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turnkey online business

In today’s post, I’ll be listing turnkey online business ideas you can get started with to build a profitable business from the comfort of your home.

Online business has proven to be more lucrative over the years as it offers ranges of business idea you can start from the comfort of your home and make a huge profit.

This has provided financial freedom to many and even as a means of extra income for others that still retain their daily routine business.

If you are like many others seeking an alternative source of income or you just need “a work from home online business” with little or no experience, then I’ll suggest you get yourself a turnkey online business.

What is Turnkey Online Business

A turnkey online business is basically a “done for you” business that incorporates everything the business needs to succeed.

This could be the plan of action, stock, business area, hardware or simply anything your business needs to survive. Simply put: it’s a business that’s ready to generate income.

You don’t have to do anything, the business, website, content, stock and every other thing is created from start to finish.

All you need do is turn in the key and start generating income from your turnkey key business after purchasing it.

Turnkey Online Business with Dropshipping

Turnkey online business opportunities fall within different business models like affiliate marketing and several online businesses.

However, dropshipping is still one of the easiest and highly lucrative online turnkey business that can generate you a steady passive income.

It doesn’t require a physical office this is something you can do with fun from the comfort of your home and make your steady profits.

How Does Dropshipping Works?

Dropshipping is a unique online business model whereby you as an online store owner get to sell products you don’t have in stock.

What you simply do is populate your online store with pictures of the products you want to sell.

So, whenever a customer visits your website and makes a purchase, you then buy the product with your customer money from your supplier’s website while you keep the change as a profit.

Your supplier website, in this case, can be AliExpress. This is because of over 90% of drop shipper source their products from AliExpress.

Most of the sellers on AliExpress are used to working with drop shippers, so none of your customers will know that their products are gotten from a 3rd party.

Also, the ePacket shipping option is another reason the dropshipping business model is very successful with AliExpress. This is because it gives you the ability to ship products way faster to your customers.

With this, your customers won’t have to worry about getting their product on time and you also won’t have to deal with a high shipping fee.

Other reasons AliExpress is recommended include:

  • Shipment tracking
  • Cashback system
  • Buyer protection system
  • Free products shipping
  • Ships to over 200 countries worldwide and many more…

Get Your Turnkey Store

So let’s go over the hot niches and how you can get yourself a turnkey online store.

#1. Wireless Devices

wireless device turnkey online business

According to WhaTech reports, it is estimated that the wireless router industry will reach $3200.92 million by 2022. This is with 8.18% compound annual growth rate during these periods.

Even looking at the numbers of orders from AliExpress depicts that the wireless devices are good products to invest on for your turnkey drop shipping store.

In addition to this, “Business Insider” expects an astonishing compound annual growth rate of 45% in the next 5 years for this same wireless devices.

#2. Smartwatch Accessories

smartwatch accessories turnkey online business idea

The Global wearable market shows an interesting increasing growth of 7.3% which is very promising to anyone who is looking to join the market.

The fact that wearable devices are globally used for both personal and business reasons, it is bound to increase in sales in the next years!

Getting a turnkey drop shipping store for this will definitely proof a lucrative business. This is quite logical since the growing demand for smartwatch accessories keeps increasing on a daily basis.

#3. Art Materials

Another turnkey online business idea is also art materials

Basically, every product category that is connected to any hobby is a great choice for starting an e-commerce business.

Most people are ready to invest in something that gives them a wonderful pastime. And this is why they shop for nice art and craft supplies and accessories.

Every type of art and craft requires some expendable material needed most of the time. This, however, makes it a good business opportunity for online stores with these products at a fraction of cost.

Even the Global handicrafts market estimate shows an average growth of 12% in this industry, hobbies, and games are expected to reach $23,052 million by 2024.

#4. Sport Wears

Tech communication increase has made it possible for people to take part in an intense workout session without leaving the comfort of their homes.

This has led to an increase in sales of low-cost sport wears that everyone can easily afford, you can also benefit greatly from this.

Benefiting from this will be in two ways as you will be able to target two segments of the market at once; both regular gym-goers and people who work out in their homes.

Both of the audiences can be quite promising for your online store.

#5. Wearable Devices

Healthy lifestyle attitudes are gradually changing and technologies are also evolving. As a result of this, wearable devices are becoming more available to a wide range of new audiences.

Therefore, paving way for previously untouched niche markets. The interest growth for these devices can be seen from AliExpress orders.

Also, the Google Trend graph shows how true this is.

health tracker google trend

Wearable Device Market Forecast shows that the market for wearable devices is expected to grow to $24.640 billion by 2022. It also shows the compound annual growth rate of 25.76% during the 5year period.

What this means is that various kinds of trackers, as well as other kinds of wearables, are likely to see a nice demand over the next years.

Obviously, this makes it a nice choice of investment for your turnkey drop shipping store.

#6. Anti-Stress Toys

wearable devices

The anti-stress toy is one of the newest ways of relaxation. Which of course is widely accepted by most people since it eases their stress easily with a low-cost price for the toys.

anti stress toy on google trend

These toys or tools are going to be an integral part of the following years’ lifestyle trends. This is because most people will be seeking a solution from today’s’ over-stimulated world.

#7. Makeup Rhinestones

Not alone is the trend for Makeup Rhinestones steady the fact that it a very lightweight product also make it a hot product for dropshipping.

With these kinds of weight, it can be perfectly delivered all over the world without the fear of high cost for shipment.

Right now rhinestones are not something you can only see on the runways. It’s now a makeup element that is tremendously growing popularity in urban fashion.

#8. Baby Products

The Global baby products market size is expected to reach $16.78 billion by 2025 according to the new report by Grand View Research.

Even Google Trends shows the steady market for baby product, as you can see in the graph below. This market is going to keep increasing since parent’s care greatly about the health of their babies.

As a result, this is quite an investment opportunity for anyone that cares to join the market and make serious money.

#9. Camping Equipment

camping equipment

There is a vast number of products that can be sold around the camping equipment such as camping lights, telescope, backpacks and so on.

Obviously more and more people are having a strong awareness of health and fitness. And one of the common way to keep fit is through the workout and outdoor exercises such as camping with friends and family.

The camping equipment industry is currently over $350 million industry, this according to Statista. I believe this is quite an interesting niche for investment.

#10. Pet Supplies

The pet retail market is hot and getting hotter by the day. This is because there are now more pet-owning households than those with children.

According to Statista, there is a strong 84.6 million household having a pet compared to 52.8 million with kids. And today nearly 70% of all U.S households own a pet, with dogs the most popular pet.

People with pet take their pet responsibility seriously which add up to $72.1 billion turnovers in the U.S in 2018 and the lion share of this goes to pet supplies.

pet supplies on google trend

This market is a huge market for anyone seeking to invest in the turnkey drop shipping store.

How to Purchase Your Turnkey Drop Shipping Store?

Once you’ve decided your store niche, the next thing is to order your custom dropshipping website. Mind you, it possible for you to sell any kind of products you deem fit from AliExpress.

This could be what you’re passionate about or a product that really interests you. There are millions of products listed on AliExpress to begin your dropshipping business with.

The most efficient way to get your Turnkey online drop shipping is with AliDropship. In case you’re just learning AliDropship for the first time, here is a Complete Review on AliDropship for better understanding.

The AliDropship team is an expert in creating a readymade store that is ready to start making sales on any kind of product niche.

All you simply need to do is create an order for your Turnkey store, a team member will contact you as regards your preference for the store.

Another interesting part is that niche research will be done for you for free in case you find it difficult to choose a product niche.

To Sum It Up

This the best catch for anyone seeking to start an e-commerce business because with dropshipping you won’t have to handle stock inventory and shipping of products. All these will be handled by your supplier.

The Turnkey store on the other way round is also going to save you lots of time and experience. In other words, it won’t matter if you’re an experienced web developer or a total newbie in both web development and eCommerce.

All you need to is get your readymade store and start making profits!

Get Your Turnkey Store

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