you’re considering SaleSource or EcomHunt.

The truth is, there’re so many factors to consider while creating your dropshipping website and there’s more to it than a beautiful website.

Other than various dropshipping software you might have installed to optimize your store, one of the most important success factors of this business is your choice of products.

Which is why I’ve handpicked two of the best winning product research tools for your dropshipping store.

So in this post, we’ll explore the SaleSource together as well as the differences and similarities in features of both tools alongside their pricing plans.

I’ll place more emphasis on the SaleSource review to see how it compares to EcomHunt both on pricing and general features.

Let’s cut to chase.

What is SaleSource

SaleSource is a robust dropshipping platform that not only handles your product research but also takes care of your store marketing and design.

This tool integrates directly with Oberlo and Shopify and allows you to easily import winning products from the best supplier.

However, it’s also important to note that SaleSource isn’t a fulfilment tool, they analyse the product then provide integration with Oberlo for the fulfilment.

Other than finding a winning product, SaleSource also helps in analyzing competitors and finding suppliers.

Here’s a breakdown of what SaleSource has to offer:

  • 100+ million products
  • Product database
  • Supplier database
  • Store database
  • Product score
  • Video Ad finder
  • Shopify store analyzer
  • Chrome extension

But basically, all the features can be categories under 4 sections, which includes:

  • Product
  • Store
  • Marketing
  • Integration

salesource dashboard

#1: Products

This section has to do with your products on SaleSource which includes product search, product analyses, best sellers, trending now.

Other than that, there’s also a section for “My Products, Imported and Favorites”.

Here, you can easily search for a product using product keywords or using product images or check from the trending section or best sellers.

salesource product analyzer


The product analyzer section allows you to analyze a product using the product image or URL and Salesource provides you with the product data and best version of the product on AliExpress.

#2: Store

The store section is built to analyse your competition or to track the best performing store to get an idea of what they are doing that makes them successful.

The section includes “Top Stores, Analyse Store and Tracked Store”.

For the Top stores, you’ll get a full breakdown of the top-performing stores on the Shopify platform. The “Analyse Store” features, however, lets you see the total analytic of a particular store.

Which includes data like store traffic, types of Shopify apps, best selling products, ad campaigns and several other datas.

This is particularly good if you want to do a reverse engineer on a particular store to see what works and replicate it for your online store.

#3: Marketing

The marketing section consists of various tools you can use to enhance your product marketing, like product video and Facebook ad video.

All these can be used to promote your dropshipping products across several social media networks to generate good results.

#4: Integration

SaleSource allows you to integrate directly with AliExpress and Shopify. It comes with a chrome extension that allows you to analyse products automatically on several e-commerce websites.

Currently, you can analyse products on Amazon, eBay, Shopify and WooCommerce. And everything is done automatically with the help of the chrome extension.

What is EcomHunt

ecomhunt daily winning products

Ecomhunt is specifically a winning product curator tool that provides its users with hot performing products on a daily basis.

Unlike SaleSource, EcomHunt isn’t an all-in-one solution to dropshipping. It focuses only on hunting hot products and how to market the products.

Alongside every winning product, they provide ad insight like targeting, location and interest of potential buyers.

So users can, in turn, use this information to market the products or use it as an insight to create better ads for their product.

Founded in 2016, EcomHunt has grown to become one of the best.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

  • Product database
  • Product estimated price
  • Saturation inspector
  • Facebook Ads targeting
  • Adhunter chrome extension
  • Instagram influencers

SaleSource Review vs. EcomHunt – Differences

Let’s dive into the differences between SaleSource and EcomHunt.

#1: Hot and Trending Products

To begin with, trending products are the leading service they both offer. However, there’s a difference in the model of the services.

For SaleSource, it has a large number of products of over 100 million products.

To be candid, that’s a whole lot of products on SaleSource.

salesource trending products

You have two different options for finding hot products to sell. The first is the “Trending Now” option. This section is always updated daily, and it’s listed based on the bump in sales and orders.

And the second-way around this is the “Best Sellers” section that lists products based on their overall performance over-time.

The products listed here are products that have consistently maintained their growth in sales and orders.

Either of these two options will find you a winning product for your dropshipping store.

But the best part is the disappearance of the product feed. The trending products are displayed for a limited amount of time to counter over saturation of the niche.

In contrast to EcomHunt, there’s no figure or data on the number of products they have in their store.

And in finding trending products, there’s only one interface to carry out your search. However, there are a lot of filters to help you out.

Besides, EcomHunt is always updated daily with trending products.

#2: Filter Options

When it comes to finding trending products, both tools have an extensive database. And the ability to filter your search is priceless.

EcomHunt performs better here with an extensive range of filter options to help you with your search.

On EcomHunt, you can filter your search based on the categories. The categories are in alphabetical order, which makes it easier to locate your niche or category.

You can filter your result based on the offer-type, free plus shipping, funnel, and retail.

Another option is to search for products based on the order they are added concerning time; last seven days, last 14 days, last 30 days, and last month.

The last filter is the search box. Right from the search box, you can find products based on their keywords or the brand name.

On the contrary, SaleSource has limited filter options.

SaleSource offers mainly the category option. You can select a category from the list of categories. You can also switch on the “US shipping” option to sort out all the products that allow US shipping.

All the above filter options can only be found in the “Best Sellers” category. The “Trending Now” does not have any filter option.

You have to scroll to find a trending product.

#3: Shopify Store Analyzer

To begin with, SaleSource has a database of Shopify stores. They display the stores alongside their details like monthly traffic and revenue.

salesource shopify store analyzer

Besides, you can analyze any Shopify store by using the built-in analyzer on SaleSource.

The analyzer will bring in the essential details like the monthly revenue, age of the domain, the best selling products, recently added product, and the marketing channel for the store.

This is missing on EcomHunt. This is an obvious win for SaleSource.

#4: Video Finder

As the feature is referred to on SaleSource, it curates top videos about the product that can be used for marketing.

With the video finder, you can find product videos that can be used for Facebook ads. However, you cannot create your own custom video on the platform.

Similar to SaleSource, EcomHunt has a YouTube video for each product that is always at the bottom of the product description.

While SaleSource will curate a lot of videos for one product, EcomHunt only shows a single YouTube video for each product.

#5: AdHunter

AdHunter is a chrome extension offered by EcomHunt. With Adhunter, you can spy on your competitors’ ads and see their Facebook ads.

Besides, you get to search for successful Facebook ads based on the product. And the best part is that the ads are displayed the same way it’s seen on Facebook.

Needless to say, this feature is missing on SaleSource. The closest you get the Facebook video finder that finds videos on the products.

An obvious win for EcomHunt here.

#6: Instagram Influencer

After the top of the page where the main details of the product are displayed, the bottom of the page has an Instagram influencers section.

In this section, EcomHunt displays the list of influencers that you can reach out to and get your products in front of the right audience.

ecomhunt selected instagram influencers


Just like you guessed, this feature is missing on SaleSource.

#7: SaleSource Chrome Extension

As its name implies, this is a chrome extension offered by SaleSource. And the function of the chrome extension is interesting and a winning feature for SaleSource.

The chrome extension turns ON when you are browsing through Aliexpress product listing or other stores.

While browsing through a product, the chrome extension will bring out details about the supplier and the product details.

You get to see the sales and orders chart to see how the product has been performing. So without logging into your dashboard, you can continue your research.

Doing what you love, surfing the Aliexpress store, the chrome extension will work as an assistant and guide to help you with the product details and the suppliers’ details.

With the chrome extension, you can view the ratings and reviews of the product and the store.

The best part is that you can download product images and review images.

This kind of feature is missing on EcomHunt. You are restricted to the dashboard of EcomHunt and AdHunter.

Needless to say, it’s an obvious win for SaleSource.

#8: SaleSource Platinum Services

SaleSource platinum services is an added tool that allows you to order for services that you need for the smooth running of your dropshipping store.

Services like logo design, fixing of bugs, product reviews, product descriptions, store optimization, and many other services.

However, this comes at a fee depending on the pricing of each of the service listings. Before buying from any of the freelancers, you’ll need to check their ratings.

As said earlier, it isn’t a free service, you have to pay for it.

As at the time of writing, there’s no provision for this on EcomHunt. If you need any service to put your store in order, you’ll need to make use of the general freelance platforms.

#9: Facebook Community

It’s evident that you will run into a few problems or maybe need expert assistance during your dropshipping business.

And as a beginner, to reduce the number of mistakes you make, you need expert assistance from veteran dropshippers.

EcomHunt has got you covered on this. EcomHunt has a Facebook community with a lot of veteran dropshippers to assist you whenever you have problems or need assistance.

ecomhunt facebook group

Besides, you can trust on the lead of EcomHunt’s founder, Mordechai Arba, another veteran dropshipper with a number of the successful dropshipping stores.

#10: Sales Center / Webinars and Tutorials

Both EcomHunt and SaleSource provide tutorials on how to use their platforms. Sale centre is where SaleSource houses its tutorial and training videos.

Right from the sales centre, you can learn more about how to find winning products using SaleSource, their chrome extension, and other tools.

The shortcoming here is that, if you need support in sourcing your products, you will need to go for a higher premium plan to access their team support.

On the other hand, EcomHunt provides webinars and tutorials to use their platform. The webinars and tutorials cover more than using EcomHunt and also include dropshipping tutorials for beginners.

You’ll learn how to thrive in the dropshipping industry and many other things you need to know.

Given the fact that EcomHunt offers a single paid plan, you don’t need to upgrade to any plan to access their team for support.

If you need their support, you can access their customer support team anytime.

SaleSource Review vs. EcomHunt – Similarities

Importing Products to Shopify

If you use Shopify to host your store, then you can do more with both tools.

Both EcomHunt and SaleSource allow you to import products from Aliexpress to your Shopify store without much hassle.

For EcomHunt, it integrates with Oberlo, and you will have to view the product listing on Oberlo before importing to your Shopify store from Oberlo.

But for SaleSource, you don’t have to. SaleSource has direct integration with Shopify and allows you to import your products directly without having to go through Oberlo.

salesource shopify app

Regardless of that, both tools allow you to import your products without much stress.

Estimated Sales

For each of the trending products you find, EcomHunt and SaleSource display the profit potential of the products.

You get to see the cost of the product on Aliexpress, the selling price on other stores, and the profit potential of the product.

SaleSource Pricing

salesource pricing

Most of the time, if the features are met, the pricing determines the tool to go with. So let’s look into their pricing plans.

Let’s dive into SaleSource pricing plans.

To start with, SaleSource offers three different pricing plans; essential, pro, and elite plans. On each of the plans, there’s a 7-day free trial that does not require your credit card.

During the 7-days trial, you can go through the interface and see if it meets your demands before buying a plan.

Here is a breakdown of what you get for each of the plans.

Essential Plan

This plan costs $49 per month when billed monthly and $29 per month when billed annually. With this plan, you have access to nearly all features, aside from store review and advertising support.

Pro Plan

This plan costs $99 per month when billed monthly and $59 per month when billed annually. You get access to all features including store review and advertising support. However, there are restrictions on the number of products and some other features.

Elite Plan

This plan costs $299 per month when billed monthly and $199 per month when billed annually. On this plan, you get access to all features with no restriction at all.

EcomHunt Pricing


ecomhunt pricing

Unlike SaleSource, EcomHunt doesn’t have a lot of pricing plans. It offers two basic plans; the free plan and the pro plan.

The forever free plan knows no end but has a lot of restrictions. You are only limited to 2 new products per day.

And for the pro plan, it costs $29 per month, offering all features including unlimited product updates and a Facebook community.

And there’s a free coupon to beat the price down to $20 per month. In essence, you get the best pricing on EcomHunt compared to SaleSource.

SaleSource Pros

  • It’s an all in one dropshipping tool
  • It integrates directly with Shopify and Oberlo
  • SaleSource has a platform to source for services
  • Offers a video finder tool

SaleSource Cons

  • It’s expensive
  • Doesn’t offer advanced filter options
  • Lacks a Facebook community
  • Lacks a free plan

EcomHunt Pros

  • It offers advanced filter options
  • Offers a Facebook community to engage with veteran dropshippers
  • It offers a free plan
  • It’s cheap and affordable
  • Offers Facebook ads targeting

EcomHunt Cons

  • Lacks a video finder tool
  • Doesn’t have a platform to source for services

SaleSource Review vs. EcomHunt – Which is Best?

Back to the question, which is best?

After going through the features of both tools, it’s clear they both have their wins.

SaleSource is an all-in-one solution tool with a lot of features compared to EcomHunt, while EcomHunt specializes in product hunting and Facebook ads alone.

While SaleSource is quite robust so also is the pricing plan, EcomHunt is cheap and affordable besides it also has a forever free plan.

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution tool for dropshipping, then SaleSource will be a better choice for you.

However, if you are looking for a tool that specializes in hunting hot products, then EcomHunt will be the best for you.

Likewise, if you’re tight on budget, and all you need is a tool that updates you on best selling products to sell. Then you’re better off with SaleSource.

With the detailed Salesource review and Ecomhunt above, which of these tools would you be trying?




I would love to hear from you below.

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