11 Best Viddyoze Alternatives [Video Animation Software]

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viddyoze alternatives

Have you been using and enjoying the Viddyoze video animation tool for quite some time now but will like to try out other Viddyoze alternatives?

If you’re planning to change your current animated video editing software but don’t know which one to go for? then you’re at the right place.

But before introducing you to the top Viddyoze alternatives, it’s very important to state that Viddyoze itself is an exceptional video animation software.

More so, it is very productive and has easy-to-use in-built tools. And it also comes with tons of templates that are perfect for making YouTube or animated videos for various marketing companies.

That being said, these Viddyoze alternative video animation tools that will be discussed allow their users to create professional and quality intros and outros logo animation, action teaser, and more with little or no complex setting.

List of Best Viddyoze Alternatives

From content creation down to video making. The Viddyoze alternatives to be discussed in this post are perfectly fit in carrying out any video creation projects and they can equally be operated by aspiring animators without any issue.

These video creation and editing tools or animation software are as follows:

#1. Invideo



InVideo is one of the complete video creation software for business owners and digital marketers who specialize in creating promotional video content, social media video ads, and more.

This software has an extensive library with over 2000 quality templates, folds of stock videos for its user’s consumption, a full-fledged editor, a web of images, and lots more.

Personally, I believe InVideo is a perfect alternative for Viddyoze because it’s a comprehensive and robust video editing tool that is perfectly fit for any digital marketing gig.

Features of InVideo

  • It has a video creation invitation feature;
  • A full-fledged video marketing class for creating thrilling video content;
  • It has access to Facebook video promotion or ads templates;
  • YouTube video editing feature for trimming and clipping social videos;
  • Instagram videos editing feature;
  • Wedding invitation templates;
  • It has YouTube video exporting templates;
  • Birthday invitation templates, etc.

InVideo pricing package

To enjoy InVideo, there are two available subscription packages to choose from and they are; the business plan and the unlimited plan.

The business plan is valued at $120 per month and it comes with different amazing features while the unlimited plan is valued at $360 and is a one-time.

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#2. Filmora

what is filmora


Filmora is also a popular video editing tool created by Wondershare in 2015. This tool has lots of amazing features that make it stand out among its competitors.

With this software, you can remove any background noise from your video, and it also has countless numbers of image templates. So yes, Filmora is another perfect alternative for Viddyoze.

Features of Filmora

  • It can be used to remove any unwanted background noise;
  • Filmora has a screen record feature;
  • Tons of animated video filters, effects, graphics, and more.
  • It is solely a desktop app and can be used on Windows and Mac;

Filmora Pricing Package

Filmora is one of the few video editing software that doesn’t offer a free trial. Nevertheless, there’s an individual plan that costs $39.99 per year and $69.99 for one-time or lifetime payments.

The annual bundle plan is valued at $99.87 per year, there’s a student plan which is obtainable at the rate of $7.99 per month and $15.99 quarterly.

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#3. CreateStudio


The CreateStudio software is also an alternative to the Viddyoze video animation tool. And it is known for simplifying any complex animations and its smooth interface has made digital marketers, entrepreneurs, social media, and content marketers rate it higher.

Features of CreateStudio

  • Easy to use with the aid of add and drop button;
  • It can be used to create videos of all sizes; be it vertical, square, 16 x 9, etc.
  • The system background can be replaced with your preferred background with ease;
  • Presence of eyedropper tools for adding stunning gradients to create incredible designs;
  • Presence of doodle sketch video template;
  • It has 50 video templates with 40 training videos;
  • Image import and export feature, etc.

CreateStudio Pricing Plan

There are two types of licenses available on CreateStudio, one is personal and the subscription plan is $47 while the other one is the commercial plan and it equally costs $67 per month.

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#4. Videoreel


Videoreel is another web-based video animation creation software. It is also a Viddyoze alternative and it can be used to create jaw-dropping animated videos for digital marketers or social media promotional ads with just 3 clicks.

Videoreel allows users to create thrilling short and amazing long marketing videos. Here, the video creation software has 100 video templates, 4500 webs of images, 2500 video clips, 650 background music, Facebook posting feature, text-to-speech, etc.

Features of Videoreel

  • It has fully customizable templates;
  • Availability of pools of image or video backgrounds;
  • Customizable or image background or video-clip import feature;
  • Ability to add personal loan;
  • Presence of animation styles;
  • It had a built-in text-to-speech with lots of different versions, etc.

Videoreel pricing plans

The Videoreel pricing plan is obtainable in two ways and they are;

The personal license for an individual or personal uses cost $57.00 per month; and

The Videoreel commercial license is meant for businesses or digital video marketing companies which is obtainable at $67.00.

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#5. Toonly

what is toonly?

The easiest and simplest software for making mouthwatering professional video animations, explainer videos, or hand sketching videos is Toonly. With just the click-and-drag feature, mountain Everest can be moved with ease on Toonly.

Therefore, if you are passionate about creating professional and high-quality animated videos using any Viddyoze alternative, then Toonly is highly recommended.

Although this video creation tool belongs to the family of Doodle videos, yet it can perfectly be used to explore and create animations, GIFs, and a host of other types of videos with ease.

Features of Toonly

  • All images are customizable drawn by experienced graphic designers;
  • Presence of easy-to-use and intuitive interface for creating professional and unique videos.
  • It can be installed and use, easily, on multiple computers;
  • Every subscriber is open to the Toonly weekly update with more features and better functionalities.
  • Easy file exporting and saving opportunities into your preferred file or library;
  • Availability of social share options, etc.

===>>> Get Started With Toonly

#6. Renderforest


Renderforest is an online logo, animated video, and website maker. Being one of the Viddyoze alternatives, Renderforest is good for creating professional YouTube intro and outro animations, logos, slideshows, promotional videos, landing page, music visualization, professional website, etc.

Features of Renderforest

  • It is a cloud-based video animation, website, and logo maker;
  • Stunning whiteboard animation feature;
  • Editing can be done at any stage during video production;
  • Easy to use with the drag-and-drop interface, etc.

Renderforest pricing packages

The Renderforest subscription plan can be classified into four (4) different parts. They are:-

  • The amateur Package: Comes with 10Gb storage per month, 30+ commercial soundtracks, etc., at the rate of $9.99 per month.
  • The Pro Package: This plan had 20Gb storage capacity per month, and it can be used to make 20 HD720 videos, 60+ commercial soundtracks, and more at $24.99 monthly.
  • The popular package: Being an upgraded version of the Pro package, this Renderforest subscription plan costs $39.99 per month.
  • The agency package: This is the highest subscription plan on Renderforest and it has numerous features that are not available on the other plans. To get this, you will need $49.99 to subscribe every month.

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#7. Doodly


Like Toonly, Doodly is one of the highly used doodle animation video editing software in the Doodle video industry.

Doodly can be used to make virtual whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board hand sketching videos in few minutes.

With Doodly, you can make professional, quality, and realistic doodle animation videos with this software before the blink of the eye. With it, animators can draw nice things to engage, entertain, and affect their visitors or audience in a certain positive way.

It can equally be used for promotion on social media via running of ads, it can be used on special occasions for presentation, and it may be used just for fun.

Comparing Doodly to Viddyoze, you’ll be suprise at what you can get done with the software.

Features of Doodly

  • Web of custom stock images;
  • Easy to use, learn, and doesn’t require any tech or design skills;
  • Compatible with any iOS, computer, or Window devices;
  • Availability of export, social save, and share feature;
  • Regular and frequent updates, etc.

Doodly Pricing Plan

There are two license plans on Doodly, one is a standard plan and the other is an enterprise plan.

The standard package monthly subscription is $39 while the annual plan is billed at $140 annually.

The enterprise subscription fee for a month is $69 while it’s billed at $280 annually.

===>>> Get Started With Doodly 

#8. Animaker

animaker is another viddyoze alternative

Animaker is yet another go-to video creation software for an aspiring video creator that doesn’t have any proper or basic knowledge of design. It is one of the Viddyoze alternatives that can be used to make quality and professional videos for any class of clients.

Features of Animaker

  • It has a high-quality voice over;
  • Comes with customized classroom content;
  • It has Interesting and high-quality templates;
  • Availability of royalty-free images;
  • It has clear and top-notch visuals;
  • Web of music tracks library, etc.

Animaker Pricing Plan

On Animaker, there is a personal plan which costs $12 per month and $19 annually and there is a startup plan that costs $19 per month and $35 yearly. Their features are quite distinct from each other.

For instance, the video length on the personal plan is 5 minutes while a video can last for 15 on the startup plan. There are few music tracks and images on the personal plan but there are several of them on the startup plan.

===>>> Get Started With Animaker

#9. Offeo


This is the ultimate online video animation maker software and yet, another Viddyoze alternative that you can consider.

So with Offer video editing software, you can make outstanding videos that will suit your social media fan base taste thereby generating leads to your advantage.

Like any other video creation software, Offeo also has an easy-to-use interface making it easier for a first-timer to operate.

Features of Offeo

  • It has easy to use interface;
  • It is completed automated;
  • 100% compatible with any devices;
  • It is perfect for entry-level animators or video makers, etc.

Offeo Licensing Packages

To access the Offeo video creation tool, there are two licensing keys available. One of these keys is free and certainly, it has its limitations. While the other package is a Premium key and it comes with lots of advantages.

The subscription fee is $19 per month and the subscriber tends to get unlimited high-quality video creation and downloads, take on unlimited projects, create a single video for about 3 minutes, 20Gb storage space, and lots more.

===>>> Get Started With OFFEO

#10. Vyond


Vyond is a video animation creator software targeted at individuals, online digital marketers, and business owners. Here, there are three styles of video creation and they are; business, contemporary, and whiteboard.

So with Vyond, you can create a commercial, informative, or training material video beneficial to your audience.

It has a standard timeline feature, asset library, canvas, and property tabs, coupled with a special character maker or video creator that allows its users to create a customizable reusable character asset.

Features of Vyond

  • Animation creation feature;
  • Presence of IP whitelisting feature;
  • Inactivity Logout;
  • There are stocks of high-quality image library;
  • Tons of professional templates;
  • It has text overlay attributes, etc.

Vyond pricing package

There is nothing like a free plan or trial license on Vyond. To enjoy all of its features, you need to subscribe.

The subscription could be a personal plan which is valued at $300 per year and is the lowest-paid tier. The business plan on the other hand is valued at $1000 per user yearly.

===>>> Get Started With Vyond

#11. VideoScribe


Talking about the most popular and highly patronized whiteboard video-making tools, VideoScribe cannot be overemphasized. It is a virtual whiteboard hand sketching video creation software with lots of opportunities.

As it stands, there are over 2 million active subscribers on VideoScribe today, this shows how efficient and reliable this software is.

Being an alternative to Viddyoze, you can use it to create an educational explainer video, seamlessly informative and engaging seminar presentation videos, and more.

Features of VideoScribe

  • 24/7 customer support:
  • Availability of media library;
  • Presence of days for easy navigation;
  • Adequate reporting;
  • Presence of drag and drop feature;
  • Availability of social security button;
  • Availability of voice-over and audio import feature, etc.

VideoScribe pricing package

On VideoScribe, there’s a monthly subscription plan, there’s annual pricing and there’s on-time purchase too, all having the same features.

Additionally, for the monthly plan, subscribers can get it at the rate of $29, the annual plan costs $49 while the one-time purchase is $665.

===>>> Get Started With VideoScribe


From the foregoing, it is safe to say that there are tons of Viddyoze alternatives or competitors that you can switch to. Most especially if you are tired of using the same old tool.

While our list of other available options to Viddyoze video editing software is not based on a random pick… we looked into some factors such as ease of use, templates, features, pricing, and more.

Also, we made sure to compile a list of video creation tools that reviewers, video creators, and animators have voted as the best competitors or overall Viddyoze alternatives in the video creation industry.

That being said, of all these video creation tools mentioned, InVideo has proven itself to be the most comprehensive and complete video editing tool that is perfectly fit for any digital marketing gigs, educational projects, social media promotion, ads, etc.

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