Free Plus Shipping Funnel For E-commerce

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The free plus shipping funnel has the potential of increasing your products sales over 10 × bigger than your initial profits.

Leaving you with a huge turnover from just a single product trick.

Free plus shipping is a psychology trick that works most of the time on any customers interested in a product. And chances are you’ve come across this before.

These are products that cost $0.00 while you’re asked to pay for the shipping fee only and keep the product for free.

Like you must have known, the shipping fee is going to be cost inclusive. So, as a seller, there won’t be any loss on your side.

This simple trick works so effectively that at the same time it can easily work against you if care is not taken.

As a result of this, I’ve written this article to guide you through everything you need to know about the free plus shipping model.

And at the same time, how you can easily set it up with the help of the Clickfunnel software and drastically boost your sales conversion.

What is Free Plus Shipping & How does it Work?

A free plus shipping e-commerce model is a situation whereby you as a product seller sell a product for free. Then charge your customer the shipping and handling fee.

leather quartz analog watch as a free plus shipping product

Looking at this logically, it doesn’t make sense, does it? Yeah!

But what you are doing as a seller is simply arousing the curiosity of your potential buyer through the word FREE Products. While in the actual sense you’ve added the product cost in the shipping fee.

Let’s say you got a nice product on AliExpress and this product cost $1.50 while the shipping fee is $3.00. The overall cost of this product is going to be $4.50.

Using the free plus shipping model, you can now decide to make the product free on your page then include the product cost, shipping, and handling fee of $9.99.

From that alone, you’ve generated a profit of $5.49. Mind you, this is still not the ultimate motive behind the free plus shipping model.

The actual reason for setting it this up to walk them through a sales funnel you can build with Clickfunnels to create an up-sell and down-sell products complementary to the initial product.

So, if you’re selling a free plus shipping product you can easily do a $30 complimentary product upsell and a $25 down-sell.

If they ended up buying all, that’s an addition $55 turnover from your simple trick.

And if they didn’t you still have their email address to remarket them and chances are they’re still going to buy more different products from you.

Benefits of Using the Free Plus Shipping Model

Let’s talk about a few of the benefits of using the free plus shipping and how you can take advantage of it.

  • The “FREE” Magic Word

it’s no news that almost everybody loves the word “free products”. Don’t know about you, but I’m thinking I do. The word free easily attracts attention and hooked your potential customers.

  • Dropshipping

the dropshipping business model also makes it a more lucrative and easy to run business. You won’t have to worry about product inventory and logistics. Simply get a cheap product on AliExpress and use as your free plus shipping.

  • Best Way to Attract Customers

your potential customers will see this as a risk-free opportunity to try out the product since it’s free. Plus it always works 90% of the time most especially when you stated a convincing reason for giving away the product for free.

  • Make More Money

this method will allow making as much as possible from a cheap product worth less than $5 from multiple up-sell and cross-sell. And afterwards, you can keep making more sales from a single buyer via email marketing.

What is Clickfunnels & How Does it Work?


Clickfunnel is a revolutionary platform that provides you with everything you need to run a successful online business. It works for any business model, be it e-commerce, insurance, real estate etc.

So far your business has an online presence Clickfunnel is able to boost your sales conversion. It includes all the tools you need to sell a product online. Tools like:

  • Leads capturing
  • Exit pop up
  • Upsell page
  • Down sell page
  • Thank you page
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Shopping Cart
  • Affiliate marketing platform for promoting your products

Sales Funnel, on the other hand, refers to a processor name for a website page that contains a series of actions a customer as to take before checking out.

This includes subscribing and visiting a cross-sells and up-sell page before checking out finally and after this, they keep getting email follow-ups as a remarketing strategy.

Simply put, Clickfunnel allows you to easily build a sale funnel for your products or any kind of business without having to know anything about web development.

It’s a simple drag and drop software that allows you to build a website page under a few minutes.

Setting Up A Free Plus Shipping Sales Funnel

free plus shipping stages and processes

Usually what you have on a normal e-commerce store is a static page of products with different add-ons integrated with the website for conversion optimization.

This could be an email subscription pop up or exit pop up, a cross-sell add-on and other different marketing tools. This way a potential customer can easily leave at will without taking any action.

But using a sales funnel it’s a different thing entirely. At least one thing is certain which are the customer email address which can later be used for email marketing.

For setting up your free plus shipping sales funnel for dropshipping, below is what you need:

  1. Find a cheap & trendy Product
  2. Complimentary products for Up-sell & Down-sell
  3. Clickfunnel account
  4. Product Marketing
  5. Automated follow-up emails

Step 1: Find Cheap & Trendy Product

For this to work, you have to find an extremely cheap product. And at the same time a very hot selling product your customer will find difficult to resist.

You can easily find plenty of these products on AliExpress. Or check Amazons best seller for ideas of trendy product to be used as bait.

Once you find your product, you can decide to make it a bundled product with an additional informational product. What you’re trying to do is stack-up the value level of the product to an extent your customer won’t be able to resist.

If you’re into pet niche, your informational product could be “10 Amazing facts you don’t know about your Cat” etc. the point is to arouse their curiosity.

Then for the shipping fee, you have to be careful.

It won’t make sense for you to be giving away pet toy worth $10 and asking your customer to pay a $50 shipping fee. This will be ridiculous.

Most times the shipping fee you should be charging shouldn’t be more than $10 since you’re still going to cross sell and up sell additional products.

Step 2: Complimentary products for Up-sell & Down-sell

Upsell and down-sell is a sales marketing technique that allows you to convince a customer to purchase more expensive products.

Most times they are likely going to buy because most of the products will be complementary products to the ones they are buying.

What you need to do at this stage is to look for complementary and irresistible products that can be used.

For example, a two-part product. You can decide to make one part of the free and make the other one as up-sell. This is just an example.

Step 3: ClickFunnel Account

Clickfunnels offers a two weeks trial to test-run the platform so you can probably take advantage of that and see how the platform works.

From your account, there are various funnels you can use to meet your specific purpose. For the free plus shipping model you need a funnel-like this:

  • FREE + SHIPPING Offer Page
  • Checkout Page
  • Upsell Page
  • Down sell Page
  • Thank You Page.

#1: Free + Shipping Offer Page

one of the main features with click funnel is that they offer complete customization. You can easily update the logo and website color to match the product you’re selling.

a sample light bulb free plus shipping product

This page is built to minimize distractions and maximize your product conversions. The page includes the “add to cart button” with free (+shipping fee).

It also includes products description for allowing your customers to know more about the product.

#2: Checkout Page

Their simple 2 checkout page helps reduces shopping cart abandonment and increases your sale conversions.

The checkout form allows you to easily follow up with customers that did not complete their purchase.

#3: Upsell & Down sell Page

The upsell page is designed to increase your customer cart value with an irresistible complimentary product before your customers finish their purchase.

While the down sell page is also designed to maximize your sale with one last irresistible upsell. However, your product should be lower in price in order to trigger the purchase impulse of your customer.

#4: Thank You Page

This is the final page where you thank your customer for making a purchase with you. At this page, you could also feature products your previous customer purchased before and include links to the products page.

Step 4: Product Marketing

This step involves marketing your product. As a new business not much will be known about your business. So, there’s a need to drive traffic to your business through various advertising channels.

For starters, you could engage Instagram influencers to promote your business. Search for the ones related to your product niche; contact them in other to do business with them.

Other than that, Facebook marketing and Google Adwords is also an effective channel to get the word out to your potential customers.

Step 5: Automated Follow up emails

Chances are not all customers is going to convert. But the good news is you going to have their email addresses.

Using clickfunnels gives you the ability to set up automated follow-ups emails that can be used to remarket your customers.

All you need to do is set it up. You could make this a two or thrice automated follow up in a week to remarketing them. Email marketing is very effective, and it’s said contact is equalled to a dollar so the more leads you have the more conversion you get.

Free Plus Shipping FAQ

Let’s have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the free plus shipping funnel

What is a free plus shipping funnel?

Free plus shipping funnel is an eCommerce funnel that offers your site visitors a free product in exchange for their email address and asks them to only pay for shipping then later upsells them with a higher-priced product.

How do you build a free shipping eCommerce sales funnel?

You can build a free shipping eCommerce sales funnel by first selecting your product and specifying the product upsell. After that, set up your sales page using Clickfunnel free plus shipping funnel.

What is free plus shipping?

Free plus shipping is a unique way to build your list and sell physical products using a sales funnel.


Free plus shipping model is an effective marketing strategy to make more money with your e-commerce business.

This business model is used for two reasons; you can either use it drive people in, then showcase the actual products you want to sell as an upsell and down-sell.

The other method is used for generating leads for your products which is also a very important aspect of every business.

It’s important you state the reason behind your “free plus shipping” while running adverts on social media or any platform.

Else people would believe it’s a scam and there’s an ulterior motive for doing that.

For example, if it’s your store anniversary, you could decide to say you’re giving away free products. Or it could be for brand awareness etc.

Clickfunnel makes the whole process easier. But for dropshipping, Clickfunnel is yet to be integrated with AliExpress.

However, it’s connected with the Google spreadsheet.

This way all your customers’ orders will be saved on the Google spreadsheet and can later be used to fulfil orders on AliExpress.

So, what do you think about the click funnels Free Plus Shipping model? Let me hear your thoughts on this using the comment box.

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