Convertri vs Instapage: (Which is Better?)

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Trying to figure out the best way to create landing pages that not only look awesome but convert like crazy?

I understand Convertri and Instapage are two notable software in this area and comparing them can help you determine which service is more aligned with your business goals.

Understanding both key features and pricing plans of Convertri and Instapage is crucial for an informed decision.

So in this article, we’ll take into consideration the affordability of each tool, the values they deliver, and most especially how sophisticated they are.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Key Takeaways
  • When it comes to affordability and value delivery, Convertri is your tool.
  • Instapage uses an AI content generator to assist when building your landing page.
  • Convertri prioritizes ease of use with a focus on mobile-responsive page designs and a FAST loading page.

Convertri vs Instapage: Overview

Both platforms offer robust features to enhance your digital marketing efforts but serve slightly different needs and user bases.

Convertri is renowned for its page loading speed, claiming to be the world’s fastest funnel builder.

You’ll find that Convertri excels in creating quick-loading landing pages, squeeze pages, and sales funnels, which can positively affect your conversion rates due to improved user experience.

Features of Convertri:

  • Fast-loading pages: Enhanced user experience and potentially better conversions.
  • Funnel building: Specialized in sales funnel creation.
  • Suitable for: small businesses and marketers prioritizing speed and simplicity.

Instapage, on the other hand, emphasizes conversion optimization.

If your primary goal centers on capturing detailed analytics and boosting conversion rates, Instapage comes into play with its advanced suite of optimization tools.

Features of Instapage:

  • Conversion Analytics: Understand your funnel performance with detailed reports.
  • Heatmaps & A/B Testing: Tools to optimize your pages for higher conversion rates.
  • Suitable for: marketers and marketing agencies that need comprehensive analytics.
Page SpeedFastStandard
Funnel BuildingSpecializedAvailable
Conversion OptimizationBasicAdvanced
User BaseSmall BusinessesMarketing Agencies

In your decision-making process, consider the focus of each platform—Convertri’s speed and user-friendly funnel building versus Instapage’s detailed optimization and analytical tools.

Each serves its purpose and choosing one will depend on your specific marketing needs and preferences.

What is Convertri?

Convertri vs Instapage: Convertri

Convertri is a comprehensive tool developed to assist you in creating sales funnels and landing pages.

Its primary aim is to optimize the speed and performance of web pages to enhance your online marketing efforts.

You can call it a web-based funnel builder and landing page creation tool that specializes in providing users with the ability to create high-converting marketing funnels and web pages with a strong emphasis on page loading speed.

Practically designed to help marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses improve their online presence and sales by optimizing the performance and design of their web pages.

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Convertri Key Features

  • Speed Optimization: Convertri utilizes advanced technology to ensure your pages load quickly, which is crucial in maintaining user engagement and reducing bounce rates.
  • Funnel Builder: It offers a drag-and-drop funnel builder enabling you to design sales funnels smoothly without a need for coding knowledge.
  • Page Builder: The platform includes a variety of templates and customizable options for building high-converting landing pages and sales pages.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: With Convertri, your web pages are automatically optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless experience for users on the go.
  • Integrations: It supports integration with various marketing tools and services, which facilitates the seamless operation of your sales funnels within your existing workflow.
  • A/B Testing: You can test different versions of your pages to determine which one performs better with your audience.
  • Subaccounts and Team Collaboration: The platform supports subaccounts and team collaboration features, making it suitable for agencies and businesses that need to manage multiple projects or allow multiple team members to work on campaigns.
  • Custom Domains: Users can publish their pages on custom domains to maintain brand consistency and professionalism.
  • SSL Certificates: Convertri provides automatic SSL certificates for all pages, which is important for security and SEO.
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout: The platform includes built-in shopping cart and checkout features, allowing users to sell products and services directly from their pages without needing an external e-commerce solution.
  • Templates: Users have access to a library of pre-designed templates for various types of pages, such as opt-in pages, sales pages, and thank-you pages, which can be customized to fit their brand and campaign needs.

What is Instapage?

Instapage Overview

Instapage is a robust platform designed to help you create, personalize, and optimize landing pages for your marketing campaigns.

It focuses on maximizing conversions with its advanced tools tailored to streamline and improve the post-click experience.

Basically, it’s a cloud-based service that enables businesses and marketers to create, optimize, and personalize landing pages at scale.

The platform is designed to improve the post-click experience and maximize the conversion rates from digital advertising campaigns.

Instapage is particularly well-regarded for its advanced landing page design features and robust A/B testing capabilities.

Instapage Key Features

  • Landing Page Builder: Instapage provides a powerful drag-and-drop editor that allows users to create and customize landing pages without needing any coding knowledge. The editor supports precise positioning, which gives designers the flexibility to place elements exactly where they want them.
  • Templates: The platform offers a wide range of customizable templates that are designed for various use cases and industries, helping users to quickly launch professional-looking landing pages.
  • Personalization: Instapage allows for personalization of landing page content for different audiences, which can be based on factors such as visitor demographics, behavior, or source of traffic.
  • A/B Testing: Users can create and test multiple versions of a landing page to determine which one performs the best in terms of conversions. This feature is essential for optimizing the performance of marketing campaigns.
  • Heatmaps: Instapage provides heatmaps that show where visitors are clicking, scrolling, and focusing their attention on the page. This insight helps in understanding user behavior and can inform design improvements.
  • Analytics and Reporting: The platform includes detailed analytics and reporting features that track the performance of landing pages and provide insights into conversion rates and other key metrics.
  • AdMap: Instapage’s AdMap feature allows users to visualize and connect ads to relevant landing pages, ensuring a cohesive ad-to-page experience.
  • Collaboration: The platform offers collaboration tools that enable teams to work together on landing page design and optimization, including real-time editing and feedback.
  • Integration: Instapage can integrate with a variety of marketing tools and platforms, including analytics, email marketing, CRM, social media, and webinar services, to streamline workflows and data sharing.

Convertri vs Instapage: Features Comparison

When deciding between Convertri and Instapage for your landing page needs, you’ll find distinct features that set them apart.

Examining elements like page load time, user-friendliness, integration capabilities, and specific tools for marketing will guide your choice.

#1. Page Load Time

Convertri prides itself on fast loading speeds, thanks to its Accelerated Page Technology. This ensures that your landing pages load swiftly, potentially reducing bounce rates.

In contrast, Instapage also delivers pages with considerable speed, albeit without an explicit focus on this accelerated technology.

Winner: = Convertri

#2. Ease of Use

Instapage is renowned for its user-friendly interface, making it a go-to solution for beginners and professionals looking for intuitive design capabilities.

On the other hand, Convertri offers an easy drag-and-drop editor as well, but it might have a steeper learning curve for new users.

#3. Integration

Both platforms offer a range of integrations with popular services and marketing tools. 

Instapage might have a slightly more limited selection compared to Convertri, which boasts extensive integration options, supporting a wide array of marketing activities and analytics.

#4. Shopping Cart

For eCommerce ambitions, Convertri includes built-in shopping cart functionality, allowing you to sell products directly from your landing pages.

Instapage, while not offering a native shopping cart, can integrate with eCommerce platforms to facilitate sales.

Winner: = Convertri

#5. Sales Funnel Builder

Convertri is specifically designed for building sales funnels, offering comprehensive funnel building tools that can guide visitors from the landing page through the entire sales process. 

Instapage lacks a dedicated sales funnel builder, focusing more on the landing page aspect of the funnel.

Winner: = Convertri

#6. Affordability

Considering affordability, Convertri typically offers more competitive pricing plans when compared to Instapage, which is positioned at a higher price point.

This could be an essential factor if budget constraints are a priority for you.

Winner: = Convertri

#7. E-commerce Platform

While Instapage can effectively integrate with eCommerce platforms for online sales processes,

Convertri’s built-in features are more geared towards a complete eCommerce funnel solution, potentially eliminating the need for additional software.

Winner: = Convertri

Convertri vs Instapage: Pricing Plan

When comparing the pricing plans of Convertri to Instapage, you need to consider your budget and the specific features you require.

Convertri’s Pricing Plans:

Convertri pricing
  • Monthly Plan: Priced at $99 per month, which provides access to all of Convertri’s funnel-building tools.
  • Annual Plan: This offers a discount, costing effectively $75 per month, billed annually. Over a year, this plan can save you 24% compared to the monthly option.

Instapage’s Pricing Plans:

Instapage Plans
  • Starting Plan: At a significantly higher price point, Instapage begins at $119 per month.
  • With Instapage, you get up to 30,000 unique visitors and the ability to publish up to 30 landing pages.

While you deliberate which service matches your needs, consider these factors:

  • Budget: Instapage’s starting plan is higher-priced compared to Convertri’s most expensive monthly option.
  • Visitor Cap and Usage: Instapage limits unique visitors and published pages, which may influence your choice if you have high traffic or numerous pages to manage.
FeatureConvertri (Monthly)Convertri (Annual)Instapage (Starting Plan)
Price per Month$99$75$119
Annual DiscountNoYes (24% Savings)Yes (33% Savings)
Unique VisitorsUnlimitedUnlimitedUp to 30,000
Published Landing PagesUnlimitedUnlimitedUp to 30

Overall Convertri offers a more affordable plan compared to the price offered by Instapage for the value you’ll be getting.

Convertri vs Instapage: Main Difference

When comparing Convertri and Instapage, your focus should be on the distinct features that set them apart.

Convertri is admired for its speed and the flexibility it provides in creating sales funnels.

It is often regarded as the fastest funnel builder available, owing to its quick page loading times.

Convertri is especially effective for building landing pages, squeeze pages, and an array of sales funnels.

Optimized for speedAdvanced optimization features
Flexibility in designDetailed analytics
Conversion analytics and heat maps

On the other hand, Instapage prides itself on conversion optimization features.

If deep analytics and data-driven optimization are what you need, Instapage brings to the table advanced tools like heat maps, detailed conversion analytics, and extensive testing capabilities which Convertri may lack.

  • Convertri:
    • Fast loading pages
    • Flexible funnel builder
  • Instapage:
    • Heat maps
    • Advanced A/B testing tools

Your choice between these tools should align with your priorities. If your primary need is speed and flexibility, Convertri may be the way to go.

Convertri vs Instapage: Pros and Cons

When you’re comparing Convertri and Instapage, it’s essential to consider their respective strengths and weaknesses. Your choice depends on what you value most in a landing page builder.



  • Convertri focuses on fast loading times for your landing pages, which can significantly improve your site’s user experience and SEO.
  • It offers a robust sales funnel builder that’s specifically designed to create effective landing pages and sales funnels.


  • As a more niche tool, Convertri might have a steeper learning curve, with fewer community resources available.
  • It lacks some of the advanced collaboration tools found in alternative solutions.



  • Instapage is known for its user-friendly interface, making page design accessible, even for beginners.
  • It has a comprehensive collaboration system, allowing you and your team to provide feedback directly on the page designs.


  • Instapage’s pricing can be on the higher end, especially for smaller businesses or individuals.
  • With its focus on landing pages alone, it might not be as versatile for other types of marketing funnel designs.

When you’re deciding between Convertri and Instapage, weigh these pros and cons in the context of your specific needs. Consider factors such as your budget, team collaboration requirements, and the scope of your marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

The choice between Convertri and Instapage depends on your specific needs.

Convertri is often praised for its fast page loading speeds and ease of use, making it a suitable option for small businesses.

On the other hand, Instapage is known for its advanced conversion optimization features and is particularly beneficial for marketers focused on analytics and optimization.

Instapage is generally recognized for its robust A/B testing features, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to enhance your landing page’s performance.

It provides detailed analytics and heat maps that are valuable for understanding user behavior and improving conversion rates.

Yes, both Convertri and Instapage offer integration capabilities with various third-party tools.

They can be connected to marketing automation, analytics, email marketing, and other essential software that you may already be using in your digital marketing strategy, enhancing your ability to create a seamless workflow.

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