GoHighlevel Summit: [Full Summit Details]

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The GoHighLevel Summit is a big deal in the world of digital marketing and business automation.

This is where top marketing experts meet every year to talk about new ideas that will shape the future of the industry.

This event shows how marketing and business tools have changed over time. The summit keeps getting better, showing how GoHighLevel keeps improving and finding new ways to do marketing.

This article will explain what the GoHighLevel Summit is all about, why it’s so important, how you can join, and what you should know if you want to be a part of it.

Key Takeaways
  • The summit is a gathering for marketing professionals looking to leverage HighLevel’s CRM platform.
  • It offers extensive learning opportunities, including sessions with world-class speakers and hands-on workshops.
  • The event will last a total of four days

Gohighlevel Summit: Overview

Levelup summit

The GoHighLevel Summit kicked off in 2021, marking a big moment in marketing and business.

It’s an annual gathering organized by GoHighLevel, bringing together a diverse community of marketers, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders.

Their goal? To explore fresh strategies and innovations that can drive businesses forward.

In the beginning, these meetups were smaller, focusing mainly on teaching people how to make the most of the GoHighLevel platform’s features and capabilities.

The HighLevel Summit in Dallas, TX, slated for October 21st – 24th, 2024, is a premier event for online marketers, SaaS professionals, and top industry players.

At the heart of the summit, you will find an assembly of world-class speakers and a wide array of keynote sessions, specifically tailored to empower and inspire you with fresh, innovative ideas.

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What To Except From The LevelUp Summit

  • Networking: Broad opportunities to connect and discuss with peers, as well as hang out with the HighLevel team.
  • Community Enhancement: Build lasting relationships with other marketers and professionals in a friendly, collaborative environment.
  • Learning and Growth: In workshops led by acclaimed professionals, you’ll unearth the potential within SaaS and marketing realms.

Benefits of Gohighlevel Summit

GoHighLevel Summit Benefits

The GoHighLevel Summit offers numerous advantages to its participants.

It foster progress, nurturing creativity, and facilitating connections within the marketing and business automation industry.

Here are some key benefits:

  • The summit showcases all the newest and coolest features that are coming to the GoHighLevel platform. It’s like a sneak peek into what’s coming up that could make your business way better.
  • Instead of just talking about ideas, the summit lets you try things out. You get to do workshops and activities to practice new strategies.
  • You will get tips and ideas from the smartest people in the industry. They share their clever strategies and the newest things happening in marketing.
  • You will hear stories about how other businesses have rocked it using GoHighLevel. You can use these ideas to better your business.
  • When you leave, you will have simple and clear plans to make your marketing and sales better. It’s like a roadmap for success.
  • It’s also a great place to meet people who think like you. You might just find your next business partner or someone to collaborate with.
  • The summit talks about the future. You’ll learn about what’s going to happen in the industry so you can prepare for it.
  • It’s not just a one-time meeting. You’ll make friends who can help and support you even after the summit ends.
  • The summit gets you ready to try new things and focus better on your customers. 
  • What you learn during the summit will help you to keep improving your business in the long run.

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Who Is Gohighlevel Summit For

The Levelup Summit is for different kinds of people involved in marketing, automation, and client management.

They organize talks, workshops, and networking opportunities for:

  • Business Owners: Those running small or new businesses who want to market better, manage clients better, and grow their business.
  • CRM and Sales Experts: People managing relationships with customers, sales, and services, wanting to use tech and automation to improve customer interactions and sales.
  • Innovators and Leaders: People who like new ideas and want to share their thoughts to improve how marketing and automation work.
  • Enthusiasts and Learners: Those interested in learning about new marketing tools and the latest industry trends.
  • Marketing Pros: People who market things online, like ads or campaigns, and want to use (automation) tools and stay updated with industry trend

HighLevel Summit: Location and Dates

GoHighLevel Summit Location

As you get ready to enrich your knowledge within the digital marketing world, the HighLevel Summit is an event you don’t want to miss.

Slated for October 21st – 24th, 2024, this summit is set to take place in the city of Dallas, TX.

Venue Address:

  • The Statler Hotel
  • 1914 Commerce St, Dallas, TX

The event promises to be as educational as it is exciting, held in a city renowned for its dynamic culture and innovation.

The Statler Hotel, known for its blend of modern luxury and historical charm, serves as the host, offering not just a space for learning but an experience in itself.

You’re encouraged to take advantage of the discounted hotel rate available for summit attendees, which would make your stay both comfortable and cost-effective.

Here are the key details for your calendar:

  • Dates: October 21st – 24th, 2024
  • City: Dallas, TX
  • Venue: The Statler Hotel, 1914 Commerce St, Dallas, TX
  • Special Offers: Discounted rates at The Statler Hotel

GoHighLevel Summit Ticket Price

GoHighLevel Summit Ticket

When planning to attend the GoHighLevel Summit, you’ll find several ticket options to suit your preferences and needs.

Here’s a breakdown of the ticket pricing and what each package includes:

Ticket TypePriceIncludes
All Access Pass$1,297– Access to all sessions – Keynote sessions – Breakout sessions
VIP Pass$2,197– All Access Pass benefits – VIP seating – HighLevel Summit swag bag – Bonus swag – Special offers from sponsors
VIP Plus Pass$3,997– VIP Pass benefits – Best seats – Extra day with co-founders – Prime seats

As you can see, the All Access Pass offers unrestricted entry to keynotes, panel discussions, and breakout sessions, perfect for soaking up all the knowledge the Summit has to offer.

Upgrading to the VIP Pass not only gives you all the benefits of an All Access Pass, but you also get that VIP treatment with preferred seating and an exclusive swag bag teeming with goodies.

It’s a step up for those who like a bit of extra comfort and some special surprises.

For the ultimate experience, the VIP Plus Pass pulls out all the stops.

You’ll get the best seats in the house, a memorable bonus day with the co-founders for insider insights, and even more prime seating to ensure you’re always in the heart of the action.

How To Participate in the GoHighLevel Summit

The Levelup Summit, organized by the GoHighLevel platform, brings together users, experts, and enthusiasts.

Coordination involves different internal teams like marketing, events, and community outreach.

If you want to partake in this event and reap its benefits, Here’s a simple guide on how to dive into this experience:

#1. Stay Updated: 

The first step for partaking in the Levelup Summit is to gather knowledge about it by regularly visiting the official GoHighLevel Summit website or subscribing to their newsletters and social media channels.

These channels serve as key sources for up-to-date information about summit announcements, such as dates, locations, speakers, and ticket sale releases.

#2. Purchase your Ticket:

how to buy GoHighLevel Summit ticket

By staying updated on all things Gohighlevel, you know when the summit will start and be held.

And that leads to you purchasing a Gohighlevel Summit ticket which typically grants you access to the event, including keynote speeches, workshops, panel discussions, networking sessions, and sometimes additional materials or perks, depending on the ticket tier.

Once ticket sales open, visit the official GoHighLevel Summit website or the authorized ticketing platform to buy your Gohighlevel summit tickets.

You should take your time exploring the diverse range of ticket tiers available, considering their differing prices, access levels, and included benefits such as access to keynote speeches, workshops, networking sessions, and additional perks.

The cost of tickets can vary based on early-bird pricing, different tiers offering varying levels of access or perks, and whether any special offers or discounts are available.

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