Gohighlevel vs Samcart: (Detailed Comparison) 2024

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GoHighLevel and SamCart both offer unique functionalities aimed at enhancing your online sales process, but the manner in which they approach e-commerce makes them stand out from each other.

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one marketing platform designed to provide marketing automation, CRM, and various services for agencies.

In contrast, SamCart focuses on optimizing the checkout experience with its streamlined shopping cart software, which is particularly gainful for marketers looking to increase conversion rates at the point of sale.

Understanding the differences between GoHighLevel and SamCart is crucial as it affects how you interact with your customers and the quality of their journey through your sales funnel.

Choosing between them is not just a matter of pricing, but also of identifying which platform’s toolset will bring more value to your specific business model.

Key Takeaways
  • GoHighLevel offers a variety of marketing automation tools, while SamCart is focused on optimizing the checkout process.
  • Choices between GoHighLevel and SamCart should be based on how their unique features align with your business goals.
  • Overall, GoHighlevel has more powerful features.

GoHighLevel vs Samcart: Overview

When evaluating GoHighLevel and Samcart, you’re looking at two powerful but distinct software options tailored for digital marketing and e-commerce needs.

GoHighLevel is directed more towards marketing agencies seeking an all-in-one solution, while Samcart is dedicated to entrepreneurs and online store owners focused on optimizing their e-commerce checkout processes.

Target AudienceMarketing agenciesEntrepreneurs, online store owners, digital product creators
Core OfferingAll-in-one marketing platformShopping cart and checkout page optimization
Ease of UseIntuitive interface for marketing automationUser-friendly platform for creating checkout pages
E-Commerce Solutions✔️✔️
Marketing Automation✔️✔️
Pricing Flexibility$97/month$79/month
CRM Integration✔️✔️
Email Marketing ✔️
SMS Marketing✔️
Free Trial 30 Days Free Trial 7 Days Free Trial

As you evaluate both platforms, consider which features align well with the needs of your business—whether it’s the comprehensiveness of a marketing platform like GoHighLevel or the focused efficiency of a sales-boosting tool like Samcart.

What is GoHighLevel?

HighLevel Overview

GoHighLevel stands out as a comprehensive CRM and automation system designed to enhance your business operations.

It has powerful features that help you save time by doing tasks automatically, solve complex business problems easily, and give agencies the tools they need to build good relationships with customers right from the start.

What are the key features of GoHighLevel?

  • CRM Functionality: At its core, GoHighLevel provides a robust customer relationship management (CRM) system, centralizing your interactions and streamlining communication with prospects and customers alike.
  • Sales Funnels and Website Creation: You can construct and manage sales funnels and websites with ease, utilizing various templates to kickstart your design process.
  • Marketing Automation: GoHighLevel excels in automation, allowing you to set up email campaigns and multi-channel workflows to enhance your marketing strategy.
  • E-commerce Integration: Although GoHighLevel doesn’t specialize in e-commerce like SamCart, which focuses on optimizing checkout pages for digital products, it still integrates seamlessly with e-commerce functions to provide a holistic toolset for your online business.
  • Email Marketing: The platform comes with advanced email marketing tools, empowering you to craft, schedule, and dispatch emails that convert.
  • Templates and Campaigns: With GoHighLevel, you have access to myriad templates to create landing pages, emails, and other campaign elements, which saves time and helps maintain consistency across your marketing materials.
  • Automation: Its advanced automation capabilities extend beyond simple tasks. You can automate even complex workflows, such as appointment booking and lead tracking, thus propelling your sales process forward with minimal manual intervention.

What is Samcart?


Samcart is a web-based software platform that enables you to create a shopping cart and checkout pages designed to lead customers through the buying process effectively.

It simplifies your tasks by combining everything you need to showcase a product, promote it, make a sale, and get paid, all in one platform.

You can easily host a product, create a store, and take payments, even if you’re not very experienced.

What are the key features of Samcart?

  • User-Friendly Interface: You’ll find that Samcart offers a clean and intuitive user interface, making it easy for you to set up your checkout pages and manage your products.
  • Checkout Page Templates: With a variety of customizable templates at your disposal, you can create a checkout experience that matches your brand and increases conversions.
  • Payment Plans: You can offer your customers different payment options such as one-time payments, subscriptions, and payment plans, accommodating a range of pricing strategies.
  • One-Click Upsells: Boost your average order value by offering post-purchase one-click upsells. This feature allows you to increase revenue per customer effortlessly.
  • A/B Testing: Optimize your sales pages by testing different versions and analyzing the data to determine what works best for your audience.
  • Samcart Plans: There are various pricing tiers, including the Launch plan, Grow plan, and Scale plan, each offering different features catered to the size and needs of your business.
  • Free Trial: Samcart typically offers a free trial, giving you the opportunity to explore the platform’s capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

By focusing on creating high-converting checkout pages, Samcart is a tool valuable in maximizing your sales process’s efficiency and conversion rates.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or running a larger business, Samcart’s feature set is designed to cater to a wide range of online selling requirements.

GoHighLevel vs Samcart: Features Comparison

When you’re deciding between GoHighLevel and Samcart, you’ll want to consider how their features can cater to your specific business needs.

Each platform has its strengths across various functions, from sales funnels to CRM capabilities.

#1. Ease of Use

GoHighLevel offers a streamlined user experience, allowing you to manage your marketing efforts and customer relations in one place.

Samcart, on the other hand, is exceptionally user-friendly when it comes to setting up high-converting checkout pages, with a focus on facilitating a smooth checkout process for your customers.

#2. Integration

  • GoHighLevel: Capable of integration with a multitude of marketing tools and platforms, GoHighLevel makes it easy for you to link all your services.
  • Samcart: Offers integration options that focus on boosting e-commerce functionalities, such as connecting with email marketing services and various payment processors.

#3. Membership Sites

  • GoHighLevel: Includes features for building membership sites, which allows for content gating and subscription-based product offerings.
  • Samcart: Lacks direct capabilities to create membership sites; however, it can be integrated with third-party tools to manage memberships.

Winner: GoHighLevel

#4. CRM

  • GoHighLevel: Boasts a comprehensive CRM system that helps you track interactions with customers and leads, making it easier to personalize the customer’s journey.
  • Samcart: Primarily focused on checkout optimization, it does not offer a built-in CRM but can integrate with external CRM systems.

Winner: GoHighLevel

#5. Sales funnel Builder

  • GoHighLevel: Provides a robust funnel builder that assists in crafting custom sales funnels to guide customers through the buying process.
  • Samcart: While not a traditional sales funnel builder, Samcart specializes in high-converting checkout themes that are part of the sales funnel, focusing on the end stage where conversions are critical.

Winner: GoHighLevel

#6. Email Marketing

  • GoHighLevel: Comes with integrated email marketing tools that allow for advanced automation and personalization directly within the platform.
  • Samcart: Does not contain native email marketing features but supports integration with leading email marketing services.

Winner: GoHighLevel

#7. Ecommerce Platform

  • GoHighLevel: Supports e-commerce activities with its funnel builder and CRM, but e-commerce is not its core function.
  • Samcart: Excels as an e-commerce platform with its streamlined checkout experience, designed to increase conversion rates and average order value through upsells and cross-sells.

Winner: SamCart

#8. Webinar

  • GoHighLevel: Does not have native webinar features but can be integrated with webinar hosting platforms.
  • Samcart: Similar to GoHighLevel, it doesn’t offer webinar services, but you can link it with external webinar platforms.

By comparing these specific features, you can better understand which platform aligns with your business needs—whether you require a comprehensive marketing suite like GoHighLevel or a focused e-commerce solution like Samcart.

GoHighLevel vs Samcart: Pricing Plan

When comparing GoHighLevel and Samcart, understanding their pricing plans is crucial for your decision.

Here’s a breakdown to guide you through their cost structures.

GoHighLevel Plans:

GoHighLevel Pricing Plan

GoHighLevel offers two main pricing plans:

  • Agency Starter Account: $97/month (Perfect for getting your feet wet with GoHighLevel’s features.)
  • Agency Unlimited Account: $297/month (An expansive option for scaling agencies that require unlimited resources.)

You can also get additional features for white label mobile app and custom zaps, for $497/month.

Both plans offer a 14-day free trial to help you explore the platform9l¥ without upfront investment.

Samcart Plans:

samcart pricing

Samcart’s provides a monthly and yearly plan.


  • Launch: $79/month
  • Grow: $159/month


  • Launch: $59/month (Billed Annually)
  • Grow: $119/month (Billed Annually)

Your choice might hinge on whether the integration capabilities align with your current tools. GoHighLevel integrates with platforms such as MailchimpTeachable, and HubSpot, enhancing its CRM capabilities.

If your emphasis is on a robust digital marketing strategy with CRM integration, GoHighLevel could be the more fitting option.

On the other hand, if your focus is creating optimized checkout experiences and you rely less on integrations with broader marketing tools, Samcart’s specific e-commerce functionalities might serve you best.

Remember to consider the long-term value each platform brings to your business, beyond just the immediate cost, to make a choice that best supports your growth and operational style.

GoHighLevel vs Samcart: Main Difference

When you’re choosing between GoHighLevel and Samcart, it’s important to understand the main differences that set them apart.

Each platform is designed to enhance your online marketing efforts, but they do so in distinct ways that may suit different business needs.

GoHighLevel is a comprehensive marketing platform that offers a robust suite of tools aimed at driving your entire marketing and sales funnel.

With features like an integrated CRM to manage leads, it encompasses a more holistic approach to your sales pipeline. You’ll find tools for:

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • SMS communication
  • Automating follow-ups
  • Tracking lead interactions
  • Managing agency client accounts

Additionally, GoHighLevel provides features to help reduce abandoned carts and supports sophisticated automation triggers for upselling and cross-selling throughout the customer lifecycle.

On the other hand, Samcart focuses specifically on optimizing the checkout experience and increasing conversions at that critical point of sale. Its features are particularly designed for:

  • Creating high-converting checkout pages
  • Implementing one-click upsells for easy product add-ons
  • Utilizing A/B split tests to optimize pages for better conversions
  • Adding order bumps directly on checkout pages

Samcart shines in its ability to give you a laser-focused toolkit for maximizing revenue per customer with upselling strategies and minimizing abandoned carts.

Overall FocusFull marketing and sales funnelCheckout page optimization
Feature HighlightsCRM, multi-channel communicationOne-click upsells, A/B split tests
Conversion StrategyAgency-focused, lifecycle marketingDirect sales, upselling at checkout
Abandoned Cart ToolsIntegrated in automation suiteDirectly addressed at checkout

When deciding between the two, think about where your business needs the most support. Are you looking for a tool to manage the broader scope of your marketing efforts, or do you need to boost your conversion rates specifically at the point of sale?

Your choice will shape the customer journey and, ultimately, your sales success.

GoHighLevel vs Samcart: Pros and Cons

When you, as an entrepreneur, business owner, or consultant, consider tools like GoHighLevel and Samcart, it’s vital to weigh their strengths and weaknesses.

Here’s a straightforward look at the pros and cons of each.


All-in-One PlatformSteep Learning Curve
Offers an integrated suite of marketing tools to streamline your communication channels and campaigns.The comprehensive functionality can be complex to master.


Conversion-FocusedPricing Considerations
Specializes in creating high-converting checkout pages to optimize your sales.Different pricing tiers make it important to evaluate the value you’re getting.
Ease of UseLimited Scope Compared to GoHighLevel
User-friendly interfaces mean less hassle in your marketing campaigns.Focuses mainly on the checkout process rather than a broader suite of marketing tools.

Both platforms offer valuable features to help you grow your business. GoHighLevel is robust with a suite of tools suited for intricate marketing automation, whereas Samcart provides a more targeted solution focusing on optimizing the checkout experience.

Consider what fits your business needs, taking into account the learning curve for GoHighLevel’s comprehensive offerings and Samcart’s straightforward approach to increasing conversions.

The quality and availability of training materials and customer service will also be crucial in your decision-making process.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel offers a comprehensive suite of tools including CRM capabilities, automated marketing, and a complete sales funnel builder.

It’s an all-in-one platform that combines various functionalities for managing your customer relationships and automating your marketing campaigns.

SamCart, on the other hand, focuses predominantly on creating optimized checkout pages and facilitating the sales process with features designed to increase conversion rates at the point of sale.

When assessing value for money, you should consider your business needs. SamCart provides a powerful checkout experience with its range of sales-boosting features.

It might be a fit for you if your main requirement is to optimize the checkout process. However, GoHighLevel could offer you better value if you’re looking for an all-encompassing platform that not only supports sales but also offers tools for marketing automation and business management.

The preference between GoHighLevel and SamCart largely depends on your business focus.

Entrepreneurs interested in an integrated approach to managing their entire sales and marketing funnel tend to lean towards GoHighLevel.

Those who are looking for a dedicated solution to increase their conversion rates through advanced checkout features may prefer SamCart.

Your choice might also be influenced by the type of product or service you’re selling and how you engage with your customers.

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