KoalaWriter Black Friday Sale: [🚨Up To 45% Discount]

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From November 10th to November 28th, 2023, KoalaWriter Black Friday Sale is offering credit packs at a whopping 45% off.

Unlike the usual monthly limit, the credit can be used for up to a year, giving you more flexibility and time to use it.

Normally the monthly credit I use with KoalaWriter always reset the following month when I don’t finish using it.

But with this black Friday deal, I’ve just stacked up my content arsenal with loads of credits, thanks to KoalaWriter black Friday.

Thanks to these holiday sales the credit will last for a year and you can take advantage of the sale with a 45% discount.

Key Takeaways
  • KoalaWriter is offering a 45% discount on credit packs during the Black Friday deal from November 10th to November 28th, 2023.
  • Credit packs can be used for up to a year, providing more flexibility and time to use them.

How To Unlock KoalaWriter Black Friday Sale 2023?

Signing with Koala Writer

If you don’t already have an account with Koala CREATE a FREE ACCOUNT to get started with the Koalawriter and get free 5000 credit plus black Friday deals you’ll be getting.

It also gives you the ability to use the Koala Chat with 25 messages and other free tools available on the platform.

From your KoalaWriter dashboard, you can navigate the black Friday page, as you can see from the image below.

Koala Black Friday dashboard

During this sale, credit packs will be available at up to 45% off, and the credits will be valid for an entire year. This is a great opportunity to stock up and save.

If you’re an existing user of KoalaWriter, simply visit the KoalaWriter’s Black Friday Page here…

Koala Blackfriday deal
KoalaWriter Black Friday Sale

Once you’re there, select the credit pack that best suits your needs and purchase it. Amongst the most popular are:

  • Basic Credit Pack($95)
  • Silver Credit Pack ($335)
  • Gold Credit Pack ($489)

Stack up and fill up your content arsenal.

Koala Blackfriday Packs
KoalaWriter Black Friday Deal

If you’re an LTD user, you’ll receive a bonus of 30% when you buy any credit pack during the sale period.

And if you purchase the Gold credit pack or higher, you’ll get access to the private Discord channel and role, as well as some exciting new features like GPT-4 Turbo in KoalaChat and automatic internal linking plus custom image and text fine-tuning.

Koala Writer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal Plans

Koala Black friday deals Plans

Below are the remaining of the KoalaWriter Black Friday deals up for grabs.

Basic Credit Pack20%$95250,000 words for KoalaWriter, 2,500 messages for KoalaChat, access to GPT-4, GPT 3.5, and Claude models, real-time factual data, AI-powered SEO optimization, and numerous integrations
Silver Credit Pack20%$3351,000,000 words for KoalaWriter, 10,000 messages for KoalaChat, and everything in the Basic package
Gold Credit Pack45%$4892,500,000 words for KoalaWriter, 15,000 chat messages for KoalaChat, GPT-4 feature in KoalaChat, access to automatic internal linking and custom fine-tuned models soon, and everything in the Basic package. Exclusive Black Friday Sale Bonus: access to a private Discord channel and role
Platinum Credit Pack34%$9785,000,000 words for KoalaWriter, 20,000 messages for KoalaChat, and everything in the Gold package
Diamond Credit Pack33%$1,47010,000,000 words for KoalaWriter, 25,000 messages for KoalaChat, and everything in the Gold package
Expert Credit Pack33%$2,09615,000,000 words for KoalaWriter, 30,000 messages for KoalaChat, and everything in the Gold package
Premium Credit Pack33%$2,65920,000,000 words for KoalaWriter, 35,000 messages for KoalaChat
Advanced Credit Pack33%$6,29550,000,000 words for KoalaWriter, 40,000 messages for KoalaChat
Ultimate Credit Pack33%$11,990100,000,000 words for KoalaWriter, 40,000 messages for KoalaChat
KoalaWriter Black Friday Sales Plan

All of the packages come with a one-year subscription and access to KoalaWriter and KoalaChat.

With the higher-tier packages, you get more words and messages, as well as access to additional features like GPT-4 and automatic internal linking.

Koalawriter Normal Subscription Plans

Each plan includes high-quality, long-form content creation, SEO-optimization, SEO-optimized content, and other advanced options.

Plan NameMonthly PriceWords/monthChats/month
Scale I$7502,500,00015,000
Scale II$12505,000,00020,000
Scale III$200010,000,00025,000
KoalaWriter Pricing Plan

Essentials Plan

If you’re looking for an affordable plan, the Essentials Plan is a great option. For $9/month, you’ll have access to features such as GPT-4, GPT-3.5, and Claude, real-time search results.

It also includes integration, AI-powered SEO optimization, bulk writing mode, live Amazon data for affiliate articles, Google Sheets integration, and API access.

This plan comes with a limit of 15,000 words per month for KoalaWriter and 250 messages per month for KoalaChat.

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is a step up from the Essentials Plan. For $25/month, you’ll have access to everything included in the Essentials Plan

But with increased limits of 45,000 words per month for KoalaWriter and 500 messages per month for KoalaChat.

Professional Plan

If you’re looking for more advanced features, the Professional Plan may be a good fit for you.

At $49/month, it provides access to everything in the Essentials Plan while offering 100,000 words per month for KoalaWriter and 1,000 messages per month for KoalaChat.

Is KoalaWriter Lifetime Deal Available?

If you’re wondering whether KoalaWriter offers a lifetime deal, unfortunately, they do not have at the moment.

However, the company does offer a free trial that allows users to experience the power of GPT-3.5 and create a 5000-word article.

This trial version provides a taste of the software’s capabilities and allows users to make an informed decision before committing to a paid plan.

It’s important to note that the free trial only provides access to the GPT-3.5 version, while the more advanced GPT-4 version is reserved for paying customers.

Nevertheless, the trial version still delivers impressive results and can prove quite useful for those interested in exploring the world of AI-assisted copywriting.

One of the most user-friendly aspects of the KoalaWriter Free Trial is that signing up is not required.

The trial is offered in an open environment, ensuring a hassle-free experience for those interested in testing the software.

While there is no lifetime deal available, the KoalaWriter Free Trial is an enticing option for potential users, especially during the Black Friday Deal 2023 event.

Key Features of KoalaWriter

KoalaWriter has cemented its place as my ultimate choice among AI writing tools. It consistently produces publish-ready articles, grants me complete control over the outline, and is available at a competitive price.

Let’s glance through some of the key features you can expect when you start using the Koala writer to generate content for your business.

#1. AI-Powered SEO Analysis

Koala Writer uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze your content and provide SEO optimization suggestions.

This feature ensures that your content is search-engine friendly and ranks well on search engines.

Ensuring that content is SEO-optimized is a critical aspect of content creation. Koala Writer’s SEO enhancement function helps me develop SEO-friendly articles that perform well on Google.

#2. Outline Editor

Koala Writer’s outline editor helps you organize your ideas and create a structured outline for your content.

This feature makes it easy to create high-quality content that is well-organized and easy to read.

This particular feature has been incredibly beneficial for organizing my thoughts and structuring my content, making the creation of long-form content much simpler by dividing it into manageable portions.

It simplifies the process of generating a well-structured outline for long-form content. It provides additional prompts, creating a solid foundation for your content.

#3. KoalaChat Command

The KoalaChat command feature functions in real time, just like ChatGPT.

This feature provides a seamless experience for content creators, ensuring they can get their work done efficiently.

This feature saves time and ensures that content creators can communicate with the software in a natural and intuitive way.

#4. AI Image Generator

Koala Writer’s AI image generator can create high-quality images for your content in seconds. This feature saves you time and ensures that your content is visually appealing.

I use this image generator features a lot and I must tell you it isn’t perfect 100%. The image generator is good for specific image generation, like if you’re in the pet niche.

But for marketing or descriptive images, I won’t recommend you use it. After the content is done you can source for your own image.

#5. Instant WordPress Publishing

Koala Writer can publish your content directly to WordPress with just a few clicks. This feature makes it easy to publish your content quickly and efficiently.

This feature has also made my work easy. I don’t have to copy content from Koala.sh to my WordPress dashboard.

Everything is connected to each other because I’ve linked my WordPress site to my Koala writer account.

Any content generated on my Koala account is automatically sent to draft in my WordPress dashboard.

#6. Google Sheets Integration

Koala Writer integrates with Google Sheets, making it easy to collaborate with others and share your work.

The integration with Google Sheets makes it effortless for me to gather data and keep track of my content.

This feature saves time and ensures my work remains orderly.

How Does KoalaWriter Compare with Other AI Writing Tools?

To better understand how KoalaWriter stacks up against these tools, let’s take a look at features, output quality, and pricing, among other factors.

KoalaWriter Vs ChatGPT

When comparing KoalaWriter with ChatGPT, both AI writing tools offer content generation. However, ChatGPT is an interactive tool that is suitable for dialogues and Q&A scenarios.

On the other hand, KoalaWriter is designed to create high-quality, readable content for articles and blogs, making it an ideal choice for long-form content creators.

Focuses on providing high-quality, readable contentDesigned as an interactive tool for dialogues and Q&A scenarios
Ideal for long-form content creatorsSuitable for short-form content creation
User-friendly interfaceAdvanced language capabilities
Affordable pricing optionsHigher pricing options

KoalaWriter Vs Jasper AI

KoalaWriter and Jasper AI are both AI writing tools that offer quality content generation.

KoalaWriter has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for beginners to use. It is tailored more for long-form blog content.

Jasper AI, on the other hand, provides more advanced features like tone and voice customization.

Both tools offer similar output quality, but Jasper AI might have a slight edge in terms of language capabilities and other copywriting needs.

KoalaWriterJasper AI
User-friendly interfaceAdvanced tone and voice customization
Ideal for long-form blog contentSuitable for various content styles
Affordable pricing optionsHigher pricing options
Similar output qualitySlight edge in language capabilities and other copywriting needs

KoalaWriter Vs Writesonic

While KoalaWriter focuses on simplicity and ease of use, Writesonic offers additional services like landing page creation and ad copywriting.

Writesonic also supports more languages, giving it an advantage for users with diverse language requirements.

However, KoalaWriter often provides a more affordable pricing option for small businesses or individuals who are looking to produce faster SEO-optimized posts.

Focuses on simplicity and ease of useOffers additional services like landing page creation and ad copywriting
Ideal for faster SEO-optimized postsSupports more languages
Affordable pricing optionsHigher pricing options
Suitable for small businesses or individualsSuitable for users with diverse language requirements

KoalaWriter Vs Quillbot

Quillbot is mainly a paraphraser and grammar checker, whereas KoalaWriter focuses on content generation.

While Quillbot offers helpful editing and rephrasing services, it may not be ideal for original content creation like KoalaWriter.

Quillbot is best for refining existing content, while KoalaWriter works best for creating new content from scratch.

Focuses on content generationMainly a paraphraser and grammar checker
Ideal for creating new content from scratchBest for refining existing content
Affordable pricing optionsHigher pricing options
Suitable for original content creationSuitable for editing and rephrasing existing content

When considering the various AI writing tools available, it’s important to weigh the features that are most important to you.

Whether you’re looking for simplicity, advanced customization, or a specific content style, there’s an AI writing tool out there that can meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about KoalaWriter black Friday sales

The KoalaWriter Black Friday deal starts on November 10th at 10 am ET and ends on November 28th, Cyber Monday. This is a limited-time offer, so you should take advantage of it while it lasts.

If you purchase credits through the credit packs available during Black Friday, they will be valid for one year. However, keep in mind that credits from Koalawriter pricing subscriptions expire after one month.

No, KoalaWriter is not and has never been listed on Appsumo.

Unfortunately, the KoalaWriter lifetime deal is no longer available. The only time this deal was offered was during their initial launch, and it has not been available since then.

If you already have a subscription or LTD, the credit packs will stack seamlessly. Your subscription or LTD credits will be used first, and then the credit pack will come into play, starting with the one set to expire first. This ensures that credits with the closest expiration date are used first.

Yes, KoalaWriter offers refunds within 15 days of purchase, as long as you have used less than 15,000 words and 100 messages. However, refunds are not granted for existing subscriptions used to purchase a credit pack.

KoalaWriter supports both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. It’s important to note that GPT-4 is exclusively used for crafting outlines and other critical components of all articles to maintain a high level of quality. As for KoalaChat, it currently supports Claude and GPT-3.5, with plans to introduce support for GPT-4 Turbo soon.

Yes, you can share your KoalaWriter account within your organization and with individuals who are part of your workforce.

Is KoalaWriter Black Friday Deal Worth it?

As a KoalaWriter user, I highly recommend taking advantage of their Black Friday sale.

The credit packs offered during the Black Friday Deal last for an entire year, giving you ample time to use them.

Plus, LTD users get an extra 30% of words on all credit packs, making the deal even more worthwhile.

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