GoHighLevel vs Unbounce: [The Ultimate Comparison] 2024

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GoHighLevel vs Unbounce are two notable software in the area of online marketing.

Comparing them can help you determine which service is more aligned with your business goals.

GoHighLevel offers a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to a broad range of marketing functions, including CRM, email marketing, and sales funnel management.

Unbounce, on the other hand, focuses primarily on providing a robust platform for creating and optimizing landing pages, which is key for converting visitors into leads or customers.

Understanding the key features and pricing plans of GoHighLevel and Unbounce is crucial for an informed decision.


Highlevel reviews
  • Rated Good on Trustpilot
  • Offers 30-Day Trial
  • Robost All-in-One Features
  • Affordable Pricing


Unbounce trustpilot review
  • Rated Poor on Trustpilot
  • Offers 14-Day Trial
  • Landing page Builder
  • High Cost For Top Tier Plans
Key Takeaways
  • GoHighLevel provides everything in Unbounce, while it specializes in landing pages.
  • Assessing each platform’s features and pricing can reveal the most cost-effective choice for you.
  • Overall Gohighlevel has more powerful features. However, prioritize your marketing needs to determine the right fit between GoHighLevel and Unbounce.

GoHighLevel vs Unbounce: Overview

Here’s a friendly comparison to help you understand the key features of both:

User Interface✔️ Easy-to-navigate✔️ User-friendly
Marketing Automation✔️ Extensive tools❌ Limited capacity
Lead Generation✔️ Advanced capabilities✔️ Focused on landing pages
Follow-Ups✔️ Multi-channel automation✔️ Primarily via optimized pages
Sales Pipeline✔️ Integrated management❌ Not a core feature
CRM✔️ Built-in system❌ Requires integration
Page Builder✔️ Built-in system✔️ Built-in system
Email Marketing ✔️ Built-in system❌ Integration
SMS Marketing✔️ Built-in system❌ Not Available
Free Trial ✔️ 30 Day Trial ✔️ 14 Day Trial

GoHighLevel is your all-in-one solution, offering a comprehensive range of features including marketing automation, lead generation, and follow-up strategies.

It integrates these tools into a singular platform, making it easier for you to manage your sales pipeline and access customer relationship management (CRM) functionalities.

In contrast, Unbounce specializes in creating and optimizing landing pages, which are instrumental in capturing leads.

While it includes basic automation for follow-ups, it lacks the broader marketing automation services and built-in CRM that GoHighLevel offers.

Integration with other platforms is possible, but that may require additional steps.

Both platforms shine in their respective areas, with GoHighLevel being a more holistic marketing suite and Unbounce focusing on high-quality landing page development and optimization.

What is GoHighLevel?

HighLevel Overview

GoHighLevel stands out as an all-encompassing platform designed with your agency’s needs in mind.

It makes work easier for agencies by automating tasks, offering simple solutions for business needs, and giving tools to build customer relationships right from the start.

It also integrates various functions to streamline your marketing and client management processes.

What Are The Key Features of GoHighLevel?

  • Landing Page Builder: Unlike Unbounce, which focuses solely on landing pages, GoHighLevel includes a landing page builder within its multi-faceted platform. This feature allows you to create and customize landing pages aimed at enhancing your conversion rates.
  • A/B Testing: As part of its suite, GoHighLevel presents A/B testing capabilities, which is imperative for optimizing your landing pages and improving the performance of your marketing campaigns.
  • CRM Integration: With GoHighLevel, you benefit from an integrated CRM system, which helps in efficiently managing customer relationships and tracking interactions, a feature typically not the primary focus of platforms like Unbounce.
  • Automation: Automation is a strong suit of GoHighLevel, providing sophisticated workflows that outpace Unbounce’s automation features. This helps in nurturing leads and simplifying tasks without the need for manual intervention.

By consolidating various marketing tools into one platform, GoHighLevel offers you a robust solution to take your digital marketing efforts to new heights.

What is Unbounce?


Unbounce is a user-friendly platform that helps people, from individuals to big businesses, create effective marketing campaigns using landing pages, pop-ups, and other tools.

This Software as a Service (SaaS) platform stands out as a robust landing page builder that’s designed to help you increase your conversion rates.

What are the key features of Unbounce?

  • Landing Page Design: Unbounce allows you to create, publish, and test custom landing pages. You have complete creative control with the drag-and-drop builder, which means you can design landing pages that align perfectly with your brand without any need for coding.
  • Lead Generation: With its powerful lead generation capabilities, Unbounce includes features like dynamic text replacement for personalization and targeted popups and sticky bars to capture leads more effectively.
  • A/B Testing: You can make informed decisions using Unbounce’s A/B testing feature. This allows you to test different elements of your pages to determine what resonates best with your audience.
  • Integration: Unbounce easily integrates with many marketing tools and platforms. Whether you’re looking to add leads to your CRM or connect with email marketing services, its vast integration options help streamline your workflow.

By utilizing these features, you’re equipped to craft landing pages that not only look appealing but are also optimized for conversion, helping you achieve your marketing goals more efficiently.

GoHighLevel vs Unbounce: Features Comparison

When you’re trying to decide between GoHighLevel and Unbounce, the numerous features of each platform are critical to consider.

Your decision should be informed by how these features align with your business needs.

#1. Ease of Use

GoHighLevel offers CRM and pipeline management, which might require a steep learning curve, but once mastered, you can centralize your operations.

Unbounce, known for its user-friendly interface, allows you to get started quickly, especially when creating and testing landing pages.

#2. Integration

Both platforms offer extensive integration capabilities. GoHighLevel integrates seamlessly with numerous tools, including survey software, making it versatile for various business processes.

Unbounce allows for easy integration with analytics tools, and can be connected to CRM systems, but has a more focused range that specializes in improving marketing and conversion rates.

Winner: GoHighLevel

#3. Membership Sites

With GoHighLevel, you can build membership sites integrating your CRM and marketing tools to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Unbounce doesn’t directly offer membership site functionality but can be integrated with other platforms to support membership capabilities.

Winner: GoHighLevel

#4. CRM

GoHighLevel’s built-in CRM allows for detailed pipeline management, enabling you to track customer interactions and sales processes.

You have various automation options at your disposal.

Unbounce lacks a native CRM, which means you’d typically need to rely on integrations for advanced CRM functionality.

Winner: GoHighLevel

#5. Sales Funnel Builder

GoHighLevel’s sales funnel builder is comprehensive, allowing not just for landing page creation but for automating the entire sales process.

Unbounce’s strength lies in building and optimizing landing pages with an emphasis on increasing conversions through A/B testing.

Winner: GoHighLevel

#6. Email Marketing

For email marketing, GoHighLevel provides a suite of tools to manage campaigns, automation, and follow-ups within its platform.

Unbounce, while not an email marketing platform, offers integrations with email tools and services, ensuring you can capture leads and trigger email sequences.

Winner: GoHighLevel

#7. E-commerce Platform

If you’re running an e-commerce platform, GoHighLevel can accommodate your needs with its sales funnel builder and CRM for end-to-end management.

Unbounce, on the other hand, helps optimize your landing pages to improve lead capture and conversion rates on your e-commerce site.

Winner: Unbounce

#8. Webinar

While GoHighLevel does not have a direct feature for hosting webinars, its CRM and email marketing capabilities support the promotion and follow-up process.

Unbounce can help you create landing pages designed to register participants for your webinar, but for hosting, you’ll need to integrate with an external webinar platform.

GoHighLevel vs Unbounce: Pricing Plan

When choosing between GoHighLevel and Unbounce, understanding their pricing structures is crucial for your budget.

GoHighLevel offers two main pricing plans:

GoHighLevel Pricing Plan
  • Agency Starter Account: $97/month
    • This plan suits small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. It offers core features needed to initiate marketing and sales efforts.
  • Agency Unlimited Account: $297/month
    • For agencies requiring more extensive tools and features, this is the more advanced option, providing unlimited access.
    • Additionally, for white-label mobile apps and custom zaps, there’s an extra cost of $497/month.


Unbounce Pricing
  • Launch: $99/month
  • Optimize: $145/month
  • Accelerate: $240 /month
  • Concierge: $649/month

Unbounce does not provide white-label options.

Remember, these are the base prices and additional costs may apply based on extra features or integrations that you may need.

GoHighLevel vs Unbounce: Main Difference

When you’re comparing GoHighLevel and Unbounce, it’s important to consider how each platform caters to your lead generation and appointment scheduling needs.

Your choice hinges on whether you prioritize robust marketing automation or specialized landing page creation.

GoHighLevel: This platform stands out for its comprehensive marketing automation capabilities. If automating your marketing tasks and streamlining appointment scheduling processes are high on your list, GoHighLevel offers these features seamlessly integrated with CRM functionality.

It’s especially advantageous if you’re looking to have all your marketing and sales activities in one place.

  • Lead Generation: Comprehensive CRM and funnels.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Built-in calendar system for booking and managing appointments.

Unbounce: On the other hand, if creating high-converting landing pages is your primary goal, Unbounce might be your go-to.

Unbounce excels with its intuitive drag-and-drop builder, making it straightforward for you to design and test landing pages that aim to increase your conversion rate.

  • Lead Generation: Focused on landing page optimization for higher conversions.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Does not inherently focus on scheduling; usually requires integration with other tools.
Lead GenerationIntegrated CRM and funnel tools for lead nurturingFocuses on landing page conversion rates
Appointment SchedulingNative calendar for seamless scheduling within the platformTypically requires additional tools for appointment booking

Keep these differences in mind to ensure your choice aligns with your business objectives.

GoHighLevel vs Unbounce: Pros and Cons

When exploring options for online marketing and sales tools, you might come across GoHighLevel and Unbounce.

Each has its strengths and specific features that cater to different aspects of digital marketing.


  • Pros:
    • All-in-One Platform: It serves as a comprehensive toolkit for your sales, marketing, and CRM needs.
    • Appointment Scheduling: Integrated scheduling allows easier management of appointments directly within the platform.
    • Lead Generation: Offers features to streamline lead generation, nurturing, and conversion.
    • Cost-Effective: With a single pricing model, you have access to a plethora of tools that are meant to replace the need for multiple services.
  • Cons:
    • Complexity: The vast number of features may be overwhelming for beginners or small teams.
    • Jack-of-All-Trades: Specialized features might not be as extensive as those offered by dedicated platforms in specific areas.


  • Pros:
    • Landing Page Specialist: Focused on creating and testing landing pages, enhancing the user experience.
    • A/B Testing: Offers robust A/B testing to optimize page performance.
    • Customization: Provides extensive customization options for landing pages.
  • Cons:
    • Limited Scope: As a specialized tool, it may require supplementary software for CRM and other marketing needs.
    • Pricing: May turn out more expensive when additional tools are needed, compared to GoHighLevel’s inclusive pricing.
    • No Appointment Scheduling: Does not have built-in appointment scheduling, which is necessary for complete lead management.

Remember to weigh these pros and cons against your specific business needs to make the most informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unbounce can be incredibly valuable if your primary focus is building and testing landing pages.

It’s a tool that allows for easy creation of landing pages with a strong emphasis on conversion rate optimization.

GoHighLevel offers more comprehensive integration options given its all-in-one marketing and CRM platform.

It allows for a wider variety of integrations to streamline marketing, sales, and customer service processes in one place.

Yes, GoHighLevel is a CRM software. It provides a full suite of tools designed to manage customer relationships, automate marketing efforts, and facilitate communication through various channels such as email and SMS.

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