Kartra vs Convertri: (An In-Depth Comparison)

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Today we’ll compare Kartra vs Convertri and see how both tools fare against each other.

Choosing the right sales funnel builder for your online business can have significant impacts on your marketing efforts and overall success.

Kartra brings to the table a suite of marketing automation tools, analytics, membership sites, and more, effectively positioning itself as a one-stop shop for marketers.

On the other hand, Convertri focuses on providing a streamlined experience with a fast drag-and-drop editor and the capability to create highly responsive pages optimized for mobile devices.

Making an informed decision between Kartra and Convertri involves comparing each platform’s features, pricing plans, and unique selling points to identify which aligns best with your business goals.

Key Takeaways

Kartra vs Convertri: Overview

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform designed with a broad array of built-in tools to help manage and grow your online presence.

Founded by Genesis Digital in 2016, it not only helps in funnel building but also extends its capabilities to email marketing, hosting, and more.

Convertri, on the other hand, is renowned for its fast page-loading times and is geared towards users looking for simplicity and speed in design and deployment.

It boasts mobile-responsive design capabilities and a unique page importer feature.

Here’s a brief comparison of Kartra and Convertri:

Primary FocusAll-in-one marketing platformSales funnel builder
Page LoadingStandard speedFast loading times
Ease of UseComprehensive features, steeper learning curveSimple user interface
Mobile ResponsivenessFully responsiveCustomizable for mobile
Unique FeaturesEmail marketing, video hosting, calendars, membershipsPage importer
Starting PriceComparable introductory offersComparable introductory offers
Best forUsers seeking extensive tools in one platformUsers prioritize speed and simplicity in design
Email Marketing✔️
CRM Automation ✔️
Free Trial 30 days Free Trial 14 days Free Trial

Kartra provides a wide range of integrated services that can replace multiple third-party tools, while Convertri focuses on being a high-performing standalone sales funnel builder.

Pricing for both platforms starts similarly, but as you scale, your investment might differ based on the features and services you prioritize.

What is Kartra?

Kartra platform Overview

Kartra is an all-in-one platform designed to manage and optimize online businesses.

It centralizes various components of digital marketing, making it easier for you to handle your online presence and sales processes.

Kartra equips you with tools to enhance your online marketing, automate tasks, and analyze the success of your strategies in one unified platform.

Kartra Key Features

  • Comprehensive Email Marketing: You can create and automate email campaigns and sequence follow-ups based on user behavior.
  • Flexible Page Building: Drag-and-drop page builders let you construct landing pages, sales pages, and more, without needing coding skills.
  • Membership Site Creation: Kartra enables you to build and run membership sites to offer exclusive content to subscribers.
  • Multidimensional Funnels: Arrange and link your marketing pages to form complex sales funnels that guide the customer journey.
  • Integrated Shopping Cart: With Kartra’s shopping cart, you can sell digital and physical products, set up payment gateways, and manage taxes.
  • Video Hosting: Host and stream videos directly on your Kartra pages and monitor viewer engagement.
  • Helpdesks: Offer customer support through integrated ticketing and live chat services.
  • Calendars for Appointment Booking: Schedule appointments and manage your calendar within the platform.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Access detailed insights into the performance of your marketing efforts and website traffic.
  • Affiliate Management: Manage affiliates who promote your products and track their performance.

What is Convertri?


Convertri is a high-performance funnel builder designed to help you create and optimize your sales funnels with a focus on loading speed and flexibility.

Its page builder interface is intended to cater to users who seek an intuitive design experience.

It’s designed to help marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses improve their online presence and sales by optimizing the performance and design of their web pages..l

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Convertri Key Features

  1. Funnel Planner: Convertri provides a visual funnel planner that lets users map out their entire sales or marketing funnel, making it easy to understand and optimize the customer journey.
  2. Fast Page Loading: Convertri prides itself on the speed of its page editor and the loading time of the pages it creates. The platform uses accelerated page technology to ensure that pages load quickly, which can contribute to better conversion rates and lower bounce rates.
  3. Drag-and-Drop Page Builder: The platform offers a flexible drag-and-drop page builder that allows users to place elements anywhere on the page, giving them complete creative freedom in designing their landing pages and funnels.
  4. Custom Domains: Users can publish their pages on custom domains to maintain brand consistency and professionalism.
  5. Templates: Users have access to a library of pre-designed templates for various types of pages, such as opt-in pages, sales pages, and thank-you pages, which can be customized to fit their brand and campaign needs.
  6. Mobile Page Optimization: Convertri allows users to create separate mobile-specific versions of their pages, ensuring that the user experience is optimized across all devices.
  7. Subaccounts and Team Collaboration: The platform supports subaccounts and team collaboration features, making it suitable for agencies and businesses that need to manage multiple projects or allow multiple team members to work on campaigns.
  8. Integrations: Convertri integrates with a variety of third-party tools, including email marketing platforms, payment processors, and webinar services, to extend the functionality of the funnels and pages.
  9. SSL Certificates: Convertri provides automatic SSL certificates for all pages, which is important for security and SEO.
  10. Shopping Cart and Checkout: The platform includes built-in shopping cart and checkout features, allowing users to sell products and services directly from their pages without needing an external e-commerce solution.

Kartra vs Convertri: Features Comparison

In comparing Kartra and Convertri, you’ll find distinct differences in their features that cater to various aspects of online marketing.

Each platform has strengths in ease of use, funnel building, and integration capabilities that may impact your decision based on your specific needs.

Ease of Use

Both Kartra and Convertri boast a drag-and-drop page builder, simplifying the creation of custom pages.

Kartra offers a slightly more streamlined experience, whereas Convertri focuses on flexibility and control, potentially increasing complexity.

Funnel Building

Kartra provides a suite of tools for sales funnel creation, including lead capture and product launch funnels.

Convertri also offers robust funnel building capabilities, with a focus on fast-loading pages and an intuitive interface for linking various funnel steps.


When it comes to design templates, Kartra offers a wide variety of funnel templates and landing pages designed to convert.

Convertri competes with a substantial library of templates, emphasizing fast loading times as a unique selling point.

????===>>> Winner: Kartra

Marketing Automation

For marketing automation, Kartra leads with comprehensive email marketing and automation sequences.

Convertri, while offering automation features, might have a narrower scope in comparison to Kartra’s fully integrated system for complex campaigns.

????===>>> Winner: Kartra


Integration capabilities are important for extending functionality.

Both platforms support integrations with numerous third-party tools, ensuring you can connect with software vital to your business processes.

????===>>> Winner: Kartra

Membership Sites

Kartra shines in building and managing membership sites with its built-in features for content delivery and member management.

Convertri does allow for membership functionalities but may require additional configuration or external integrations.

????===>>> Winner: Kartra

Email Marketing

Both platforms offer email marketing tools;

however, Kartra’s automated email campaigns are more advanced, providing detailed analytics and a variety of triggers that customize the user journey.

????===>>> Winner: Kartra

E-commerce Platform

Kartra functions as an all-in-one e-commerce platform, encompassing payment processing capabilities and affiliate management.

Convertri, while facilitating e-commerce, might necessitate additional systems for the comprehensive management of an online store.


Kartra allows you to host webinars and other live events directly through its platform.

Convertri lacks native webinar functionalities, often requiring integration with additional webinar tools.

????===>>> Winner: Kartra


Both platforms are competitively priced with tiered plans to suit various budgets.

Convertri often comes in at a lower starting price point, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses focusing on page speed and straightforward funnels.

Kartra’s pricing reflects its broader range of features and built-in capabilities, which might represent more value per dollar for users in need of a robust marketing toolkit.

????===>>> Winner: Convertri

Kartra vs Convertri: Pricing Plan

When exploring the pricing plans for Kartra and Convertri, you’ll find different tiers catering to varying business needs.

Let’s break down what these plans typically offer:

kartra’s Pricing Tiers:

Kartra Pricing
  • Starter Plan ($119/month): Ideal for newcomers to the digital marketing space, offering essential tools and capabilities.
  • Growth Plan:($$229/month) Steps up from the starter, providing more resources for growing businesses.
  • Pro ($549/month): These plans cater to larger businesses, adding more users, domains, and features.

Convertri’s Pricing Options:

Convertri pricing

Convertri offers just two plans, which are the monthly and the annual plan. The monthly plan comes at $99 per month while the annual plan comes at $899/year.

Kartra StarterConvertri Standard
Email Leads2,500

When considering these platforms, align your choice with your business scope, the scale of operations, and budget constraints. Each platform structures its pricing with an aim to serve different stages of business growth, from startup to a full-fledged agency.

Kartra vs Convertri: Main Difference

When you compare Kartra and Convertri, the core distinction lies in their suite of features and the intended user experience. 

Kartra positions itself as an all-in-one marketing platform, providing you with a wide range of integrated tools designed for marketing automation and business management.

  • Features: Kartra includes email marketing, membership sites, and video hosting. It’s designed to be a comprehensive solution.
  • Usability: Aims at users looking for a full stack of marketing tools in one spot.

On the other hand, Convertri focuses primarily on the speed and efficiency of its funnel builder, emphasizing page loading times and streamlined user interface.

  • Features: Convertri’s main selling point is its accelerated page loading, which can potentially increase conversion rates.
  • Usability: Appeals to users who prioritize the performance and speed of their marketing pages.

Here’s a quick breakdown to highlight the differences:

Marketing ToolsExtensiveLimited
Funnel BuilderComprehensivePerformance-Focused
Starting PriceSame for bothSame for both
User InterfaceAll-in-oneStreamlined for speed

Your choice between Kartra and Convertri should align with your specific needs — a complete marketing toolkit or a high-performance sales funnel builder.

Kartra vs Convertri: Pros and Cons

When you’re deciding between Kartra and Convertri for your sales funnel needs, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons to make an informed decision.

Kartra Pros:

  • All-in-One Solution: You get a suite of tools including email marketing, page building, and more.
  • Ease of Use: Kartra’s interface is user-friendly, making it easy for you to navigate and create campaigns.
  • Rich Feature Set: Beyond funnels, Kartra offers helpdesks, calendars, and video hosting.

Kartra Cons:

  • Price: Kartra’s plans might be pricier compared to Convertri, especially for beginners.
  • Complexity: With more features, comes a steeper learning curve which might be overwhelming at first.

Convertri Pros:

  • Page Load Speed: Convertri pages load quickly, which is crucial for keeping potential customers engaged.
  • Affordability: The starting price point is friendly for those on a tight budget.
  • Focus on Funnels: Convertri is optimized for creating high-converting sales funnels.

Convertri Cons:

  • Less Comprehensive: It lacks some of the broader marketing tools that Kartra offers.
  • Smaller Toolkit: You might need additional software to cover all marketing needs, where Kartra is more of a one-stop-shop.

When choosing, consider your specific needs, skills, and the scale at which you operate. Your choice ultimately hinges on the balance between a comprehensive toolbox and a focused, streamlined funnel builder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your experience with Kartra may be more holistic, as it presents itself as an all-in-one platform, which could simplify your marketing efforts by having multiple tools available in one place.

On the other hand, Convertri is known for its fast load speeds, an important factor for conversion rates, and a streamlined page builder that can enhance the process of creating sales funnels.

Kartra usually offers a wider range of integrations with external tools, which can be beneficial if you rely on a variety of third-party services for your business operations.

Convertri also supports integrations, but the scope may not be as broad as Kartra’s, so you’ll need to consider the specific tools you use and check compatibility with each platform.

Determining which platform is better, Kartra or Convertri, depends on your specific needs.

Kartra often stands out for its comprehensive suite of tools, potentially making it a more versatile choice for businesses requiring an array of marketing features.

However, Convertri might be favorable if your priority is creating fast-loading funnels with a focus on performance and efficiency.

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