Gohighlevel Agency Pro: [All Details on The $497/month Plan]

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GoHighLevel Agency Pro caters to business needs by offering a comprehensive platform that operates on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

This service is designed to not only help agencies streamline their operations through an all-in-one solution but also enable them to offer GoHighLevel’s capabilities under their brand.

GoHighLevel Agency Pro includes features aimed at optimizing client management, marketing automation, and sales processes.

This premium tier offers broader functionality to provide scalable solutions to agencies.

Key Takeaways
  • GoHighLevel Agency Pro is designed as an all-in-one SaaS platform tailored for marketing agencies.
  • The service includes advanced features to enhance marketing automation, sales processes, and client management.
  • This premium tier is priced to match its comprehensive offerings for agencies aiming to scale and streamline operations.

What Is GoHighLevel Agency Pro?

GHL Agency Pro Plan

GoHighLevel Agency Pro is designed for agencies looking to expand their offerings and scale their operation.

If you’re considering enhancing your digital marketing tools by incorporating a robust platform, Agency Pro might be right for you.

The Agency Pro plan offers the opportunity to resell the GoHighLevel software under your brand.

It’s the highest-tier plan that allows unlimited scaling for your business, making it a strategic choice if you aim to provide a white-label solution to your clients.

Imagine being able to offer a customized dashboard tailored to your agency’s aesthetic, increasing your brand’s visibility and value with every client interaction.

You don’t just use GoHighLevel’s features; you make them uniquely yours. With Agency Pro, you’ll position yourself not just as a service provider but also as a software vendor.

Who is GoHighLevel Agency Pro for?

If you’re running a marketing agency or are a consultant helping businesses with their online presence, GoHighLevel Agency Pro could be a pivotal tool for your operations.

This platform is tailored for those who:

  • Resell software: You can white-label the platform and provide it as Software as a Service (SaaS) to your clients. This is ideal if you’re looking to add additional recurring revenue streams to your business.
  • Manage multiple accounts: Perhaps you’re overseeing several client accounts. The Agency Pro plan is designed to let you handle an unlimited number of accounts under one umbrella, making it easier to scale your operations.
  • Require advanced features: For the agencies in need of more sophisticated functionalities, like extensive automation and integration capabilities, Agency Pro steps in to fill that need.
  • Want in-depth analytics: Your agency thrives on data-driven strategies. Agency Pro includes advanced reporting tools to help you and your clients understand performance at a granular level.

Here’s a quick rundown of who can benefit most:

Industry ProfessionalsWhy GoHighLevel Agency Pro is Fit for You
Digital MarketersTo deploy and manage marketing campaigns across multiple platforms.
SEO ExpertsTo track and report on client’s search engine rankings and improvements.
Social Media ManagersFor scheduling and analytics of multiple social media accounts.
Web DesignersTo create and manage landing pages and funnels for various clients.
Sales TeamsUtilize CRM and pipeline features to manage leads and customers.

By integrating GoHighLevel Agency Pro into your business model, you’re equipped with a robust set of tools designed to elevate your service offerings and potentially increase your bottom line.

How To Sign Up for GoHighLevel Agency Pro

Signing up for GoHighLevel Agency Pro is a straightforward process that enables you to leverage its comprehensive tools for automation, messaging, and campaign building.

Step #1: Visit the GoHighlevel SAAS Pro page here… and click on the “14 days free trial” button.

GHL Agency Pro Plan

Step #2: Complete the pop-up form by adding your company name, full name, email address, and phone number.

After that, click on the “Go to Step #2” button.

Go High level free trial

Step #3:  On this page, enter your credit card details. Click on the “Start a 14-day free trial” button.

Go High Level Agency Pro signup

Note that, you will not be charged until the 14-day free trial ends.

You will receive a confirmation email after you successfully sign up. This will also give you access to the Gohighlevel platform.

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Features of GoHighLevel Agency Pro

Agency Pro Plan features

The GoHighLevel Agency Pro plan equips you with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to expand your agency’s services and streamline your marketing efforts, including the ability to resell the platform itself.

Below are the full Agency pro Gohighlevel features


SAAS Mode allows you to resell GoHighLevel’s array of services under your branding.

You can set custom price points and package features that cater to your client’s specific needs, all while managing billing directly through the platform.

AI Conversational BOT

Leverage the AI Conversational BOT to interact with leads 24/7.

This feature ensures that no query goes unanswered and uses sophisticated AI to engage leads via channels like email, SMS, and Facebook Messenger.

Nurture Leads

Effortlessly Nurture Leads with multi-channel campaigns, employing a mix of emails, SMS, phone calls, and even voicemail drops.

The campaign builder creates personalized follow-up campaigns that help convert more leads into clients.

Lead Capturing

Incorporate Lead Capturing with custom forms and landing pages created using the intuitive funnel and website builder.

These tools help you to collect and manage leads effectively for various campaigns and clients.

CRM and Sales Pipeline Management

CRM and Sales Pipeline Management is crucial for tracking interactions and managing client relationships.

It provides a detailed view of where potential clients stand in your sales funnel, allowing for better prioritization and follow-up strategies.

Unlimited Sub Account

The plan offers Unlimited Sub Accounts, providing you the flexibility to create individual accounts for each of your clients.

This ensures a personalized and organized approach to managing various client accounts and campaigns.

Split Testing

With Split Testing, you can optimize your digital marketing by comparing different versions of your landing pages or emails.

This analysis is supported by robust analytics to determine the most effective strategies for conversion.

Branded Desktop App

Offer a Branded Desktop App to your clients, giving them a professional platform to interact with your services.

This strengthens your branding and can enhance the perceived value of your agency’s offerings.

Agent Reporting

Use Agent Reporting to track your team’s performance and to provide comprehensive reports to your clients.

Analytics and reporting cover campaign effectiveness, agent productivity, and other key performance metrics.

Advanced API Access

Advanced API Access opens up connectivity with a variety of software, including Zapier integration.

It allows you to extend the platform’s capabilities and seamlessly integrate with additional services and tools you or your clients use.

Unlimited Contacts and Users

Enjoy the flexibility of Unlimited Contacts and Users, making it simpler to scale your operations without worrying about additional charges.

This feature supports expansive marketing lists and large-scale client management.

By utilizing GoHighLevel Agency Pro’s robust features, you’ll be well-equipped to take your agency’s offerings to the next level, provide additional services, and meet the diverse needs of your clients.

GoHighLevel Agency Pro Cost Pricing

Agency Pro plan pricing

The Agency Pro plan is available at $497 per month, but if you opt for annual billing, the cost is reduced to $4,970 per year, effectively giving you two months of access at no additional charge.

Monthly vs Annual Billing

  • Monthly: $497 per month
  • Annual: $4,970 per year (Save $994)

The Agency Pro plan is designed to supersede both the Agency Starter and the Unlimited plans, well-suited for your scaling operations.

GoHighLevel Agency Pro vs Unlimited

When you’re deciding between the GoHighLevel Agency Pro and Unlimited plans, it’s essential to consider the features that are unique to the Agency Pro tier.

See the table below for a clear comparison of features:

Features Exclusive to Agency Pro
White Label Desktop Platform
Custom Zap Upgrade
HIPAA Compliance
Advanced Reporting Features
White Label Mobile App and Custom Zap Upgrade

The Agency Pro plan is designed for larger agencies aiming for a fully branded experience with their own white-label desktop platform and mobile app.

HIPAA compliance is crucial if you’re handling sensitive health information, and the Agency Pro plan ensures your interactions are fully compliant, offering you peace of mind.

Your subscription to the Agency Pro plan is especially beneficial if you need access to the custom Zap upgrade.

This allows more advanced integrations that can streamline your agency’s processes significantly.

You’ll also benefit from advanced reporting features, enabling you to analyze and share insights with your clients in a more detailed and customized fashion.

The Unlimited plan, while extensive in its offerings, doesn’t include these advanced features.

Your choice should align with your agency’s growth trajectory and the specific needs of your clientele.

If branding and specialization are paramount, the Agency Pro could be the way to go.

Is GoHighLevel Agency Pro Worth It?

Deciding whether the GoHighLevel Agency Pro plan is a valuable investment for your business hinges on several key benefits that cater specifically to agency needs.

At $497 per month, the plan sits at the higher price point of GoHighLevel’s offers, but the suite of features provided can be a game-changer for your agency’s growth and efficiency.

Your marketing strategies may see a significant boost with the comprehensive tools Agency Pro delivers.

You gain deeper insights into campaigns and client behaviors, enabling you to tailor your services more precisely and show measurable results.

Cost Consideration:

  • Monthly: $497
  • Annuity Discount: Up to 17% off if paid annually

If your agency is scaling up, or if you’re planning to offer a broader range of services, the Agency Pro plan provides the infrastructure to manage this expansion effectively.

You could see a noticeable increase in productivity by integrating multiple services into a single platform.

By streamlining your operations and offering high-level service, you position your business as a formidable competitor in the digital marketing space.

While $497 is an investment, the potential return in client satisfaction, work efficiency, and expanded offerings can certainly justify the expense for growing agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Agency Pro tier, also known as “SaaS Mode,” is designed with advanced features to accommodate the needs of growing agencies. You can offer GoHighLevel as a SaaS product to your clients and create custom pricing plans.

This tier also allows you to track sales, profits, leads, and more on your clients’ behalf, providing a comprehensive view of their performance.

The Agency Pro plan is priced from $497 per month. This pricing reflects the suite’s comprehensive capabilities, like advanced white-label options, custom pricing plans, and additional features tailored for agencies that require a robust platform for both themselves and their clients.

GoHighLevel Agency Pro offers extensive white-label options, allowing you to brand the platform as your own. This includes custom domain setup, branded logins, and client-facing dashboards that present your agency as the provider.

You’re enabled to market the platform under your branding, enhancing your agency’s image and adding value to your services.

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