How to Start a Faceless YouTube Channel

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How to start a faceless YouTube channel
How to start a faceless YouTube channel

In today’s article, we will be discussing how you can start a Faceless YouTube channel in a detailed step-by-step process.

Having a YouTube channel is one of the gold mines you can leverage in this century.

A YouTube channel tends to provide more credibility to your brand and business.

YouTube is also one of the largest search engines after Google. So, you see why you need to have one today.

However, the major challenge might be the reservation about showing your face to the public.

Most especially if you are an introvert. Nonetheless, technology is advancing and we now have a Faceless YouTube channel.

You should not allow good money-making opportunities to slip off your hand. 

Without showing your face, you can make good money off your YouTube channel if you know how to go about it.

That is why in this article, I will explain to you what a faceless YouTube channel is all about and a step-by-step process on how you can begin.

Shall we delve in?

What is Faceless YouTube Automation?

A faceless YouTube Automation is a type of YouTube channel where you do not have to show your face.

Not only that, you can outsource everything about the videos you upload.  

Outsourcing means you can hire someone to generate the script, create the videos, and even upload them for you.

This is an aspect of running a YouTube channel that is not yet saturated.

The good part of this automation is that there are tools that you can use, rather than spending so much on hiring someone.

As earlier mentioned, it is a faceless YouTube channel because you don’t have to sit in front of any camera and record yourself.

We call this kind of YouTube channel a cash cow YouTube channel.

Basically, all you need to do is record your voice (more like a voice-over). This is where you explain what you intend to share with your viewers.

Then, you need to have a collection of images or videos that correlate with what you are talking about.

You can hire a video editor or use some good video editing tools to fix that. We will talk more about this as we proceed.

As a result of the minimal stress involved, you can create as many videos as you can.

Now that you know what a faceless YouTube channel and its automation are all about,

let’s help you start one.

How to start a faceless YouTube Channel in 5 steps

It’s one thing to have an idea about a subject; it is another thing to understand its application.

As simple as a faceless YouTube channel seems, doing it the wrong way might not yield the desired result.

That is why if you follow these 5 simple steps, you can be sure to be on the path to making some cool cash.

Step #1. Pick a niche

The first thing you should take your time to analyze before setting up any channel is to be sure of what niche you want to go into.

This is a very critical point because it will determine largely the success of the whole set-up.

You don’t want to go into a niche that people are less interested in.

Your niche should have a large audience.

That is why one way you can discover the right niche is to check out different Faceless YouTube Channels.

Look at the niches and see the responsiveness of people to them.

The mistake most people make is that they select a niche that interests them and not the audience.

In as much as you should pick a niche that you easily flow with, it is still more about the audience.

Examples of some high-traffic niches are; Sports, cryptocurrency, travel, trending news, and reports.

I have collated a list of (the best niche ideas for the Faceless YouTube channel).

After selecting a niche, don’t stop at that. Narrow it down. Make your channel unique.

For example, if you are opting for travel, yours could be about sharing tips that can help people travel to different countries easily.

You can even still narrow it down to a particular region or country.

These are what make your Faceless YouTube channel more unique.

Step #2. Set up Your Faceless YouTube channel

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How to start a faceless YouTube channel

It’s time to create your faceless YouTube channel.

The same way you create a typical YouTube channel is also the same way you create this.

Go to YouTube either with your phone or PC, then sign up and create an account.

You don’t necessarily have to state in your description that it is a Faceless YouTube channel.

You only need to describe what the channel is all about. While doing that, you need to have knowledge of SEO.

Remember that I said in the introductory part that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

You rightly know that what makes you rank easily on search engines is your optimization which largely depends on your Keyword.

In describing your channel, make sure you use keywords that people are looking for in that niche.

The same thing applies to each of the videos you upload.

Thereafter, decide on what your YouTube channel will be called. One tip that can help you here is this- keep the name short and catchy.

But make sure it relates to what the channel is about.

#3. Create faceless videos

Now, the YouTube channel is up.

It’s time to start creating your videos. There are different types of Faceless YouTube videos you can opt for.

It could be animations, converting texts to videos, or simply image slideshows. You can also compile different short video clips on the topic and merge them uniquely.

Two major ways to create these faceless videos include;

Use Video Editors

video editor

It’s a tech world and there are several video editing tools that you can use for your projects.

Some of these tools include;

  • Doodle,
  • Viddyoze
  • Toonly
  • Invideo,
  • And a host of others.

It is much easier to use especially if you are just starting.

This is because some of these tools come with beautiful templates that can serve as a guide.

Also, most of these tools come with free versions as well. Therefore, you might not need to spend so much on them at the beginning.

The other good part about using a video editor is that you can create as many videos as possible within a short time.

If your faceless YouTube channel is one that talks about trends, this is very important because you would always need to churn out the content as quickly as possible before the story dies off.

Hire Freelancer on Fiverr

It is possible that you do not even want to get too involved with the whole process either as a result of other important tasks or other reasons.

I mentioned earlier that you can outsource.

One way to outsource is to hire someone to manage all the tasks for you. You can hire a freelancer on Fiverr.

There are a lot of good freelancers there who can help you set up your Faceless YouTube channel from start to finish.

You could also hire them to create the videos, edit, upload, and every other thing in between.

All you just need to do is oversee and ensure what they do is what you want.

#4. Monetize Videos

The end result of all these is to make money. Of what use is a venture that is not profitable?

That is why I must talk about this aspect.

However, note that the monetizing part will not begin the same day you start up the channel.

You should have fairly good traction before monetizing comes up.

Let’s look at some ways by which you can monetize the videos on your Faceless YouTube channel;

Through Ads

This is the most prominent way to monetize your videos. There is what we call the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

After uploading content for a while and you have attained the requirements, you would be qualified to have YouTube place ads on every video you upload.

For every watch or click on those ads, there is revenue generated. Then there is a percentage that goes to YouTube and you.

To be able to qualify for this, you must have achieved a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

Once you have achieved this, simply go to your YouTube settings and click on Monetization.

If you are eligible, it will notify you. It will also ask you to set up a Google Adsense account that you will link to the channel.

This is where you get paid. After doing that, YouTube will ask you to wait so that they can review the process.

Affiliate Marketing

This is another good way to monetize your videos. In affiliate marketing, you sell other people’s products and earn a commission on the products sold.

You don’t have to own any of the products.

This type of marketing requires some strategic approach. You could do direct marketing of the products on your channel by talking about it outrightly.

In another way, you could create videos that talk about a topic that would eventually lead to marketing that product.

For example, if you would be marketing video editing software for YouTube.

You could start by talking about how to create videos on YouTube without stress.

Then, you make use of a Video editor as a major way to carry that out. Afterward, you recommend that video editing software as the best. Product sold!

Personal Product

Do you have personal products?

Well, here is a good medium to have them sold. It is almost the same way as affiliate marketing.

The only difference here is that the product is yours.

If you have been able to build the KLT (Know, Like, and Trust) factor into your YouTube channel operation, it will be very easy to get your products sold.

It is also easier to sell any product on your Faceless YouTube channel once you have a large number of subscribers.

That is why I earlier mentioned that you should have grown your channel well before the monetizing strategies.

You should have shared a lot of valuable information on your channel first before sales. So that it does not begin to look like you created the channel to sell products.

It can turn some audiences off.

Sponsored Ads

In this method, you also market someone’s products. It is similar to both YouTube ads and affiliate marketing.

Nonetheless, it is very much different.

It works more like YouTube ads because the products are advertised in between your videos as well.

The only difference is that it is not YouTube.

You agree with someone or a company to feature their products. They could either send you the created ads for you to include in between your videos or you outrightly talk about it.

It is also different from Affiliate marketing in that you do not earn per commission.

You reach an agreement on how much you want them to pay you for your services and they pay before you run the ads.

This is very possible once your YouTube channel has a large number of subscribers.

You could draft a proposal and send it to big firms so that you can run a sponsored ad for them and what the result will be.

#5. Automate with Virtual Assistant

You need a virtual assistant as you proceed. This is because the bigger you go, the more the demands.

The way you operate when you are just starting out is not the same way you operate as time goes on.

Even if you want to handle the creation of videos and uploads, there is still more to operating a YouTube channel than that.

The virtual assistant helps in researching keywords and trending topics. Also, with the virtual assistant, you can write closed captions in different languages.

This can make your videos relatable to a wider audience range especially if your niche covers a global audience.

Another service the virtual assistant can render is writing descriptions for your videos. Some tools that can do this for you are Jasper AI, Closerscopy, etc

Other examples of virtual assistants that can help you with the automation process are Vidiq and Keywords Explorer.

With the Virtual assistant handling those tasks, you have ample time to focus on other aspects like the monetization part.

Once you carefully explore all these steps we have discussed, you have your Faceless YouTube channel up, and running, and making money.

Pros and Cons of Faceless YouTube Channel

Let’s now examine what you stand to gain or lose if you operate a Faceless YouTube channel


Below are some of the advantages of setting up a faceless YouTube channel;

You don’t have to show your face

If you have at one time recorded any video or been with someone who does, you will agree with me that it can be a lot of processes.

From having to use a well-lit environment to your appearance and posture to the positioning of the camera, it can be a lot of Herculean tasks.

It is worse if you are quite introverted and do not like anything that makes you come out in public.

I guess it is safe to say that a Faceless YouTube channel is a lifesaver. You don’t have to show your face at any time.

Can be fully automated

A faceless YouTube channel can be fully automated. Since it does not entirely require your face or even voice at times, it can be automated.

The different processes can be done by virtual assistants and other editing tools. It requires less physical activity from you.

That is why the automation availability makes it easier to churn out lots of content regularly.

You can also schedule the times you want your content uploaded.

Highly Scalable

A Faceless YouTube channel is one of the highly scalable businesses you can venture into.

You only need minimal cost to generate high revenue.

Even if demand is becoming huge and you need to create more videos than before, virtual assistants are there to make the work easier.

You do not have to hire too many people which can in turn increase the cost of production.

Therefore, if you are looking for a business you can venture into with little capital, a faceless YouTube channel is one.

Passive Income

A passive income is what anyone (who is looking to be financially stable) must have.

A faceless YouTube channel helps you to earn a passive income and a recurring one at that.

Any of the monetization processes we highlighted above is a good way to earn passive income.

YouTube ads can be a source of recurring revenue. This is because, on every watch and clicks on the ads, revenue is generated.


Is there any disadvantage to starting a Faceless YouTube channel? Here is one;

Channel takes time to blow up

One major limitation of a Faceless YouTube channel is that it takes time to blow up. The growth can be slow.

This is mostly because there is no face shown. It does not easily attract an audience, unlike the regular YouTube channel.

However, by the time the channel eventually picks up, you will be glad you did.


We have been able to take you through the step-by-step process of how you can start a Faceless YouTube channel.

You also know why you should have a Faceless YouTube channel.

One thing you should note is that this business model is not saturated yet. It has a lot of potential because you have fewer competitors.

Therefore, now is the best time to start.

The more you delay, the more people get exposed to the business and the more saturated it becomes.

Why the delay?

Hurry now and get started.

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