Flowtrack vs GoHighLevel: [Features Comparison] 2024

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Flowtrack and GoHighLevel platforms present unique features that cater to different business needs.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each platform can significantly impact your marketing efficiency and client relationships.

In this comparison between Flowtrack vs GoHighLevel, we’ll be dissecting features, pricing plans, and scalability to assist you in identifying which service aligns best with your business goals.


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Key Takeaways
  • Flowtrack and GoHighLevel offer distinct features for marketing automation and CRM needs.
  • Key differences in pricing and features affect the choice between the two platforms.
  • For scalability and flexibility, we recommend GoHighLevel for its all-in-one robust features.
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Flowtrack vs GoHighLevel: Overview

When you’re evaluating software solutions like Flowtrack and GoHighLevel, you’re looking at two powerful platforms designed to streamline operations, marketing, and customer relations for businesses.

As software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings, they provide cloud-based tools that help users automate processes and manage client interactions more effectively.

Flowtrack is a platform that typically focuses on workflow automation, aiding in the management of business processes.

On the other hand, GoHighLevel is a comprehensive CRM system that combines various marketing tools to support agencies and marketers in their client acquisition and relationship management efforts.

Here’s a comparison table outlining the key attributes of each platform:

Primary FocusWorkflow automationAll-in-one CRM solution
Target AudienceBusinesses looking to automate processesMarketing agencies and small businesses
CustomizationTailored workflow solutionsHighly customizable marketing and CRM features
IntegrationConnects with various business toolsExtensive integrations with marketing platforms
Support & TrainingDedicated support and resources for usersIn-depth training materials and support systems
PricingStart From $69Start From $97
Website www.Flowtrack.cowww.gohighlevel.com
Flowtrack vs GoHighLevel Table Comparison

While both platforms offer unique strengths, your choice should depend on your specific business needs whether they lean more towards advanced workflow automation or an integrated CRM with marketing capabilities.

What is Flowtrack?

flowtrack software

Flowtrack is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed primarily for tracking and managing various business flows.

It provides tools to optimize processes and improve management efficiency.

Unlike GoHighLevel, which caters to marketing agencies with its suite of CRM and marketing tools, Flowtrack specializes in process automation and control.

With Flowtrack, you have access to a user-friendly interface that helps in visualizing processes.

These features allow you to examine your business operations clearly and identify areas for improvement:

  • Process Visualization: See your workflows in a structured format.
  • Automation Tools: Implement automation to reduce manual tasks.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Track the status of different processes as they happen.

At its core, Flowtrack doesn’t function as a CRM system, so while GoHighLevel might offer more extensive customer relationship management features, Flowtrack focuses on the intricacies of workflow and process optimization.

Users can create custom flows and have control of their data, ensuring that the specific demands of their operations are met.

The software’s goal is to streamline tasks and free up time for businesses to focus on growth and development, rather than on the minutiae of daily operations.

What Is GoHighLevel?


GoHighLevel is a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) platform tailored for marketing agencies, professionals and small businesses.

This platform serves as an all-in-one solution, integrating various aspects of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, marketing, sales, and automation tools.

Main Features of GoHighLevel:

  • CRM Capabilities: Centralize client interactions and manage leads.
  • Marketing Automation: Streamline email campaigns, SMS, and more.
  • Sales Funnel Builder: Construct tailored landing pages and funnels.

Read more about these feature on our GoHighLevel Features page…

Unlike Flowtrack, which focuses on travel and expense management, GoHighLevel gears its services towards marketing and sales optimization.

As a SaaS product, GoHighLevel offers cloud-based access, ensuring that you have real-time data and the ability to manage your marketing efforts from anywhere.

The software caters to the integration of various services that are critical to running a digital agency, such as:

  • Client Acquisition: Tools for landing clients and managing the sales process.
  • Client Retention: Features for delivering results and reporting to clients.

GoHighLevel’s dedication to combining multiple tools into one cohesive platform can make your workflow more efficient and help you to provide a higher level of service to your clients.

With its robust feature set, GoHighLevel positions itself as a versatile tool in the competitive landscape of marketing and CRM software.

Flowtrack vs GoHighLevel: Key Features Comparison

In exploring Flowtrack and GoHighLevel, you’ll notice specific strengths and differences in their features that will affect how you manage and automate your business tasks.

White-Labelling ✔️✔️
Workflo Automatiom✔️✔️
IntegrationConnects with various business toolsExtensive integrations with marketing platforms
Funnels Limited ❌Available ✔️
AI Chatbots✔️✔️
Analytics ✔️✔️
Flowtrack vs GoHighLevel Table Comparison

User Experience

Flowtrack offers a clean interface with a focus on ease-of-use.

Navigation caters to intuitive understanding, allowing you to access features with minimal clicks.

GoHighLevel’s dashboard is also user-friendly and places a heavy emphasis on marketing and sales tools, making it especially appealing to agencies and marketers.

Both Has Great User Experince

Customization and White-Labeling

GoHighLevel stands out with its white-labeling capabilities, letting you brand your customer interfaces, reports, and even the platform itself.

Flowtrack, while providing customization options, is more limited in its white-label offerings, emphasizing function over branding.

Best Platform: GoHighLevel

Marketing Automation and Workflows

Both platforms offer robust marketing automation tools. With GoHighLevel, you can create complex automated workflows that integrate emailSMS, and voicemails to nurture leads through custom funnels.

Flowtrack also facilitates automation but may have fewer options regarding messaging channels.

Best Platform: GoHighLevel

Analytics and Reporting

In the realm of reporting, GoHighLevel showcases extensive analytics that allow for in-depth performance tracking.

Flowtrack provides analytic tools as well, but they might be more suitable for straightforward reporting needs.

Best Platform: GoHighLevel

CRM and Sales Pipeline Management

GoHighLevel’s CRM is feature-rich, designed to manage every stage of your sales pipeline efficiently.

You can track interactions, set up automation, and monitor deals through to completion.

Flowtrack offers CRM solutions with emphasis on simplicity, streamlining the sales process for clarity and quick action.

Both Has Great User Experince

Website and Funnel Building

Both platforms offer funnel building tools, although GoHighLevel provides a more comprehensive suite of options that integrate seamlessly with their CRM and automation features.

Flowtrack has more basic functionality in this area, suitable for users looking for straightforward funnel creation.

Best Platform: GoHighLevel

Courses and Membership Site Builder

GoHighLevel includes features to create and manage courses and membership sites, extending its utility beyond traditional marketing and sales.

This functionality isn’t a primary focus for Flowtrack, which stays mainly in the lane of CRM and automation tools.

Best Platform: GoHighLevel


Regarding integrations, GoHighLevel presents a broad range, accommodating various third-party services and apps to enhance your marketing stack.

Flowtrack also supports integrations but may have less variety compared to GoHighLevel.

Best Platform: GoHighLevel

Customer Support

GoHighLevel has a reputation for responsive and helpful customer support, including resources like phoneemail, and live chat.

Flowtrack offers solid support mechanisms, but you’ll find a more self-service approach to troubleshooting and assistance.

Best Platform: GoHighLevel

Flowtrack vs GoHighLevel: Pricing Plans

When comparing the pricing plans of Flowtrack and GoHighLevel, you’ll find different tiers that cater to various business needs.

Both platforms offer a 14-day free trial, allowing you to test their features before committing financially.

Flowtrack offers a Starter Account that is designed for individuals or small teams.

It provides access to basic features, which can be a cost-effective option for those just beginning to automate their sales process.

Flowtrack Pricing plan
Flowtrack Pricing PlansPrice
Standard Account$69/mo
White Lable$99/mo
Unlimited White Label $299/mo

For more extensive requirements, Flowtrack’s higher-tier plans, such as their White Label options, deliver advanced functionalities.

These come at an increased cost but provide more comprehensive features.

GoHighLevel Pricing Plan

Moving onto HighLevel, GoHighLevel pricing structure is straightforward.

You have the Agency Starter Account, which is suitable for startups and small agencies looking to introduce automation.

As your agency grows, you might consider the Agency Unlimited Account, which offers more robust features to handle a larger volume of clients.

GoHighLevel Pricing PlansPrice
Agency Starter Account$97/mo
Agency Unlimited Account$297/mo

Both Flowtrack and GoHighLevel handle payments through Stripe, ensuring secure transactions.

FlowTrack vs GoHighLevel: Main Differences

When you’re choosing between FlowTrack and GoHighLevel, several key differences will guide your decision.

These platforms are both designed with business scaling in mind, but they cater to distinct needs.

  • Intended Users:
    • FlowTrack primarily targets freelance and independent professionals.
    • GoHighLevel is focused on marketing agencies and small businesses.
  • Core Offerings:
    • FlowTrack offers robust project management tools and time tracking features.
    • GoHighLevel is a suite of marketing tools including CRM, sales funnels, and automation.

Here is a quick comparison of their features:

Project ManagementComprehensiveAvailable with some limitations
Time TrackingIntegrated within projectsNot a primary feature
CRM & Sales FunnelsBasic CRM featuresAdvanced CRM and funnel-building options
Marketing AutomationLimited automation optionsExtensive automation for campaigns
CustomizationModerate customization optionsHigh level of customization for users
PricingGenerally more affordablePricing reflects advanced features
Learn MoreFlowtrack.coGoHighLevel.com

When you prioritize project management and cost-effectiveness, you might lean towards FlowTrack.

If your focus is on comprehensive marketing tools that can scale with a growing agency, GoHighLevel may be more suitable.

Assess the specific features against your business model to choose the most appropriate platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel does not typically offer lifetime deals, opting instead for a monthly or annual subscription model. FlowTrack occasionally runs promotions that could include lifetime deals, but these are time-sensitive and subject to availability.

FlowTrack and GoHighLevel offer different pricing models that cater to distinct business needs. GoHighLevel generally provides a more comprehensive solution with marketing automation, CRM, and sales funnel capabilities. Its cost might reflect the breadth of features, which could present a higher value if your business utilizes all the tools offered. FlowTrack, on the other hand, might be more cost-effective if you’re seeking specific tracking and analytics solutions that it specializes in.

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