Top 7 Information Marketing Examples [Ideas For Beginners]

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information marketing examples

Today’s blog post explores the top 7 Information Marketing Examples. The world runs on information.

Information marketing seems to be one of the easiest ways to build or extend your business online.

It is often said that the best kind of business to do is one that gives you total freedom while making huge money.

An information marketing business is a unique business that requires little business capital to start up.

It’s is so lucrative that annually most internet business gurus make use of the business model to generate tons of millions into their accounts consistently.

The revenue is huge that it can make up one million within a week. Also, information marketing is a kind of business anyone can venture into.

This is because it allows you to work from the comfort of your home. All you need is to have access to the internet.

Unlike other online businesses like forex trading, information marketing requires little capital to startup.

One can say for a fact that you need a personal computer. You also need some relevant software installed in it, and your head and you are good to go.

Furthermore, information marketing approves of passive income. That is, you work once but keep earning always. It also pays you 100% profit.

For instance, you create a product for $6, and you sell the product for about $28 or $30. That’s more than 100% profit.

 Information wants to be sold every day. People buy information to solve a problem or learn a skill or something.

It could be in different formats like ebooks, print books, video courses, webinars, newsletters, coaching, etc. 

In this article, I will show you the top 7 Information marketing examples you can explore.

What is Information Marketing?

Information marketing is a computer system data organized to collect, solve, interpret, and circulate marketing data.

Information marketing is a business model that uses information to generate income by selling the information or monetizing it in other ways.

This form of marketing can take different forms of education, such as offline publishing, books, and newspapers.

The primary element of education is knowledge. These days, information marketing is mostly online.

For information marketing, you need to comprehend that having a website does not mean you are in business; a website becomes a business only when you monetize it.

It is, therefore, important to understand information marketing is always niche marketing. This is because information marketing applies to a certain audience known as a niche.

But on the other hand, niche marketing is not always in formation marketing.

This is because niche marketing can be physical products or services targeted to a certain niche.

And when it comes to information marketing, there is no limit to the niche that you can reach.

Information products that are successful generally solve a problem for their audience. Believe it or not, there is a market for every piece of information.

And when you get involved with information marketing, your main priority is to provide an answer to questions that relates to a problem.

Information marketing is a great way to supplement your income or create a new career.

The entry is low risk, and the potential is amazing wherever you are.

Having your product is a key component for long-term success because by creating and providing your product, you are building your own digital assets.

With information marketing, you can easily publish an article or blog post around a certain niche.

Top Information Marketing Examples

Let’s look at the top 7 information marketing examples that you can replicate to generate income online.

1. Ebooks


These are books in electronic forms that can be read on a computer or handled device rather than in print.

Ebooks are a great addition to any passive income scheme because once you can create an ebook and market it, it can technically sell itself.

It takes a decent amount of effort to write valuable content.

Some websites allow you to resell any information product uploaded on their site because people have written it and uploaded it to these sites, and you have the utmost freedom to resell them and make cool money.

This will help if you don’t have a product of your own or do not know what you sell. For you to make money online, you must sell something.

2. Workbooks and Templates

This is another easiest way, not just to make money online but passive income. Templates, particularly, are used to a certain point to build your income.

With applications like Canva, you can access templates for beginners, designers, and advanced designers.

People often search for templates to purchase, so you do not need an audience first; you can have zero audiences and sell your template as long as your offer is good.

3. Online courses

online courses

 An online course is a program organized accordingly and usually takes place in a virtual space.

You can create and share learning content in an organized manner that allows users to progress in their understanding of certain topics.

The online courses selling market is massive, and there are many buyers out there searching for quality courses to upgrade their craft so they can excel in their careers and personal growth.

 Marketing courses online is a very lucrative business model. So many organizations focus on web-based courses to orient their workforce.

Also, digital education has delivered breakthroughs for numerous students. People learn different kinds of things online.

Furthermore, creating and selling courses online is a fast-growing industry.

If you do not know how to start information marketing but have a passion for it, then you can start with selling online courses, provided you have the necessary information.

Online courses could be in the form of videos, audio, and sound recording, so you can begin with uploading content for students, workers, or any necessary information you know might assist people.

Research has shown that online lectures help students and organizations increase their earnings and boost productivity and effectiveness.

Websites like Udemy, LMS, and Thinkific is on our user-friendly platforms that offer a great number of characteristic, instruments, and themes to make learning easier and more interesting.

And for those looking to promote their courses themselves, platforms like HighLevel, Kartra, etc, make it easy.

4. Live Events and Recording

As the world gears up for diverse modes of communicating and joining businesses, live events have become the smart opportunity for reaching larger audiences and making cool money.

Thinking of how to monetize live events? Here are a few ways                                      

  • Subscriptions: With a subscription, you can change recurring fees to access your live events. This model occurs on a video-on-demand platform. All you need do is find a platform that can broadcast live and offer recordings so you can sell after the event.
  • Pay-per-view: through this, people pay for access to view a live event. Pay-per-view is a powerful concept. With the right marketing strategy, you can draw in a large audience.
  • Sell your product: live streams can publicize your site and market your product and services. You need to make your product directly corresponds with your content. It’s easy to purchase or sign up for your offer, don’t hesitate when sharing your offer.

5. Webinar Recordings

This is one of the top 7 information marketing examples. Webinars are live shows online that people can sign up for and attend digitally.

It normally consists of one presenter going through PowerPoint, where the presenter teaches with the viewed PowerPoint.

Webinars allow you to use an advance ticketing platform to generate demand, offer templates, handouts, and complementary content to increase success, promote your next paid webinar and use event tribe to make money from your webinar.

For instance, an advanced ticketing platform allows you to create a pricing technique that elevates the perceived value of webinars.

Your webinar also offers multiple ticket types I.e; you can offer a limited discount to people who sign up for a more expensive plan with additional benefits.

6. Membership Sites

Membership sites are places where people can join to get whatever it is you present in the form of articles, reports, webinars, templates, application checklists, and software.

These are sites that offer members-only content.

For example, many online marketing membership sites have delved into specific topics.

Such as how to write a successful Facebook, how to repurpose content across social media platforms, and how to monetize Instagram.

It is always best to consider ideas that could benefit others, like saving them time, effort, and money or helping them lose weight or stay fit.

Here are a few ways to make huge profits from membership sites.

  • Do research on your favorite idea to determine if there is a demand for it and if there is a market willing to pay for it.
  • Plan your membership program, decide on what you will offer, the kind of strategy to offer it, and the duration of the membership program.

7. Expert interviews and Recording

This deals with interviewing people on topics and matters you are passionate about.

It is also getting paid for having conversations with people you hold in high esteem. Below are a few tips that could be of help;

  • With membership sites like an audio acrobat, you can set up an account. With that, you can record your interviews and make them available to your audience for a particular price.
  • Identify about 5-10 people who you consider experts in certain fields.
  • Visit online platforms where people in your niche can come for advice.
  • Make a list of a few questions you would like to ask the experts
  • Contact the experts and make arrangements for interviews.


Now you know the top information marketing examples. These are a few ways of earning money with information marketing techniques.

However, it is significant to select a niche of your expertise which also should be a profitable market demand.

You can make a lot of money from selling information products online regardless of whatever country you find yourself in.

The most important thing about information marketing is selling the right product to the right audience.

With these, there is no limit to selling information or information products.

If you work consistently on the right path within a short period, all your efforts will pay off. Then you will earn handsomely with information marketing.

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