What is Clickcease? Everything You Need To Know

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Clickcease is a software that eliminates invalid traffic or non-genuine clicks, spam, and bots and provides legitimate internet traffic.

It is a highly rated click and advertisement prevention fraud for google and social media adverts. 

Clickcease automatically blocks invalid traffic from clicking on your google and social media ads. With that, it ensures no damage to your ad budget.

It also has two paid pricing plans; standard $59/month and pro $79/month.

More importantly, this software works with any platform or site, even your custom site.  

With ClickCease, you can generate the actual audience who are searching for what you are posting. This software wades off competitors’ monitoring and clicking your adverts nonstop.

ClickCease Overview

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Our Take

ClickCease is a robust click fraud prevention platform that helps businesses safeguard their online advertising budgets by identifying and blocking fraudulent clicks on their ads. Protect your ad campaigns and maximize ROI with ClickCease today!

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Is Clickcease Worth it?

Yes, clickcease is worth it. With click cease integrated into your account, you can expect cleaner traffic and lower budget rates.

It provides click fraud protection and has automatic internet protocol blocking. You can also undergo quick analysis for conversion tracking.

It also has multiple account sharing and provides record sessions which allow you to record what people are doing on your website.

All these are part of the benefits of the pro pricing plan. One of the features of the standard pricing is it shows you when click fraud is occurring.

It is, therefore, better that for a much more beneficial and time-saving purpose,  the pro pricing plan is very much recommended.

Clickcease Review: Main Features


Clickcease has some major features that help prevent fraud on Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Some of them include;

1. Reports

Clickcease provides you with detailed reports that show all the activities that have transpired on your campaign ads.

You can then export the data to CSV or Excel to access them offline.

Some of information Clickcease will generate the following information on the clicks report;

  • IP Address
  • Blocked Status
  • Block Reason
  • Detected threats
  • Number of Clicks
  • Keywords
  • Country and City
  • Date of Click
  • And a lot more

Irrespective of how many ads you are running, you can monitor all of them from one point.

2. Visitors’ Analytics

With Clickcease, you can access the data of your visitors. This includes the following

  • Country
  • City
  • Date of first clicks
  • Date of last clicks
  • Device used
  • IP address
  • Web behavior
  • Conversion of each visitor

With that, you can determine the category of visitors to your ads. You will discover which country or city has more fraudulent clicks.

Then Clickcease pays more attention to those regions.

You can also retarget your ads to the category of visitors that have a higher conversion rate.

3. Click Fraud Detection

Clickcease has an advanced Machine learning algorithm to monitor clicks on PPC campaigns.

With this Machine algorithm, Clickcease can detect which clicks are real and which have clicked fraud.

There are several ways by which click frauds take place in campaigns. They include;

4. Bot Clicks

These are the non-human clicks on your ad campaigns. They are like automated programs that visit your campaigns and act like humans.

Research shows that about 40% of traffic generated on the internet is bots. This is why special attention needs to be given to bot clicks.

They end up wasting your money because, for every click on your ads, either human or bot, you pay.

In the end, they click, and there is no conversion for the payment you make.

Clickcease helps you identify these bit clicks and stops them from gaining access to your campaign ads.

5. Click farms

This is another type of click fraud. In this case, many people are paid to click on paid ads.  

There is a click farmer who hires these categories of people. The challenge with this click fraud is that it operates like legitimate visitors.

The workers have the same internet behavior as real visitors.

Therefore, it might be difficult to identify this type of click fraud. However, Clickcease will help you identify them and prevent their operations.

6. Exclude VPN Traffic

When someone uses VPN to surf the internet, you can hardly decipher the activities of such a person.

Some users perform a lot of fraudulent activities while hiding under the use of a VPN. You will not be able to track their locations.

Clickcease identifies VPN traffic and excludes them from the campaign.

How Does Clickcease Work?

how clickcease works

To get started, you will have to sign up for any of the Clickcease pricing plans. Once that is done, you integrate Clickcease into your Ads account.

It could be either your Google Ads or Facebook ads.

After which, Clickcease begins to operate. It checks out any resemblance of click fraud or any negative activity and pops up a notification.

Also, Clickcease notes the fraudulent clicks and adds the IP address to a list of negative IP addresses.

The negative IP address list works just like the negative keywords list you create when you want to run ads on Google.

The negative keywords are words you do not want your ads to be shown for. It could be because those searching for those keywords are not likely your target audience.

Therefore, if they click on the ads, it would be a waste.

Once you have created that list, Google ads will ensure your ads do not pop up when those keywords are searched for.

The same works with Clickcease; once a particular IP address has been added to the negative IP address list, such address can no longer see your ads.

Someone could also click on your ads and is not from your location.

Most especially when the person turned on a VPN to access the ads. If the user leaves the ads campaign immediately after clicking, Clickcease recognizes that as fraudulent activity.

What Kind of Campaigns Can You Use Clickcease For?

It is important to note that Clickcease might not work for every form of campaign. Therefore, let’s look at some of the campaigns you can use Clickcease for.

#1. Paid Search Ads

This is a form of PPC ad. Once the keyword you want to be displayed for is searched by users, your ads appear at the top of the search results.

Google tags it with the word “ad” to show that it is paid content.

Paid Search Ads are commonly used because it has been known to generate more leads. Because it comes to the top of search results, this ad drives traffic to your campaign.

As popular as it is, it’s very easy for click fraud to occur in this type of ad. Most especially by competitors who want their ads to rank higher than yours.

This is why you need Clickcease to monitor your ads 24/7.

#2. Display Ads

In this ad, Google displays your ads on sites partnering with them.

Unlike the Paid search ads that come as plain text, the display ads are a combination of both photos and text.

Your ads are displayed to people interested in your business or type of business. They are like the ad pop-ups you see when you search for something similar.

You can determine the type of sites and niches you want your ads to be displayed. This will ensure that your ads are displayed to your target audience.

Because it pops up randomly on different sites, you need to protect it with Clickcease so that the bulk of your traffic will not be from bots.

#3. Social Media Ads

This type of ad takes place on Social Media Platforms. Many people love to leverage this because of the teeming population of social media users.

When running a social media ad, it is tagged as “Sponsored” so that users will know it’s an ad.

Some popular social media platforms you can use include; Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. There are other platforms, but those are more popular.

Social Media Ad is more specific than other types of ads. This is because you can determine the type of audience your ads get to.

It could be the location, interest, behavior, occupation, etc.

You can integrate Clickcease on your social media platforms to prevent click fraud.

#4. Remarketing Ads

This is a type of ad that you run to reengage visitors who do not take action when they visit your website initially.

To operate a remarketing ad, you must place a tracking pixel on your site.

With that, you will understand your audience’s site behavior. Once their information has been collected, you can create different campaigns that will be displayed to them at intervals.

You already know the type of site they visit and the type of keywords they search for.

Therefore, you will tailor your ads to suit them such that they keep seeing your ads intermittently. Eventually, they might decide to take a decision and you convert them.

#5. Google Shopping Ads

You use Google Shopping ads when there are products you want to sell. In this type of ad, Google places your products at the top of the search results.

Therefore, if customers find any of the products relevant, they click on your website to find out more.

When setting up this type of ad, you need to indicate that the campaign type is Shopping.

This type of ad is very effective because someone who clicks on the product images will most likely become a customer.

Users are well-informed before clicking on the ads. This is because right there, they can see the price and name of the brand running the ads.

#6. Local Service Ads

This ad is exclusively for local service providers such as electricians, Plumbers, Locksmiths, HVAC Companies, etc.

Google made this ad different from other advertisements because it is more of a geographical location.

Your local service ads will only appear to customers from your location. Customers can easily visit your workspace after seeing the ads because it is accessible.

The good part of this ad is that you can pause the ad if you are unavailable or fully booked.

#7. Gmail Sponsored Ads

This is a more personal and targeted type of ad. Users receive the ads right in their mailbox.

The ads will always appear at the top of the users’ mailbox, bearing the tag ‘ad’. To run this type of ad, you will select Gmail ads as your campaign option.

Then you need to determine why you want to run a Gmail ad.

This will form the basis for your goals and targeting once you have all that in place, Google displays your ads to Email users who subscribe to relevant interests as yours.

Clickcease will help you ensure there is no click fraud, especially by customers. It will also help you see how the Gmail ad is performing.

#8. Instream Ads

This type of ad is placed on YouTube. While watching videos on YouTube, the ads that pop up either at the beginning or in between the videos are instream ads.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. It accounts for about 63% of internet users.

While setting up your instream ads, you can determine if you want your ads to be shown on general Youtube search results or when the videos are being watched.  

You can also determine the type of videos you want your ads to be displayed.

Clickcease not only works on Google, but it also works on YouTube instream ads as well.


Clickcease aids in maximizing profit with your marketing budget. With Clickcease, it is mostly guaranteed that you get the best value for your advertising budget.

It likewise helps in blocking your competitors, spies, and bots to see and click on your advertisement. 

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