GoHighLevel Support: How To Get Help FAST [2024]

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GoHighLevel is an all-in-one platform that enables businesses to nurture customer relationships from the first contact.

HighLevel gives businesses features that save time by automating everyday tasks and offering solutions to complex business needs.

Although Gohighlevel is user-friendly, users could need support to take full advantage of its features or resolve issues. 

Key Takeaways
  • GoHighLevel offers personalized assistance to meet your needs. 
  • Connect with others and stay updated by joining a Highlevel Facebook group and subscribing to their YouTube channel.
  • Quickly get help via phone calls, live chat, and Zoom calls.
  • Solve problems on your own with training events, forums, and FAQs.

How to Contact GoHighLevel Support

One of the things that sets GoHighLevel apart from other platforms is its customer support. GoHighLevel provides several channels for customers to contact their support staff when they need help.

You can contact GoHighLevel support both on and off your dashboard and also use self-service if necessary.

Here are five ways to contact Gohighlevel Support promptly:

  • Via Phone Call
  • Email
  • Support Ticket
  • 24/7 Live Chat 
  • Live Zoom Call

5 Ways to Get Support Using GoHighLevel

How to contact GoHighLevel support

#1. Via Phone Call

You can quickly get help from GoHighLevel by making a phone call and talking directly to a knowledgeable support agent.

You can use this support by calling this toll-free number +1 (888) 732-4197. This number is for sales, billing, and related support requests and is available 24/7.

Note that every incoming call undergoes a verification procedure. You must complete the verification process before you can receive phone support. 

You may be required to provide:

  • Your agency GoHighLevel login email address
  • your agency relationship number
  • confirmation that you are an approved agency admin

If you have one email connected to different agencies, choose the agency name and number that matches your question.

#2. Email

Emails are a good way to receive support because they allow you to revisit important information later to make sure you don’t miss anything.

However, it’s important to note that GoHighLevel doesn’t currently offer customer support through email.

But you can still get support through other ways like live chat, phone calls, Zoom calls.

#3. Support Ticket

Another way you can get support from Gohighlevel is by submitting a support ticket. This allows your concerns to be addressed by the support team.

Note that you can only submit support tickets using the GoHighLevel app.

On the other hand, you can learn more about Highlevel through the support ticket page.

The page contains helpful things like step-by-step articles, video guides, GIFs, “How-to” guides, feature explanations, common issues and how to fix them, discussion forums, and more.

#4. 24/7 Live Chat 

To get help right away, use the 24/7 live chat on GoHighLevel. Support staff are ready to assist with questions, technical problems, or any concerns you have. 

If you’re not online when a new message comes in, you’ll get an email notification with a link to go back to the support portal.

Just make sure you’re logged into your GoHighLevel account to access live chat support.

To access chat support:

Click the blue circle with a question mark in the top right corner of the screen

Higlevel chat support

After that, scroll down and click on the “Live Chat” option

Highlevel live chat

Only agency admins can use chat support, so if you can’t find it, contact your agency admin for access.

If the live chat agent can’t solve your issue right away, they will create a ticket and follow up later.

You can check your ticket’s status anytime through the support portal.

There’s also a chat function on the website, but it’s different from live chat. You leave your question and phone number, and an agent will text you back.

Keep in mind that responses may take anywhere from 4 to 24 hours.

#5. Live Zoom Call

GoHighLevel also offers Zoom calls that help you plan a one-on-one chat with support staff and get your problems resolved.

To access the zoom call feature on Gohighlevel: Click the blue circle with a question mark.

Higlevel chat support

After that, click on the “Join Zoom Call Now” button

Highlevel zoom call

From there, you can have access to support in real-time via the Zoom session.

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How To Access GoHighLevel Self-Help Services

Highlevel support portal

GoHighLevel helps you not just by directly assisting you but also by giving you tools to figure things out by yourself.

GoHighlevel has a knowledge base that shows you how Gohighlevel works.

This knowledge base is available to everyone. The information is organized neatly, so it’s easy to find what you need.

Here are some ways you can help yourself using Highlevel:

#1. Free GoHighLevel Training Events

Highlevel events

GoHighLevel regularly teaches users about its advanced features through training events.

They have weekly online sessions, demos, and Q&A sessions. You can sign up for these events through their website.

Once you share your contact info, they will let you know whenever a new training is happening.

#2. Facebook Group Support

Highlevel Facebook

Being part of the official GoHighLevel Facebook group lets you connect with a community of over 25,000 members.

You can ask for advice, share your experiences, and collaborate with other users facing similar challenges. To join, visit their Facebook group.

When you want to join, they will ask you some questions to make sure you’re a paid subscriber.

You will need to use the same email address you used when you got your GoHighLevel account and provide your agency name.

Once you are in, you can ask questions and take part in discussions about GoHighLevel.

#3. YouTube Channel

Highlevel Youtube

GoHighLevel has a YouTube channel where they share tutorials, demos, and helpful tips to make the most of the platform.

Subscribing to the channel helps you stay up-to-date on the latest updates, features, and best practices.

They also upload videos from live workshops and training events to the YouTube channel. If you miss the live event, you can watch the replay whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel is always there to help you, 24/7. Their team of experts is available to help you in real time.

You can contact Highlevel through phone calls, support tickets, scheduled Zoom calls, and live chat.

+1 (888) 732-4197 is the Gohighlevel support phone number. It is available 24/7.

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