11 Best Cash Cow YouTube Channel Niches & Ideas

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Best cash cow YouTube niches
best cash cow youtube Channel niches

Are you looking for the best Niche ideas for your YouTube cash cow channel? If you are, then you are in the right place.

I have listed the best cash cow YouTube channel Niches, and not just that, I also went ahead and add real video example to see exactly how its done.

The niche you choose in your cash cow business contributes largely to the success of your cash cow YouTube business.

That is why it is important that you carefully select your niche.

Before you set up your cash cow business, make sure you have crossed all the relevant T’s and dotted all I’s.

I shared a few tips that can help you with (setting up your cash cow business/faceless YouTube channel).

In YouTube cash cow, you don’t have to show your face.

It is a very good option if you are the camera-shy type or do not enjoy the glam of being in public.

(Read more on what a YouTube cash cow is).

The cash cow YouTube business is still very much unexplored. The more reason you should seize the opportunity now.

As earlier said, the first thing is to select your niche. I have been able to put together 11 best Cash cow YouTube channel niches.

Let’s go right into it.

Best Cash Cow YouTube Channel Niches

Below are the list of best Cash Cow YouTube Channel Niches and ideas to get started with:

#1. Movie Summary

Everyone has a favourite movie that you can watch over and over again.

One of the best feelings for a Movie lover is having someone who also loves that movie and talking about all your favourite scenes with them.

It is also exciting for someone who is about to see a movie. You can watch the summary or review to be sure it’s worth your time or have scenes to look forward to.

Therefore, if you love seeing movies a lot, this is a good niche for you to explore.

One of the skills you should develop to be able to thrive in this niche is critical and logical thinking.

Your viewers want you to see beyond what an average person will see and analyze in the movie.

Movie summary channels are incredibly popular on YouTube. You can decide what type of movies you want to provide a summary for.

You can’t afford to handle all the different movie genres. Is it Drama, science fiction, crime, romance, horror, or thriller? The list goes on and on.

You could select at most two but do not generalize. It makes people trust your reviews more.

The good part of this is that there are a lot of movies out there. Therefore, you do not have to worry about running out of ideas for videos.

Above all, you do not have to show your face. Include those movie scenes you want to talk about in the video and talk about them as a voice-over.

Movie Summary Cash Cow Video Example

#2. Book Summary

Similar to movie summaries, book summaries are also very popular on YouTube and almost share a similar purpose.

Not everyone particularly enjoys or has the time to read.

Therefore, these channels allow them to find out about a book they have always wanted to read.

Cash cow book summary channels can also produce artwork to go with the video.

This includes creating an image for the viewer as they listen to the summary of the book.

You don’t just want to put the image of the book and then keep talking. It will bore your leaders.

Besides, it will begin to look more like a podcast than a YouTube channel.

Therefore, create some visuals that resonate with the script you are talking about. It brings more life into it.  

Just like movies, you also need to niche down on the book genres. There are a lot of them and you cannot be talking about any genre at random.

Your viewers should be able to see you as an expert in either fiction, non-fiction, drama e.t.c.

Book Summary Cash Cow YouTube Example

#3. Luxury Videos 

Luxury videos on YouTube are an excellent idea to make money on a cash cow YouTube channel.

The audience tends to see more expensive ads when the items are high-end.

This is good for the owners of the luxury cash chow channel.

Discussing rich people and their lifestyles tends to end up being very popular videos on the platform.

The beauty of these videos is you can easily repeat the same themes. The videos get a lot of views and are about billionaires and their super-rich purchases.

Luxury Videos Cash Cow YouTube Example


#4. Top 10 Videos

Here is another cash cow YouTube channel niche you should pay attention to. These are videos that highlight the top 10 or best 10 of any subject.

Just as the topic of this article talks about the 11 best cash cow YouTube channels, the same way you can have the video version.

People love those kinds of videos because you help them make easy decisions out of the numerous options available.

To be able to make such videos, you need to be versed in research.

This is because you don’t want to recommend a list as the best and it ends up not being true.

Check out different reviews on the products or subject before compiling.

Another important thing you should take note of is your niche. In making these categories of videos, you need to focus on a particular niche.

For example, if you want to select an eCommerce niche, you could talk about topics like the top 10 dropshipping suppliers.

These types of channels are very popular and people find them interesting to watch.

Therefore, you can easily generate a huge viewership and subscribers from it.

All you need to thrive in this type of cash cow youtube channel is a script and a voice-over.

Top 10 Videos Cash Cow YouTube Channel Example

#5. Celebrities

 Celebrity news and gossip are constantly hot topics in society. Thus, making it an excellent selection for a cash cow channel.

No matter how old you are, you will always be interested in what celebrities may be getting involved in either good or bad.

 Therefore, there is always an endless selection of content to create and upload onto your channel.

You will need to be careful of any copyright issues that may arise as a result of the content you are posting.

It would be a good idea to make sure your creative team is mindful of the content being created, to avoid any legal problems that may come up.

If you are going for this niche, you need to be updated with happenings around and be able to create your content when the stories are still very much fresh.

You don’t want to share topics that are stale. That is why you should be ready to dish out content as fast as possible.

Using video editors can be a good assistant in this case.

Celebrities Cash Cow YouTube Channel Example

#6. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm in recent years with more people involving themselves in this method of investing.

Cryptocurrencies have also become a modern form of online currency that people have adopted daily.

Cryptocurrency is such a popular topic making it an outstanding cash cow channel concept.

People interested in cryptocurrency are always looking to stay on top of the game in knowing what upcoming cryptocurrencies to look out for.

The videos are produced to educate.

Therefore, you and your team must have a good understanding of cryptocurrency to be able to discuss the subject with an audience.

In this case, you must either be directly involved in cryptocurrency or have a close ally who is.

You should also note that a larger chunk of accuracy is needed here. The moment people see that the information you give is always misleading, it might cost you your audience.

Check what is currently happening in the crypto world and share information about it. Proffer solutions to what they are unclear about.

Most importantly, check out how other YouTubers in that niche are operating theirs. Leverage on it!

#7. Personal Finance

There are a large number of cash cow-type channels in the personal finance niche on YouTube.

This might be in a way like a cryptocurrency niche but here you are addressing the finances of your audience.

You share tips and nuggets that can help them grow their finance. It could be pitfalls to avoid while growing their finances.

These videos are easily created in a clip style or whiteboard style and people will watch them.

You must have quality content or tips to be able to grow a channel in this niche with great success.

People don’t want to watch content that is based on assumptions. You need to base most of your content on facts and figures.

If you are one who enjoys working with the figures, having this type of YouTube cash cow might be a good source of income.

Ad rates on this kind of content are often multiple times more expensive than other niches because it does not need to be very in-depth.

Most especially if the ads are related to finances. There is a ready audience to embrace the ads.

Personal Finance YouTube Channel Example

#8. Food and Recipes

This is another excellent idea for a cash cow YouTube channel. People are always on the lookout to learn new recipes and devices for their kitchen.

If you are the type of person who loves cooking and shopping, you just found for yourself a niche.

Educate people on different cooking styles and methods. Tell them what they are doing wrong or right.

You can record videos of the cooking processes without showing your face.

The only thing you have to do is to focus your camera on the cooking process and voice what you are displaying.

You can combine this type of content with other niches such as “Top 10”, where you can compile a list of recipes and devices.

For example, the top 10 spices you should have in your kitchen, Best 5 kitchen appliances you should have in the kitchen.

 Videos like this can acquire large amounts of affiliate commissions as well as ad revenue made through the video.

Once manufacturers realize you have a large number of subscribers, they will pitch their different kitchen appliances and devices to you to help them market on your channel.

#9. History Facts Videos

History is a huge niche on YouTube that gets millions of views every single day.

This can include the history of the earth or the greatest empires to exist over time.

The demand for this content show in its viewership makes it a brilliant choice for a cash cow YouTube channel.

People want to know how a particular thing came to be or where a certain person or locality originated from.

There are so many aspects of history that can be covered. Therefore it will be difficult to run out of content to produce.

However, if you choose to do so, you may want to focus on a specific aspect of history to build your channel around.

Do you want to talk about human history or places? Do you want to focus on a particular continent and region?

The history niche exposes people to happenings and events that they were not privy to.

Writing the script would require that you do some research. This will ensure your content is clear and factual.

#10. Animals 

Videos of cute animals have always been popular on YouTube since it was created in the mid-2000s.

Consequently, there is still a place for them to this day and they present a fantastic way of making money through a cash cow channel.

Again, you can vary your content from funny videos to sharing interesting facts about animals and adding stock footage to a voice-over.

Animal lovers aren’t difficult to come across and they tend to get caught up watching hours of content on YouTube.

We have a lot of people who enjoy watching wildlife documentaries.

This niche does justice to that. You can visit neighbouring zoos and capture the lifestyle of the animals.

Other times, you can read about them and create interesting stock videos that can help you illustrate what you intend to share.

If you love everything that has to do with wildlife, you might want to explore this cash cow YouTube niche.

#11. Automobiles

Cars, motorbikes, jets, and other vehicles are another popular cash cow YouTube channel niche to potentially explore.

This is one of the best cash cow YouTube niches as it is one of the top highest advertisers on YouTube due to highly targeted leads who are interested in cars.

Fixing and testing car videos have a large audience on YouTube.

Therefore, with good knowledge of motor vehicles, you can produce multiple forms of content on the topic.

You can use stock footage in addition to the voice-over to make the videos.

To be able to thrive in this niche, you must understand what your target audience is interested in.

They want to know the features of different models of automobiles.

They want you to help them make the right decisions. You should talk about different cars and the environments they are suitable for.

Car dealers can meet with you to recommend as a reliable source to those who plan to purchase their cars.

And of course, since you are marketing them, it comes with a fee- another source of income.

Automobiles Cash Cow YouTube Channel Example


We have been able to analyze the 11 best cash cow YouTube channel niches that can help you get started with your cash cow YouTube channel.

Cash cow YouTube channels make it easy to keep your face from being shown online.

You can be making a large profit monthly, without having to put your face out.

For those who choose to keep their identity private or are just shy like a lot of people out there, making money with cash cow channels is a relief.

As previously mentioned, there is no requirement for constant involvement to function or upload videos on the cash cow channel.

You will need a good script, video editing skills, thumbnail designing skills, and up-to-date SEO skills.

All of these can be done through a third party whom you will need to manage during the creation process.

You will gain a feeling of automation and what passive income is like when running a cash cow YouTube channel.

Subsequently, you may choose to create multiple cash cow channels, and this is where you can build a lot of profit from your videos.

Therefore, you will be making daily passive income from all your channels.

Therefore, if you are looking for a business to start with little capital, a cash cow YouTube channel might be your best bet.

Which of the cash cow YouTube niches will you opt for today?

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