Peeksta vs Dropship Rabbit – Which Is Better?

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Peeksta vs Dropship Rabbit are two popular product research tools and we’d be comparing both in today’s article.

Marketing high-quality products is critical to your success in dropshipping and these tools are designed to help you locate this product.

With Peeksta and Dropship Rabbit, you can discover products of high market value and sell them in your e-commerce store.

You don’t even need to spend your time and energy finding them manually as the tools will help you fast-track the process with accuracy.

Furthermore, you can get useful information on the latest trends, prices of products, and competition in the industry.

There are many product research tools in the market which include; Dropship, FindNiche, AliShark, etc.

However, our focus for this post is Peeksta vs Dropship Rabbit. I’ll review their main features and similarities, including their pricing.

So, let’s get started!

Peeksta vs Dropship Rabbit: Overview

Let’s quickly explore the overview of both platforms.

Best Value


  • Pricing Starts: $19.99
  • No Free Trial
  • Value Features: 10/10
  • Value For Money: 10/10
  • Hot Products: 9/10

Dropship Rabbit

Dropship Rabbit
  • Pricing Starts: $14.95
  • No Free Trial
  • Value Features: 6/10
  • Value For Money: 8/10
  • Hot Products: 7/10

What Is Peeksta?

What is Peeksta?

Peeksta is a product research software that helps e-commerce businesses easily discover fast-selling products for their online stores.

Newly founded by an online business tycoon called The Ecom King, Peeksta was built to furnish its users with selected profitable products.

The tool comes with other useful features that can help to scale your dropshipping research.

For example, it has a shop explorer feature where you can scan more than 100k e-commerce shops to discover their best-selling products.

What Is Dropship Rabbit?

What is Dropship Rabbit?

Dropship Rabbit is an automated tool that allows you to track and deliver best-selling products to your e-commerce store.

As an online marketer, the tool saves you time and money on product research as it provides quick access to information on multiple online stores.

Also, Dropship Rabbit gives data on the newest and weekly best-selling products and enables you to sell directly to your target customers.

In addition, they have a big online database of more than 95 million dropshipping products.

Dropship Rabbit further has a TikTok and Facebook ad spy tool and selected rapid-selling products.

Peeksta vs Dropship Rabbit: Features

Let’s begin with Peeksta Features

Peeksta Features

Here are some features of Peeksta that make it unique. They are




Peeksta is a cutting-edge dropshipping tool that simplifies every aspect of your e-commerce business, from finding winning products. Supercharge your online store’s potential with Peeksta and elevate your profits today.

  • Affordability
  • Winning Products
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Helpful Store Explorer


  • No Free Trial
Buy Now

#1. Winning Products

You can discover trending products without stress with the help of daily manual additions. You can easily Filter by niche selling price and also sort by orders.

There’s currently an absence of special filters for products you find on Facebook and TikTok ads. These filters are included in peeksta in just a few seconds of scrolling.

On Peeksta, you can get access to extensive information such as costs, margins, selling price, and target market for efficient ad campaigns.

In addition, you get to enjoy links to the best suppliers and data analytics for the foremost supplier (AliExpress).

Peeksta resilient team has selected many winning products to ensure you don’t waste money on underperforming items. 

This is why these winning products have been meticulously curated for you. With the frequency of updating the winning products list, you can effectively stay ahead of the competition.

You can make well-informed decisions for your business. No more squandered resources.

#2. Facebook Audience Builder

This tool offers many well-known niches. Inside each niche, you can access numerous interests while simplifying the steps of launching and examining your products through Facebook ads,

Peeksta addresses this long-term issue because it has been a source of worry for the past few years. The existence of this feature has brought relief.

If you have a particular product in mind but lack knowledge about your target audience. This audience builder comes to your rescue by searching with the keyword which is the product name.

This tool generates the right audience for your products. It’s a big relief that gives a convenient solution for reaching your target audience.

#3. Video Ad Generator

Peeksta offers a set of AI-powered features, including the video maker. With the help of this amazing tool, you can seamlessly produce captivating video ads.

All you have to do is provide the desired images and choose from a list of royalty-free music.

You can now begin the video generation process. With this, you can instantly obtain a video ad that can be saved and embedded on your product page and with ease, shared across various social media platforms.

Experiencing the convenience of this user-friendly tool enables you to craft the right video ads.

You can effortlessly create professional and compelling video ads with just a few clicks. Peeksta can help you to elevate your advertising game to new heights today.

#4. Product Explorer

Peeksta allows you to unveil innovative concepts for your upcoming product launch by seeking inspiration from thriving businesses.

With this tool, you can also acquire invaluable perspectives on the best-selling products.

This will help you to emulate their strategies so that you can enhance your prospects of triumph.

This advanced tool empowers you to outrun competitors and harness untapped areas for exponential growth.

#5. Thumbnail Ad Generator

Creating thumbnails has now become much easier. All you have to do is upload your images, choose a style, and leave the rest for the AI to handle.

Carve out captivating and luxurious thumbnail images for your store’s products without any help from a designer.

You can easily convert your product images into visually striking thumbnails. This will captivate your potential customers and help you rise above the competition.

Elevate your store’s appeal with polished visuals that beautifully showcase your products.

#6. Suppliers

Dropshipping suppliers, without doubt, play an important role in the success of a Shopify dropshipping business.

Though past tools have offered suppliers for products in general, Peeksta strongly emphasizes suppliers and product sourcing.

If you have already pinpointed a profitable product to market, peeksta can be a valuable resource for finding the best suppliers to fulfill your desires.

#7. Store explorer

This is an amazing tool that helps you to search out popular stores and navigate through their top-selling products without stress.

Whether you come across popular stores or thriving dropshipping businesses outside Peeksta, this feature helps you to pit in their domain and immediately access valuable insights.

This feature does not only provide you with access to trending stores, but it also allows you to have a comprehensive overview of each store’s offerings. 

With ease, you can easily go through the products they sell, track their website traffic and acquire valuable knowledge of their average daily order volume.

However, this tool has deemed it fit to go out of its way to provide links to suppliers for each product.

This added functionality allows you to go deeper into the sourcing aspects of various successful stores, thereby expanding your knowledge and opportunities.

#8. Product Spy

With this feature, Peeksta is an effective tool to spy on Facebook ads. Most importantly, for advertising purposes.

To navigate the numerous data and occasional low-quality products, it is highly recommended to use the filters and sorting options.

Though this tool is beneficial for discovering top dropshipping products, its true value resides in the competitor analysis.

In this regard, the search function has proven to be invaluable. Accessing its purpose, “Facebook spy” is an appropriate name for this tool than “product spy”

#9. TikTok Spy

TikTok Spy is also an amazing ad spy tool exclusively designed for TikTok ads. Even though it offers a smaller amount of sorting and filtering options, the smaller amount of data compensates for this limitation.

By sorting ads from oldest to newest, users can explore the most popular ads for analytical as well as inspiration purposes.

Furthermore, sorting ads from the latest to the oldest allows users to identify trending dropshipping products that are being tested currently.

If your dropshipping eCommerce business depends on TikTok ads, this great tool is undoubtedly the best for you.

#10. Peeksta Videos

Peeksta provides highly-rated video ads for dropshipping. This feature effortlessly integrates with other tools that Peeksta provides.

Different users can search for winning products on the main website before visiting Peeksta videos to obtain high-quality video ads tailored to Facebook and TikTok campaigns.

One of the major advantages of peeksta videos is its affordable pricing. It is priced at $31 instead of $55.

Generally, peeksta videos are altogether a worthwhile option for those that are interested in exploring new areas for their advertising efforts.

Dropship Rabbit Features

Here are some features of Dropship Rabbit that make it unique

Dropship Rabbit

Dropship Rabbit


Dropship Rabbit is your ultimate e-commerce companion, offering handpicked winning products, expert marketing strategies, and efficient order fulfillment to maximize your dropshipping success.

  • Sponsor Ads
  • Hot Products
  • Affordability


  • No Free Trial

#1. Sponsored Ads

These are ads that target a particular market that you desire. It displays just like the regular products that your target market is searching for.

Therefore, when people come on Dropship Rabbit to search for products, your store pops up and they can access the products there.

Being a platform with such several products and integration with two of the most popular social platforms, you can rest assured that your store will have huge traffic.

Another thing to note is how Dropship Rabbit places the ads about how each traffic works.

Dropship Rabbit can also place your ads to suit each social platform. You can also see how the sponsored ads are performing in real-time.

#2. Product Finder

One of the challenges of starting a dropshipping business is having to get the right products to sell. The type of products you sell will either make the business slow down its progress.

Through some of our trials and errors, we realized that if you go for products that are not in high demand, your site might not rank on time.

That is why you should opt for products that already have good demand and that people actually want to purchase

With Dropship Rabbit, you can discover niches that are not highly competitive yet have good traffic.

You can do this by checking the top-rated products and seeing their niches. If you find that niche comfortable, you can go for it.

Some of the niches you would find include; Health/Beauty, Sports and Fitness, Home and Kitchen Accessories, Pets, etc.

Dropship categorizes its products into three categories. They include; Last week’s Best-selling, Today’s Best-selling, and Just-launched Best-selling

#3. Winning Ads

Your ads are not successful if they don’t convert. Therefore, to be able to run ads that are winning and successful, you need to put in the work.

These include using the right visuals and researching how top competitors run theirs.

Good enough that Dropship Rabbit has taken all these burdens off your shoulders. Dropship Rabbit has viral video ads that you can use for your products.

By now, you already know how much videos help convert faster. This is because it doesn’t just show your audience the products; it teaches them how to use them.

Also, with Dropship Rabbit, you can spy on competitors’ ads on social platforms like TikTok and Facebook. When you spy on competitors’ ads, you see what they do that makes the ads successful.

You get to see when they started the ads, how much traffic, and what category of products is better advertised on either of the platforms.

#4. Ads Filter

An ad filter helps your audience see ads only relevant to them. As a dropshipper, you don’t want your ads showing to categories of people that do not need them.

You only end up spending so much without results.

That is why Dropship Rabbit has included the Ads filter feature to help you streamline your ads to only your target market.

On the Ads filter, you see filters like Keywords, geographical location, target audience, and others.

Peeksta vs Dropship Rabbit: Pricing

Here, we’ll be discussing the pricing plan of Peeksta and Dropship Rabbit.

Peeksta Pricing

Peeksta Pricing

Peeksta has three pricing plans which include;

Starter Plan

This plan goes for $19.99 per month. The features of this plan include;

  • Daily added items.
  • Wide access to every Peeksta feature.
  • Save items.
  • And many more as seen in the pricing image.

Advance Plan

This plan goes for $49.99 per month. The features of this plan include;

  • 1500 Credits
  • Wide access to every Peeksta feature.
  • Unlimited Searches
  • And many more as seen in the pricing image.

Premium Plan

This plan goes for $99.99 per month. The features of this plan include;

  • 5000 Credits
  • Wide access to every Peeksta feature.
  • Unlimited Searches
  • And many more, as seen in the pricing image.

Dropship Rabbit Pricing

Dropship Rabbit has four pricing plans which include;

Dropship Rabbit Pricing


This plan goes for $14.99 per month

The features of this plan include:

  • TikTok ad spy pro.
  • Audience creator.
  • Latest trends in Google.
  • Daily and weekly trending products.
  • Top 50 weekly best-selling products.
  • Captions and pictures.
  • Animated gifs in the description.
  • Prepared promotion content.
  • Targeted audience.
  • Facebook promotion learner’s manual.
  • Affiliate Policy.
  • New supplier cjdropshipping.com with express delivery for the United States and the United Kingdom.


This plan goes for $89.94 per year.

The features of this plan include everything in the standard plan, plus:

  • TikTok ad spy pro.
  • Audience creator.
  • Latest trends in Google.
  • Daily and weekly trending products.
  • Top 50 weekly best-selling products.
  • Captions and pictures.
  • Prepared promotion content.
  • Targeted audience.
  • Affiliate Policy.
  • New supplier cjdropshipping.com with express delivery for the US and the UK.


This plan goes for $19.99 per month.

The features include everything in the standard+ plus:

  • Facebook promotions for dropshipping 2020 editions.
  • Prepared viral video promotion.
  • Affiliate programs.


This plan goes for $119.94 per year.

The features include everything in the premium plan, plus:

  • Prepared viral video promotion.
  • Targeted audience.
  • Facebook ads learner’s manual.
  • Facebook ads for dropshipping 2020 editions.
  • Affiliate programs.

Peeksta vs Dropship Rabbit: Similarities

Here, I’ll be discussing some of the similarities that Peeksta and dropship rabbit share together.

  • Both assist in inventory supervision.
  • Both tools have a winning product feature.
  • Both have Facebook and TikTok Ad Spy.
  • Both tools assist in fulfilling orders.
  • Both tools provide tutorials and learning aids for your drop shipping business.
  • Both provide useful tools for email and social media marketing.
  • Both offer product-sourcing assistance.

Peeksta vs Dropship Rabbit: Final Verdict

In conclusion, Peeksta vs Dropship Rabbit are good product and competitor research tools that help to grow your e-commerce business.

However, if you’re looking for a more affordable tool, you can use Dropship Rabbit since it is cheaper than Peeksta.

But, in terms of performance, Peeksta performs better, faster, accurately, and gives satisfactory results than Dropship Rabbit.

Conducting product research manually can be quite stressful, costly, and time-demanding.

So to enable you to focus more on thriving your business, these tools have been made available to assist in taking that stress of finding the best-selling items for your digital stores.

Final Verdict—I strongly recommend Peeksta!

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