Kartra Pricing 2024: Plans and Costs Simplified

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Kartra offers a variety of plans to accommodate the diverse needs and sizes of businesses.

Each of Kartra pricing plans is designed to provide specific features and tools that align with different stages of business growth, from small startups to larger enterprises.

Why should you study its pricing plan?

Understanding Kartra’s pricing plan is crucial as it allows you to tailor your expenses to your actual needs, avoiding overpaying for unused features or underutilizing the potential of the platform.

Key Takeaways
  • Kartra offers multiple plans, each designed to meet the needs of different business sizes.
  • All plans include essential marketing tools to help grow your business.
  • More Importantly, Kartra provides a trial period and a money-back guarantee for new users.

Kartra Pricing Overview

Kartra Pricing

Kartra offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to fit different business needs.

You can select from several tiers, starting with the Starter Plan, scaling up to the Silver Plan, and for those requiring more extensive resources, the Professional Plan.

Each plan has specific features and allowances to accommodate your business as it grows.

The Starter Plan is ideal if you’re beginning your online venture. This entry-level option allows you to manage up to 2,500 contacts and grants access to 5 team members.

The Silver Plan is a step up, offering more capacity and features for growing businesses, such as support for up to 12,500 contacts.

The Professional Plan targets larger business needs, with even more contacts and team member allowances.

Here’s a concise comparison of what each plan includes:

Monthly Price$119$229$549
ContactsUp to 2,500Up to 12,500Up to 25,000
Domains135 Custom
Team Members51020
Price Comparison Table

Each tier provides a robust set of features that Kartra is known for, including its comprehensive marketing suite, which helps streamline your online presence.

With flexible options and a straightforward upgrade path, you can adapt your subscription to align with your business growth trajectory.

Kartra Starter Plan – $119/month

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is tailored to meet the essential needs of individuals and small businesses stepping into online marketing and sales.

Kartra understands that at the inception of your business or as a small business owner, it might not be easy to invest heavily in tools.

Hence, the Starter Plan.

With this plan, you can manage your contacts effectively and build a foundation for your online presence.

Features Included in Starter Plan

  • Contacts: You can have up to 2,500 contacts in your database.
  • Languages: The plan supports 1 language, making it ideal if your audience is monolingual.
  • Domains: You’re allowed to connect 1 domain to Kartra, which is suitable for a single-brand strategy.
  • Team Members: Up to 5 team members can be added, allowing for delegation and collaboration within your business.
  • Email Marketing: You’ll have access to Kartra’s email marketing tools, which are crucial for engaging with your audience.
  • Landing Pages and Websites: The plan includes the ability to create multiple landing pages, which are essential for your marketing campaigns and online presence.
  • Basic Analytics: You get basic analytics to track the performance of your marketing efforts and make informed decisions.

Kartra Growth Plan – $229/month

Kartra Growth Plan

If you are looking to scale up your business, Kartra Growth Plan is your ideal plan. This plan is one of Kartra’s mid-tier subscription options, priced at $229 per month.

It is tailored to meet the needs of growing businesses with its increased capacity and additional features compared to the entry-level plan.

Features Included in the Growth Plan

  • Contacts: You can have up to 12,500 contacts in your database. This is a lot to help your marketing skyrocket.
  • Languages: The plan supports multiple languages. With this, you can contact a wider range of audience.
  • Domains: You’re allowed to connect 3 domains to Kartra. This will be of great help if you have more than one niche connected to your brand.
  • Team Members: Up to 10 team members can be added, allowing for delegation and collaboration within your business.
  • Membership site hosting without additional fees
  • Increased bandwidth to support more traffic and usage
  • Webinars with 300 attendees and 6 presenters

Kartra Professional Plan – $549/month

Kartra Professional Plan

When choosing the Professional plan with Kartra, you gain access to advanced features designed to scale your business operations efficiently.

This plan significantly elevates your capacity for contacts, team members, and domains.

Features Included in the Professional Plan

Aside from the features in the Growth Plan, the Professional Plan has the following features;

  • Contacts: You can manage up to 25,000 contacts, ensuring broad reach for your campaigns and customer interactions.
  • Real-time Data Analytics. Unlike in other pricing plans, you have access to seeing activities going on in real-time, that is, as it is taking place. This will help you to make quick and informed decisions.
  • Domains: The plan allows for integration with up to 5 domains, giving you flexibility in branding and marketing.
  • Team Members: Add up to 20 team members to your account for collaborative efforts in managing your business’s digital presence.
  • Webinars with 1000 attendees and 6 presenters, Want to have a large audience webinar? Not to worry, Kartra got you covered

Included in all Kartra Pricing Plan

Some features are available in all of Kartra’s Pricing plans. They include;

Comprehensive Email Marketing

All Kartra Pricing plans include email marketing capabilities that let you send broadcasts and create automated email campaigns.

This will help you to nurture leads or keep your subscribers engaged.

These tools are essential for maintaining continuous communication with your audience.

Landing Pages and Forms

Here, you can build high-converting landing pages with various templates and add custom forms for lead capture.

Kartra’s user-friendly interface helps you quickly construct pages that align with your brand and marketing goals.

Membership Sites

With this feature, you can create and manage membership sites seamlessly.

You can also offer exclusive content, courses, or services to members through a secure, gated part of your site, enhancing the value you provide to your customers.

Effective Sales Funnel Creation

Kartra equips you with the tools to design sales funnels that CONVERTS VISITORS INTO CUSTOMERS.

A range of pre-built funnel templates make it easier for you to set up a successful sales strategy.

Kartra Checkouts

With Kartra checkouts, you can sell products and services online through a secure and streamlined process.

This includes options for multiple pricing tiers, one-time payments, subscriptions, and trial offers.

Affiliate Management

Manage your affiliate program within Kartra’s platform.

This feature allows you to recruit affiliates, track their progress, and manage commissions, helping you to expand your marketing efforts with no additional software required.

All Kartra Pricing Plan Features Comparision

To have a full grip of what to expect, we’ll compare all the pricing plan features using a table.

FeatureStarter ($119/mo)Growth ($229/mo)Pro ($549/mo)
CreateUnlimited websitesUnlimited websitesUnlimited websites
Unlimited pagesUnlimited pagesUnlimited pages
Unlimited videosUnlimited videosUnlimited videos
Unlimited productsUnlimited productsUnlimited products
Memberships and CoursesMemberships and CoursesMemberships and Courses
Funnel MappingFunnel MappingFunnel Mapping
Surveys & QuizzesSurveys & QuizzesSurveys & Quizzes
Webinars300 attendees1000 attendees
Advanced automationFunnels and campaignsFunnels and campaignsFunnels and campaigns
Unlimited email & SMSUnlimited email & SMSUnlimited email & SMS
Lead captureLead captureLead capture
Lead managementLead managementLead management
Sales managementSales managementSales management
Funnel simulationFunnel simulationFunnel simulation
Real-Time Funnel AnalyticsReal-Time Funnel AnalyticsReal-Time Funnel Analytics
ScaleAdvanced analyticsAdvanced analytics
Automated sequencesAutomated sequences
Affiliate ManagementAffiliate Management
Helpdesk supportHelpdesk support
Helpdesk live chatHelpdesk live chat
AdvancedAgency capacityAgency capacity
API AccessAPI access
Custom code pageCustom code page
Advanced automationAPI Access

Kartra Monthly Pricing vs Annual Price

When choosing between monthly and annual Kartra plans, understanding the price difference and potential savings is crucial.

Monthly Plans:

  • Starter: $119/month
  • Growth: $229/month
  • Professional: $549/month

Annual Plans:

  • Starter: $99/month (billed annually at $1188, saving $240/year)
  • Growth: $189/month (billed annually at $2268, saving $480/year)
  • Professional: $429/month (billed annually at $5148, saving $1,440/year)

By opting for an annual billing cycle, you secure significant savings.

Similarly, the Growth and Professional plans offer a discount equal to approximately 2 months free compared to their respective monthly prices.

Here’s a breakdown showing the savings:

PlanMonthly CostAnnual Cost (per month)Annual Savings

Remember that these savings are achieved by upfront annual payments, which commit you to the service for a full year.

I would advise you to assess your business needs and financial flexibility before deciding on the pricing structure that suits you best.

Kartra Free Trial

Kartra offers a 30-day free trial to let you experience its features before committing to a subscription plan.

During this trial period, you can explore a wide range of functionalities that Kartra provides to help you manage and grow your online business WITH NO CHARGES.

With this, you’ve got nothing to lose in the long run.

Here are steps to activate your free trial:

  1. Visit the Kartra website.
  2. Choose a plan that suits your needs best.
  3. Sign up for the service, and your 30-day free trial will commence.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

Kartra money back guarantee

When you sign up for Kartra, you’re given a safety net with their 30-day money-back guarantee.

This means that you have a full month to explore Kartra’s features without the risk of losing your investment if the service doesn’t meet your needs.

Within those first 30 days, decide whether Kartra fits your business.

Not every platform is perfect for everyone.

Therefore, this period allows you to deeply integrate Kartra into your operations and see how it supports your marketing strategy, from analytics to the management of your affiliates.

If you find that Kartra does not align with your business needs, you can opt for a full refund. business.

Even though I doubt you will have a reason to.

Is Kartra Worth The Price?

When evaluating Kartra’s pricing, consider your business needs and compare them with the features provided in each pricing tier.

Kartra offers different plans, which are structured to cater to a variety of business sizes and requirements.

From the features of each of the pricing plans, you’d realize that;

  • Starter Plan: Ideal for new businesses or solopreneurs. Includes basic features to get you started.
  • Growth Plan: The most popular choice, allowing for more leads and providing access to additional features.
  • Professional Plans: Designed for larger businesses with a need to manage more leads.

If your business is scaling rapidly or you have a sizable audience, the higher-tier plans may be more cost-effective in the long run.

They offer an increased limit on leads and potentially unlimited access to other features.

Also, consider the return on investment (ROI) that Kartra could generate for your business in the long run.

Factors such as the efficiency of Kartra Mail’s advanced email marketing capabilities or the utility of automation in your marketing campaigns can be significant when making decisions.

In the end, Kartra’s value is determined by how well the platform aligns with your business growth goals and operational needs.

Kartra Alternatives Comparison

Knowing fully well that Kartra is not the only CRM tool, let’s compare it to other notable CRM tools and see how they perform.

But note that when considering alternatives to Kartra, it’s crucial to weigh both the features and pricing structures of each option.

Below is a concise comparison of all these tools to guide your decision:



GoHighlevel is a CRM tool just like Kartra. It is an all-in-one sales marketing tool. With this tool, you can level up your marketing game and also customize it to suit your brand.


  • Robust CRM
  • Marketing automation
  • Pipeline management
  • Reporting
  • White-Labelled App


Gohighlevel offers two payment packages – Starter Plan at $97/month and Unlimited at $297/month.



Just as its name implies, clickfunnels is your one-stop platform for converting web visitors to paying customers.


  • Sales funnel creation
  • Wide variety of templates
  • A/B testing
  • Membership site functionality


It offers several tiered plans.

Basic Plan at $147/month; Pro Plan at $197/month; Funnel Hacker at $297/month



Systeme.io is a funnel-building CRM tool that helps you set up your business and all its marketing plans easily.


  • Funnel Builder
  • Email campaigns
  • Course hosting
  • Automation tools
  • Blog Posts


Systeme.io has four pricing plans.

Free Forever Plan – $0/month; Startup – $27/month; Webinar – $47/month; Unlimited Plan/Lifetime Access – $97/month

When evaluating these alternatives, consider your specific needs. It will help you determine which of the tools suits your business better.

In essence, your choice should support your business growth without imposing unnecessary complexity or costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kartra does not offer a free plan; however, they provide a 30-day free trial period, allowing you to experience the platform before committing to a full subscription.

Yes, Kartra offers a discount when you opt for an annual subscription over a monthly plan. This can result in significant savings over the year. For example, on the starter plan, you save $240 yearly by paying $99/month; on the growth plan, you save $480 yearly by paying $189/month; for the professional plan, you save $1440 yearly by paying $429/month.

Yes, Kartra can function as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. It’s designed to help you manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle.

Yes, you can cancel your Kartra subscription at any time. Kartra provides the flexibility to start or stop your service without penalties.

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