7 Best White Label CRM Platform For Businesses

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In this article, we will be exploring the best white label CRM platforms.

White labelling has always been an amazing solution for clients, etc. it is a well-known concept to agencies and professionals in the graphics or web space.

Also, it helps resellers, companies, etc to brand their product the way they want.

White label CRM software is a fast and effective platform for selling your  CRM and marketing automation system.

Not only that, it helps you to deliver customized solutions for any small business client.

You should not only have an idea about different white-label CRM software, but you should also be able to identify the best ones among them.

This will go a long way in securing a high level of success for your business.

That is why in this post, I will not only show you things you should know about white-label CRM software.

I will be showing the 7 best white label CRM software that will give your business a big leap towards success.

So, let’s get started.

Best White Label CRM Software

No CRM SoftwareStarting Price
1. GoHighLevel$97/Month
2. Vendasta$119/Month
3. Salespype$499/Month
4. GreenRope$79/Month
5. Soffront$65/Month
6. Bitrix24$55/Month
7, AllClients$7500 Once

What is White Label CRM software?

White-label CRM software is a great solution for businesses that want to cut down on their IT expenses.

It allows you to enjoy so many more features than the traditional CRM without having to invest in costly infrastructure.

White-label CRM software helps you deliver good customer service solutions as well as marketing automation tools.

White label software is software-as-a-software that is designed to provide solutions to organizations that desire to use it.

They are better than other traditional CRMs because it has a high level of flexibility, ease of use, and scalability, and also cheaper

Every business is unique when it comes to managing its customer relationships.

No other platform can be more useful in the management of your interactions with either your potential or your existing customers than a white-label CRM platform.

It is worthy of note that there are different white label CRM vendors in the market today.

They have several brands with varying qualities. you don’t only have to understand different white label CRM software.

You should be able to identify the best ones and also the ones that work best for you. so that purchasing them will be worthwhile.

Best white label CRM Platform

Below are the list of the best white label CRM platforms

#1. GoHighLevel

Go high level overview

Gohighlevel is an all-in-one white-label CRM software that is designed to help you improve customer relationships and boost lead generation.

It also helps you to effectively manage your agency and deliver amazing results to your customers.

Go high level was founded in 2018 to help agencies and small businesses to automate and grow.

People use “Gohighlevel” interchangeably with “high-level” due to the absence of “go” in it.

Shaun was not able to acquire the domain name high-level so he opted for Gohighlevel.com

Go high level is very easy to use and allows you to get value for your money. 

With the help of Go high level, you can create a website, schedule clients, and create landing pages.

You can also send broadcast emails and texts to the contact list, integrate it with Facebook for ads, and create triggers and workflow with your clients.

It is a perfect option for automation, website designs, and also lead generation.


  • Automated responses
  • Access to workflow management
  • There is multi-channel data collection
  • Customizable branding
  • CRM is available


  • There is a short learning curve
  • Massive follow-up potential is needed
  • You can easily track everything including calls, texts, or click responses.
  • You can white label it easily
  • Your clients do not have access to the entire system, so they can’t steal it.


  • It is not a good option for e-commerce
  • It can be expensive depending on the features you need


Go high level offers a 14-days free trial. Then you can choose to subscribe to any of these 3 major categories.

  • Agency starter account. It goes for $97/month or $972/year
  • Agency Unlimited account. This plan goes for $297/month or $2976 per year
  • Agency Pro (white Label mobile App + custom Zap Upgrade). You can get it at $497/month or $4968/year.

#2.  Vendasta

Vendasta CRM

Vendasta is an amazing fit for small businesses and agencies that are looking for a CRM that is client-focused.

It allows you to sell AXsmarter using AI, AXsmarter assists the vendetta to analyze data and also get to know what your customers need early enough.

Vendasta provides an e-commerce platform for media companies, small and medium-sized businesses as well as marketing agencies.

It also offers an AI-powered CRM with sales marketing automation. It consists of tools that are useful for invoicing, payment processing, and project management.

Furthermore, Vendasta offers customized solutions to CRM resellers so that they can deliver a tailored solution that will meet the needs of the client.

It helps you to grow your business effectively by adding all the things the sales team needs to a platform

Vendasta has a severe learning curve. This makes clients opt for other options that are way easier to learn.


  • You get access to resellable software
  • AI-powered marketing analysis is available.
  • It also helps in sales automation which includes, prospect analysis, sales activity, order processing, etc.
  • There are targeted email campaigns
  • 24/7 customer support for users of all pricing plans


  • There is a large collection of case studies and guidelines in its resource library.
  • Resellers can save a lot of money by making use of this white-labeling CRM platform.
  • It has a reliable customer support program.


  • The free plan of Vendasta does not include white labelling
  • For you to set it up, you need to have good knowledge of it.
  • The pricing structure is complex


The pricing plan starts from $119 a month up to $1159 for the advance plan which is the highest plan.

#3. Salespype

salespype white label CRM platform

Salespype is an all-in-one white-label CRM platform. It is one of the best CRM software that provides solutions for small businesses that want better client relationships.

Also, it provides features such as sales pipeline tracking, contact management, etc. that can be easily rebranded to fit your company’s brand.

Salespype is a perfect choice for businesses that want to grow their sales.

For you to better connect with your customers, salespeople have integrated video email, ringless voicemail, call bridge, and SMS/MMS into a central inbox.

With a single subscription plan, you will not only get CRM software, but you will also get email marketing tools, calendar tools, drip automation, form builder, and a lot more.

Salespype comes with ready-to-use campaign templates.

However, these campaign templates can be fully automated with a few clicks.


  • Video emails are available to connect with your clients better
  • Drip automation
  • Form Builder
  • Campaign templates
  • Call bridge


  • You can explore a lot of features with just one subscription
  • There are ready-to-use campaigns and they can be automated in a few clicks.
  • It has a short learning curve
  • Free trial and free version are both available for customers.


  • It is not meant for large agencies and teams


Salespype is available in a free trial and also in a free version. For you to enjoy the features maximally, you can pay a subscription fee of $79 per month.

4. GreenRope


GreenRope is a white-label CRM software that stands out as the best among the myriads of white-label CRM platforms.

It is also referred to as the best option for businesses that wants an all-in-one white label CRM that has an add-on service potential.

Green rope delivers custom solutions for agencies, consultants, government officials, financial services, etc.

It can help your business to enjoy advanced time management, business management, improved communication, and also streamlined client sales.

Greenwood helps agencies and resellers to monitor and manage the companies of their customers.

They do this by using a single platform that consists of marketing, operational functions as well as sales.

The partner program for GreenRope is the best among others. It pays nothing less than a 35% commission on CRM sales for the first six months.

After that, you begin to enjoy a 5% commission for the rest of the account’s life.

GreenRope does not only offer CRM, it also offers customer service, sales pipelines, and many more.

It assists businesses to grow maximally and efficiently by providing everything it needs.


  • It has some automation tools, which are website and landing page builder, email and website templates, drip campaigns, surveys, etc.
  • Custom fields, emails, and also users are unlimited.
  • GreenRope has a calendar that helps you to schedule meetings and manage the task of our team.
  • Service automation includes live chats, social networking, ticketing, project and learning management, etc.
  • Sales automation includes, lead scoring, social CRM, pipeline visibility, contact management, opportunity tracking, etc.


  • There’s a high commission and bonus you enjoy its affiliate marketing program.
  • There are unlimited people to utilize the CRM as also the marketing system.
  • Customer service/support for 24 hours a day and also 7 days a week.


  • For freelancers or a small team that is just growing, it may be very expensive.
  • There is no free plan for companies


  • A monthly subscription starts at $79 per month
  • The white label package begins at $549 per month (this is for 10,000 contacts)

Fees for one-time setup:

  • $499 for just one single white-label account.
  • $5000 is the highest amount.

#5. Soffront

Soffront: White Label CRM Platform

Soffront is a top choice for businesses that wants a brand-new CRM with the right marketing features.

It offers complete solutions to agencies that want to build a web presence, and generate and nurture leads.

Soffront offers complete solutions to CRM white-label resellers.

It also helps businesses build a web presence, generate more leads, nurture leads with email marketing, convert customers into brand advocates, and close more sales with CRM.

With Soffront, you can integrate sales, automate services, and also market just in one CRM system.

It allows you to design custom-made mobile apps for different users within and outside your company.

Furthermore, it delivers digital marketing services as well as franchise solutions to agencies that want to widen their business reach.


  • Apps for Android and iOS are unique
  • Marketing automation tools are available. They include automated email campaigns
  • Sales automation tools include click-to-call, forecasting, email and calendar integration, invoicing, etc.
  • It has a mobile-friendly web application
  • Customer service and support are available 24/7. You can access this service through phone calls, email, or ticket submission


  • Small companies and partners are allowed to enjoy the free plan
  • Soffront provides different options of upgrade choices and cost-effective add-ons.
  • Customers enjoy service and support from their desks. This service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days in a


  • Soffront has a complex pricing system
  • The interface is not user-friendly


  • Starter: you can subscribe to this plan for $15 per month
  • Professional: it goes for $35 per month
  • Enterprise: subscription fee for this plan is $65
  • To get a one-time setup, the configuration charge is $2000
  • Resellers also have access to a free soffront plan

Try Soffront For Free

6. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is low-cost white-label CRM software that provides free membership options.

It offers a complete set of marketing automation, communication capabilities, and social collaboration.

It is used by over 6 million companies around the world.

Bitrix24 is suitable for companies, digital agencies, and consultants searching for less expensive CRM software.

It also includes an online shop builder, product catalogs, payment processing, shipping cost calculators, inventory management, order administration, etc.

Bitrix24 offers comprehensive tutorials and guidelines for setup. Resellers get free leads and also free premium membership to bitrix24 cloud.  

One thing that stands out is its low-cost pricing plan. That is Bitrix24 allows small businesses to make use of the platform at a free cost.

Agencies and businesses will only have to pay a little amount when they want to white label it.


  • Tools for task and project management are available
  • Collaborating tools are available. They include video calls, video conferencing, webmail, Calendar, and business drive.
  • Landing pages and the website builder are available on bitrix24
  • There is an in-built phone, CRM forms, live chat, and website widgets.
  • Marketing tools are available; they include Facebook advertising, and email templates, customer segmentation.


  • There are plans for unlimited users at a low cost
  • It has no cost plan
  • The partner program consists of a high-volume discount and a kick-start incentive


  • There is a limit to the free plan.  It has limited analytics and features.
  • To set up bitrix24, you will need technical knowledge.
  • There are no 24 hours customer services. That is you have to contact them within office hours.


  • For a start, you will pay $19 (
  • For CRM+ $55 per month
  • For project+ $55 per month
  • The standard rate per month is $59.40
  • Professional goes at the rate of $199.40

Try Bitrix24

#7. AllClients

Allclients is a web-based online contact management and CRM solution for companies that have limited workers.

It is user-friendly and has varied low-cost variety of pricing plans.  It offers an encompassing CRM that fits into your brand and content.

Allclients contains a fully built-in API which makes it possible to integrate Allclients CRM with your existing tools.

Also, you can build single sign-on integration and combine its functions with other tools and systems.

This platform includes landing pages, pipeline transactions, opt-in emails, autoresponders, workflows, and funnels.

Allclients do not have a free plan. It also does not have customer support for 24hours a day. It lacks an integrated phone system


  • Marketing automation tools include landing page builders, autoresponders, link trackers, voice recorders, deal, management, etc.
  • It consists of a contact management system that includes, contact segmentations, calendars, to-do lists, contact information, etc.
  • Allclients have good text and phone marketing features. These features are, text-to-join, opt-in text, and recorded message marketing.
  • There are video lessons, a knowledge base, and email customer service to explore during business hours.
  • Customizable dashboards, newsletters, email templates, and client referral tracking are available


  • Partner enjoys 30% potential for recurring commissions
  • You don’t need the assistance of a coder to use the software
  • Pricing plans for white label CRM are separate from the rest


  • A free plan is not available on Allclients
  • There is no built-in phone system
  • Customer service is restricted to office hours


The WhiteLabel by AllClients known as WhiteLabelCRM.com cost a one-time setup fee of $7500 and $25 a month onward.

Try AllClients


White label CRM software is one of the most sought-after software because it can help you improve the performance of your business disregarding the size.

It helps you to organize and manage your customer effectively.

Closing deals and achieving ultimate higher sales revenue is easy with white-label CRM software.

We have discussed some of the best white-label CRM software and their features.

The ones you choose should align with your brand, pricing plan, as well as client tastes. Which CRM software will you get started with today?

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