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stripe atlas alternative

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you the best stripe atlas alternatives you can use to incorporate your business in the US from any part of the world.

Creating a company in the US has several advantages which I’m sure you’re very much aware of.

A few of these include having easier access to capital for your business.  And also the ability to be able to use Stripe payment gateway to process payment for your online business.

However, that isn’t the reason we are here today, is it?

Stripe Atlas is one of the powerful and easy-to-use platforms out there that helps entrepreneurs like you and me launch a start-up company in the US.

And this of course is from any part of the world in a reliable and safe way.

So if you’re a Non-Us citizen and you want to incorporate a business in the US and looking for a better alternative to stripe atlas, then today is your lucky day.

Basically, using Stripe Atlas, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Form a C Corporation or LLC in Delaware
  • Obtain EIN for tax purposes
  • Create a Stripe Account
  • Open a US business bank account
  • Finally, connect with legal and tax expert.

And all these will be done with a flat fee of $500 only. However, I should point out the fact that there’s still some additional cost for running your business in the US.

These includes:

  • Bank Account Maintenance – $25 per month (C Corporation Only)
  • Delaware Registered Agents – $100 per year
  • And few optional fees like Tax preparation etc.

So even if you’re just doing this to set up a stripe account this is still pretty much everything you’ll go through.

The Best Stripe Atlas Alternative

As I said early, the only way to successfully set-up a stripe account is to have both your LLC and EIN created.

But doing that with Stripe atlas is going to cost at least $500 to set up which maybe high for someone with less budget.

In this post, I’ll show you how you can set up your LLC and get your federal TAX ID with less than $200.

As a matter of FACT, with just $179 you’ll be able to incorporate your business in the US, get your EIN and set up your stripe account successfully.

So if you really help with the best stripe atlas alternative, then this post is for you.

I’m equally not based in the US but I have my business set up in the US so I can use Stripe to process payments on my websites, which is way better than PayPal.

I was able to do this using Inc Authority and Kentucky as my business state because it’s relatively cheap.

Technically, you can apply for an LLC business formation through Inc Authority for free. The only payment here, is of course, your state filing fees.

The good news is I’ve been able to partner with them because I know many people will be needing this service and I want them to have it at the best place.

Coming from someone who also is a non-resident of the US I know how beneficial it can be for your online business.

Why INC Authority is Our Best Stripe Atlas Alternative

The Inc Authority company was actually created Wayback 1989. This, however, makes them one of the oldest and well experienced in the business of LLC formation and registered agent service providers.

Currently, Inc Authority has been able to serve over 130,000 companies online across different countries of the world, among them are small to medium-sized businesses.

They also have options among large businesses and enterprises.

Over time, they’ve come to be an authority not only in LLC formation but also as a registered agent service providers.

This also includes digital storage and distribution of compliance documents, tax planning consultation, business funding analysis, business credit assessment, EIN application, and trademark application.

So basically, you can think of Inc Authority as a one-stop shop for all the basic legal services you might need to form a limited liability company.

Other benefits include:

  • Free LLC formation (plus state fees)
  • They offer free business name availability search
  • A full year of free registered agent services
  • Responsive and supportive customer service
  • They help with setting up a business checking account

How to Incorporate Your Business with INC Authority

Setting up your LLC with Inc Authority is really straightforward, I’ve broken it down into the step-by-step guide below. All you need do is just follow the steps and your LCC and Tax ID will be set up.

Step 1. Head Over to Inc Authority

First thing first, you need to head over to IncAuthority.com to get started. Upon getting to the web page click on the “START NOW FOR FREE” button…

inc authority

The next page is your business entity type and the state you want to form the LLC.

Step 2. Choose Your Business Entity and State

Simply choose LLC (Limited Liability Company) from the drop-down menu and choose your state. You can go with Kentucky because of the low cost and the cheap annual tax fee.

I do find Kentucky and Colorado to be quite affordable.

Colorado charges a $10 annual Tax fee and $50 state filling while Kentucky charges a $40 state filling and $15 annual Tax fee.

At least at the time of writing this article. You could as well do further research on that if you want.

The state annual tax is a tax you pay on your business at the end of every year. So they vary based on the state you choose to set up your business.

States like California and Hawaii should definitely be out of your pick because they are freaking high on tax.

After that, click on “Save and Continue”

Step 3. Business Owner Details

The next step is about the business owner. At this stage, you’ll need to enter your First and Last name, your email address and as well as your US phone number.

Also, you need to click the “Terms and Condition” box to continue to the next step.

non us stripe setup with inc authority

To get yourself a free US number that works fine, you can download the TextPlus App on the Google play store or use a more reliable paid app like DingTone.

Step 4. Enter Your Business Information

As I said earlier, you’ll need to pick a name for your business and a search will be carried out on it to check if it’s still available.

If it’s available, your business name will be created immediately upon state approval. However, in the case whereby your proposed business name is not available, you’ll need to adjust the name or find another one.

But it’s not going to cost you any additional fee!

What you need to do here is simply enter your proposed business name, a good example is Torchbankz Technology and also write a short description of the business.

LLC formation for stripe setup

Finally, “tick the Minimize business and taxes” and proceed to save and continue.

Step 5: Your Business Address

At this stage, you need a physical US address where your document can be sent to. In my case, I gave them a call and I told them to send it directly to my email address.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need the US address, you do! In other to set this up there are various services you can use like:

  • physicaladdress.com
  • virtualpostmail.com
  • shipito.com

You can get started for free using shipito.com, you just need to create an account and you’ll be giving an address automatically. A physical address!

Next, enter your business address and click on Save and Continue.

business address setup with inc authority (stripe atlas altenative)

Step 6: Getting Your Tax ID (EIN)

Inc Authority will be getting your EIN or Tax ID for you at just $49. Which is relatively cheap compared to other services out there.

inc authority ein creation

Step 7. Custom Operating Agreement

At this step, you need to include the custom operating agreement because it’s very important. It actually proof your ownership of the business.

And at the same time represent the state law backing your business.

Stripe atlas alternative

Step 8. Inc Protection Advisor

The Inc protection advisor and the remaining steps are Upsells. They are not necessarily what you need to have to have your stripe set up.

The remaining steps include:

Lawsuit Protection – $99 (this is a form of protection that excludes you from your business when your business gets sued.

I paid for this, but you don’t have to if you don’t have the funds now. Plus, you can always pay for it later with Inc Authority).

Express Delivery –  $49 (if you want the entire process done within two days you can pay for express delivery.

But normally, your business should be ready within five days using Inc Authority).

Domain Name – $29.95 (this allows Inc Authority to secure your proposed business domain name for you.

This is totally not necessary since you can get it for less than $10 with NameCheap).

Business License Package – $99 (This also works in form of lawsuit protection. But as I said, you don’t need all this for now, and you can always get them in the nearest future if you want).

Finally, you’ll need to make payment to secure your LLC business registration. The cost of what you’re paying for should be:

  • EIN/Tax ID – $49
  • Operating Agreement – $89
  • Kentucky State Filling fee – $40

== $179

llc formation with Inc authority

With this, you should have your business LLC set up with your valid Tax ID that can be used to set up your Stripe account.

Get started with Inc Authority?

Opening Your Stripe Account

Once your business LLC is registered, your business will equally receive a tax ID. Which is part of what we need to create your Stripe account.

To create your Stripe account, simply head over to Stripe.com and create your account. Enter your email address and full name.

After the registration, you’ll need to activate it by filling an account application.  In the application, you’ll need to enter your US company details, EIN, your personal details, and a digital copy of your government-issued ID.

Once everything is done correctly you should be approved in a few days.

After this, you can now successfully use stripe to process payments on your website. All your funds will be remitted to your US bank account.

Opening a US Bank Account

This is very much easy since we have Payoneer for that. All you need to do is register with Payoneer.com, connect with Global payment service and you’ll be able to get your virtual US bank account.

Once this is done, you can now have your funds move to Payoneer and cash it in your local currencies. It’s as easy as that.

However, to do this, you do need to access your Stripe account. From your account, you can proceed to the payout sections and add your Payoneer account number and that’s it, you’re all set up.

You are now a proud owner of a business in the US plus you can also process payments with stripe. Isn’t that cool?


Having done everything currently, you should have your business fully set up and legalize in the US.

Inc Authority has been around for a very long time and couple with their amazing customer care which is way better than stripe atlas, you should have no problem with your business formation.

So that’s it on our best stripe atlas alternative for business formation, let me know your thought on this using the comment section.

Ready to Get started with Inc Authority?

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