List of BEST Writesonic Alternatives For Copywriting [2024]

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writesonic alternatives

Looking for the best Writesonic alternatives? If you are, I’ll be providing our list of researched and review perfect alternatives to Writesonic.

AI writer software is great because they help you overcome a big challenge of writer’s block and as well reduces all your workload.

And yes if you want to scale in today’s blogging or any form of writing business, you need to scale your content production.

And that is because contents are what make businesses thrive online.

As the need for content creators arises so as the charges of these content creators increase also.

But by using automated content generator software like this, you’ll get the best deal by getting your content done in minutes and focus more on what is important in your copywriting business.

I use this AI software and I discovered that they can serve really great as Writesonic AI alternatives.

Perhaps you’ll like to compare writesonic with the list, here’s our in-depth writesonic review for you to learn more.

Let’s take a look at them!

Overview of The Best Writesonic Alternatives

Here is a quick breakdown of what has been explained in this article.

We have ranked them according to how effective they are.

Software Wp Plugin Free Trial Pricing Rating No Yes $29/Mth 5.0/5
Closercopy No Yes $29/Mth 4.8/5
Snazzy No Free $49/Mth 4.6/5
Copy AI No Yes $49/Mth 4.7/5
Copysmith No Yes $19/Mth 4.7/5
Shortly No No $79/Mth 4.6/5
Rytr No Yes $29/Mth 4.8/5
Kafkai Yes Yes $29/Mth 4.5/5

Overview of The Best Writesonic Alternatives.

Here is a quick overview of the best writesonic AI alternatives, we explained each of the tools better in subsequent paragraphs.

#1: Jasper AI (Overall Best )

jarvis blog article
Writesonic alternatives formerly is the best overall AI writing software in the copywriting industry.

This AI runs on the powerful GPT-3 software and one thing I personally love about it is the fact that it is easy to use and very beginner’s friendly.

By putting a few keywords into the system, you can generate a full blog post within minutes thanks to the newly introduced BOSS MODE.

This amazing software also comes with so many modules which will allow you to create different types of content such as email copy, blog post intros, blog post outline, and an entire full blog post within minutes.

Jasper is widely used by many bloggers, affiliate marketers, and freelancers to scale their content production process.

And we personally use it here as well to help us create more content in an effortless time.

We recommend this as the best Writesonic AI alternative.

Features of Jasper AI

  • By integrating SEO Surfer into it, you can create content that is SEO optimized and as well that stands to convert visitors. This is why it was firstly named
  • Jarvis provides copywriting tools to help both beginners and the experienced better in their copywriting business carrier.
  • Jarvis has over 50 content production templates. These templates can be tap into to save you quality time and as well get more done as fast as possible.
  • The software can create a full satisfaction long-form content such as blog posts, websites copies, and others.
  • currently has the ability to write in over 21 languages which actually makes it stand out among its competition.

Jasper AI Pricing Plan

Jarvis has a free trial in which you can test how the system actually works and as well have other 3 pricing plans.

The first one is the starter plan which costs $29month and you will have access to nearly all the advanced features plus 20,000 monthly writing credits.

The second plan is called the pro plan which costs $109/month and gives you unlimited writing credits plus other basic advanced features.

Boss mode is the last plan and it is the plan that contains all the first and second features and as well offers more.

It costs $119/month and comes with an unlimited monthly writing credit.

Jasper AI Overview

Software GTP-3 Copywriting tool
Free Plan/Free Trial 5-Days Free/10k Words
Long-form Word Yes
SEO Features Yes
WordPress Plugin No
Money-back guarantee 30 Days

#2: ClosersCopy

closers copy copywriting generator software
writesonic alternatives

If ClosersCopy is not mentioned in this Writesonic alternatives, then it won’t be worth referring to.

The reason is that closer copy also functions like the way Jasper do and in fact, it is seriously next to Jasper.

This AI software is widely used by many as well and runs on the most advanced learning machine system to create better and quality content.

With CloserCopy, you can create full blog posts in minutes and other web copies you might have ever wanted to create.

ClosersCopy does upgrade its features at all times and that is why you found it on the #2 list of these Writesonic AI alternatives.

If hundreds of bloggers, freelancers, marketing agencies, and organizations did not go wrong with CloserCopy, you will never go wrong as well.

ClosersCopy Features

  • This software understands over 21 languages including Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, etc.
  • Comes with an AI wizard that helps you speed up your content creation process.
  • Has a lot of content production templates that you can quickly pick and replicate. With this, your content creation process becomes effortless.
  • It has the ability to create a full blog post in minutes and that also stands to rank in Google SERPs.
  • CloserCopy does regularly updates its system to meet content creators’ needs.

ClosersCopy Pricing

As of the time of writing this article, CloserCopy has 3 pricing plans which are affordable for everyone to use.

The first one which is the starter plan costs $29.99 a month.

The second one is the Professional package which currently costs $49.99 per month.

And the last one on the pricing plans is the unlimited pricing plan which costs $79.99.

All the pricing plans let you access the system features fully.

What you can write with it is what is different from each other.

Closercopy AI Overview

Software GTP-3 Copywriting tool
Free Plan/Free Trial No Free Trial
Long-Form Word Yes
SEO Features Yes
WordPress Plugin No
Money-back guarantee 14 Days

#3: Snazzy AI copywriting tool
writesonic alternative

Snazzy AI is another best copywriting software that we have on the list of Writesonic alternatives.

This amazing software is known for its easy-to-use and simple dashboard.

Snazzy AI has the ability to create human-like articles.

This is done within the shortest time possible which is why many actually love it.

By providing few keywords into the Snazzy content expander tool.

You can be sure it will translate all your bullet points into the last possible pieces.

To the fact that this tool was recently introduced in 2021.

It has gained so much popularity among bloggers and content creators.

However, Snazzy AI can write a full blog post just like the way the first 2 can do.

Snazzy AI Features

  • Snazzy has lots of content templates like email copy, Google Ad copy, Facebook Ad copy, etc. It doesn’t just provide you with the templates but also helps you write an effective copy to use for them.
  • This software also provides a landing page copy. This will save you from spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on freelance writers.
  • It offers a Google Chrome extension in order for you to have access to it as you browse on the go. With the Chrome extension, accessing the dashboard before using becomes a thing of the past.
  • It offers you training resources. With the training resources, you can be sure of getting the best out of Snazzy and how to properly utilize it.
  • Snazzy create a human-like article that is original and unique, however, you can’t create a long-form article with it just like Jasper.

Snazzy AI Pricing

The snazzy pricing system is actually attractive.

The first pricing system costs you nothing per month which is $0 per.

With this plan, you will have access to the limited features of the system and generate only 5 contents per day.

The snazzy second pricing plan is $49 per month which gives you access to all its features and you will be able to generate unlimited content.

Snazzy AI Overview

Software GTP-3 Copywriting tool
Free Plan/Free Trial 7-Days
Long-Form Word No
SEO Features Yes
WordPress Plugin No
Money-back guarantee Not Available

#4: Copy AI copywriting tool
writesonic alternatives

Copy ai is specifically designed to target some areas of marketing such as creating blog content, eCommerce product description, sales copy, etc.

Saying being designed to target some specific area doesn’t mean it can’t do more.

It can indeed perform so much wonderfully when it comes to content creation of any type.

Copy has the ability to write a full blog post from scratch to the very last end all by typing few keywords into it.

In fact, it can serve as a replacement for a freelancer who may not perform his job wonderfully.

It can as well serve as a means of expansion for freelance writers who want to get more done within the shortest possible time.


  • Copy ai is for all type of content creators such as blogger, affiliate marketer, freelancers, business and organizations that produce content.
  • Offers Google Chrome extension in order for you to have great experience with the platform.
  • Has lots of content productions template of any kind available.
  • It can write content that is specifically targetting some set of audience.
  • Offers great customer support to make your journey even much more better with the system.


Copy ai pricing system is actually very attractive.

Firstly, just by signing up on Copy AI, you will have the opportunity to test the entire system for free for 7 days.

You also have access to great customer support by using the free version.

After the 7 days and you want to keep using the system, you will be asked to upgrade to a paid plan.

Which cost $49 per month and. This will offers you more features with exceptional customer support.

With good customer support, you can quickly find your way around the system.

Copy AI Overview

Software GTP-3 Copywriting tool
Free Plan/Free Trial 7 Days
Long-Form Word Yes
SEO Features Yes
WordPress Plugin No
Money-back guarantee 7 Days

#5: Copysmith
writesonic alternatives

Copysmith was created by Jasmin Wang who created it to help write killer sales copies.

She invented it after struggling to create content for her eCommerce site while still managing other areas of her business.

This tool can be used by entrepreneurs, content writers, and many others to write content for their websites.

It’s powered by GPT-3, which is among the most powerful Artificial Intelligence models.

You can use CopySmith to create taglines, SE Metatag, content rewriter, product descriptions, blog posts, etc.

After logging in to CopySmith, you’ll see various templates to choose from. Select your preferred content template to see your available options.

Choose an option that you like and let this service generate a copy for you. Also, note that one can favourite the option they like by clicking the heart button on that option.

This will then let CopySmith know the tone and structure of the content you like.

If you need to write a product description, blog posts, or any other marketing content, you’ll find this tool useful.

Copysmith AI Features

  • It is the best idea for creating any type of content such as Blog intros, email copy, Facebook ad copy, etc.
  • Has a built-in plagiarism checker to helps you filter out what is bad about your content.
  • Copysmith is programmed in such a way that, it can expand all the numbers of bullet points you might have ever have using its contents expander features.
  • Created by 2 brilliant mind who understands creating top-notch content for your business to thrive in today’s cyberspace.
  • Copysmith can translate your copy to over 100 languages. If language is one of the reasons why you are using  AI software then this is the best for you.

Copysmith Pricing Plan

Has 3 pricing plans which are the Starter plan that costs you $19/month with a limited feature of what the software can use.

The professional package costs $59 a month and the last package is an enterprise that costs $499 a month with all the system features.

However, all Copysmith pricing plans give you a 15% discount if you decide to pay on a yearly basis than monthly payments.

Copysmith AI Overview

Software GTP-3 Copywriting software
Free Plan/Free Trial 3 Days
Long-Form Word No
SEO Features Yes
WordPress Plugin No
Money-back guarantee 60-Days

#6: Shortly AI

shortly ai
writesonic alternatives

Shortly AI is not very popular amongst content creators but for the few who use it, they love every feature of this software.

And this makes it one of the best Copy AI alternatives in the industry.

As a writing assistant, Shortly AI helps you create content fast and easily. With this software, writer’s block remains to be a thing of the past and you will no longer have to fear the dreaded cursor.

To come up with content, you just have to key in a couple of keywords and wait for unique articles to be generated.

Shortly AI is for all type of content creators because it helps them generate top-notch content to help them stands out in the crowd.

By using Shortly AI, you can always be sure that you are on the safe side and all your contents are top-notch as well.

Shortly AI Key Features

  • It uses modern and ancient content frameworks like AID to help you create better contents that stand out among its competitors.
  • By being Shortly AI users, you will be able to use its command section like a rewrite, expand, shorten. This will enable you to instruct the AI as to what to create for you.
  • Has modules for creating different types of content such as generating product descriptions, email copies, and other web copies.
  • Shortly is used by top marketers that is why it was given a wonderful name.

Shortly AI Pricing

Has just two pricing plans of the type of writing this article, the first one costs $65 if you decided to pay annually and as well gets 2 months free.

And the second plan costs $79 per month when and you get a month for free.

Shortly AI Overview

Software GTP-3 Copywriting tool
Free Trial/Free Plan No
Long-Form Word No
SEO Features Yes
WordPress Plugin No
Money-back guarantee Not Available

#7: Rytr AI

Writesonic AI Alternaatives
writesonic alternative

Rytr is another amazing AI software that can serve as a Writesonic alternatives for your copywriting business.

Just like nearly all other software on the list that runs on the GTP-3 advanced learning technology.

Rytr produces 100% unique content that you can’t find anywhere else on the web. 

This amazing software also produces a human-like article that is error-free and plagiarism-free.

Rytr has not been that long in the business but it is gaining popularity among online entrepreneurs because of its unique features.

It is also an AI software that is worth really trying out.

Rytr AI Key Features

  • It creates 100% unique articles that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • It has a beginner-friendly dashboard which makes it stress-free for you to navigate around it.
  • Has so many content templates to scale your content marketing efforts plus can write in different languages.
  • It has some of the features all other AI software on this list have and offer.

Rytr AI Pricing Plans

Rytr has two pricing plans.

The first one is that you get started for free to test how Rytr works and see it is going to be worth your money before investing in it.

What you can do with this is limited although.

Rytr second plan costs $29 per month which gives you full access to the system features without any limitations.

Rytr AI Overview

Software GTP-3 Copywriting tool
Free Plan/Free Trial Free account
Long-Form Word No
SEO Features Yes
WordPress Plugin No
Money-back guarantee Not Available

#8: Kafkai

writesonic alternatives

Kafkai has been around for a long period of time now in the copywriting industry.

And the tool has been performing really great wonders when it comes to content production.

This software uses GTP-2 technology to produce all its contents and it’s linked directly to WordPress.

And one beautiful thing about Kafaki is the fact that it is based on Elon Musk AI projects.

We all know that is a very smart guy and brilliant brain in the tech industry.

In fact, he is recognized globally.

With that, you can be really sure that this tool is going to serve you wonderfully really well than your wide imagination.

Just like any other AI software, it also performs what they do, and also Kafkai offers you a WordPress plugin to make your experience even better.


  • It offers you a WordrPress plugin which you can link together with your account and use directly as you work on your WordPress editor.
  • Kafkai has been around for a long period of time now and this ensures that it has enough experience of what marketers needs exactly.
  • It is uses an advanced GTP-2 technology to produce its content so that it will be very hard to different if woman right it or a robot.
  • You can control how the system create content for you by given it a very proper instructions on what to do.
  • It offers very and easy to use dashboard which makes it beginner friendly and pros best friend.


You will be able to use the AI software for free for completely 3 days without paying a dime.

During the free trial, you will be able to generate up to 25 unique and top-notch content daily.

After the end of the trial.

In order to keep on using the system, you will need to upgrade to one of its paid plans.

The first one is NewsRoom which costs $29 per month and the second package is Printing Press which costs $129 per month.

Finally, the industrial printer package costs $199 per month.

Kafkai AI Overview

Software GTP-2 Copywriting AI
Free Plan/Free Trial 3 Days
Long-Form Word No
SEO Features Yes
WordPress Plugin Yes
Money-back guarantee 30 Days

Which Writesonic Alternatives Should I Use?

While there are tons of Writesonic alternatives, however, the best one we personally use and recommend is either or ClosersCopy.

This 2 tool carries all other AI tool features and has beyond it.

Plus you can generate a full blog post with Jasper or ClosersCopy.

That will save you shits loads of time bloggers do spend to create a blog post. doesn’t just create quality content for you but that also stands to rank and convert unique visitors.

Jasper or ClosersCopy?

Do let me know your thought about these Writtesonic alternatives in the comment section below.

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