Salespype vs GoHighLevel: Which is the Better CRM? (2024)

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Salespype and GoHighLevel are two sales funnel tools that have been gaining attention for their ability to streamline marketing efforts.

While Salespype is largely known for automating cold outreach and sales prospecting, GoHighLevel takes a more holistic approach with features that encompass automating customer follow-ups, appointment scheduling, and client communication.

Choosing the right tool between Salespype and GoHighLevel comes down to aligning your business’s specific needs with the functionalities each platform offers.

Both platforms facilitate email marketing, but their focus and offerings differ in ways that could significantly influence your workflow and marketing efficacy.

So, in today’s article, we’ll examine both platforms from key features to pricing plans, to assist you in making an informed decision.

Key Takeaways
  • Salespype is tailored for automating cold outreach and sales prospecting.
  • GoHighLevel offers a broader range of features including customer follow-ups and appointment scheduling.
  • Overall, GoHighLevel offers more sophisticated features and functionality compared to SalesPype.

Salespype vs GoHighLevel: Overview

Here’s an overview comparison of SalesPype and GoHighLevel

Cold Outreach Automation
Sales Prospecting
Customer Follow-ups Automation
Appointment Scheduling
Client Communication
Free Trial 14 Days Trial 30 Days Trial

GoHighLevel stands out for automating customer follow-ups, appointment scheduling, and client communication, making it a suitable option if you require comprehensive client management tools.

With regard to pricing, GoHighLevel offers a very straightforward approach, with three main plans that differ primarily in the number of sub-accounts and branding capabilities they offer.

Salespype’s on the other hand offers a single pricing plan. More on this later in the pricing subheading.

What is Salespype?

Salespype vs GoHighLevel: Overview

Salespype is a software tool designed to streamline your cold outreach and sales prospecting process, making it easier for you to connect with potential clients.

It focuses on providing tools that allow businesses to easily communicate with their leads and customers through various channels like email, text messages, ringless voicemail, and direct mail.

The platform is designed with a focus on ease of use, aiming to provide a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge.

SalesPype is suitable for businesses looking for an all-in-one solution to manage their customer relationships and automate their marketing efforts, especially those that value the integration of direct mail with digital communication strategies.

Salespype Key Features

  1. CRM Functionality: SalesPype allows businesses to manage their leads, contacts, and customers, keeping track of interactions and customer information in one centralized location.
  2. Automation of Cold Outreach: Simplify your process of reaching out to prospects with automated emails and follow-up sequences.
  3. Marketing Automation: The platform includes marketing automation tools that enable businesses to create and execute email campaigns, text messaging, and other marketing strategies to nurture leads and engage with customers.
  4. Multi-Channel Communication: SalesPype provides various communication options, making it easier for businesses to reach out to their audience through their preferred channels.
  5. Lead Management: The software assists in capturing and organizing leads, as well as tracking their progression through the sales funnel.
  6. Sales Pipelines: Users can create and manage sales pipelines to visualize their sales process and identify opportunities for improvement.
  7. Task Management: SalesPype may offer task management features to help users stay organized and follow up on sales-related activities.
  8. Analytics and Reporting: The platform likely includes analytics and reporting tools to help businesses measure the effectiveness of their sales and marketing efforts.
  9. Integration: SalesPype might integrate with other tools and services to enhance its capabilities and fit into a business’s existing workflow.
  10. Direct Mail Automation: Unique to some CRM platforms, SalesPype advertises the ability to incorporate direct mail into automated marketing campaigns.

What is GoHighLevel?

HighLevel Overview

GoHighLevel is a robust all-in-one marketing and sales platform that could streamline your online business activities.

It’s built to save you time on various tasks, from automating communications to managing your sales funnel efficiently.

The platform aims to provide a suite of tools that consolidates various marketing, sales, and CRM functionalities into one unified system.

GoHighLevel is particularly popular among marketing agencies because it allows them to manage multiple client accounts from a single dashboard.

It also allows for streamlining their operations and potentially reducing the need for multiple software subscriptions.

GoHighLevel Key Features

  1. CRM and Sales Pipeline Management: GoHighLevel offers a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that helps users track interactions with clients, manage leads, and monitor sales pipelines.
  2. White Labeling: For agencies, GoHighLevel offers a white-label option that allows them to brand the platform as their own, providing a branded solution to their clients.
  3. Communication Channels: GoHighLevel integrates various communication channels such as phone calls, text messaging, and emails into one platform, making it easier to maintain consistent communication with clients and leads.
  4. Reputation Management: GoHighLevel provides tools to help businesses manage their online reputation, including features for review generation and monitoring.
  5. Marketing Automation: The platform allows for advanced marketing automation, enabling users to create and manage email campaigns, SMS messaging, and even voicemail drops based on triggers and customer behavior.
  6. Funnels and Website Builder: Users can create landing pages, funnels, and even full websites with GoHighLevel’s drag-and-drop builder, which is designed to be user-friendly and efficient.
  7. Online Scheduling: The platform includes an appointment scheduling feature that makes it easy for clients to book and manage appointments, which is integrated with the CRM to keep track of customer interactions.
  8. Membership Sites: The platform supports the creation of membership sites, which can be used to deliver exclusive content to subscribers or to create online learning communities.
  9. Integrations: While GoHighLevel includes a wide range of built-in features, it also offers integrations with other tools and services to extend its capabilities.
  10. Reporting and Analytics: Users have access to detailed analytics and reporting features that help them track the performance of their marketing campaigns and sales activities.

Salespype vs GoHighLevel: Key Features Comparison

This comparison will guide you through their capabilities in customer relationship management, ease of use, and more.


Salespype: You may find that it is tailored specifically for automating cold outreach and sales prospecting.
GoHighLevel: It offers a broader CRM platform, integrating customer follow-ups, appointment scheduling, and client communication into a comprehensive system.

Winner: GoHIghLevel

Ease of Use

Salespype: Designed with a focus on simplicity, especially for automating sales-related tasks.
GoHighLevel: While it includes more advanced features, users appreciate its intuitive design which facilitates a smoother user experience.


Salespype: White-labeling options are limited or not as focus areas for the platform.
GoHighLevel: Strong white-labeling features allow you to brand the platform as your own, especially useful for marketing agencies.

Winner: GoHIghLevel

Funnel Building

Salespype: Not known for its funnel-building capabilities.
GoHighLevel: Includes robust tools for building sales funnels, complete with landing page builders.

Winner: GoHIghLevel

Membership Sites

Salespype: Doesn’t provide functionality for creating membership sites.
GoHighLevel: Gives you the ability to create and manage membership sites, including provisions for courses.

Winner: GoHIghLevel


Salespype: Offers basic integrations essential for sales prospecting.
GoHighLevel: Boasts a wide array of integrations that help automate marketing, sales, and CRM activities.

Winner: GoHIghLevel

Email Marketing

Salespype: Focuses more on the outreach aspect rather than comprehensive email marketing solutions.
GoHighLevel: Provides advanced email marketing tools, including triggers for campaign automation.

Winner: GoHIghLevel

Workflow Automation

Salespype: Facilitates automation in sales prospecting but with limited workflow automation options.
GoHighLevel: Offers extensive workflow automation capabilities, enhancing efficiency across various marketing and sales processes.

Customer Support

Salespype: Offers a standard level of customer support for troubleshooting and guidance.
GoHighLevel: Typically provides responsive customer support, tailored to the needs of smaller businesses and marketing agencies.

Salespype vs GoHighLevel: Pricing Plan

Salespype has a straightforward approach with its focus on automating cold outreach and sales prospecting tasks.

SalesPype offers a comprehensive pricing plan designed for both individuals and teams. Here is a detailed explanation of the plan:

Salespype Pricing Plan

Monthly Cost for Primary User:

  • $79 per month – This is the base rate for a single user to access the SalesPype platform.

Cost for Additional Users:

  • $25 per month for each additional user – If you have a team and need more than one user to access the platform, each additional user will be charged at this rate.

Features Included:

  • Text Messaging – Send and receive text messages within the platform.
  • Ringless Voicemail – Deliver voicemail messages without ringing the recipient’s phone.
  • Video Email – Send emails that include video content.
  • Call Bridge – Connect calls through the platform.
  • Inbound/Outbound Calling – Make and receive calls using the platform.
  • Marketing Automation – Automate marketing tasks and workflows.
  • Direct Mail – Manage direct mail campaigns.
  • Lead Finder – Tools to help you find and manage leads.
  • Geo Farming – Target specific geographic areas for your marketing efforts.
  • Mobile App – Access SalesPype features on-the-go with a mobile application.

On the other hand, GoHighLevel offers several plans tailored to different agency needs:

GoHighLevel Pricing Plan
  • Agency Starter Account: Priced at $97/month, this plan is the entry point for smaller agencies or individuals looking to automate customer follow-ups, appointment scheduling, and client communication.
  • Agency Unlimited Account: For $297/month, this plan includes everything in the Starter Account plus additional features suitable for larger agencies that require more resources.

GoHighLevel typically offers a 14-day free trial so that you can test the platform before committing.

GoHighLevel also comes with an extended trial period of up to 30 days for the Pro plan, especially if accessed through specific offers or pages.

Salespype vs GoHighLevel: Main Difference

Let’s try and understand the primary difference between the two platforms. 

Salespype is designed with a focus on automating cold outreach and sales prospecting. 

This specialization helps you streamline the process of connecting with new leads and setting up potential sales.

On the other hand, GoHighLevel is a more comprehensive tool that goes beyond just cold outreach.

GoHighLevel provides a wider range of features including:

  • Customer follow-up automation
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Client communication management

The capabilities that GoHighLevel offers make it a one-stop shop for managing multiple facets of your marketing and sales process.

Here’s a quick comparison you can refer to:

Cold Outreach✔️✔️
Sales Prospecting✔️✔️
Customer Follow-ups✔️
Appointment Scheduling✔️
Client Communication✔️
Comprehensive AutomationLimited to outreachExtends to multiple marketing areas

Your choice between Salespype and GoHighLevel should align with your business’s specific needs.

If your primary goal is to improve your outreach and prospecting, Salespype could be the right pick for you.

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing platform to handle various aspects of the marketing and sales process, GoHighLevel might be better suited to your requirements.

Salespype vs GoHighLevel: Pros and Cons

Below is a breakdown of the pros and cons of each tool to help you make an informed decision.



  • Focuses on automating cold outreach and sales prospecting, which can streamline your initial contact with potential clients.
  • Useful for businesses that prioritize outreach in their sales strategy.


  • May not offer as broad a range of features as compared to a more comprehensive platform like GoHighLevel.



  • All-in-one platform that includes CRM, sales, and marketing tools. This could simplify your workflow by having everything in one place.
  • Features such as automated follow-ups, appointment scheduling, and client communication can save you time.
  • Allows for the creation of multi-channel workflows and campaigns, giving you flexibility in how you reach out to customers.


  • Potential integration issues with other tools if you rely on a set software stack.
  • Some users report occasional sluggishness in certain features, which could impact your user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Salespype has been around since 2018, serving thousands of users with its CRM capabilities. While it provides essential CRM functionalities, GoHighLevel is often heralded for its comprehensive all-in-one platform, which may offer more extensive features beyond standard CRM tools.

Yes, Salespype and GoHighLevel are similar in that both platforms are geared toward sales and marketing automation. They assist businesses in managing leads, customer data, and marketing campaigns; however, their tools and user experience might differ.

GoHighLevel is lauded for its all-in-one marketing platform and a multitude of features at a competitive price, suggesting a high value proposition. Salespype, on the other hand, offers personalized fields and focuses on critical CRM processes. Your preference may vary based on the depth and breadth of features you require.

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